A change and diffence

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Chapter One; Plan gone wrong

(Third person POV)

*Outside Dursley residence, 1st November 1981*

As soon as the clock struck midnight a tall, thin man with long silver hair and matching beard appeared out of nowhere, he was wearing long green robes and half-moon spectacles behind which were twinkling blue eyes. For a second he looked up and down the street of Privet Drive then spotted a tabby cat that was sitting on the wall of number four. The curious thing about this cat was that it had strange markings around its eyes and that it had been sitting on that wall all day non-moving, not even when the, rather large, owner of number four tried to chase it off.

The tall man chuckled lightly "I should have known." he reached into his long robe and pulled out a silver lighter, he flicked it open but instead of a small flame appearing, the light from the nearest street lamps went out. He repeated this action until the only light street lamps looked like pin pricks in the distance. He turned back to the tabby cat to see it had disappeared and in its place was a stern looking woman also wearing green robes and a green witches hat, her auburn hair was pulled up into a tight bun, she wore square glasses that matched the markings on the tabby cat. "Hello Dumbledore." she said calmly, Dumbledore approached the stern woman "Good to see you too Professor McGonagall, lemon drop?" he offered her a paper bag, she looked at them with a puzzled expression for a moment before shaking her head and saying "This is not the time for 'lemon drops' I want to get straight to the point." Dumbledore nodded "Very well then."

"Is it true what people are saying... that Lily and James Potter are... dead?" Dumbledore inclined his head slightly, McGonagall burst into tears "Oh Dumbledore, what about poor Harry, surely he will go to Sirius?" the old man shook his head "He will be staying here." he pointed at number four "It's the best place for him." a look of horror crossed McGonagall's usually stern face "You don't mean these people! They are the least like us as is physically possible! I saw the boy kicking his mother up the street screaming for sweets. Harry would surely be abused here!" they were interrupted by a low rumbling coming from behind them, they turned around and a few seconds later a large motor cycle landed just in front of them. If the motor cycle was big then the man on it was giant, he was twice the size of a normal man and at least five times as wide, he had a ragged black hair and a scruffy black beard "Hello professors." said the giant stepping off the motor cycle. "Ah Hagrid, I wasn't expecting you for five more minutes, where did you find this motor cycle, may I ask?" quizzed Dumbledore "I got loan of it from young Sirius Black."

Dumbledore smiled slightly, "I see, do you have Harry?" Hagrid shifted uncomfortably "Ah, 'bout that, when I got ter the Potter's house an' it was mostly destroyed but when I got inside, I looked for Harry but he wasn't there nor was James or Lily." The ever present twinkle in Dumbledore's eyes went out instantly, his plan had been for nothing. Professor McGonagall on the other hand looked hopeful to say the least "You mean to that Lily and James might just be alive?" Hagrid nodded cheerfully because James and Lily where two of his closest friends when they were at school.

*30 minutes earlier, Godric's Hollow, 31st October*

Lily Potter had just finished bathing little Harry and was setting him down for the night, she straightened up and thought of how she and James were trapped in this little cottage and hated every minute of it, she blamed Dumbledore because he had taken an unhealthy interest in Harry from the moment he was born, from that point on she didn't trust him in the slightest. When she told James of his suspicions he agreed with her and so did Sirius and Remus. They played along with Dumbledore hoping that at least he would get them out of this mess.

James suddenly ran into the room holding his broom "He's here, the bastard is here, go take my broom and go, I'll hold him off." Lily instantly started to panic "James I'm not leaving you." they heard with front door of their cottage burst through and a high, cold, cruel laugh echoed through the home "Lily get out of here! He'll kill you and Harry!" Lily wouldn't budge an inch "No! I'm not leaving you to fight this monster on your own!"

