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The weather was horrible – it has been all week. Thousands of water droplets kept raining down on the Mercedes, hitting off the glass windows. Yuki Eiri gritted his teeth as he waited for the light to change colour to green. The only sounds in the car was the constant tapping of the rain drops assaulting the car and the front wipers trying to clear the large glass enough so that the writer could see the road. How did he get suckered into this? How the hell did he agree to drive his lover to work? Just because it was his fault that the singer was so late didn't mean he should have to drive him there, does it? And where was the brat's manager anyway? The gun-toting American was always ready to interrupt whatever they may be doing when Shuichi was supposed to be going to work so why not today? Not that he liked it when K interrupted them, as rare as it was due to the early hours, but at least then he didn't have to play chauffeur to the brat! He really wanted to just go back to his house and go to bed or work on his novel, not to be stuck in a goddamn traffic jam in the rain. Though this hardy qualified as rain any more – it was as if they were standing under a friggin waterfall! Shuichi must've sensed the mood because he was unusually quiet. Either that or he was just tired. It was most likely the second option or a combination of both – the writer wasn't yelling at him to be quiet or anything and he's been like this since they left home.

'Finally!' The annoyingly slow light finally changed to green. Yuki changed gears and started forward.

"What's that..?" Shuichi spoke up for the first time since leaving the house.

"What's what?" Eiri growled.

"Over there, there's something weird and kinda rainbow coloured over there." The singer pointed to the road ahead. A small part of it looked like it was heated up – there were waves of heat along with sparkly rainbow waves radiating from a spot on the road.

"I don't see anything, brat, now shut up and let me concentrate on the roa-oa-oa-a!" It was too late – the novelist ran into the strange spot and the contact made the expensive car twist, stretch and contract, glowing wildly in rainbow colours. Yuki and Shuichi were both screaming and the writer was gripping the steering wheel as if his life depended on it – strong enough to leave indents. All of a sudden, the Mercedes and its passengers grew really really big and then shrank in the interval of a fraction of a second, 'pop'ing out of existence.

O o O

Eiri groaned and opened his eyes, lifting his head from the table he was sitting at. 'What the-' he thought as he saw hundreds of people – teens - dressed in black robes with different coloured neck ties and idiotic black hats. Even though the crowd was huge, it was silent. He looked around and noticed where everyone was looking and to whom they were listening so intently. Some old geezer with a long snowy beard and in a wizard get-up (complete with the stupid pointy hat) was making some speech or an announcement. Then, an old woman dressed up as a witch put an old, worn out grey hat on the head of some wimpy ginger kid. 'Heh' Yuki chuckled a bit inwardly 'The kid looks like he's about to piss himself from fear.' A few seconds later, the hat that was placed on the boy's head screamed "Griffindor!", startling the writer. 'The fuck?' There weren't any talking hats in the world as far as he knew. Everyone started clapping and cheering stupidly and the ginger kid went to one of the tables, where the others greeted him warmly. 'What the fuck is happening? Last I remember I was driving Shuichi to work and- Shit! Shu!' Yuki looked around, almost panicking, and calmed down when he saw the idiot with his head on the table, his black hair a mess, sleeping in a small pool of his own drool. He was wearing the same idiotic black robe as everyone else. The writer elbowed his lover hard in the shoulder – he was a heavy sleeper – and when the boy woke up and looked at him, the singer froze. Yuki looked at him, narrowing his eyes. For some reason, the brat looked kinda younger – even younger than usual. The staring was really irritating, so Yuki felt the need to snap him out of it. "What the fuck are you staring at? Can't you recognize your own fu-" He stopped suddenly and gasped. His voice – it didn't sound right, it sounded too... Boyish... He looked at his hands – smaller than he remembered – and then back at Shuichi. Something wasn't right. He needed a mirror and he needed it now.

"Yu-Yuki..?" Shuichi whispered, in awe of what he saw in front of him. This confirmed Eiri's suspicion – somehow, they'd gotten younger. About eleven, he'd guess from the idiot's face and the fact that everyone at their table looked to be of the same age.

"Eiri Uesugi!"

Yuki froze. Did that old woman just call his name out? His real name? Was he supposed to go up there? What?

"Come on up, Eiri." The woman said and the writer felt he had no choice but to go up there. What else was he supposed to do anyway? He got up off his seat and went up to the stool and the talking hat. 'Shit.' He wasn't paying attention so he had no idea what to do. What's worse, he could feel the gaze of everyone in the hall on him. He never felt this nervous in his entire life. When he finally got to the stage, Yuki sat down and felt the hat being put on him.

