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Hermione shot up in bed. She just woke up from a horrible dream. She had stayed in the library after hours and accidentally feel asleep there, making her miss breakfast and late for potions. Snape had threatened to give her a Troll grade if she helped Neville in class, and to make everything worse, her potion had actually exploded because she was so frazzled.

At least it was just a dream.

Opening her eyes, Hermione became acutely aware that she was not in her bed, or even in Gryffindor tower. Everything around her was pink, and frilly, and trimmed with cream lace. Before she knew what was happening, she let out a high pitched, girly scream at the top of her lungs.

By the time she had stopped screaming and started hyperventilating, Hermione had tears streaming down her face, and could hear two pairs of foot steps running towards the room. She watched helplessly as the door was blasted off the hinges and two people ran into the room, a young man and woman. Not caring who they were, she shouted at them. "Where am I? This isn't my room! Why am I here?"

The young man let out a deep breath. "Oh, is that all Hermione? I promised you that we would have your room redecorated as soon as we found someone proper. You don't have to act like such a spoiled little brat about it!" He finished his rant with a little huff.

Hermione looked up at the pair with wide eyes. "Who are you? No, I am serious, I mean, this actually isn't my room. I have never seen this room before in my life. Please, who are you two people? Will one of you please tell me what is going on?"

"Hermione?" The young woman asked, concern in her eyes, "don't you recognize your own brother and sister?"

The last conscious thought that she had before she fainted was the young man suggesting that they should call a healer.


It was a few days since Hermione had woken up in a strange bed in a strange room in a strange house. She still had no idea how she had gotten where she was, but the young woman had explained some things to her.

The young woman, whose name was Druella, was her sister. They had spent a long time pouring over their family tapestry together, trying to get Hermione to remember her past. The healer had suggested that because of the traumatic event that had taken place just a month before, Hermione had decided to slip into a dream world to help her cope with the loss.

The loss was of her father, Evan Rosier the Second. However, after talking to Druella, it didn't seem that the event was a very sad one. It seemed as though her "father" was some what of a tyrant and exhibited the exact behavior she would expect from a stuffy old pureblood. Her father had come over from France, where the Rosiers were a thriving noble pureblooded family. Wanting to assimilate to the English wizarding world, her father had courted and married a lesser known English pureblooded daughter, Dahlia Merryweather. They were not married long before Dahlia had given birth to their first child, Druella. Unhappy with a girl child for an heir, her father demanded Dahlia bear him a son, and she did, two years later, giving birth to Evan Rosier the Third. Although her father had apparently never forgiven her for it, her own mother had died during childbirth with Hermione. It was mostly his fault however, not giving Dahlia's body time to recover from the birth of Evan. Her brother and her were born less than a year apart - Irish twins - and the healers had warned against it greatly. Dahlia had paid for it in blood.

The three Rosier children had never received much affection from their father, and they had bonded over it. Druella was particularly upset with him when he had betrothed her to Cygnus Black the Third, whom she had been married two for just over two years. She had just given birth to her first child, Bellatrix.

Hermione was loathe to hold the baby, but since Druella had been so kind and so fond of her, Hermione found it in her to koo and kiss her niece. When looking at her siblings she could tell that they were related. All three of them had curl to their hair, and while Hermione and Evan's hair was a caramel brown, Druella was a beautiful blonde, a color which Narcissa Black would inherit in a few years.

The most perplexing of this situation was that Hermione suddenly found herself in the year 1944, about to start her seventh year with Evan. She had previously gone to Beauxbatons - Hermione was relieved that she somehow miraculously spoke French - but in light of her father's death, she had wanted to come home to be closer to her family. She was glad that she would know no one but Evan there, because it was hard enough lying pretending that she knew her own "family". She didn't want to have to do it with "friends" as well.

Hermione still had no idea how she got to this time. Something must have happened in the library, maybe some dark magic from one of the books in the restricted section? She didn't know how it had happened but once she got to a proper library, she would find out once and for all what really had happened. For now she was content to just sit in the Rosier library and read up on her courses this fall, something that had shocked her siblings.

Although Hermione Rosier had gotten adequate grades in the past, she hadn't been as studious as Hermione Granger was. Today she was sitting out at a desk in the garden, with a trellis all around her, to protect her porcelain features from too much sunlight. She had consented to watch Baby Bellatrix so that her sister could go into town today to visit with some friends from Hogwarts. Druella lived with Cygnus at Black Manor, but she was visiting a lot due to Hermione's situation.

Druella was extremely fond of Hermione and never approved of the way their father had tried to use his daughters as pawns. Druella had been married off, but luckily for Hermione, her father had never accepted a marriage contract before his death. Although Druella had grown affectionate with Cygnus, she had been miserable for a long while before and after marrying him. If Hermione were to be married off now, it would be at Evan's bidding, something Druella severely discouraged.

Bellatrix gave out a small little cry, and Hermione sighed. Picking up the baby before she could let out a full volume wail, Hermione thought about the small girl. She supposed that she shouldn't judge the baby on the woman she would become. Hermione had never given it much thought, but how could something so adorable later become so evil. It was obvious that something had happened in Bellatrix's life that had affected her.

Well, that was easy. Lord Voldemort and dark magic.

Adjusting to the magic of the time was a little difficult for Hermione. While Evan never preformed dark magic in her presence, he definitely had done somethings that would have been on the dark gray end of the spectrum in her time. It didn't seem out of place here though.

While Bellatrix had settled down and began playing with Hermione's hair, Evan had sneaked up to her little oasis in the garden. "I see you are becoming more comfortable with Bella."