A hooded figure walked through the door of Harrys' room "Give me the child, now" he demanded, James and Lily stood in front of Harrys' cot "We'll never give you Harry to you, you bastard!" James yelled at the figure 'He would make an excellent Death eater, I'll cast the imperious curse on him once I'm done with the boy.' thought the figure "Step aside! Lord Voldemort commands you!" James and Lily glared at Voldemort "You'll never get our son!" they said in unison. Voldemort sighed "I will make you my followers once I'm done. Stuptifi" James and Lily fell to the ground unconscious. Voldemort let out another cruel laugh then turned on Harry "Now die young one. Avada kedravra!" a green light burst from the end of his wand but the green light hit the boy on the forehead and did the most unexpected thing possible... it bounced off him and struck the original caster.

Feeling his power slip from him, Voldemort fled Godric's hollow. James and Lily woke up ten minutes later to find Harry crying but no Voldemort. Silent tears of joy slid down Lily's cheeks "Our son beat him, our one year old son defeated the darkest wizard ever!" she picked up Harry and spotted a lightning shaped scar just above his right eye but just thought that it was caused by the killing curse, she lulled him back to sleep then the horrid thought struck her "James." Lily turned to her husband, who was laughing and cheering "We need to get out of here, Dumbledore wants Harry, we need to go!" James stopped mid cheer "Right, I'll contact Sirius." James picked up his broom and he and Lily hopped on then they flew off towards London.

They landed on the inner suburbs of London and quickly bought a room in the nearest hotel they could find. Once they were in their room James pulled out a circular mirror and said "Sirius." a handsome faced man with shaggy black hair appeared in the mirror and he looked livid "James! I know who the spy is! It's Peter, I'm going to kill that fuckin' bastard!" James was shocked by the news but took a deep breath "Calm down Sirius, use what little brains you have and get your ass over here, I'll explain when you get here." He gave Sirius the address of the hotel and he nodded then was gone. Lily walked over to James and wrapped a comforting arm around her husband who was muttering "Does ten years of friendship mean nothing to him?" Lily sighed "James, if he comes anywhere near us then he'll pay with his life, I'm just as angry as you are with the worm's betrayal but we need to keep a level head and avoid Dumbledore for now." James looked thoughtful for a second but was interrupted by Sirius bursting through the door of their room "Prongs! What happened?" James stood up and patted his best friend on the shoulder "Voldemort attacked us tonight and stunned Lily and me after saying that he would make us his followers but when we came round, he was gone, Harry was crying and he has a lightning shaped scar just above his right eye." Sirius was in shock "You mean to say a one year old defeated the darkest wizard in a century?" James and Lily nodded, Sirius broke out in a huge idiotic grin "I have the best godson EVER!" he did a happy dance while James and Lily laughed at his antics.

When he calmed down they decided that after a night's sleep James and Lily would live in muggle London until Harry was old enough to go to Hogwarts but would keep him in touch with magic, only Sirius and Remus would know where they would be staying and when they could they would confidentially tell McGonagall because she was the only other person that James and Lily trusted enough to let in on their secret. With that out of way they went for a peaceful night's sleep... at least until little Harry decided to wake them up.

*Headmasters office Hogwarts, 1st November 1981*

The next morning Dumbledore found himself pacing his office thinking of what went wrong with his plan and what he could do to fix it. He sensed that over the last few months that Lily and James had stopped trusting him but he dismissed it but if they really did stop trusting him and they were indeed still alive then he would have trouble getting Harry to trust him. He had to find out if the Potter's were still living then find out where they were hiding out.

The door to his office opened and in stepped Severus Snape "Hello Severus, what brings you to my office this early in the morning?" Dumbledore greeted the potions master; Severus walked up to Dumbledore and asked "Is Lily still alive? Because Professor McGonagall told me that she might be." the old headmaster sighed "I do not know Severus but I intend to find out as soon as I can." the potions master nodded and headed out the door. Dumbledore returned to his pacing. After ten minutes of pacing and thinking he had an idea of what Lily and James would do - they would probably contact Sirius and Remus then hide somewhere in the muggle world, he decided to search London first.

