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Opening her eyes, Hermione became acutely aware that she was not in her bed, or even in Istanbul, Turkey. Instead of her sated husband staring into her eyes in morning greeting, it appeared that several people were looking at her instead. Blinking a few times to focus, she noticed that there wereseveral people in the room. Dumbledore, Snape, Harry and … Ron.

Ron had such a murderous look in his eyes.

But mostly, Hermione was completely perplexed. She had spent nearly a year in the 1940s and now she was suddenly back. "W-what's going on? I am so confused." Hermione asked.

Ron was the first to speak. "You horrid, traitorous bitch! How could you betray Harry like that? Betray me?" Hermione quickly looked into Harry's eyes and saw that his eyes, too, seemed hurt. What could possibly be wrong? "Don't pretend like you don't understand, Hermione. We allknow what you did. Come on, Harry, lets go." With that, her two best friends got up and left the room.

She quickly turned to Professor Dumbledore. "Are you going to explain to me what happened? Either I had the most ridiculous dream ever, or I should have changed the future for the better." She hoped that Dumbledore would see that what she had done was for the greater good.

"Hermione, I am actually quite disappointed in you." Dumbledore said, his eyes no longer twinkling. He was reminding her more and more of the Dumbledore from the 40s.

"Would one of you please just tell me what I did wrong?" Hermione asked desperately, tears welling up in her eyes at the idea of doing something that unforgivable.

"Miss Granger." Snape spoke from across the room, gaining her attention. He got up and took Ron'
s vacated seat on her right hand side. "In order to ensure Mr. Potter's safety, the Headmaster decided to put you and Mister Weasley through a test to see if you would remain loyal to the light, even in the face of adversity."

"And just what test was that?" Hermione demanded of her potions professor, but it was Dumbledore that replied.

"We put each of you inside of Tom Riddle's diary. The horcrux was not completely destroyed and it allowed us to put you inside of a world, somewhat like a pensieve only much more realistic." Dumbledore stood, and walked towards the little window in Hermione's room at Grimmauld Place.

"So, you mean, I never actually went back to 1944?" Hermione asked, the details beginning to click into place in her head. "I didn't change anything?"

"No, Miss Granger. You were in a world of our construction. Your interaction with the teenage soul of Tom Riddle was totally under your control and the control of his soul." Snape replied, his bored drawl frightening her.

"And Ron did this as well."

"Yes, Mister Weasley left within a matter of minutes of entering the diary. He was offered a pureblood wife of his choosing, power, the head boy title, and the quidditch captaincy, should he pledge his allegiance to Lord Voldemort. He made up his mind rather quickly." Dumbledore paused for a moment. "He told young Tom Riddle that the only girl he could ever marry was a muggleborn and if he couldn't have her, he didn't want any of the other promises either."

Hermione slunk down in the bed she was laying in. It was clear to her. Ron had passed the test. She had failed.

"You on the other hand, Miss Granger, stayed in the diary for about two weeks. We removed you totally from everything you might consider home and even denied you the help of someone you considered a mentor, myself. We placed you in a position where you had to work very closely with the enemy. After watching your time together, you were clearly seducedby the enemy, and you even loved him." Dumbledore stated, his fury becoming noticeable in his voice.

"But I changed him! Love prevailed over all. He cared for me, and he never made any horcruxes." Hermione desperately pleaded. "I totally changed his life path. He never would have become Voldemort. Love prevailed, just like you always say, Headmaster!"

Dumbledore turned quickly on her. "Wrong! Miss Granger, love has no place in Voldemort's life. He could never love and no one should have ever loved him. Even though he might have wanted to possess you. He was still completely enamored with the Dark Arts, and yougave him the tools to perfect that art at Durmstrang."

Hermione felt tears in her eyes again, and tried to swallow the awkward lump in her throat threatening to break out into a sob. How could they consider her a traitor.

"And so, you see, Hermione, now we cannot trust you around Harry. You have been seduced by the dark side once before, and why should you not prey fall to it again in the future?"

Hermione was dumbfounded. Suddenly, she was filled with anger. How would they know what her soul was doing, if not by spying on her? "And just how do you know how I was seduced by Tom?" She demanded. "Who all watched my actions in the diary?"

"All the senior order members. Myself, Professor Snape, Professor McGonagall, Harry, Ron, Mr. and Mrs. Weasley, Tonks, Lupin and Kingsley."

"And my … wedding night. You all watched that as well?" Hermione was felt so betrayed.

"Yes." Dumbledore stated slowly, letting the thought sink into her head. "And now, while Harry and Ron go look for horcruxes, you will have to remain here in this room, until the Lord Voldemort is vanquished. We can't have you aiding him in anyway. Kreacher will bring you your meals. You may also spend time in the library, so long as you are doing research for the order. Now, come along Severus. We should leave Miss Granger to think about what she has done."

