Moon Eye

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A/N: Here it is my rewrite of Demon who lived. While it is still a Harry Potter/Naruto fic, the story line and plot are completely different. I hope you will all like this story as I found it easier and far more exciting to write than my other one. I starts in the summer of Harry's fourth year and I expect it to end either at the end of his sixth or in his seventh year.

Chapter 1: Uchiha

'Damn it, damn it, damn it!'

Raging at the unfairness of the world Madara Uchiha knelt and glared at his opponent. His ribs were broken, his face scarred and his chest bleeding but Uzumaki Naruto stood tall and proud as he watched his opponent. Madara was far more injured than Naruto, their battle had lasted hours with each pulling ahead only to be overtaken by the other before Naruto got in a lucky strike and turned the battle in his favor.

Madara snarled as he remembered just how he got to this point.

In an attempt to capture the last two Biju and their vessels Madara and his paths had hunted down Naruto and Bee while his white Zetsu army distracted the Allied Shinobi Forces. Four of his paths had attacked Bee while Madara and his other three had engaged Naruto, the battle had escalated from that point. Bee had defeated three of the paths but the fourth had brought him down and was even now carrying him back to base. Madara had assumed that the last of the Biju would soon be within his grasp.

Too bad he forgot not to underestimate Uzumaki 'fate-is-my-bitch' Naruto.

Naruto, with his new found control over the Kyuubi's chakra, had decimated all three of Madara's paths without breaking a sweat, he then immediately engaged Madara in battle and now stood victorious. Madara could feel his body shutting down on him, he was low on chakra and his life's blood was slowly leaking out of him. Unless he recieved medical attention soon he would most likely die.

He had a plan but first he would need time.

"Do you really think you can stop me boy?" He asked gazing into the boys sapphire pupils.

Naruto frowned but didn't reply.

"I am immortal, no matter what you do you cant kill me Uzumaki." Madara snarled struggling and failing to stand.

"I've killed a so called 'immortal' before, what makes you any different?" Naruto asked taking a shaky step forward.

"Don't compare me to that weakling Kakuzu." Madara snarled once more. Just a few more seconds, he needed to keep the boy distracted.

"You've lost Madara, give up." Naruto rasped, his fox cloak wavered but held; he was low on chakra as well, good.

Madara chuckled as he continued to watch the boy "Don't be so sure Uzumaki, I haven't lost yet. The world will be mine and there's nothing you can do to stop me."

Naruto shook his head sadly "You're a mad man Madara, no one can rule the world."

Madara snarled at this comment. How dare this brat look down on him? He was an Uchiha! The most powerful Uchiha ever born! If he couldn't rule the world then who would? No one else deserved it, no one else had the power to achieve it. Only an Uchiha could rule the world, only he deserved to.

Ignorant to his foe's thoughts Naruto charged up another Rasengan made of pure Kyuubi chakra, the jutsu used up the last of his chakra shroud causing it to fail. Slowly making his way towards his opponent Naruto held up the Rasengan and prepared to finish the fight.

Madara cursed as the boy slowly made his way to him, he would prefer more time but perhaps this would be enough. It didn't matter though, he was out of time; he would need to do it now.

Far from the battlefield Madara's final path dropped into a clearing near their base and set down Bee's body. It stood for a moment before its body cracked and crumbled as the chakra holding it together returned to Madara.

Feeling his chakra return Madara smirked underneath his broken mask, he was only at 5% power right now but it should be enough for what he planned.

With a grim look on his face Naruto stood before his opponent and raised his hand, prepared to deal the final blow.

"I told you I wouldn't die today boy, we will meet again." Madara chuckled before a grin split his face "Believe it."

Naruto's eyes widened as he felt Madara's chakra spike, his hand descended aiming for the mans head.

Madara chuckled inwardly as he felt his Jikukan Ido take hold and begin pulling him into his pocket dimension. As his body began to spiral away Naruto's Rasengan struck and the condensed chakra of the Kyuubi was released. Madara's eyes widened as he felt something off with his technique, he could only release a strangled cry before his world went dark. much pain.

Returning to consciousness Madara bit out a curse as he felt the immense amount of pain that filled his body.

'At least I'm alive' he thought weakly as his eyes fluttered open.

