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The story started out with Itachi being kidnapped and Madara raping him. I understand that these are not 'easy' topics to write about. Most of the people in this world are well aware what those topics mean and what they contain, however in this story Itachi doesn't experience it as rape. To him it's just something new he only saw his mom and dad do together. The word 'rape' hasn't got a bad meaning to it and therefore he wants to build up a bond with Madara.

Uhm.. I kind of wanted Madara to be a bitch so to speak and try to make him fit that trait as much as possible. Of course he has emotions and feelings so he does love Itachi the only problem is that incest is wrong and he knows he will never have Itachi for himself (seeing that Sasuke would always interfere). Itachi is the only one he loves so there won't be any MadaSasu ;3.

Sasuke was kind of the victim in the previous chapter, but I promise that he will not get scarred. He is definitely not stupid and he wants to protect his nii-san by all means so he will-... wait.. that's still a surprise ;).

About Itachi's parents.. Mikoto is very worried like every mother would be. Unfortunately Fugaku is a bitch too XD, but that doesn't mean he doesn't love his sons. Important is that neither of the parents know that Madara is the rapist. So they both do not protect Itachi (especially Mikoto isn't expecting it, because Madara is her brother).

Well.. that should cover it I think xD. I will continue the story for now trying to make it as realistic as possible and please help me with all your reviews, because they tell me how I could improve myself/my story. So a big thankyou to all of you!

Pairing: Itachi Uchiha x Madara Uchiha

Warnings: yaoi (male x male), violence, rape, OOC-ness

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Chapter 4: Threat.

XOXOX – Itachi's POV – XOXOX –

I was pushed into the matress by firm hands on my chest. The kisses had deepend and my moans had gotten louder. It made me forget about the world around me. It felt like only Madara and me were here when I suddenly heard a noise on the other side of the room. Madara stopped kissing while I tilted my head to see what had happened. I saw that Sasuke had fallen down on the floor along with the chair. Quiet sounds of discomfort came from my little brother as he tried to free himself from the chair.

"Mhmnhn!" Sasuke got out as I saw Madara sigh in annoyance. He slowly removed himself from me as I sat up on the bed with a worried look on my face. I was hoping that my otouto wasn't hurt.

Madara reached out to grab Sasuke's arm as he jerked him up rather harshly and put him back down on his seat. I tried approaching the two when I noticed that Sasuke had freed the belt from around his wrists.

"Uchiha- sama watch out!" I warned, but was too late when Sasuke snatches his nails at our uncle's face. After that he grabbed the black spiky hair of the older male and yanked it back. I could only sit there and watch not knowing if I should stop them.

Madara's face had red cuts on it and a few strands of hair were pulled from the roots and were lying on the floor. The older Uchiha grabbed Sasuke's wrists as I wanted to stop the fighting. "Stay there Itachi." He said and I immediately sat back on the bed. He moved Sasuke to the door and opened it shoving him outside.

"Keep him out of this room." He said to my parents whom were waiting outside the door. A horrified look went over their faces as they saw Madara's face with blood and cuts and his hair all messed up.

"Goodness Sasuke where are your manners!" My mom scolded at him. I felt bad for my brother, because it was not his fault that this was all happening. I think I should go to Sasuke and stand up for him. I quickly moved off the bed to grab my shirt off the floor.

"How dare you do that to your uncle." Fugaku said to Sasuke as he yanked him to his (Sasuke's) bedroom by the ear.

"No! Dad you don't understand! You have to listen to me." Sasuke was ignored as his father now pushed him inside the bedroom and said to him with a stern face. "Any disrespect from you and you are grounded for month."

I overheard the conversation and quickly redressed. Poor Sasuke was getting blamed for everything while he was the victim in the first place. My dad really should listen to us more often.

I turned my head to the door and watched my mom hurry after my father to support him as a parent. My uncle at the same time closed the door and relocked it while turning around. He was a bit surprised to see me having my shirt back on, but I ignored the curious look he gave me.

"We are not finished Raven." He said to me as he approached me. I just turned around adjusting my shirt and hair. I felt his arms surround me as he nuzzled my neck. He made me feel good again, but I knew that my brother needed me know.

"I am. So let me go now I have to go to Sasuke." I turned around harshly and felt his glare pierce me. I am not going to give up now. I must see Sasuke.

"Get on the bed." He ordered while he grabbed the edge of my shirt pulling it up.

"No! Do you even understand what happens if Sasuke tells our parents?"

"Does it matter?"

"Yes! It means the end of my life!"

"I'm sure it doesn't."

"It does! My parents will never forgive me. I will be grounded forever and I'll never be able to go out to friends or clubs in my whole life, because my parents might think that something will happen to me." I continued trying to convince him that I was in a lot of trouble if they found out.

