Chapter 3

A Merchant's Advice

The Epic battle of Eddy vs the Phantom General I do not own anything and I don't know why it skips every few words so if you guys know tell I know there is another way to contact me your comments for petes sake!What do you guys like or don't like.

Last time on Edsiders Wrath of Eddy,Eddy gained new powers in realization he is a rare type of child that can harness the Horsemen's set off to find Vulgrim with information on the deafeting a hoard of Zombies and a Fat Demon Torch Eddy found the Merchant Vulgrim and Vulgrim tells Eddy he needs to seek Samael and gives him a Lion like back to the story.

Eddy walks into a empty big room with stairs on both sides. "Who's this Samael guy anyway?" Eddy asked Watcher going up the stairs "Samael was the prince of Demons but the Destroyer overtook his throne now Samael resides in prison." Watcher answered "Well that's...wait...prince?Princes have money!" Eddy said "But Samael is out of power he's not a prince anymore." "Ex-princes are better they are more desprete." Watcher sighs,the flight ends into an abandoned libary that ends at a door opening with a hole in the middle,but a horde of Zombies and two Explosive Demons are in the way."Am I interupting the book club of the Damned?Sorry but my sword wanted to join,say hi to the people Choaseater." Eddy jumped off the stairs and started slicing up the Zombies,a Demon fires a fireball at Eddy,Eddy picks up a Zombie and blocks the fireball with the Zombie,Eddy throws the Zombie at the Demon and it explodes in a ball of fire,the Zombies dogpile on Eddy but Eddy notices Yellow spirts flying out of the explosion Demon's corpse,Eddy absorbs them and his eyes glow Yellow as a surge of power flows through him he grabs his sword and reluctantley stabs the ground,then Dozens of blades come out of the ground and kills the Zombies,Eddy gets up and asks the Watcher "Hey what was that all about?" "That is Wrath my boy,the more Wrath you have the more powers you can acsess." "I'm gonna call that move the log of no return,one of my failed scams." Eddy runs to a honeycombed wall climbs it goes into a hall and kicks a door open reavling a street that leads unto a bridge of bone. Eddy walks over to a once cornered street marker now flattened by the destruction the apocolespe wrot,that says "Scalding Gallows." Eddy took it and rewrote "Balding Gallows." with a C after the B.

Eddy slowly walked down the once busling street of Peach Creek now a empty and quiet wastland of hears a can skitter across the street,Eddy grabs the hilt of his sword and prepares for a fight but more silence he looks into the alley and finds a...Skellaton "Huh I thought all Humans were..." But was interuppted by 2 Demons jumping on his back and clawing at his face,Eddy slams them against the wall and slams them on the backs out of the alley and unholsters his sword and looks up and sees a group of Demons and Phantom Gaurds gathering on a building,the group jumps off and quickly piles on activates the "Log of no Return." Eddy grabs a Phantm Gaurd and slams him on a Demon,a explosion Demon gets up and charges Eddy,Eddy punches the Demon a couple times before shoots a flamethrower but Eddy deflects 2 Lava Demons grab him and a Phantom Gaurd punches him does a Backflip and slams the 2 Demons together and spins them around hitting the rest of the it only gives a minor distraction so he grabs his sword and runs behind a wall and hides until the Demons get up and start looking for Eddy,he thinks for a moment and gets an idea then gets out his Earthcaller and blows it behind the Demons and the Demons chase after the sound wave,Eddy goes onto the bridge made of bone leading into a big circle with a Demon that looks like a Phantom gaurd with red armour and a blue flaming head on Demon speaks in a strange tounge in witch Eddy can understand Demon says "You have killed many of my warriors." Eddy somehow knew how to speak in this languge. "Yeah so?What of it?" the Demon titters and speaks english "I am the leader of the Phantom gaurds and I guard Samael AND am more powerful than are some things you should fear Destroyer knows of your coming boy,even now the master is gathering his army against you." the Phantom genral said "Better not keep him waiting." Eddy replied getting out his sword Choaseater,the Genral roars at charge each other and clash weapons glaring at each other waiting for the first Genral parrys the sword and punches Eddy Genral raises his Sythe and brings it down but Eddy blocks it and punches Genral in the Genral staggers back and charges Eddy,Eddy dashes behind the Genral and stabs him in the Genral falls over,gets up,and backs up holding his wound. " my dirty work." the Genral commanded summoning portals from the ground and Guards emerging from decapitates one,then stuffs the sword in the ground and kicks the Demons. "Come on and fight you coward!" Eddy yelled after dispatching the Demons "I am no coward.I was just...preping for the battle." the Genral said holding 2 Sythes and his back fully healed,Eddy charges slashing with his sword but the Genral blocks every Genral slashes but it only grazes Eddy's jabs but the Genral grabs it with his Dual Sythes and tosses it to the edge of the Genral Slashes Eddy's side tossing him towards the edge makes a mad crawl towards his sword but the Genral brings the Sythe on Eddy's hand hard enough to stop Him. "I told you,you were weak you had a chance to walk away but you did not take it for that you must pay." the Genral raisies the Sythe,but Eddy pulls out his Earthcaller and blows pushing the Genral back Eddy grabs his Sword and slices the Genral's eye. "OH!MY EYE!" the Genral yelled in pain holding his damaged Genral frantily slashes his Sythe around but Eddy easliy dodges Genral slams his Sythe on the ground causing a mini earthquake to push Eddy takes out his Earthcaller and blows while the Genral breaths sound wave and fire battles to get to their the Sound wave wins and pushes the Genral back,Eddy charges,grabs the Sythe stabs the ground with it and slams the Genral's head on the he puts the Genral back up and repeativly socks him in the Genral falls and tells Eddy. "(Gasp) You are...(Pant) very strong.(Pant) But not strong enough to face...(Pant) my will...(Pant) kill hail the Destroyer!All hail...!" but Eddy Decapitates the Genral during his chant and whacks his head to the Destroyer's Tower. "So...Were is this Sammael guy?" Eddy asked "He is within the battlefield you must move the statues into place to..." but the Watcher could not finish his sentence for Eddy giddley ran over to the owl statues and done as told.

