Konnichiwa lovely readers :3

I am a total Uchiha Madara fan and I thought it would be a nice challenge for me to write about him and his adorable nephew Itachi.

Two things that are important before you continue:

- Madara is Mikoto's brother

- Ever since Itachi was a child (and Sasuke a baby) they haven't seen their uncle Madara and therefore not recognize him

Well I've talked enough now let's continue with the story ;D


Pairing: Itachi Uchiha x Madara Uchiha

Warnings: yaoi (male x male), violence, rape, OOC-ness

Disclaimer: masashi kishimoto owns ;D

~ Prologue ~

"Bye mom! Bye dad!" Sasuke yelled looking over his shoulder. His parents had decided that it was best for him to go to boarding-school, because dear little Sasuke would rather spend time with his 'aniki' than learn his homework and get good marks. Fugaku had been angry not only at Sasuke, but at Itachi aswell. Itachi knew he was a big influence in Sasuke's life, but he also knew that it wouldn't do Sasuke any good if said younger brother refused to study.

So the time had finally come and the young black haired boy left his home to go to an unfamiliar place and spend his time there. Mikoto hoped that this would fix the problem and create some more peace at home. Having Fugaku yelling at her little boys was making her tired in the end.

Sasuke gave one last glance back and waved to his family before stepping into a bus that would take him to the destination. Itachi felt himself getting a little bit more lonely now that there wasn't a certain person around whom would storm into his room all the time. This would be a long and quiet time for him.

"Ne itachi, why don't you come along to the Office? I could prepare you well for when you take my job when you are older." Fugaku suggested. "This might be a good time for us to spend time together."

Itachi made an emotionless face and stared back at his father thinking if the idea would be good. He knew that his father didn't do it out of love for him, but more for the reason that his son had to be well-educated to take the job. Either way Itachi would be shown to everybody in the office while his father told the colleagues about his amazing abilities.

"No thanks dad, I need some time for myself. But thank you for considering." Itachi answered with the same emotionless face as usual. His father sighed and accepted the answer his son had given him. He left giving a pat on his son's shoulder.

'It's really feels weird not to have Sasuke around.' Itachi thought. 'I might aswell try to enjoy myself on my own.'

Suuhaisha: thanks for reading and have fun with the next chapters! ;D