Hermione sat in the library again, trying to read the book Dumbledore had left her. She was only allowed to touch the books that he left on the table, everything else was warded. It had been like this for two months now.

Her only companions were Professor Snape and Kreacher. No one else from the order wanted to talk to her, and she hadn't even been given the opportunity to say goodbye to Harry. No one would even give her any word on how he was doing, or if he and Ron might need her help.

They were helpless without her...she had to do all the thinking. Dumbledore had recently told her that she wouldn't be allowed to return for her seventh year to take her N.E.W.T.s. She was essentially a prisoner her at a place that she used to love.

Worst of all, all of this solitude was driving her insane. And all of the books that Dumbledore gave her to read were so boring. She didn't see how it was helping anyone by her reading silly Charms books. She wasn't even helping the light cause anymore. This was because Dumbledore was certain not to include any books that might have some mention of dark magic in them.

She heard the door creak open to the library, and she turned to see who was coming to see her. Snape walked in first, followed by Kreacher, who was carrying a tray. "I have decided to come eat lunch with you today. Molly's talk downstairs is simply unbearable."

Hermione snorted. "I am sure. Has she gotten over the fact that the order is still housing the harpie that destroyed her son's life by fucking the Dark Lord?" Hermione hadn't even received the courtesy of Molly's tongue lashing in person. Instead the older witch had sent her a howler instead.

"No, I am afraid not." Snape replied. She helped herself to the grilled cheese and chicken noodle soup that he had brought with him. It was one of her favorites. Snape was truly her only friend now, although she was certain he would prune up if she called him a friend out loud. He was used to having people be mistrustful of him, and he sympathized with Hermione's plight.

"Any decision on my schooling?" Apparently there was a vote the night prior if Hermione should be allowed to continue.

Snape sighed, and instantly, Hermione knew it was not good. "No, they have decided that it is too dangerous for you to be allowed out of the order's sight. That and the curriculum is too dangerous for you to participate in. You might learn some dark spells."

Hermione let out a frustrated cry. "How can they do this to me? Don't they realize I was only doing what I thought was best? That I thought I was changing the future for the better?" Hermione felt tears in her eyes, but refused to cry in front of Snape.

"Hermione." He said, holding her hand. "This isn't right, what they are doing to you."

Hermione gave a quiet laugh in agreement. "You always were my favorite professor. You have no idea how much it means to me that you are supporting me now. I have to tell you something now though, that might make you hate me." Snape felt his breath leave him quickly. "I'm late." Hermione said, with a humorless grin on her face.

Snape cleared his throat. "Ah, I am afraid I don't understand, Hermione."

"I mean, I haven't had my period, since I have returned. At first I thought it might be stress, but now, I don't know. I mean, it's impossible for me to pregnant, right?" Hermione was truly curious. She hoped it was just stress, but she somehow had a feeling. She just feltlike she was pregnant.

Snape apparated away before she had the chance to calm him down. Hmm, it seemed that her only friend would leave her too. Now her only companion would be an old house elf who still addressed her as mudblood.

Hermione was lying awake in bed when she heard the light wrap on her door. Quietly, she got up from the bed and tiptoed across the floor. Opening the door, she saw the dark eyes of Professor Snape. "May I come in for a moment?"

Hermione stepped aside to let the tall man inside of her room, her prison cell. He quickly cast a muffalito on the room and a locking charm on the door. He then motioned for him to join in the pair of chairs by the window.

"I am sorry that I left you so abruptly this afternoon, but there was something I needed to look into. I must tell you something now, that I thought would be too hard for you to hear. I chose to keep it from you, if only to prevent you from further heartbreak. I haven't told anyone in the order. But given that circumstances are what they are...you need to hear it now."

Hermione just nodded. Perhaps this would liven up her dull life a little bit. "It was true that Dumbledore did connect your soul with the soul in the diary, but what he did not know is that that fragment of soul is still in communication with the Dark Lord."

Hermione gulped. Well, that was certainly not what she had expected, but it also brought her humiliation to new levels. "So he saw everything that happened. Everything that Tom Riddle and I experienced?"

Snape nodded. "Yes, and I have spoken to him today. He is willing to house you, and make sure that no harm will come to you, if you in turn, help him with research. Most importantly, he will allow you to continue your seventh year studies. Not at Hogwarts of course, you would be homeschooled. I could teach you potions."

There was a dull silence in the room. It was a lot for the young girl to take in. Snape continued. "I spoke to the Headmaster today when I returned. I told him I needed to collect potions ingredients and that I required your help. He agreed to let me bring you with. If you should choose to stay under the protection of the order, you will come with and help me gather some ingredients. Should you choose to break free of this prison they are keeping you in...I will take you to the Dark Lord. What do you say, Hermione? Will you come with?"

Hermione looked up at her professor with such intensity in her eyes. The moon light gave her face an eerie quality. "I'll go."


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