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So much had changed in so little time that Alice caught herself before leaping forward at Bella. The air seemed to crackle with electricity between them the moment Bella slammed the door shut. That single shattering noise reminded Alice that there was no escape.

She knew what this was, where it was heading, and she supposed that no matter how hard she'd tried to fight it in the past she always knew. The touches, the looks, the whispered reassurances and inexplicable need to be near Bella had all lead to this since she'd laid eyes on her. Her body began to tremble at the heavy amount of lust she was so very close to succumbing to. There wasn't need for escape but the fact was also that there was no backing out of this. Not now, not when Bella's eyes were surveying her so closely.

Alice watched her; with her own knees bent and a pensive expression on her face. Bella had yet to sink into a crouch and although Alice had no experience to compare anything to she was beginning to feel underwhelmed at her mate's response. Couldn't she feel how much she wanted and needed her? Was their bond not radiating as a sort of alarm clock that the time had come?

Alice was beginning to feel that she had made the wrong choice. Bella stared back at her, the gold flecks around the murky brown reminded Alice of flames, with her lips thin and unyielding and hands placed down towards the floor. She edged forward slowly as if reigning herself in. The fire in her eyes seemed to dwindle down to a soft flicker.

Alice hissed and Bella automatically stopped. Bella's muscles tensed as if she were coiled and ready to spring forward, not to pounce, Alice determined at the even softer expression taking hold, but to restrain. Hesitation and caution. But Alice knew Bella wasn't afraid of her.

That didn't make sense. The only thing Bella was truly and honestly afraid of was losing Alice or—of hurting her. Anger flared through Alice. After all they had been through, now Bella wasn't ready?

A low groan escaped her lips at the obvious implications of her mate's reluctance. She didn't think Alice was ready. In some small way she supposed she could understand it but she didn't want to comply with good reason. She wanted to mark her mate! Even standing in the face of rejection Alice eyed the marks on her mate's neck. One at the base from Maria stood out and her gut wrenched terribly.

Bella reached her after a few carefully measured steps. Her gaze never left Alice and for a flicker of a moment Alice's resolve melted. Bella was just trying to do what was right. It was who she was, always. Alice grit her teeth against the wave of guilt.

"Alice." Her voice was powerful and relaxing. Alice ducked her head and sighed when Bella was near enough to touch her. Alice sighed and let her body relax against Bella's frame. Bella's fingers braced themselves against her shoulders and with the slightest push Alice willingly moved backwards. Her boots scraped against the floor and for all the grace she had as a vampire Alice couldn't think to lift her feet properly. She could only focus on Bella and her soft breaths against her ear and the deep rumble that had begun in both of their chests.

Alice's back hit the wall with a whisper of a thud. Bella's fingers worked in tandem at different tasks. One hand cupped her cheek and forced her to look up at her while the other trailed down her right arm to grasp her hip and hold her in place. Alice shivered when she looked into her mate's dark eyes. There were no more questions then. Her body curved to match Bella's as the woman rested against her. Alice's head rested against the wall, face tipped upward, suddenly feeling more terrified than she'd ever felt. Nervousness crept in and it wasn't until she felt Bella's lips at her forehead that she felt a crack in it. Her body echoed her mental state and instantly her hands went to Bella's shirt and curled through the fabric at her back when soft lips journeyed from her eyelids to her cheeks and neck.

Bella hovered over her defunct pulse point and Alice closed her eyes and let the lust and need slip over her like a comfortable blanket. Bella drove forward and kissed her there and back up her neck to her ears, which would have burned red, had there been blood there to rush through her veins. Instead Alice moaned and moved forward in a bid for more contact.

Bella shoved her back, firmly pressed her into the wall by her weight and ultimately Alice's own lack of desire to leave. Bella's forehead rested against her temple.

"Is this what you wanted?" The words were only meant for Alice and had attacked their intended target at her weakest points. It was what she wanted, despite the reality of it being so very clouded. Alice nodded against her for lack of proper words to describe how she felt. Bella growled against her neck obviously unappeased.

Alice swallowed thickly before responding. "Yes, please."

Bella purred in response and sucked at the tender spot behind Alice's ear causing Alice's knees to weaken. Bella's grip at her hip tightened and prevented her fall. Both of Bella's hands worked their way to Alice's waist. Her long fingers played with the leather waistband of Alice's pants until they'd wrapped themselves around the fabric. She was so controlled that Alice felt guilty. Her fingers flexed and ripped the silk shreds of Bella's shirt.

Bella kissed along her jaw line and smiled down at her. A light chuckle bounced between them. Bella leaned more heavily on Alice's frame so that their forehead's rested easily against one another.