Looking around at the strange trees that surrounded him Madara wondered where he was, the trees here were so small, completely useless for tree-jumping. He attempted to stand but winced as pain filled his body once more, his wounds had worsened at some point and he could feel his life-force bleeding away.

Madara cursed himself for ever letting that brat live and grow after the Kyuubi attack, look where it got him; broken and bleeding while leaning against a strange tree in god knows where.

He was going to die, that was for sure.

His body may have aged slowly due to Hashirama's cells and his spirit may have been granted immortality thanks to his Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan but with wounds this grave? If his body died his spirit would soon follow or forever wonder the earth.

If only there was someone nearby. Madara would forever thank his luck after this moment.

"E-excuse me sir? A-are you okay?" a voice asked.

Madara's eyes snapped wide open as he sought the source of the voice. He locked onto the source and frowned as it turned out to be a small child, a young boy about eleven or twelve with pitch black hair and bright green eyes. Madara frowned as he regarded the boy, -his salvation-, how had the boy gotten so close without him realizing? He should have heard something or at least sensed him considering how much chakra the boy was releasing.

With his attention now on the boy he could sense the large amount of chakra that flowed within him, far too much for a child his age. He was so young -and he definitely looked untrained- yet he had far more chakra that a high-level genin, strange. Madara was drawn out of his thought as the boy spoke again in that strange language he couldn't understand, obviously the boy was worried from his facial expression but Madara couldn't understand a word he spoke.

Madara let loose a raspy cough, spitting up some blood as he did so, he was fading. He didn't have time to contemplate the strange child before him. Had they met under different circumstances he would have taken in the boy and trained him, the boy held such grand potential. Sadly he would have to serve in a different way.

Calling up the last of his chakra Madara prepared to use the technique. A technique he had helped create but never used before, The living Corpse Reincarnation. The odds of it working were slim to non since the body was unprepared but he had no choice, it was either this or die.

There was no way he was going to die!

The boy's eyes widened fearfully as the jutsu began and Madara's soul left its body. He stumbled back a step and screamed once before the area fell silent.

Madara grinned as he appeared within his soul plane, the familiar land of the Tsukuyomi. Across from him the unconscious form of the boy was slowly being swallowed up by the world around him. Madara sighed in relief, the jutsu may just succeed.

As soon as the thought passed through his mind everything began to go wrong.

"What the hell? Where am I." A voice hissed from behind him.

Madara turned on his heel and studied this new occurrence, standing just a few meters away from him was a strange looking man. The man was completely pale, almost white in color, he was completely bald and his eyes burned a bright crimson. Instead of a nose he had two long slits making him look more like a snake than a man and he seemed to be wearing a strange dress-like cloak.

While he had been studying the snake man the man had been doing the same to him.

"And who the hell are you?" Madara asked in his Uchiha (better-than-you) tone. The man seemed to reply in that strange language the boy had used but yet again Madara could not understand him.

"Does no one here speak a proper language?" he snarled angrily. Closing his eyes he concentrated on manipulating his soul plane so they could both understand each other. After a moment he felt something click as he began to understand the mans hissed comments.

"Shut up!" Madara shouted "Now I asked you, who the hell are you?"

The man sneered back at him "Fool, watch how you speak to me." The man snarled "I am Lord Voldemort."

Madara gave him a blank stare through his mask "Uh huh..." he muttered "And why pray tell, are you within this boys soul?"

The snake mans eyes widened exponentially as he looked around, he seemed to be deep in thought as if he were remembering something before his eyes narrowed the figure of the boy.

"Interesting, so the child became a Horcrux." He muttered "No matter, I'll just have to take his body for myself."

Madara frowned at this "Oh really?" he asked taking a step closer.

The man looked back to him as if he had forgotten he was there in the first place.

"Why are you here?" he asked with narrowed eyes but continued on before Madara could speak "No matter, step aside. My business is with the boy."

Madara scoffed as he took another step forward "I think not," he sneered "If anyone is taking this body its going to be me."

The snake mans eyes burned with fury as Madara finished speaking "You dare defy Lord Voldemort!" He shouted angrily holding up some sort of stick "You shall pay for that fool. AVADA KEDAVRA!"

Madara continued to smirk as the man looked around in confusion when nothing happened.

