Okay, we're going to do Henrietta's Nightmare now. Also, I'm running out of Drunk Nightmare King jokes, so this may definitely not last long. Alright, and go.

Ace and Heinie were still silently sleeping in Ace's plane in the Marshmallow Mayans region, even as the Nightmare King sped by on his jetpacks, crashed, and began dragging along the ground. He stood up, still wobbling around, drunk as ever. "Oh…Never fear, kiddies! Drunkman is here!" With that, he drank more beer. "Here to give a nightmare to FANNY! …Wait-Wait a minute. I-I already did Fanny. Tha-That's not right." He looked at his list. "Oh…It's not FANNY! It's HEINIE!" He then burst into laughter. "Her-Her name is HEINIE!" He laughed some more. "No-No wo-No wonder Ace likes her! C-Cause he likes HEINIES!" And more laughing. "Okay, okay! Time for a nightmare!"

Inside her nightmare, the sun was coming up and Henrietta was waking up in Ace's plane. She yawned. "Vhat a great night's sleep!" However, she noticed something wrong with her voice. "Vait…Vhat is-" She reached in her pocket to pull out her mirror, then gasped when she saw she was in her boy form. "AAAAAHHHHH!"

The screaming caused Ace to wake up. "What the-WHO THE HECK ARE YOU? WHERE'S HENRIETTA?"

"ACE! I am Henrietta!"


"JA! Ze caramel curse is BACK for some reason! Ve have to see vhat's wrong!"

"Gross! No way! I don't give rides to dudes! You're on your own!" With that, he kicked Heinie out of the plane and flew off.


"COME BACK!" Heinie screamed, waking her and Ace up in his plane.

"What? Who?" he shouted.

"Oh, Ace! I had ze most terrible nightmare!"

"What happened?"

"Oh, it's nothing. Um, Ace…If I somehow vent back to my boy form, vould you still like me?"

"…Well, of course I'd still like you, Heinie. But it would never work out if we were both boys."

"Then vould you help me?"

"Of course I would! And if I couldn't, I could always become a woman!"

She giggled at this.

"Ugh…" They looked over to see the Nightmare King in front of the plane. "This is the worst show I ever watched! German and Spanish TV SUCKS!"

"And…you are?" Ace asked.

"Who-Who am I? WHO AM I? I'm CRASH BANDICOOT! I'm here to…I-I'm here to CRASH THINGS! YEAH!"

"And vhy vere you vatching us just now?" Heinie asked.

"Be-Because YOU owe me six buhmillion YEN, GERMINATOR!"

"Vhat? I do not even know you!"

"Oh, but you know ACE, don't you? You-You know him GOOD! Hey-Hey, what are you two PLANNING, anyway? Try-Trying to start World War III or something? BAH! Why don't you to go and-" he took a drink, "go DO IT or something! I gotta go scare…eh, some PERSON! GOOD-BYE! Dumbass show!" With that, he took off on his jetpacks, leaving Ace and Henrietta confused and speechless.

Yep, I am definitely running out of Drunk Nightmare King bits. So, this night might end pretty soon. Oh well. See you later.