"Say it again," Bella murmured and it sounded more like a command. A thrill of excitement slid down Alice's spine causing every muscle in her body to tighten in anticipation.

Alice inched forward, craving, demanding Bella's lips against her own. Bella pressed herself more firmly against her, shook her head and tisked lightly.

"You have to ask nicely, darlin," Bella answered.

"Please," Alice was surprised at how raspy her voice had become and embarrassed at how much she absolutely couldn't go another second without Bella kissing her. Her hands slid up Bella's back and, when there was no attempt to stop her, over her shoulders and into her hair.

She jerked her forward and without a fight Bella gave in. Their lips crashed together and a tidal wave of emotion engulfed her. In an instant Bella's arms had lifted Alice off the floor. Alice's legs easily encircled Bella's waist as her arms wrapped around her neck. She clung to her and growled against her lips when Bella pulled back and began to attack her neck.

"That's my girl," Bella purred when Alice threw her head back and moaned. Alice couldn't help herself and didn't much care to. Bella's eyes black eyes twinkled back at her just as Bella nipped her neck causing Alice to involuntarily buck into her.

Alice's lips parted and a guttural sound rolled forth, somewhere between a growl and moan. Her fingers tiptoed to the waistband of Bella's pants and in an instant she'd ripped through those as well. Her eyelids fluttered heavily and her hesitation seemed to disappear.

So far in this life it seemed that one human emotion always suddenly and decisively supplanted the other. Bella quickly switched them so that Alice's body thudded unceremoniously against the wall. Alice gasped and crushed Bella to her. There was heat sparking between their cool bodies that neither of them seemed to want to contain. Fingers trespassed and circled to the chorus of hisses and strangled moans. Despite the speed of things Alice recorded each second.

They ticked by at such a furious pace it felt as if the rest of the world were static. Eagerly, Alice wrapped her legs around Bella's waist and rolled her hips as if her need for pleasure were paramount. With a knowing smile Bella tore the pants from her legs carelessly. They landed alongside the remaining scraps of Bella's blouse. With nothing between them, neither of them was able to ignore the seriousness of Alice's need.

Embarrassment filled her. She had bypassed moist by this point and Bella's black eyes were full of excitement. Nerve ending after nerve ending peaked in the wake of Bella's touch culminating in the fierce coiling in Alice's gut. Words became unnecessary and had been supplanted by the growls and moans that filled the room. Alice's body snapped and writhed against Bella's even as Bella gripped her narrow waist and hoisted her up the wall, striking a match on the memory of their time in the train car when her first true feelings of possessiveness stirred.

Alice's back arched away from the wall at just the flutter of a kiss on her inner thighs, her muscles twitched against the warmth of Bella's breath and the firmness of her grip. With Bella's hands on both of her knees holding her open and up trapped against her Alice experienced the fullness of her choice and the gravity of the pressing demand that was tearing at her from the inside out. She glanced down at her mate's face of crème skin, black eyes, and a hungry smile. It was the same expression she wore when she hunted. Bella dove forward as if unable to keep away any longer and Alice was lost.

Her fingers threaded through Bella's hair and held Bella close, jerking her back when she even hinted at backing away. Bella's grip on her knees tightened and sharp jabs of pain mingled with the pleasure that was rapidly spreading through Alice. A growl tore through her vocal chords and Bella increased her pace, not letting up for a second, resulting in Alice slamming her head back into the wall and fisting Bella's silken strands.

Her heart had no way to beat and in it's place her mind raced through all of the most pleasurable things she'd ever known so quickly that she imagined it to be the same. It was her first breath in this life, the swift and inescapable high from running between the trees mixed with the ripping open of her vampiric senses after Bella's shield had been removed and the thrill of danger rolled up into one. Perceptively she thought to catalog the curling of every toe and strangled cry before she began to come down from heaven, whimpering and shaking without the need to breathe but a heightened sensitivity that nearly dulled everything but the feeling of Bella's teeth sinking into her left thigh. Pain bloomed and exited her body in the form of a gasp. Bella's venom mixed with her own. A thousand needles pricked against her skin, making her more aware of an imperceptible change than she would have been. Her body trembled in Bella's hands and before she knew it she was on the bed again with Bella's head buried between her thighs, taking turns between kissing the mark and lapping at her wet folds. It created the sensation of being overcome and relieved all at once, which fed into a cycle that left her shattered and rebuilt over and over until Bella languidly crawled up her body, kissing every inch of her until she could run her nose along her jaw.

