OMG I'm such a freak! LOL poor pampers... NOT!

"What the heck!" I heard the boy scream after the bucket clattered to the ground. I quickly peeked around the corner. The so called "Pampers" was now drenched in green paint.

"Pampers what happened?" I heard Tifa say as she stepped out the door and pretended to be surprised by the mess. Yuna walked out behind her and looked as if she was angry.

"What have you done?" She yelled at the green boy as she kicked the bucket across the yard.

"What do you mean? You did this! How am I supposed to get cleaned off?" The boy yelled as he stomped his foot on the concrete sidewalk. Tifa and Yuna began to laugh and I saw Namine walk out with the water hose.

"We have an idea." Yuna and Tifa both said at the same time. Pampers then looked over and noticed Namine.

"Why are you guys doing this to me?" He said sadly as Namine slowly got closer to him.

"What are you talking about? This was all Vanille's idea." The boy suddenly froze in fear and began looking around. It was now my time to shine I guess. I put on my best evil face and walked around the corner. I looked down slightly so he didn't recognize that I wasn't the person he believed I was.

"Long time no see, Pampers." I somehow managed to hiss out. The boy screamed and Namine suddenly drenched him with the water hose. He quickly ran back to his car while Namine chased him with the cold water.

"You people are crazy." He yelled as he dived into the pizza car. Everyone was now pretty much on the ground laughing. I couldn't evil help from laughing at the cruel prank we had just pulled. Yuna then got off the ground and walked over to the car. She knocked on the window and opened the door. She leaned down and began to say something to Pampers. When she was finished talking he handed her three pizzas and she handed him some money.

"Bye Pampers, see you next year." She yelled as he drove off. We all followed her inside and sat down at the table. We grabbed our pizza and ate with quite a few giggles in between each bite.

"That was awesome. I haven't had that much fun since I left." Namine said finishing off her first piece of pizza.

"I know that was awesome." Tifa said after drinking some of her soda.

"Won't we get in trouble though?" I asked grabbing my second piece of pizza.

"No, I gave him a hefty tip. Besides the little twerp has a crush on me so he won't try to get me in trouble." Yuna said grabbing, unbelievably, her fourth piece of pizza.

"Really I never knew that." Namine said giving Yuna confused look.

"Yeah he told me on my last day of school. Of course I turned down the little dweeb. My goodness I'm eighteen and going to college and he just didn't care. So I just told him I liked someone else which is true and ever since then he's been like my little slave which I don't mind." Yuna and Tifa both began to laugh.

"Nice going Yuna you broke someone's heart for the first time." Tifa said chuckling.

"Like I care that kid is annoying." Yuna said finishing off her drink and last piece of pizza. Namine stood up and stretched. She walked out of the dining room and into the living room. She looked back and turned around and gave Yuna a confused look.

"Where is it?" Namine asked in an annoyed voice. What was she looking for?

"Just a moment we have to put it away when not in use." Yuna got out of her chair and walked out of the dining room.

"Is she looking for what I think she's looking for?" Tifa said walking over to stand beside Namine.

"Yeah." Namine then went and sat on the couch.

"Great, I better get my things." Tifa said running into the kitchen. I leaned forward on the table to see what Tifa needed out of the kitchen. She opened cupboard and pulled out a jar and a yellow plastic spoon.

"What is that?" I asked as she walked past me to go to the living room. She put the spoon in her mouth and handed me the jar. I looked at the label and laughed.

"Marshmallow fluff, really Tifa?" I heard Yuna say as she walked into the living room. I got out of my chair and handed Tifa her jar of white goo and went and sat on the couch beside Namine. I watched as Yuna messed with TV and a bunch of cords. I looked over at Tifa who was eating big globs of melted marshmallow.

"How much longer Yuna? I want to go first." Namine said leaning forward in anticipation.

"Chill -ax I'm finished." Yuna turned around and tossed something silver to Namine. I looked at the thing in her hands to find out it was a Playstation 2 controller.

"What are you going to play?" I asked as the TV and game console came to life.

"Oh you'll see because we are all going to play." Tifa said throwing her jar over to Yuna as she plopped down on the other small couch. Tifa flipped around in the recliner and let her legs hang off the side.

