Victim #1: America

Authors note: Disclaimer, I don't own anything. Sadly I watched the video and my reaction lead to vomiting :p. And I recommend not watching it so don't be mad at me if you where dumb enough to watch it. Thank you and enjoy the reactions

America didn't have anything else to do. He was dared to and he didn't know what it really was, he just wanted to be the hero and he didn't mean to be so emotionally scarred.

Alfred cam.

Hi this is Alfred F. Jones and I am here to complete a dare. It is 2:00 am and I am eating a burger and I will watch this shock video called 2 girls 1 cup. I don't know what it is about but this is my reaction video.

*goes to Google chrome*

Now I am typing it in *takes a bite of the burger* and I am not going to get scarred like everyone else.

*The video plays*

Oh this is rather pleasant *snickering*

*the real bad thing comes on*


*he yells as he watches the video*

Oh my god! She is eating the shhhit! My god! She just threw up and… OH MY GOD! DADDY! SOMEBODY HELP ME! MATTIE! IGGY! OH MY GAWD JESUS MARY AND JOSEPH! MOM MY! DADDY!

*Crying and he has nausea*

Oh my god

*Video ends and he runs to the bathroom to vomit*