Written for Kairi on the account Erpas. Sorry if it doesn't make sense but well this is my usual life... I guess

Kairi- Kairi Kittie


Namine- Nami of course

Yuna- Who else? Yunie

I looked at the strange new place I had been brought to. This east coast state was so different than the Middle West states I had grown up in. I looked at a small area of broken and twisted trees.

"Namine what is that?" I asked pointing at the wreckage. She leaned forward on the steering wheel and frowned.

"That's where the tornado went through." She pointed to an empty area in front of a large neighborhood. "That is where Yuna's house used to be, she never told me they tore it down." That's right our friend Yuna had lost her house in a tornado a few years back. Me and Namine were going to visit her since Namine hadn't seen her in years and I have never met her in person. We had talked on the phone and emailed each other but I was really excited to meet her in person.

As Namine turned onto a road off the highway I observed all the houses. Everything looked brand new and almost every house had a garden in front of it. As we rode down the road we passed probably about ten churches that were falling apart and dirty.

"Namine, why are all those churches like that?" She shrugged as she slowed down to read the street signs.

"They are just old and don't have the money to be fixed up. The nicer churches are in town. Now help me look for this road." She handed me her phone and I looked at the address. As we drove down the road I read every sign possible.

"I don't see it." I said as we reached a wooded area. We were approaching tall bushes and Namine put her turn signal on.

"I know where we are at now." Then I noticed there was a road behind the tall bushes and Namine turned down the road. It was a small neighborhood and almost every house had someone outside in the front yard.

"Wow people sure like to be outside here."

"Of course it's summer vacation. Usually everyone goes to the beach."

"The beach? Oh! I want to go!" Namine nodded and pulled into a driveway.

"Okay we have two weeks here. I'm pretty sure you will get to go." She got out of the car and opened the trunk. I followed behind and grabbed my luggage. I couldn't believe Yuna's parents were letting us stay here for a whole two weeks. I followed Namine to the front door and she rang the door bell. It was quiet for a long time so Namine rung the doorbell again.

"Is she not here?" Namine shook her head.

"Her car is here so she has to be here." We stood there for a couple minutes and then Namine reached for her phone. Right before she dialed the number we heard a crash coming from behind the house.

"What was that?" I asked as the loud noise continued.

"Found her." Namine laughed as she walked around the side of the house. I followed behind her as she unlatched the wood gate and walked into the backyard. I looked for where the noise was coming from but all I saw was a pile of lawn chairs and two dogs running around it.

"Will you two go away?" A muffled voice came from the pile of chairs and I jumped. Namine laughed and walked over to the pile and began removing chairs.

"Namine I think they want us to leave." She shook her head and continued to remove chairs.

"No she was talking to the dogs." She? Wait was it Yuna underneath those chairs. Turned out it was Yuna as Namine pulled the last chair away a small girl with short brown hair sat up.

"Oh my gosh thank you. Those stupid dogs wouldn't get out of my way and I tripped on my own two feet." Namine laughed and helped Yuna up.

"You were never the graceful one. At least we know it's going to be a good day though."

"Wait how did you…" Yuna stopped as she looked up at Namine. Suddenly she screamed and literally tackled Namine. Namine was a lot taller than Yuna and luckily wasn't knocked to the ground.

"Long time no see huh Yuna?"

"It's you; I've missed you so much!" Yuna cried into Namine's shoulder as she rubbed her back. I felt uncomfortable seeing these best friends embrace. I was friends with Namine but my friendship wasn't like this one. They seemed more like sisters, it looked as if Yuna was attached to Namine's hip. Then Yuna pulled away and smiled. I noticed that there were no tears on her face even though it sounded as if she were crying earlier.

"Yuna someone else is here to meet you." Yuna then turned to me and had a huge smile on her face. Uh oh. She quickly ran towards me and gently slapped her hands on my cheeks. She twisted and pulled them making my face contort into different shapes.

"Kairi, I can't believe it's you. This is so cool!" What was with this girl? She suddenly pulled me into a hug and shook me.

"Uh hi Yuna." I said when she finally released me and I could actually breathe. Namine walked up beside Yuna and Yuna wrapped her arms around one of Namine's.

"So when will Tifa be here?" Namine asked as Yuna led her to the house.

"Couple minutes, she was here last night but I gave her some money to go get us some food." I followed behind the two and figured this was going to be a strange two weeks. When we were inside Yuna untangled her arms from Namine's arm and turned to me with a confused look.

"What?" I asked her.

"Where is y'all's luggage?" I pointed to the front door and she nodded. Me and Namine stood behind her as she began to unlock the door.

"She has a thick accent." I said to Namine as Yuna still tried to figure out the lock on the door. Namine shook her head and moved Yuna to the side and unlocked the door in a swipe of the hand.