"Hopefully someone can beat him." Yuna said setting the jar on the floor.

"I did on mine on the first try." Tifa said laughing.

"Yeah but now you're stuck on the stupid dragon." Namine said as she began clicking buttons. I looked at the screen to find out what game it was. There was a boy dressed in red running across the screen.

"Kingdom Hearts? I thought you beat that already Yuna." Yuan turned to me and gave me a weird look.

"Yeah right! On this game it's nearly impossible to defeat Riku-Ansem." She laughed and turned back to look at the screen. The fight had already begun and everyone was quiet. Namine didn't last long though because in about three hits she was dead.

"I knew it!" She yelled and tossed the controller to Tifa.

"My turn." Tifa lasted a little bit longer but not by much. Then she tossed the controller to Yuna.

"Okay I'm tired of this guy." Yuna said beginning the fight. She got to where she needed to hit him one more time but lost.

"Oh my gosh!" Me, Namine and Tifa all yelled at the same time. Then the controller was thrown to me and I nodded. I was a pro at this game and I would defeat him for Yuna.

I was wrong I lost quicker than anyone. So we went through the rotation of us each playing again and again. None of us succeeding.

"What the heck!" Tifa yelled after losing once again. She leaped from the chair and went to the corner of the living room. She curled up into a ball and sat in the corner.

"Tifa get out of your emo corner and help me put this stuff up." Yuna said turning off the game.

"Why did you turn it off?" I asked standing up and walking over to emotional Tifa.

"Trust me at this rate Yuna will end up just like Tifa after a couple more tries." Namine said walking over to help Yuna.

"Where Spoon Da Spoon?" Tifa said suddenly looking up at me with puppy dog eyes. I turned to Namine and Yuna and they just laughed.

"Here Tifa." Yuna said throwing Tifa another yellow spoon. She had broken three of them while playing the unbeatable game.

"Thanks," Tifa said standing up. "So how many tries was it this time?"

"About fifty total." Yuna said putting the Playstation away in a hall closet. I gasped and looked at the clock above my head.

"We played for that long?" I said in shock. All three turned to me and laughed.

"That's nothing I played for two days straight one time." Yuna said going upstairs. We all followed and she plopped down on her bed.

"Now what are we gonna do?" Tifa asked lying on the floor below Yuna's feet.

"I don't know." Yuna said laying her feet on Tifa's shoulders.

"I don't know either." Namine said going and lying down beside Yuna. I went and sat down beside Tifa and we all sighed. Yuna's room was slowly becoming darker as the sun began to set.

"I have an idea!" Yuna said suddenly sitting up.

"What is it?" Namine said sitting up after Yuna.

"Ghost hunting." Tifa leaned back with a huge grin on her face. Namine giggled and nodded.

"What is ghost hunting?" I asked looking at the happy trio.

"Exactly what its name is. We have never done it so I think the time is perfect." Yuna said jumping over Tifa and landed on the floor beside us.

"I don't get it." I said and Tifa stood up.

"Yuna told us about it but we never had a chance until now since her parents aren't here." The brunette said while pulling on her sneakers.

"Wait, where are your parents?" I said reaching for my shoes. Yuna shrugged and pulled on a pair of black sneakers.

"They are off on a camping adventure this summer." I nodded and handed Namine her shoes. We all stood up and circled around the short idea maker.

"Okay Yuna explain." Namine said.

"Alright before we go outside we all are going to split up and prepare what we think we need on our own. You have ten minutes then we are all to meet outside in the driveway. Then we shall head out and go ghost hunting. Alright on your mark." The trio crouched down and face in different directions.

"Get set." Namine said taking a small step forward.

"Go!" Tifa yelled and all of us bolted into different directions. I quickly ran down stairs after Yuna but she continued straight forward while I turned to the dining room. I remembered seeing flashlights somewhere. I don't believe I would really need anything else. This game was so strange and all I could do was play along. Besides all the things this trio does I feel a little left out. Maybe through this game I will actually become a part of their group and then we can remember this day and joke about it in the future.

I might just actually have some fun with this game.

Hmmm? Well?