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"I don't have to go to school." I said, following Jake down the stairs. He sighed and shook his head. I followed him as he walked through my house. I stayed out of school for almost a week but Jacob told me had to go back. I was fine being with Embry and doing nothing, but I knew I couldn't stay away from school forever. And neither could Embry, we had already missed so much.

"Yes you do." Jake said, putting four waffles in the toaster and my favorite type of coffee in my Keurig coffee maker.

"I know." He sent me a smile and I rolled my eyes. I sipped on my coffee and waited until the toaster popped. He pulled the four waffles out and placed them on a plate before pushing the plate towards me and putting the bottle of syrup next to it. He gave me a look before turning and making himself some coffee. I ignored the syrup and picked at the waffles, managing to eat almost three of them.

"Is Embry almost ready?" Jake asked, leaning back against my counter. I nodded my head. "Ya know, usually sleepovers are not allowed by parents…" He smirked.

"Well, Jake, we do more than sleep. Pinky promise." I said sweetly, eating a little more of my breakfast when Jake glanced pointedly at it. He got a disgusted look and his face. I laughed quietly and pushed the last waffle away from me. He didn't fight me on it either, for which I was grateful. Embry finally came down the stairs, freshly showered and dressed. He walked right over to me, kissing the top of my head and grabbing the bag of bagels from the counter. He popped one into the toaster before grabbing one uncooked one and bitting into it.

"Excited, Ari?" He asked. I shrugged and push my plate away. I wasn't extremely excited to go back to school, but it would be nice to get back into the flow of things. It would be nice for things to be normal again.

I also wanted to go back to school because the current record for days out of school was seven by Jacob. I had been out six days. I couldn't let Jake win.

High schoolers like to talk. And gossip. And make up rumors.

High school students suck.

They think they know everything, but really, that's just teenagers in general. We all think that nothing can bring us down, that we will never fail. But we do. All the time. We fail and to make ourselves feel better, we focus on someone else's tragic flaws. We focus on what they have done wrong, what we hope they have done wrong, and what they will do wrong in the future.

It's unfair. Because, for the record, I'm not on drugs, I wasn't getting an abortion while I was away, and I didn't decide to become a lesbian with Leah Clearwater. None of that happened. I sat in my room in Embry's arms, crying, and I ran as a wolf. The truth is so far from what silly high schoolers think happened.

I think it is hard to be mad at someone unless you know their whole story.

That might sound really ironic coming from me because I am so mean to everyone, but I'm trying, real hard. And while I am hearing Spencer Seneca tell her friend Dakota Pondelik that I'm slut, I remember that Spencer's mother drinks herself to sleep. I remind myself that when I was with Embry picking pizza up to bring to Sam's yesterday, she was already out cold with a martini glass in her hand at four o'clock.

Or when I hear Naomi Ralph tell Danielle Monamy that I was actually carrying twins, I remind myself that when I was running patrols two nights ago, I happened to pass by her house and hear her parents screaming at each other about getting a divorce and hating each other.

And when I see Seth Clearwater staring at Natalie Khan, I remind myself not to make fun of him because he still very upset about a squirrel he found in the woods that died.

It's hard to judge others.

Except when you are doing it to make yourself feel better, then it seems to be almost second nature.

It really is a shame.

"You almost hit me with your car yesterday morning." I told Natalie Khan as she walked into English class.


"It's okay, I almost ran into the road...we can both take the blame on this one." I assured her, nodding my head encouragingly. She bit her lip and gave me a stiff nod before looking towards the front of the room. Weird. I turn to look at Jacob and he sends me a glare. "What?" I ask. I thought I was being nice. He glances over at Natalie and I can tell even he is a little confused.

The thing is, everyday when Natalie walks into the English room, she always glances over at Jake, smiles, and then proceeds to flirt with him. I may not have been at school for a week, but I can't imagine something changing in Natalie to make her not want to flirt with Jake. Jake seems a little off that she isn't flirting with him either. I know Jacob doesn't love her or anything but I know he likes flirting with her. Doesn't she know I am trying to make my life as normal as possible? Doesn't she know that normal for me is her flirting with Jake?

"Um, Natalie, hi, yeah. Flirt with Jake, please." I chirp cheerfully. She turns to look at me wide eyed, her face turning pink. I smile nicely at her. She seems much more timid then I remember.

"Ariana." Jacob hisses.

"I'm trying to make things normal, you told me to act normal." I explain to him, giving him a confused look.

"Sorry, Nat, you know how she's been sick...guess she's still not fully over it." Jake chuckles nervously and Natalie's face looks confused for a second before she smooths it out.

"I-it's okay." She stutters. She slides her glance over to Jake and gives him a once over, I practically die laughing when she doesn't look very impressed. This is possibly the best English class ever. And Jake looks so bummed out, I pull on his sleeve to get his attention.

"Did you see that? Did you?" I whisper laugh as she turns her attention to the front of the room. He gives me a look that shows me he is not amused and turns to glare down at his book.

"I am giving you this class today to continue reading your assigned book, remember you have a paper due tomorrow on the first three sections. There is also a quiz later this week on the material." Mr. Sanford tells us. Free period, sweet.

"Um, what book are we reading?" I hear Natalie whisper to the girl next to her, Jessica - the one with the cute shoes. I cock my head to the side, even I know what book we are reading. Is she that stupid? Jessica gives her a look, much like the one Jake gave me, she is not amused at all.

"Of Mice and Men, duh." She snaps. Natalie shrinks back slightly and fumbles through her large purse. I hear her sigh in relief when she pulls the book out of the bag. I know Jake heard her because his brow is furrowed together, but he just stares down at his book. I reach out and before Jacob can stop me, I pull on the end of her long hair.

"Ow!" She hisses, turning to me. I smile wolfishly at her.

"Can you explain to me whats happening in this book?" I ask. She smooths out her hair and glances down at he copy. It's opened to page one.

" not sure." She admits.

"Where did you get your jacket? I like it." I tell her, tugging on the material. She fidgets nervously.

"Thanks, I'm not sure, I don't remember." She says quietly.

Interesting. I think. I had never really talked to Natalie but I found myself wanting to get to know her, I was curious, she had something that pulled me to her...just like Kim.

"Now you decide you want to make friends." Jake grumbled under his breath. I turn and nodded my head at him.

"Jake? Do you have an imprint?" I asked. His eyes widened slightly and he 'shh-ed' me. Oops, I wasn't supposed to talk about wolf-things with humans around. I gave him an apologetic look. I just forget sometimes, no big deal.

"It's okay, just ah, be careful." He insisted. "No, no I don't have one." I nodded my head and mulled over the information. Maybe I could find him one. He deserved to be as happy as Embry and me, especially after how nice he has been to both of us.

"Hey, Natalie." I whisper, pulling her hair again. "Want to be Jake's soulmate?"

"Ariana!" Jake gasps.

"What?" I ask not turning away from Natalie's shocked and red face.

"Uh, um, I'm oh-okay. Thanks for the offer?" She manages to get out. Jessica snickers from besides her and I send the girl with the cute shoes a glare, making her shut up.

"Aw, but Natalie, he's super loyal and you can play fetch with him and he has a big-"

"I swear to God, Ariana, if you finish that sentence with anything inappropriate, I am going to order Embry to not see you for the rest of the day." Jacob hisses at me.

"-heart." I look at her expectantly and she glanced over at Jake.

"Is she, ah, alright?" Natalie asks, nodding her head towards me.


"Turning the lights out

Burning the candles

And the mirror's gonna fall tonight.

Sweetheart, I'm the boss."

- Mirrors, Natalia Kills

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