Jerome's POV

I heard soft whimpers and muffled cries coming from the main hall so I decided to go see what was going on. When I walked in to the hall I saw Nina crouched against the wall with her head in her knees, sobbing. I ran over to her and asked what was wrong. "s… s.. she di..died!" she could barely breath and was stuttering her words.

Nina's POV

I was sobbing next to Jerome when he whispered right next to my ear "Who died? Your gran?" I just started to cry even harder before I had enough breath to say " My…. My… My… M...m..Mom!" I was now crying into his chest while he put is gentle fingers on my waist pulling me closer to him and said "I thought your parents were already dead."

I was calm enough to whisper in to his ear "I was adopted and lived with a family for years and years but last year my gran" I spaced out and just said "My gran." One more time before sobbing more and more.

Jerome's POV

Nina's cries became softer and softer before she lifted her head up and said "My gran isn't the friendly, caring, kind, person a grandma should be, she's cruel, heartless, and she would…" she didn't finish but I knew she didn't want anyone else to hear so I picked her up and carried her to my room. "Nina, what did she do to you?" She just looked deep into my and whispered almost inaudibly "she would beat me, and she would,