Bella pressed their lips together tentatively and once she was sure Alice was beyond all right she smiled brightly and kissed her more fully. Alice stiffened and shook against her. Alice stroked Bella's hair as Bella's fingers glided over her breasts. The hunger revitalized, growing inside of her while Bella's fingers tip toed their way back between Alice's thighs. Pride bloomed and Alice for once didn't care about biology or the insanity of the mating bond. She needed Bella's touch, craved it, and would die with out it. Bella's fingers circled around the tight bundle of nerves that made Alice moan and jerk her hips upwards. Bella nestled beside her and with nimble fingers she kept Alice on the edge of orgasm all the while growling in her ear words that Alice couldn't make out in spite of Bella's distraction.

A particularly loud growl caught her attention just as Bella let up on her teasingly firm circles. Alice whimpered against her.

"So beautiful," Bella murmured against her neck. It wasn't lost on Alice that her teeth were bared and she herself had begun to tilt her head back in an attempt to give her mate more access. She bucked against Bella's slow moving fingers and growled at her. Couldn't she see how much she needed her? Bella grinned wickedly as if able to read her thoughts.

"Mine," Bella's words vibrated against Alice's ear. Her stomach tightened and her hips inched forward. Bella growled again sending a pleasurable shudder through Alice's whole body and silencing the chains that mildly rattled in the back of her mind. She hissed low when Bella's fingers slid into her.

"Yours," her voice was barely above a whisper. Bella's gaze met her own and Alice swallowed thickly under her wide-eyed stare. She'd never seen Bella look so vulnerable, not even when she'd let her take her frustrations out on her body in the mountains.

She needed to hear the words. She needed to feel that Alice wasn't leaving her that she loved her, couldn't and wouldn't ever stay away. The confirmation was superficial; they both knew that they'd never be able to resist the bond again. Even still, Alice could see it though in Bella's eyes and the memories of their past. More than anything, Alice wanted to give it to her. Her body curled closer to Bella's and with her hand in Bella's hair Alice pulled her close and kissed her.

"Yours, Bella," Alice said, plainly. "Always yours."

Bella smiled for the briefest second before her expression darkened beyond anything Alice had ever seen. Bella dove for her neck, just at the base where she could have easily decapitated Alice. Her fingers resumed their former purpose and Alice was lost again in the dual pain and pleasure as her body rocked against Bella's hand. Bella's teeth sank easily past Alice's granite skin and bone. The cycle began again and every inch of her burned and bucked against Bella's body, which now covered hers. Alice hissed and grasped the back of Bella's neck once she'd pulled away from her to survey the mark. Bella grinned in the moment between admiring her handiwork and Alice flipping them over.

Alice straddled Bella's waist and groaned at the pressure on the mark on her thigh. Control left her tiny form and Bella welcomed the demanding kisses that rained down on her lips, face, and neck. Where Alice had been bare of marks Bella had plenty across her smooth skin. The raised marks called to Alice and while she would have loved nothing more than to mark over every one of them, one in particular called out to her like a siren. It was the perfect mirror of the one Bella had just given her. Maria's mark stood out like a sore thumb, an offense to them both, a mistake in need of correction.

"You'll want to taste me first," Bella's words crossed her mind and caused her to take pause. She lifted one eyebrow and cocked her head to the side.

"I'll taste different after you mark me," Bella replied earnestly. Alice sniffed the air and tried to smell a difference between them and when their mingled scents provided too much for her to separate she kissed her way down Bella's body to find out for herself.

She grasped Bella's creamy pale thighs and lifted them to her shoulders, which allowed her better access. She placed light kisses to Bella's already slick folds and groaned appreciatively when Bella bucked against her. She held her hips firmly, not allowing her to budge when she parted Bella's lips and took the tiny bundle of nerves that mirrored her own between her teeth.

Bella rewarded her with a guttural moan that set Alice's chest rumbling. Bella's arousal hit her straight on and her taste was beyond the sweetest blood Alice could imagine. The only thing Alice could think of was that she needed more. Her tongue darted out then flattened against Bella's clitoris. She lapped again and again with the inescapable urge to taste more of her burning her from the inside out. With each eager pass Bella cried louder, groaned and grasped the sheets. Alice ignored the rips at first but caught out of the corner of her eye several feathers floating past her.

Bella's fingers had past the sheets and dug into the mattress. The knowledge only spurred Alice on. The moans, the destruction of the bed, it was all for her, only her. Alice groaned and continued her assault, alternating between nibbling and sucking on the bud and lapping at her quivering entrance. It didn't seem to matter what she did, though. Her Bella continued to hiss and moan at each touch. Her voice began to crescendo until Alice could no longer hold her down. Bella's hips bucked violently in her direction and metal twisted beneath them as she came. Alice didn't let up until the bed sank beneath them, having no frame to support the middle.