"Trust me they will not find out."

"How could you know that." I was using a tone against the wrong person. I knew that it sounded cold and somewhat bitchy. He would not forgive me for that so my hopes of getting away were now officially crushed. I was slightly surprised when I saw my uncle crouch down in front of me and cup my chin in his hand.

"Don't worry so much Ita-chan. I will talk to Sasuke later and make sure he won't tell your parents." He soothed as I still didn't believe it. How could he of all people in the world convince my little brother not to tell our parents. Sasuke was such a stubborn otouto sometimes. He would never let this matter rest. I looked down to my feet as he stood up straight and gave me a hug whispering 'Don't worry'. I moved my hands up to his back and hold onto his shirt tightly as I hoped he would make it all right.

– XOXOX – 3rd person's POV – XOXOX –

Madara sighed as he opened the door from Itachi's bedroom. He had finally succeeded in calming the Uchiha and placing him on the bed. He had told Itachi to wait for him there and not talk to his parents yet. Fortunately Itachi had agreed and had sat back down placing his light form delicately on the bed. Madara had to restrain himself for a moment before heading to the door.

"Alright," Madara started, "I might have an idea as to what the problem is and how we could solve it, but first I need to speak to Sasuke. Is he in his room?"

Mikoto and Fugaku were waiting in the hallway when Madara suddenly came out of Itachi's room. They were relieved to hear that Madra might know a solution for the horrific situation Itachi had been placed in. Mikoto still couldn't believe the whole happening; her sweet son whom doesn't harm anyone being raped by a fellow Uchiha. She had never thought that there were men in her clan who did those horrible kinds of things. Now she was wishing that she had talked to Itachi about intercourse with intimate relationships when he was younger. She noted to herself that she would talk to Sasuke within this year before it might be too late for him aswell. She was worrying too much and Fugaku tried to calm her down, but she was so afraid that something else might happen to her beloved sons.

Fugaku watched Madara having a calm posture and listened to him trying to explain things to them. It seemed that not only Itachi would be affected, but Sasuke as well. He wondered if he knew anyone whom didn't like Itachi in the past or somebody whom had tried to hurt his family before, but he couldn't think of any names.

Madara inwardly smirked as he saw the two parents having no idea that he was 'the man that did those horrible thing' as they described it. The plan had gone well so far except for Sasuke interrupting. Madara really dispised the little brat. Already having such a bad attitude and obsession with his brother. Madara definitely needed to put a stop to it. He would make it very clear to the little boy that if he wanted to be with Itachi he would have to shut up about the bedroom event.

"Yes he's in his room." Fugaku answered while Mikoto nodded to Madara. Madara noticed that the two seemed to actually care about each other for a change. He never knew that Fugaku had a nice side aswell. Madara however knew that he himself never wanted to appear as nice, because people would take advantage of it.

Slowly Mada moved towards Sasuke's door while he told Mikoto and Fugaku to wait in the kitchen so that when he would finish they could all, including the two brothers, discuss the next step.

Sasuke looked up as he saw the handle of the door go down slowly and almost cautiously. He was expecting Itachi to come talk to him after everything that happened so when he saw Madara his rage came back and he stomped towards said man to hit him, but when he tried aiming he felt Madara grip his wrist and slam him into the wall instantly moving a hand up to choke him (Sasuke).

"Hi there little bitch." Madara said mockingly. "Let me make this very simple for your little brain to understand.." He continued as his grip around the little boy's neck tightened. "Or you will tell your parents about what I did or you will shut your mouth and never speak of it. If you choose to tell your parents I will make sure you will never ever see your nii-san again." Putting an emphasis to the word ever sent a chill down Sasuke's spine as he understood very well that Madara's threat was not just some kind of joke. However the kid knew how to provoke someone so he spit at Madara's face.

Luckily for Sasuke Madara wasn't easily affected by childish behavior. He let go of the young Uchiha and went back to go outside the door once again. "You are lucky that I can restrain myself." He spoke while he glared at the brat. Just before opening the door Sasuke decided to provoke Madara some more.

"What makes you think that you're able to take my niisan from me?"

Madara let out an evil laugh as he replied: "I have many ways to accomplish my goals. And I certainly won't let a little punk like you interfere." He saw the younger Uchiha snort and he was quite sure that Sasuke wouldn't ask any more questions. Leaving the young kid fuming he went out of the bedroom and back to the living room. The only thing left to do was to convince Itachi's parents that Itachi needed a break from home. That wasn't all that simple, because Mikoto was very protective over her son.