"What the hell? What happened to my magic?" he asked looking around.

'Magic?' Madara thought as his left eye twitched 'What kind of backwards ass place did I get sent to that believes in magic?'

"What have you done? Why can't I feel my magic!" The man shouted.

"You are within my soul plane you idiot, in here what I say goes, in here I AM GOD." Madara snarled "Now I command you, BEGONE!"

The mans face split in a silent scream as he was forcefully -an painfully- ejected from the soul plane. Madara's eyes closed as he returned to his new body.

The first thing he noticed as he awoke was the pain. Not as much pain as he was in before but he could feel an incredible burning sensation originating from his forehead. He touched his head with an incredibly small hand and cursed as it came away bleeding, how had the child gotten injured? Had he fallen on a rock? What the fuck was wrong with his eyes!

He had been so used to the enhanced vision his Sharingan/Rinnegan had provided that he was practically blind looking through this child's eyes. Madara cursed the child's blindness and channeled some chakra to his eyes, the vision got better but it wasn't even close to what he was used to. With his vision now improved and the pain on his forehead lessening Madara turned his attention to something strange that was occurring.

Mostly the pitch black cloud of chakra flowing out his forehead.

Oh yes, that wasn't supposed to happen was it? Focusing on the black cloud Madara frowned as he studied it, it seemed to be alive somehow...strange. As the last of the cloud flowed out of his forehead Madara was forced to cover his ears as the cloud gave a soul piercing wail and vanished, the last thing he saw before it disappeared was a pair of crimson eyes glaring at him hatefully.

' it was that snake man huh?' he thought with a frown.

Perhaps he should have tried absorbing the man rather than thrusting him out. Oh well, too late now.

As the sound of voices and movement was heard behind him Madara turned his attention to something that shouldn't be found. Namely his corpse.

As he studied his old body Madara frowned as the reality of his situation hit him. Sure he would live but at what cost? This body held no Uchiha or Senju blood so the Sharingan and Rinnegan were lost to him. This body was so under-trained, heck he would even say it was malnourished, years and years of physical training gone in a moment just so he could live.

Was it worth it?

Hell yes! At least he was alive, that's what really mattered. If the body was weak then he would train it, it was young, he had time; lots and lots of time. As for his eyes...well he would figure something out later. For now he had to do something with the body since the voices were getting closer.

Dipping his hand into the pool of blood around his corpse Madara quickly drew a stasis seal on his old body and activated it. He stumbled as a large amount of chakra left him to activate the seal, great, just great; his control was shot to hell.

Shaking his head to clear his thoughts Madara quickly drew a storage seal on his forearm and sealed the body within it. With a poof of smoke the body was gone and he was left standing alone in a blood-soaked forest. Madara managed to take a single deep breath before the world went dark.

The first thing he noticed when he woke up was the noise. A few meters away from him he could hear someone shouting loudly at someone else. The second thin he noticed was that he was in a bed, someone had obviously found him. Grumbling to him self Madara groggily opened his eyes...

And shut them again as he was blinded by whiteness.

'Great, a hospital.' he thought bringing a hand up to rub his sore eyes. The noise outside stopped for a moment before starting again.

'Ugh, someone is going to die if they don't shut that idiot up.' Madara thought groaning. He attempted to sit up but weakly fell back against the bed.

Now that he was finally awake the new memories he had assimilated from his 'host' began streaming into his minds eye, Madara could only groan and lay still as he watched the memories fly past.

The first few years of the boys life flew by 'What the hell was that green light? Some memories with his parents lingered Harry Potter, that's my new name? Memories of the Dursley's followed Wow this kid had a horrible childhood, he's treated almost as badly as most Jinchuriki.' With them came memories of Harry's accidental 'magic' 'Did no one teach the boy to control his chakra? The time he first accidentally apparated What the hell! Did he just Shunshin? Impressive for one so young, no wonder he has so much chakra' Next came his trip to the zoo 'He can talk to snakes? Ha! What I wouldn't give to see Orochimaru's face if he ever discovered this.' Then the letter from Hogwarts 'Magic? They call chakra 'magic' here? Such fools' Following that was Harry's 11th birthday 'That is one very large man' his trip to Diagon Alley 'This place definitely takes some looking into' His first year of Hogwarts 'Well, at least the kid wasn't completely useless, his skills need refining' His second year at Hogwarts 'He actually killed that thing? It was almost as large as Manda. Impressive' and lastly his third year and the summer leading up till his meeting with Madara 'Hmm..this godfather of his might be trouble, his friends though are just children, they should be easy to fool and then there's that old man, Dumbledore, he seems a bit suspicious and is far too interested in the boy.'