When Eddy finished the owl's mouths dripped blood into the center of the platform and opened a passage way glowing Orange and a Satan like figure jumps out of the figure speaks in voice like the charred concil's. "You,boy,what is your name?" "Eddy and for saving you I like..." Eddy was interupted by Sammael "I believe you seek imformation on the Destroyer?He is beyond your reach,beyond even mine." Samael said "Well sort of...but I'm not sure if he is.I think you're a wimp." Eddy snapped,Samael roars at Eddy. "Jeez loueez!Buddy you need a breath mint!" Eddy exclaimed holding his nose. "Shut up and listen Fool!" Watcher snapped "Perhaps there is a you will need to get inside the Destroyer's spire." Sammael gets up "The Tower is guarded by four of his chosen,Bring me thier hearts and ask no questions." Sammael continued "Yeah whatever for a nomanal fee of course." Eddy interjects "We will talk about pay afterwards." "Fine." "First seek the Twighlight Cathedral,were the Bat Queen Tiamat has gone to of her Domain is a Blizzared Inferno,by land you will never reach it,but by air..." Samael waves his hand and Black,featherless wings sprout from Eddy's back and dissapers. "Go!Bring me her still beating heart..." Sammael folds his wings and dissapers into the open passage way. "Watcher?Were's the Twighlight Cathedral?" Eddy asked "It's in the choking grounds or the remains of Lemon Brook." Watcher answered "Lemon Brook..." Eddy's wings sprout and he flies off "I wonder if we'll get paid." Eddy mumbled unknowest to them a silohette is watching...Will Eddy be able to defeat the Destroyer with his ever growing power?Who is this mysterious watcher?(Not Watcher mind you)and will Eddy get Paid?These questions may or may not be answered in the next chapter of Edsiders!

"Yo,Yo,Yo!It's the Charred Concil here with a Febuary to Rebuary!" the Middle Statue says with big Sunglasses left one asks. "Dude what are you doing?" "I'm be'in hip homedog." "Dude that is 1960's this is 3012." "Well brother you only think that cause you ain't hip." the Right statue is humming to himself. "Why ar you so happy Today?" The Left statue asked " on guess!" the Right statue asked " it Leap Day?" "No." "Uuuuhhhh...the 3rd Chapter?" "No." "Uuuuuuuhhhh... the day he becomes stupid." "WORD!" the Middle statue said "Oh my God!I Can't believe you forgot it's my Birthday!" the Right Statue said,the 2 Statues start apoligizing "It's O.K. I mean we can't really do much anyway." Happy Leap Day everyone!And Happy Birthday Right Statue!I would have gotten you a present but I took up all my time writing this Fanfiction!