AUTHORS NOTE: FINISHED. KA-PUT. DEAD IN THE WATER. BINGO. It's actually quite lame for my last one but it was harder to write than imagined... I based the story more of the title/chorus rather than the song.

DISCLAIMER: I don't own the characters/song.

Day 30 – A song you were obsessed with this time last year – every Christmas, I get the new season of Supernatural so obviously my brother and I do the from episode one marathon and this song is always stuck in our head after said situation. It was either this one or Jen Titus but I came to the conclusion that Jen Titus really would be too difficult.

[Heat of the Moment - Asia]

There was only one thing that could be said about the relationship Robbie and Jackie shared. Everything that happened was the heat of the moment.

They'd yell at each other, scream words that couldn't be repeated due to how nasty and evil they were but then eventually the words would dry out and they'd stare at each other angrily, their chests heaving as they breathed heavily. Meeting in the middle, their hands would paw at the other as their lips met in a frantic kiss that was only fuelled by the anger and hatred they felt towards the other at that moment. It would be passionate, angry and primal as they made love right where they were standing, her back crashed against the wall as he pushed into her and her nails ran down his back leaving angry red marks. Every time they crashed, he'd mentally promise himself that this wouldn't happen again but with a small smile he knew that wasn't possible.

That's all their relationship was. The heat of the moment.

During that moment, he could feel his heart beating with desire for the woman, the only woman that had ever dared argue back, standing across from him with the same anger radiating from her. It was that moment where he could see her eyes darken with desire, the urge to run over and claw his hands through her brown hair as he bit down on the milk white skin of her neck and claimed her as she was the only woman that he wanted to fight with ever again.

One day, he was sure that they'd do this this properly with flowers, candles and silk sheets but until then they had the passion that helped a relationship grow stronger. He didn't care about anything but relenting to the heat of the moment.