Two days ago was the fourth of July. (Happy belated Independence Day!) Like I did last year, I watched the movie 'Independence Day'. Last year that resulted in two one-shots. And this year I have at least one.

I had a problem with the movie this year; the lack of shock Steve had when he found out El Toro had been leveled. I'm sure he had it, but it wasn't displayed very well. So came this.

And a word of warning, if you have a really weak stomach and can't handle someone throwing up, I'd skip this story. (My mom probably won't be reading it for that very reason.)

Anyway. I don't own Independence Day, the characters, or much else.

"General, if you don't mind, I'd like to go back to El Toro." Captain Steve Hiller needed to go. He needed to see Jasmine again. Needed to reassure Dylan.

Of course he couldn't say it.

"Haven't you heard?" the General asked, frowning. At Steve's blank look, the General's eyes softened. "El Toro has been completely wiped out. I'm sorry."

Had the General said anything else, Steve didn't catch it. The words wiped out echoed in his mind. So did his last conversation with Jasmine.

"Why don't you head to El Toro and wait there."

Suddenly, a wave of nausea hit him in the gut, and he staggered out of the control room. He ran to the nearest bathroom and hardly made it to the toilet before emptying his stomach. The fowl smelling bathroom didn't help the matter at all, and it was five minutes before Steve had nothing left to retch.

Steve leaned against the stall door, head light and stomach still churning. Putting his hands to his head, he tried to get rid of the image of El Toro burning and….

"Sir? Sir are you okay?"

The voice didn't register in Steve's mind as the world began to spin, and then go black just as he leaned over the toilet seat once more.

Opening his eyes, Steve was surprised to find himself not on the floor of the restroom, but rather in the hospital wing. He sat up and placed a hand to his pounding head. There were people here with far worse injuries….Steve shook his head to clear the lightheadedness, then slipped off the bed.

His legs wobbled, and he used the bed to catch himself. When his legs settled, Steve left the hospital wing and walked to the garage. People were getting ready for the aliens…Steve's body filled with hate when he thought of them. They took everything from him.

His best friend.

The love of his life.

The chance to be the dad to a deserving boy.

All this anger turned into determination, and Steve marched towards one of the helicopters. He needed to see it. He needed to be sure.

Okay, so there it is. I can't remember all of the dialogue, so if I missed some of it, or messed it up, that's why. ;)