*Lily and James Potter's hotel room, 1st November 1981*

Lily was woken the next morning by Harry crying, she got up and picked Harry up out of his crib, once she had quietened him down she fed him and decided to get dressed then wait for James to wake up. Once James was up and dressed they grabbed Harry and went for breakfast.

After breakfast they wrote a letter to McGonagall explaining what they planned on doing and not to tell Dumbledore anything because of their suspicions of him. Sirius came to them and told them that he had found them a nice little terrace house in the inner part of London and took them to see it. I it was on Victoria Street (A/N I know that there is a Victoria Street in London) It had two bedrooms, one for Harry and one for Lily and James, it had a nice homely feel to it, "It's perfect Sirius, who knew you were good at house hunting of all things?" said Lily once they looked round, Sirius chuckled "Growing up with pureblood lunatics has its merits no matter how few." they shared a small laugh "When can we make an offer?" asked James, Sirius shrugged "Straight away I guess."

The next day the Potters made an offer for the house and one month later they got a letter saying that they had gotten the house and could move in when they wanted so they moved in on the 2nd December. The next day they got a call at their door and there stood two parents and their daughter "Hello I'm Dan Granger, this is my wife Emma and our daughter Hermione, we would like to welcome you to our neighbourhood." Lily invited the Grangers in to their new home, Lily dragged James aside "Now no pranks or practical jokes," then she went and got Harry.

Little Harry, eager to show off his new walking skills, walked with his mother into the living room where the Grangers were waiting with Hermione. Lily had put a charm on Harry so that it hid his scar because she wanted to avoid awkward questions. As soon as Harry made an appearance Emma doted over Harry and Hermione walked up to him and said "I'm Hermione Granger." she planted a kiss on his cheek and he giggled and replied "Hermi," and hugged her. The parents laughed at how their children were acting "I can hear wedding bells already." James joked "It's true it's our Hermione has stolen Harry's heart already." Emma laughed as they watched Hermione show Harry a picture book that she brought with her "I'm actually amazed at how well Harry has taken to her because he normally doesn't trust people till he's familiar with them." Lily smiled at how happy her baby looked.

They parents chatted about different things like the children and the Grangers' practice, they were dentists. Harry and Hermione were happy playing with Harry's toys and playing different games. James said that he worked for the police, which technically wasn't a lie, when Lily looked over just in time to see a book floating through the air then land gently into Hermione's hands and Harry started clapping and cheering "Hermi witch, mummy witch!" Emma and Dan instantly looked worried and picked up Hermione, to Harry's dismay, then started making excuses about what happened, the only reason James and Lily didn't say anything sooner was because they were just shocked to see that Hermione was a witch.

When James snapped out of his shock he raised a hand to quieten the Grangers "Look don't worry about it, Harry's the same." To say the Grangers were shocked would be an understatement , "Wha-what do you mean?" Lily picked up Harry "Harry does things that that as well and I want to show you something to prove that we're not joking." Lily pulled out her wand and flicked it in the direction of the coal fire which light up even thought they was no coal in it at all. Dan and Emma gawked open mouthed while Harry and Hermione just giggled and clapped "Mummy witch!" Harry cheered "I was in the same position as a child, my parents had no idea what to do, they took me for checkups but there was nothing physically or mentally wrong with me." Dan and Emma exchanged glances "So you mean that my only daughter is a witch?" Lily and James nodded "Just there is nothing wrong with it because I'm a witch, which I have just proven to you and James here, is a wizard." Lily said giving James a hit on the back of the head "Daddy wizard!" Harry cheered again. Dan sighed "Well I think that that is the only explanation for it, I guess." Emma sighed and nodded in agreement, Lily and James were happy even though they were taking it easier than expected.

"Well at least we'll have help with the magic." Emma stated happily, she put Hermione down and Lily put Harry down as well then the both went back to playing.

One thing is for sure, things are going to be much more interesting.

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