As he sat and thought Madara reached a startling conclusion that truly surprised him, he was no longer in the elemental nations. For that matter he was no longer in his time as well. He had somehow traveled through both time and space, it made no sense.

'Hmm..the kid thought I was Japanese?' He thought bringing up Harry's memories of their meeting 'This 'Japan' needs to be looked into, It may have ties to the elemental nations.

'But how did I end up in a different time and so far from home? According to my calculations I'm well over 1500 years into the future and over several miles from my country. How the hell did that happen? Jikukan Ido couldn't have done this unless...the Kyuubi brat did something...but what?'

Madara sat in thought as he reviewed the last few minutes of his battle with Uzumaki Naruto. The boy had definitely attacked him when he was fleeing but the attack should have gone right through him. Did the boy purposely make it explode like that? The Kyuubi chakra had definitely interfered with his technique and all he had felt was pain before he ended up in that forest. As he thought about the forest another memory of Harry's came to the front.

He was sitting on the swing set in the park thinking of his new letter from Sirius when he felt a magical spike. He really should have left it alone and headed home, maybe sent a letter to Dumbledore but his curiosity got the better of him and he had to investigate. He had followed the spike of magic into a small clutch of trees near the park and had found a man laying on the ground covered with wounds and blood.

"E-excuse me sir? A-are you okay?'' he cursed himself for stuttering, it just sounded pathetic. He had seen things far worse than an injured man, he could deal with this.

The mans eyes snapped open to regard him and he gasped as he looked into the strange eyes. They were slanted slightly and from what he could see of the mans face through his broken mask he seemed to be of Asian descent. One eye was a bright crimson that reminded him of Voldemort but as he looked closer he could see a sort of black design on the eye. The other eye was completely light purple, even the whites of his eye were light purple, it also had strange ripple like patters around the pupil.

"Are you alright?" he asked in a steady tone. The man was obviously magical and he needed help, unfortunately he was sure the man couldn't understand him cause he just cocked his head to the side and narrowed his eyes at him. He was about to run off and look for help when the man opened his mouth, rather than speak though a strange silvery-white substance began to flow out of the mans mouth. His eyes widened and he took a step back as the white substance began to take shape and solidify.

He screamed.

Madara shook his head to clear the memory away, he needed to concentrate and the boy's memories were getting in the way. Groaning once more Madara attempted to sit up and found himself successful this time but before he could do anything else the door to the room smashed open and a huge hulking shape waddled in 'Ugh, that must be Vernon'. And sure enough it was definitely the boys uncle, if you could even grace him with such a title from what he had seen of the boys memories.

'Well now I know who was yelling.' Madara thought with a grimace. He was far too weak at this moment to take anyone on and definitely not a man 20 times his size in this malnourished untrained body. The boys relatives had left him well enough alone this summer due to the threat of his escaped convict of a godfather but it would seem that courtesy was about to end due to the hideous shade of purple the man had turned. His 'uncle' had a furious expression on his face as he regarded him sitting in bed.

"BOY DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH TROUBLE YOU'VE CAUSED ME TODAY?" his uncle shouted before bringing his voice down to a dangerous whisper "You better get the hell out of that bed in the next few minutes or I'll throttle you, you little freak."

Madara was saved from digging himself a deeper hole by another voice at the door.

"Harry, there you are. I've been looking all over for you." a deep adult voice said.

Both Madara and Vernon turned to the door and Madara sighed in relief as he recognized Arthur Weasley standing at the door to his room. A memory flashed and he smiled, the Weasley's were supposed to pick him up today to move to their home for the rest of the summer, it would give him a month and some away from the Dursley's to get acquainted with this new time he found himself in. Maybe he could find someway to regain his Sharingan or at least get back to his time, if he could do that he would have Sasuke's body all ready and waiting to host him.

"Mister Weasley, so nice to see you." he croaked out. His throat was dry and he was still adjusting to the new language, hopefully no one would notice.