"No it's only certain words." Namine said stepping out the door. Yuna nodded and ran past Namine. She picked up my entire luggage and half of Namine's. For being so small she was pretty strong.

"Do you need any help?" I asked as she found her way into the door.

"Nope I got it. Follow me to my room." Me and Namine followed the small girl up stairs to the F.R.O.G. She set down the luggage in the corner of the room and spun around. She gave us a big smile and then all of a sudden there was a rumbling noise. Yuna quickly clasped her hand over her stomach.

"Looks like your stomach has the rumblies." A voice said behind us and I quickly turned around to meet a tall brunette. Yuna laughed and walked over to her.

"That only hands could satisfy." She said while hugging the girl. The brunette turned to me and Namine and smiled.

"Namine, Kairi, you guys finally made it!" She yelled as she pulled me and Namine into a tight hug. What was with these people just giving out random hugs?

"Tifa?" I asked as she pulled away. She stepped behind Yuna and wrapped her arms around her neck.

"Who else did you think it was?" The brunette said giving Yuna a tight squeeze.

"Are you guys hungry? It's close to dinner time so do you want me to order some pizza?" Yuna said beginning to walk down the stairs.

"PIZZA!" I yelled following after her. Pizza was my favorite food ever.

"I'll take that as a yes, how about two pepperonis and one cheese?" I nodded and Yuna laughed. She continued down the stairs with Tifa attached to her arm. I never had seen friends so clingy before or someone as klutzy as Yuna. I thought as I watched the small girl tumble down the stairs.

"Yuna!" Namine yelled pushing past me and laughing.

"Are you okay?" I asked as I reached her and Yuna nodded. I was surprised to see her laughing after taking such a fall.

"Yeah I'm fine; it takes a lot more than that to hurt me." She said standing up. She had red spots on her arms and legs and she wasn't concerned about them or anything.

"You are gonna have some nice bruises." I told her after she hung up the phone when she finished our order.

"Yeah right!" Yuna laughed grabbing a bucket from under the kitchen sink. "I rarely get bruised. Who feels like pulling a prank?"

"Why?" Namine asked giving Yuna a confused look.

"Because you will never believe who is our pizza delivery boy." Tifa and Namine looked at each other and smiled.

"Wait, is it…?"Tifa asked with an evil tone to her voice.

"Yup that's right, it's Pampers." Yuna said cruelly swinging the bucket to and fro.

"Pampers?" I asked giving everyone a confused look.

"When we were in middle school there was this boy on our bus. Since he was so small we called him Pampers after the diaper." I couldn't help but to laugh.

"Is there more to this story?" I asked and they all nodded.

"Yeah but I don't feel like explaining it. Tifa go get the green paint from the back porch." Yuna said while filling the bucket up slightly with water. Tifa quickly came back with a small bucket of paint which she poured into the bucket of water.

"What are you going to do with that?"I asked as Yuna walked to the front door and Tifa and Namine lifted her up to let it her balance it on the door.

"Nothing too extreme, okay that's good. Which one of you wants to use the water hose? And then I need someone else to put some of the pink hair spray in our hair. Wait we will just use you Kairi for that, come with me." Namine and Tifa gently dropped Yuna to the ground.

"Yeah good idea Yuna. I'll use the hose and you and Tifa answer the door." Namine said walking towards the backdoor. What were these people planning?

"Come with me Kairi." Yuna said gesturing for me to follow her. I followed her out to the garage where she grabbed a pink spray can. Then she led me out to the side of her house.

"What are you going to do?" I asked as she leaned me over.

"Your hair is already red so this spray will make it look pinker. Then when you hear me say 'Vanille' you come on out and just say 'Hey Pampers, long time no see.' With an evil smile on your face can you handle that?" I flinched when the cold liquid hit my head but nodded. When she finished I stood up and she clapped. She spun me around so I could see myself in the window's reflection. My hair was a bright pink and all messed up.

"Wow." Was all I could say. Tifa then poked her head out the door and smiled.

"Looks great! The car is just down the road better hurry!" Tifa yelled as she pulled her head back inside. Yuna began to follow her and turned to me one last time.

"Okay don't forget your role." She winked and closed the door leaving me by myself.

"PLACES PEOPLE!" I heard Yuna and Tifa both yell at the same time so I walked to the corner of the house and peeked around the corner. I saw a car with a pizza on top of it pull up and a guy getting ready to get out. I sighed and tried my best to hide.

"What have I gotten myself into?" I whispered to myself as I heard the car door slam.

If you are wondering yes I did lose my house in a tornado this year. Also the story of Pampers is my friend on the bus had pink hair and lil Pamapers was scared of her then one day she asked him "Are you a big kid?" And well he said "No." Becauz he is small for his age and then Pampers you should get it now... Then the reference with Llams with Hats if you don't get that there is something wrong with you.