Alice glanced up at Bella's face. Her gaze was impenetrable; her eyes were dark with need, jaw slackened, and her body still trembled. Bella growled at her, outright, challenging. Alice hissed back and dropped her head down to her right thigh. Her lips latched on to her supple skin in time with her jaw snapping shut. Her teeth bore down, broke through the granite, and the thrill of her own venom pumping freely into her mate caused Alice to shudder delightfully.

Bella moaned loudly but stayed still until Alice was satisfied with her mark. It only took a few moments for Alice to disengage and crawl back up Bella's body.

"Does it hurt?" Alice asked her as Bella trashed beneath her. Bella's eyes were still dark and Alice could smell her potent arousal. She tried and failed to lock her body in place before she grasped Bella's chin between her fingers and jerked her closer.

Bella's arousal peaked and out of curiosity Alice leaned back and swiped her fingers across Bella's entrance slowly and firmly enough to make Bella cry out. Alice brought her fingers to her lips and sucked them clean. She groaned.

"You do taste differently," Alice purred against Bella's neck. She eyed Maria's mark again and growled. Without another word she bit down over the mark, angled so that she would completely eclipse it. Bella wrapped her arms around her and hissed but never let go. Her fingers threaded through Alice's hair and towards the end she fisted the strands and began to pant with effort to stay still. When Alice pulled away and looked into her eyes she saw the pain and satisfaction there.

"I love you," Bella murmured. "No one else. Not ever."

Alice smiled and licked at her lower lip. "I love you Bella Swan, always."

It was true. Down to the very bones of Alice's body it was true. And she'd protect that love if it meant her life. She'd seen it.

They stayed still for a while longer before Bella rolled her hips against Alice and the seemingly never ending desire pooled between Alice's thighs again. If they kept up like this she was sure they'd never get anything accomplished. She trumped the thought immediately after Bella shoved her back onto the mattress and disappeared between her thighs. For once, she was going to enjoy the moment for however long it had been granted to them.

By the time the sun rose Alice had admittedly lost several hours while ensconced in Bella's arms. They'd taken to resting after the last round and relaxed with their limbs draped over each other in a seemingly lazy way. Only they knew that they could easily be ready to grab each other and run an at moments notice. Alice's gaze remained locked on Bella's and words were not spoken. The rest was physically unnecessary for either of them but Alice liked to quiet. If not for the silence she'd have never noticed the intense power building in her chest. She purred and Bella joined her. They inched closer together and stroked each other's hair and backs sounding like two large satisfied cats.

Alice kissed her mark on Bella's neck and grinned. Bella was hers and now everyone would know it.

"Some one is very pleased with herself," Bella taunted. Alice glanced up at her with large hungry eyes and smiled.

"It's not my fault I can't get enough," Alice stipulated. "This is all your doing."

Bella raised an eyebrow for lack of a response.

"You're the one who barged in my asylum and ate my bird," Alice said seriously. "If not for that, I'd be a lost lonely little vampire, I'd actually probably be already dead."

Bella stiffened and Alice pressed a kiss to her lips already aware of the need for comfort. She kissed her lips until Bella relaxed against her again. "Alive. Very much alive now, thank you very much. Have I ever done that?"


"Thanked you for saving me," Alice said. "Thank you."

Bella sat up and brought Alice with her. Alice wrapped her legs around Bella's waist and groaned at the friction. Sweet, unyielding friction. She rested her forehead against Bella's and rolled her hips a little. Bella returned in kind. Her brain was shorting out again from whatever it was that was driving her to make love to her mate once more, lust, love, supernatural demand, she didn't care anymore. All that mattered was the soft sigh that escaped from Bella's lips. Alice lifted herself higher to stop the contact. Bella pouted and Alice would have joined her if not for the fact that she was the perpetrator here.

"Not yet, I have to say this. I've been wanting to tell you," Alice said. "You saved me, not just back at the asylum but in the mountains. I'm so sorry I did that to you."

Bella nodded against her then looked her in the eye. "No more apologies. We saved each other, remember?"

Alice grimaced. She was pretty sure Bella had done most of the saving but was in no need to argue when Bella's fingers began circling her slick entrance. At her angle Alice watched Bella's fingers disappear inside of her, felt them curl against her, and felt the emptiness of their removal. She groaned and watched the routine repeat over and over, unable to stop gripping Bella's shoulders, clenching around her fingers, and crying out helplessly.

Bella smirked obviously pleased with herself. Alice decided to rectify it by shoving her backwards and leaving a trail of kisses down her thighs. It was in this exact position that they found themselves in several hours later despite the numerous polite knocks on the door and the thunder claps of sparring occurring outside their window. Alice grinned as she watched Bella climax for the umpteenth time. It felt like she was making up for lost time. She could think of no better way.

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