The Weasley patriarch smiled at him and gave a slight nod before turning to Vernon with a frown, he had most likely heard the shouting.

"You must be Harry's uncle," he said still frowning "my sons and I dropped by to pick him up earlier and your wife told us what had happened, the boys took his luggage home while I came to grab Harry. I hope that isn't a problem."

Vernon simply narrowed his eyes at the man and turned to regard his nephew for a few seconds before he grunted and marched out of the room, Arthur easily stepped aside to let him leave but sent a disapproving look at Vernon's back before turning to Harry with a smile.

"How are you Harry, how are you feeling?" he asked in a concerned tone.

Madara quickly forced an innocent look on his face and replied.

"I'm fine sir, I had a bit of a run in with a wild animal near the park but I'm all better now." he replied. He winced slightly at the accent in his words but if the redhead noticed he made no sign of it.

"That's good dear boy," Arthur said grinning "Now, as much as I want to stick around and take a look at all these muggle machine," here he looked lovingly around the room causing Madara to chuckle "we need to get back before Molly gets too worked up. I already called in an Obliviator friend of mine so no one will notice you missing."

Obliviator? What the hell was that? -memory flash- Ohhhh... Interesting, the ability to wipe and replace memories with a single word? Impressive, that was something only the Yamanaka or a Genjutsu master could do; perhaps there was something useful about this so called 'magic' after all. He would definitely need to take a closer look into things.

"Thank you sir, we will be getting to the burrow?" Madara asked with a nervous tone, he would need to keep up his act for now and lay low.

"I'll be apparating the both of us." Arthur replied but his attention was still mostly focused on the surrounding machines and his fingers twitched to grab one.

"Oh, okay sir." Madara replied with a frown. What the hell was apparating? His question was answered as Arthur Weasley grabbed his arm and he felt his body squish together as if he were being sucked into a straw, with a loud crack he left the hospital behind and reappeared just a few meters from the Burrow.

'What the hell?' Madara raged inside his mind. From the last time the boy had been here with the flying car he knew that they were several hundred miles from Surrey and its hospital, yet they had crossed that distance in an instant? This really bore looking into, it was almost faster than his Jikukan Ido and although it felt strange it definitely had its uses in case he couldn't get his Sharingan back.

'I really need to get my hands on some books soon. Even though they're so weak, these wizards use their chakra in such simple yet useful ways. It will be a good skill to have for when I get ho...' Madara stopped short just a few steps from the house. Why did he have to go home? He had said it before, these people were weak! Other than a few dangerous curses to avoid they were nothing in a fight, he could probably take them down easily with his physical prowess. Why would he want to go back to the Elemental nations when he could easily rule this world?

Here everyone was weaker than him, here they trusted him and believed him to be the good guy. There was no army after his life, hell most of those that he would be against would be reluctant to kill him. If he planned correctly he could easily use the resources he had at his disposal and take over the world, he didn't need to go back to his time.

Why would he even want to?

His answer came as he looked around the area. Oh right! The Sharingan! It all came down to whether or not he could be an Uchiha again. There was no way he would continue on in his land without his superior blood and his Kekkei Genkai. This body's eyesight was absolutely shot to hell, if he couldn't get his eyes back he would definitely need to go back and take Sasuke's body, no doubt about that...

"Anything wrong Harry?"

Arthur's voice drew him from his thoughts and Madara shook his head before giving the man a small smile.

"Nothing wrong sir, I was just thinking." he replied. Arthur gave him a worried look but nodded and continued to the house. Madara followed him in.

With pensive look on his face Madara continued. First he would need to see about regaining his Kekkei Genkai. After that he would need to train this body while learning as much 'magic' as he could. Once finished he would decide whether to stay and conquer this world or find a way back to his land and time.

Nodding as he finalized his plans Madara didn't notice he was inside the house until he was swept into a hug by three tearful women. He easily recognized Mrs. Weasley and her daughter from their red hair and the head of bushy brown hair obviously belonged to the boys friend Hermione.

Resisting the urge to sneer at the women as his thoughts flew back to his youth and the fan girls, Madara pasted a small smile on his face and patted all three women on the back.