"Whoa, now you're an interesting one!" The hat said half to itself. It continued mumbling to itself and Yuki suppressed a shiver. He had no idea what was happening but it felt like he was being examined by the magical object. Finally, the hat shouted out "Slytherin!" And was taken off his head. Now what was he supposed to do? Was 'Slytherin' a name or a thing or an adjective? Verb? It looked like he was supposed to go to one of the four long tables but which one? The gold/red? Silver/green? Black/yellow? Or bronze/blue? He chose to go to the table that cheered the most for him – the silver/green. Apparently, it was the right choice. Next, the granny called out,

"Shuichi Shindou!" And he watched as the young boy walked up to the hat, a determined expression on his face.

Shuichi was slowly starting to understand what was happening. It looked just like Harry Potter – he loved the movies because there was so much magic in them. So they somehow ended up in the world of Harry Potter. Okay, everything was fine. His lover was sent to Slytherin. He was hoping it would've been somewhere else but oh well... If only he was a Slytherin material now... As Shuichi was walking up to the sorting hat, he fought hard not to let his tears fall. He was panicking. He was this close to having a heart attack right then and there! But he'll be strong! He'll try to think like a Slytherin. He wanted to be with Yuki so bad that he was willing his stupid heart to change right now! He was in front of the small stool now. 'This is it.' He thought and sat down. The hat was examining his heart and all the while, Shuichi was thinking hard as he could 'Slytherin Slytherin Slytherin Slytherin Slytherin Slytherin. I'm so bad, I love snakes!I can even talk to them! Yeah, I speak parsleytongue! I'm the perfect Slytherin material, come on! Please send me to Slytherin, no, I order you to send me to Slytherin!' Just like Harry really didn't want to go to Slytherin, Shuichi was wishing the very opposite for himself.

"Hufflepuff!" The hat announced. Shuichi kept the overwhelming disappointment off his face, even managed a fake smile, walking to the black/yellow table, all the while wishing he could just break down.

Yuki watched his lover walk over to a different table and felt a bit disappointed. This whole thing would've probably been easier to deal with if Shuichi was with him... Probably... Then again, probably not... The rest of the people were called out, the old man made a speech and food magically appeared on the tables. Yuki picked absently at his pumpkin pie and looked around. The ceiling was magical as well – all transparent, with candles hanging in the air. A while later, some ghosts came out but he wasn't interested in them. He wanted to throw a piece of chicken at the Bloody Baron galloping on the table but restrained himself – he didn't know what would happen or what rules governed this strange world. Now he was looking at the Hufflepuff boy who was turned his way. A boy that put on a brave face, acting completely out of character. But Yuki could see through the cracks in his almost-perfect mask, he could see how depressed and lost – and angry?- he really felt.

After a little while, Yuki noticed Shuichi staring intently at him, as if he was trying to burn a hole in his head. The writer looked up at his lover and the other boy looked as if he was trying to tell him something. Shuichi threw his head to the side and looked pointedly at the large entrance door, then back to Yuki, obviously satisfied that the writer was watching him. Then, without breaking contact, the singer stood up and moved towards the exit. He turned away and walked out. Yuki smirked and went out after his little idiot – was there some law that said people from different tables couldn't talk together in the hall? He stepped out into the quiet, unlit corridor and walked forward, his footsteps echoing in the almost-empty space. He rounded a corner and, just like he suspected, found Shuichi there. The singer jumped at Yuki and clutched his robe tightly, crying into it loudly. "Waaaaaaaaahh! Yuukiii! Do you have any idea what's happeniiiiiiiiing?"

Stop crying, brat." He didn't sound half as harsh as he usually did, with his boyish voice. But even as an eleven year old, Yuki was still a head taller than Shuichi. "I don't know what the fuck's going on but we'll be back to our own selves soon."

"But you really have no idea where we are?"

"I said we-"

"We're in the world of Harry Potter, Yuki! We're at Hogwarts now! That was the Great Hall! And Dumbledore! And Harry, Ron, Hermione and Draco were there too!"

"Harry Potter?" He heard of the series but never watched or read it. His brat, though, used to be such a big Harry Potter fan... It was a real nightmare for Yuki... "And do you know how to get out of here?"

"No..." Shuichi sniffled and started crying again. 'Oh great! I've been sucked into a book world and my only clothes are getting drenched with this idiot's tears.' Yuki thought bitterly.

"Stop bawling already! If there was a way into this world, there's also gotta be a way out of it."

"But Yuukiii! It may take ages or we may never find it and you're in Slytherin and I'm in Hufflepuff! Don't you understand? We're two different houses! They'll all laugh at you if we're friends! It's just like before we came out all over again! It's like we're the Romeo and Juliet of Harry Potter world!" Shuichi announced, putting the back of his hand on his forehead in a theatrical, dramatic gesture. Suddenly, the floor beneath them shuddered and a large Victorian balcony rose up from the floor, taking Shuichi up with it. "Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou, Romeo!" The singer, dressed in a white dress all of a sudden, recited with longing in his voice. "Oh, Yuki!" He cried dramatically, leaning over the balcony and almost falling out as a result. "I can't bear not being with you, Yuki! I'll DIE!" He screamed and threw himself off the balcony, landing on top of the slightly stunned novelist. He was pretty used to Shuichi's spazz attacks by now.

