Septimus Heap Book 7: Draine


Septimus ran down Wizard Way, incredibly late for his Advanced MindSende Exam. He pictured Marcia in his minds eye, telling him off. "Almost seventeen years old and still lacking punctuality! Really, Septimus!" "Bother, bother bother bother bother bother bother bother." He muttered. He burst through the front doors, ignored the floor's greeting, set the stairs on emergency, and whizzed up to the Pyramid Library. When he got in, he found that nobody was there. Then he glanced at the clock and breathed a huge sigh of relief. His watch was 45 minutes off. He collapsed in the chair and dosed off…

Unaware that somebody was watching him.

Somebody by the name of Maximus Draine.

Maximus peered into his self-invented TargetGlass, chuckling softly to himself. This was going to be incredibly easy. He walked to his desk and wrote in his extremely thick journal:

Day 2,553

Two days from now my target will be 17 years old- and it will be 17 years since I started my quest. All this watching, examining, and evaluating has shown how relying they are on Magyk. Why, a complete loss in it would mean a shutdown of all Castle defenses besides the wall. Which is exactly what is going to happen…

Maximus laughed and said, " Oh, this is going to be good.