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"So how you're going to do this Radio?" asked Berry as they head back home, "I mean this plan seems hard to pull off."

"We're going to make a youtube video," said Radio finally, "The only problem is what to videotape, Strangesnork might be of use for all I know."

"Oh that would be funny," said Berry, "Great Uncle Strangesnork is always a nut."

"A nut it seems," said Radio, "You wanna go visit him?"

"I prefer looking through his window," said Berry, "Do you have a camcorder?"

"Yeah," said Radio as he pulls out his HD camera, "Since Strangesnork is weird, he would might make a big hit on youtube."

"You know where is he?" asked Berry, "He often moves his lab to various locations in order to avoid being captured by Snorkland authorities."

"Unknown to Snorkland authorities," said Radio, "I've implanted a GPS transmitter on his lab, so he has nowhere to hide."

The twins swam over the ocean floor and managed to find Strangesnork's lab, sitting perfectly on the edge of a coral reef. The snorks swam up to a window and peered inside, there they saw Strangesnork working on a projected of his. The mad scientist was laying underneath the massive 500 gram machine as he works on the plumbing underneath, "Finneus," he said bluntly to his catfish, "Where's that damn wrench!"

The catfish quickly swam up to him carrying a wrench in his mouth, he hands Strangesnork the wrench and used it to tighten a loose bolt. Suddenly a jet of black ink shot out of one of the gears and engulfs Dr. Strangesnork in its massive thick cloud.

"Finneus!" he screamed as he scrambles from underneath the machine, "Its all your fault fish brain!"

Radio and Berry laughs as Dr. Strangesnork chases Finneus around with the wrench the fish gave him, and Radio managed to get it all on tape. The show went on for 5 minutes before Finneus swam inside the machine as Dr. Strangesnork slams face first into it, the snork jolt backwards and slammed against the wall "Snork!" he cursed, "Snork snork snork!"

"I think we have enough here Berry," said Radio as he stops recording and closed up the camera, "Lets get back home before-"

"Damn you kids!" cursed Dr. Strangesnork as he glared at the twins.

"Run!" cried Berry.

Radio and Berry swam off to the horizon like a freight train, but Strangesnork didn't chase them. The two snorks laugh as hard as they can, armed with potential video for youtube. "With this video," said Radio, "The snorks will never be forgotten!"

"I'll say," said Berry, "It'll might go viral too!"

"I guess there's some hope for the snorks after all," said Radio, "Its party at AllStar's place tonight!"