"Shut up already, brat. You're an idiot. I said it's going to be fine so it's going to be fine!" Yuki got up, throwing Shuichi off of him. When the boy got to his feet, Eiri leaned in and whispered into his ear, "Who knows, maybe sneaking around in this school of magic could be fun..?" As predicted, these words distracted Shuichi. Yuki smirked, self-satisfied and was about to tell him to go back when he noticed the small blood droplets leaking out of Shuichi's nose. 'Shit.' He completely forgot how nosebleed-prone Shuichi was. "Shuichi!" He called to snap him out of his fantasy.

"Huh? Wha? Oh.." The boy noticed he was bleeding again and produced a tissue out of his pocket. When he was cleaned up, Yuki told him,

"Alright. Now go back to the hall. I'll go in shortly after."

"Okay! See you later, Yuki!" He said with a smile and hugged Yuki one last time before leaving. Assured that everything would be okay, Shuichi skipped back to the hall and called out "I love you, Yuki!" happily before disappearing through the door. The writer sighed and slumped back against the wall. Shuichi always took a lot out of him. He could feel the oncoming migraine – or so he thought, his younger body was stronger and much less worn out. At least now he knew where they were... And it looked like he'd have to keep an eye on Shuichi, 'He's like a walking target for those Slytherin guys...Happy-go-lucky hyper boy filled to brim with enthusiasm. But maybe it could be fun...' He smirked to himself and went back to the hall. He even engaged in some conversations, more at ease now that he knew what's what. Kinda... Well, at least Shuichi did so he could always just go and ask him. 'Sneaking around in a huge school shouldn't be a problem – after all, we did manage to keep our secret for a really long time, even with Shuichi's slip-ups. Hehe... Taking a short break from adult life could prove relaxing...' But little did he know, Shuichi wasn't the only one who knew of the existence of other worlds...

Shuichi felt so much better now! After having that 'talk' with Yuki, he felt light and happy. Of course everything would be alright! They've been together for over two years now and just because they're in different houses now, it doesn't mean it's all over! He just has to make sure to crush all those Slytherin tramps that will try to steal his Yuki away! The singer suddenly shivered, even though the Great Hall was pretty warm. He felt as if someone was staring at him so he turned around, looking for whatever – or whoever – disturbed him and gasped. A certain Gryffindor brunette was staring at him as if trying to determine something really important. The redhead next to her was looking weirdly at him too. Shuichi gaped 'I can't believe Hermione Granger and Ron Weasly are really staring at me! Hehe, me and Yuki must really stand out in this world!' He laughed. Shuichi felt like he wanted to leap over the table and hug them both but settled for a wave instead. Hermione's expression changed slightly, she smiled and waved back. Ron waved too, weirded out as ever. Feeling very bubbly, Shuichi chatted with everyone around him and made many new friends. He looked over to Yuki from time to time, glad to see that his blonde lover – incredibly cute and eleven years old – was chatting with others. A few times, their eyes met and then Shuichi felt like all was right in the world, it made him want to sing!

The feast ended after a few hours and the houses were led to their respective dorms. Shuichi was glad to see that a large suitcase awaited him in the room he shared with other Hufflepuff guys. An even bigger – and better - surprise was the ten boxes of strawberry pocky in the suitcase. He made sure that no one noticed his sweets stash – pocky and Yuki are the two things he doesn't share. And he doubted that anyone here even knew what pocky was. Which would mean they'd want to try it!

The day left Shuichi completely worn out. After he'd stashed the pocky safely away and changed, the singer plopped down onto the bed and curled up, feeling lonely in the small bed without Yuki. 'Oh man, what a day... We have to get out of here soon as possible caushe if not,then Yukki will and thhen and I'lll beee*yawn*' He thought, falling asleep.

In the Slytherin dorm, Yuki had just changed clothes, thankful for the suitcase that also contained his laptop. He laid down on the bed, yawning, and thought about how Shuichi is doing. 'He must be lonely... The damn brat is always so clingy... If we don't get out of here soon, he won't leave me alone for weeks when we finally come back. But I want to stay here awhile, just to relax for a bit and have some fun. No deadlines, no responsibilities... We could do whatever we wanted since it's not even our world...'


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Ah! And when I insult or praise things while speaking in Yuki or Shuichi's POV, it's what they think... They don't always reflect my own opinions... o.o

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