This is really everything that happened in the wonderful episode 'Something Borrowed', but after watching the last part, I was so inspired that I had to write something and this short little blurb is what I got. Anyway, hope you enjoy and this will contain mild spoilers to the episode if you haven't seen it yet.

There, just as Jack wanted. The recon pill in all the guests drinks with extra care given to the newlyweds parents. All night they were bickering, nonstop, all through the party. One would think that they would act respectful during their child's wedding, that they would be proud, but Rhys mother, Misses Williams was such a horrid woman, putting Gwen down all evening. Well, we won't have to listen to her any longer, she nodded off to sleep next to Misses Cooper. I looked around and spotted Toshiko and Owen talking alone in a corner and I knew not to disturb the two of them.

Suddenly Rhys brushes past me, startling me as I turned and nodded respectfully, both muttering an apology and I watched him wander off to the bar. Just as I was about to lose myself in thought, I realize that he should be dancing with Gwen. My eyes swept the room and I spotted her, pressed against Jack, his hand holding hers as they slowly swept around the dance floor.

The way she was looking at him... My heart twinged slightly, hurt just for a moment. I moved towards the two of them, the pain disappearing and I noticed Rhys watching me from the bar, taking the last sip of his drink. At first I just stood there, beside Gwen and Jack, not knowing what to do. The two of them seemed to be oblivious to my standing beside them. Oh, how my heart ached now, watching my... lover... dance with someone else, ignoring me so completely. Out of the corner of my eyes, I saw Rhys moving towards us, slowly and he smiled and nodded as if doing so would give me strength to cut in. It helped a little.

"Ahem... may I?"

I wasn't sure they heard me, they kept dancing for a second and my heart sank, the pain returning twice as bad as it had been before. I wanted to crawl into a corner and die, but I noticed Jack's eyes flicker to me and he let go of Gwen and she seemed to come out of her thoughts and smiled at me.

"Ianto... oh, I'm sorry, of course!"

Gwen hurried off to Rhys and Jack looked at me, nothing but love shone in his eyes and I hesitated for just a second, wondering if the love was for Gwen or... He took me by the hand and ever so gently pulled me towards his body, grasping my right hand in his left, close to his chest. His other hand came up and wrapped around my back, pulling me closer and I smiled. As we started dancing, I never looked up, I was afraid that if I looked into his eyes, I would see that he was staring at Gwen. Just as I shut my eyes, he unwrapped his hand and I was terrified that he would stop our dance, but he only pulled my head forward to lean on his chest as he kissed my forehead.


I didn't dare look up, the kiss was more than enough to tell me how he felt, I didn't need anything more to confirm it, but he wouldn't stop. He tilted my face slightly so I was staring into his eyes. He looked about ready to say something when he stopped, tilted his head forward and kissed me on the lips. My dear Jack, you don`t need to say another word.

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