XOXOX – 3rd person's POV in the living room – XOXOX –

Itachi and Sasuke were sitting next to each other as their parents sat across them worriedly looking at Madara. They were hoping that Madara had come up with a plan to help Itachi get over the trauma. Mikoto was so happy that she had a brother on whom she could rely on during the hard times. She was positive that he would always be by her side when she needed him.

"Madara, please explain to us what plan you have in mind." Mikoto asked with a sweet voice and pleading eyes. She wanted nothing more than to start 'curing' Itachi of this horrible memory.

Itachi sat nervously on his chair while Sasuke tried to get his attention all the time. It was somewhat annoying and it made Itachi wonder why Sasuke was seeking so much attention from him. The little boy kept trying to take his older brother's hand and cuddle with it or at least hold it, but Itachi pulled away softly each time. A little pout on the younger's face made Itachi feel a little bad and he decided that a few moments of affection might not even be that bad. He could understand that Sasuke was worried over him, but to Itachi this all hadn't been a bad experience. He knew his family would never understand that he wanted more of this 'rape'. Being close to Madara made the situation even worse, because every time Itachi thought about him he had to watch out to not get aroused. The memory of that day was like a serie of pictures all coming by one by one. The elder Uchiha however didn't seem to have this problem and instead just focussed on talking to Itachi's parents while the young boys sat at the same table.

"I think that it's a good idea to get Itachi away from his own house. The rapist will probably know by now where Itachi lives and what Itachi's routines are. So the chance that he might attack your son again is big." Madara began his explanation. It was more a plan to take Itachi to his own place and have him all for himself. The parents were stupid enough to believe that Madara would just take care of the boy and not harm him in any way.

Mikoto nodded and paid attention to what her brother was saying while Fugaku looked over at Itachi once in a while. "So do you think that you can help our Itachi? I mean.. I want nothing more than to help him and take care of him myself, but I understand that he may not be safe in this house. Do you think I can come along with him?" Mikoto asked worriedly. Madara sometimes hated how caring Mikoto was. Sasuke definitely had features from her seeing that they both are clinging to Itachi so badly. He had to come up with some sort of excuse now, because if Mikoto came along he wouldn't have the raven for himself.

"I don't think that Itachi feels at ease around his parents at the moment." Madara turned his head to Itachi. He wasn't really glaring at him, but something in his eyes told Itachi that if he didn't tell his parents that he wanted to leave the house he would be screwed.

"Yes," Itachi started with no emotion in his voice, "I don't really want to talk about it. I just want to get my mind off things. It's not that I don't love you guys, but I just need a place where I can be alone and I know you would worry too much about me mom so I just have to leave for a while."

Madara was content with Itachi being so obedient. He knew just how to make his little raven do exactly what he wished for. It was like Itachi was a pet doing everything his master ordered him to do.

"Alright dear, if you really feel that way then I shall entrust you to my brother." Mikoto stated as she hold her husband's hand tightly. Fugaku nodded in respons letting Mikoto choose the best option for their kid. He knew that mothers were better at those things so he might as well leave the task up to her.

"Okay Itachi go pack your bags." Madara said as he rose from his chair. "I will take him to my home for a while and when he has recovered he can go back home." Madara inwardly smirked as he finally achieved his goal and knew that no one would take his raven from him anymore. Itachi had quickly gone to his room and started stuffing his clothes in a bag along with some objects which held a value to him.

Sasuke was left behind at the table still trying to figure out if he should tell his parents. He wanted nothing more than to save his nii-san from Madara, but he knew that Madara was capable of worse things than rape. Several options flashed through his mind; 'Maybe I should follow them, maybe I should tell my mom, maybe I should convince Itachi this is all wrong', but he knew that neither of the options was going to work. His mom would never believe him, Itachi didn't want to stay at home and following them would get himself in trouble. But then he figured it out; 'if I follow my nii-san and end up in Madara's house he might understand that Madara just wants to rape him and that he would take any chance to rape me aswell. I know that aniki would never want that to happen to me so maybe he will stop for me and go back home to our family.'

"We're all ready to go." Madara announced as he stood in the hallway with Itachi next to him. "Get your coat Itachi." He said coldly to him while walking over to say goodbye to Itachi's parents. He looked around to see that Sasuke had disappeared out of sight. Madara smirked while thinking: 'So he understands that I win'. When Itachi finished saying goodbye Madara picked up a bag and headed off to the car. Itachi and the older Uchiha walked over the lawn while Madara used his key to open the door for the raven. Placing the bags on the backseat Itachi turned one last time to wave to his parents and get inside the car on the frontseat. Madara got in himself without having opened the trunk and put the key into the lock starting the engine. Itachi then thought he heard his little brother laugh, but figured it was just his imagination misleading him. All the while Sasuke snickered as he hid himself in the trunk waiting to arrive at his new place to stay and waiting to save his nii-san.

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