"I just wasn't used to holding a baby before." Hermione lied, and Evan nodded in understanding, holding out his arms to take the baby. While Bellatrix didn't want to give up the entrancing piece of hair, she eventually relented her hold, and settled quietly into Evan's arms.

"Just be careful that you don't coddle her too much." Evan settled the baby back into her crib. Hermione scoffed at the idea. She was hardly coddling Bellatrix - in her opinion she was giving the little girl less affection than she should. "Still, it is clear that you will make an excellent mother someday, Hermione." Evan sighed, before getting to his real point. "Cygnus will be joining Druella tonight for dinner at our house tonight. He will be bringing his cousin, Orion. He is in our year in Slytherin"

"Oh, that's what this is about..." Hermione trailed off, things becoming clearer for her. He wanted her to start thinking about "settling down" with some nice pureblooded boy that he approved of. He was certainly filling his - their - father's shoes quickly. "And will any of your other friends from school be joining us this evening?"

"Well, yes, Edward Nott and Albert Dolohov." Hermione scoffed. "Hermione, I know you are still shaken up about father's death and everything, but you really need to start thinking about settling down and securing a future for yourself when you graduate. I just wanted to let you know that you must behave at dinner tonight. I know you have had some extra sass lately, but I will not tolerate it tonight. Do not think about shaming this family." His stern face crumpled and the corners of his lips turned up. "I just want to make sure my baby sister is well protected." He tucked a curl behind her ear. "Now, go change into an appropriate day dress so that I can take you to Diagon Alley to get your new uniform and books and anything else you might need. I will get Bellatrix ready."


Hermione and Evan had been permitted to go to Hogwarts so that she could be sorted early. Evan had wanted to spare her the "embarrassment of being put on display" during the Sorting Ceremony, and this was one thing she happened to agree with her brother about. Dippet had allowed it as apparently the Rosiers we're very generous donors to the school.

It hadn't taken the Sorting Hat very long to place her in Ravenclaw. When she expressed her confusion to the Hat at not being placed in Gryffindor, it cryptically responded that "Hermione Granger was a Gryffindor, but Hermione Rosier is a Ravenclaw." The hat at least gave her some hope, if it recognized the existence of Hermione Granger.

While Evan seemed a little upset that Hermione hadn't ended up in Slytherin, it seemed that Ravenclaw was still a perfectly acceptable house for a Rosier.

That was how she ended up in the clothing shop in Diagon Alley, looking through numerous white blouses. The Hogwarts uniform of the 40s was much different than that of the 90s. For one, the skirt was a gray wiggle skirt that came to rest past her knees, much in fashion for the time, but so tight and a little difficult to walk in. Druella had given her black kitten heels and nylons to wear every day, and told her she would be on the cutting edge with the shoes. She wore a white blouse then with either a blue Ravenclaw cardigan or sweater vest, with no tie. Once Hermione had enough clothes in Evan's regard, they headed to the bookstore.

Hermione has beyond giddy at the prospect of buying as many books as she could squeeze out of Evan. She was also very curious to see how the curriculum had changed throughout the years. She was gracing 1944 with the first genuine smile since she had arrived nearly two weeks ago.

When they entered the building they heard a sound of surprise, and a young man approached them. "Why Evan, I know it hasn't been that long ago since I've seen you. How is it possible that you have a wife AND a new baby? Have you been keeping secrets from your fellow Slytherins?"

Hermione fully regarded the young man, and all breath escaped her. Not only was he extraordinarily handsome, but she realized, dread sinking into her gut, that she knew him. Here, standing in the flesh before her, was Tom Riddle, also known as Lord Voldemort. She couldn't believe hat she had forgotten the possibility that she could run into him. She held his most loyal follower in her arms and was now panicking.

Evan's hearty laugh anchored her and kept her world from spinning out of control. "Oh no, Tom. This is my younger sister, Hermione. She had previously attended Beauxbatons, but will be joining Hogwarts this fall. She wanted to be a little closer to family after the death of our father."

"Oh, yes of course," Tom frowned, "I was so sorry to hear about your loss." He waited a beat before continuing , "I look forward to learning what house you will be joining. Maybe Slytherin, like your siblings?"

"Ravenclaw, actually. Headmaster Dippet allowed me to be sorted early so that I could buy a uniform." Hermione replied curtly. She could tell that her attitude was annoying her brother.

Tom looked surprised at her admission to Ravenclaw. "Ravenclaw? They don't often take many girls - I think they have only one other girl, a third year. You must be very smart." He stared at her very hard. "Well then, who is this beauty?" He asked, referring to baby Bellatrix.

"This is our niece, our older sister, Druella's, baby, Bellatrix."

"May I hold her?" Tom asked. Hermione's stomach lurched again. This was Bellatrix's first encounter with her Dark Lord. Evan nodded however, and encouraged Hermione to hand over the baby. She reluctantly did.

"Well, Evan, I am going to go collect my books while you talk to your friend chat. We don't have much time because I want to get ready for tonight." Evan nodded, apparently pleased that she wanted to put some effort in for his friends. Hermione regarded Tom. "Well...Tom, it was nice meeting you." Tom took her offered hand, but instead of shaking her hand like she had thought, he pressed his lips against her knuckles.

While she was walking throughout the bookstore she was berating herself for becoming so comfortable and complacent in this era, but she promised as soon as she got to Hogwarts she would make real strides on getting back to the present. And for now...she would do anything to make sure she didn't think too long on the way that Voldemort's lips had felt on her hand.

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