"I'm fine ladies, It was nothing serious." he replied. Mrs. Weasley was the first to sober up and release him.

"Oh you poor dear, we simply must take you to St. Mungos; Who knows what those muggles could have done with their barbaric methods." she ranted dragging him by the arm.

"Calm down Molly, the boy is fine." Arthur cut in trying to calm her down.

"Yeah mum, no need to take him to St. Mungos right mate?" a voice from inside the house said. Madara turned to look and recognized the redheaded boy as his other 'best-friend' Ron Weasley. He stood in thought as everyone turned to face him, this 'St. Mungos' was obviously a magical hospital of some kind. If that were true then it was probably near Diagon Alley and he definitely needed to make a trip to the alley soon.

"Actually I'm with your mum on this Ron." he replied, Mrs. Weasley beamed at him while Arthur, Ron, Hermione and Ginny sent his shocked looks.

"But Harry you hate hospitals, you're always trying to sneak out of the hospital wing.'' Hermione cut in.

Madara raised a single brow at this, perhaps the boy was more of a ninja than he thought. He was obviously powerful due to the large amount of chakra he held before Madara's chakra was added onto that, but to find out he also sought to sneak out of Hospitals? That settled it, he definitely had ninja blood in him.

"That maybe but I would rather be safe than sorry," he replied "Besides I wanted to make a trip to Diagon alley so I may as well stop by St. Mungos first."

Mrs. Weasley looked apprehensive about him going to Diagon but the need to make sure he was fine won and she nodded her head.

"In that case dear you better head straight to bed, we can go to the hospital and the Alley in the morning since its getting late." She replied pushing him towards Ron. Madara gave her a small nod.

"Thanks for coming for me sir." he said to Mr. Weasley.

"Not a problem Harry, it was exciting to be in a muggle hospital." Arthur replied smiling. Madara turned to go but noticed the quietest member in the room.

"Nice to see you again Ginny, how has you're summer been?" he asked in a kind tone.

The girl blushed, mumbled out an answer and fled from the room.

Madara kept his smile on his face but added a confused looked for the benefit of the others. Inside though he was sneering at the girl.

'Damn fan girls.'

"So mate, how has the summer been?" Ron asked flopping down on the bed farthest from the door. "Talk with Sirius yet?"

"Ron!" Hermione admonished sitting on the second bed, which probably belonged to him since his stuff was on it. "Cant you be more tactful? what with some one overheard." she hissed. Ron made some sort of mumbled comeback and the two began to bicker.

Madara kept his face blank while sneering inwardly. Why oh why did he get saddled as a kid? there was no way he could last around these children without killing one first. From his memories they always seemed to bicker like this and there was no way he could stand them doing this all year.

Making some sort of unheard comment about the bathroom he turned and left the room, following his hosts memories to the bathroom. He passed by a closed door which belonged to Percy if he remembered right. Another door obviously belonged to the twins since he could here small explosions and snickers inside, finally he came to a door at the end of the hall that led into the bath room. he entered and shut the door behind him. He walked up to the sink and mirror and took a deep breath to calm himself before taking in his appearance.

The boy looked slightly different from what he remembered in the forest. For one thing his eyes and hair were several shades darker than he remembered, his face was more elongated and his body less scrawny The changes could most likely be attributed to the intake of chakra the body had recieved, more chakra meant more ki (Physical half of chakra) and more ki meant a better body. The intake of physical energy had changed him from a scrawny malnourished youth to a scrawny untrained youth. Ki could only do so much for the body he would need to eat much more and train relentlessly to get the body into shape but that wouldn't be too hard.

He studied his darkened features and frowned, if his eyes had been black or red and his hair less messy he could definitely pass for an Uchiha, that was most likely the spiritual half of his chakra, his chi, at work. Uchiha's had a special brand of chi that went with their blood to create and control the Sharingan, if he could get some Uchiha blood in him he was sure his features would definitely change to that of his clan, for now he would just have darker hair and eyes as well as more aristocratic features.

One downside to the influx of chakra was his control, with the boys chakra added onto his; his control was shot to hell. Even weakened and incomplete from his last battle with Hashirama he still held a considerable amount of chakra, add the boys and he was well past kage level and it would still grow until this body fully matured. He would need to practice his control exercises as much as possible everyday, heaven forbid he pull an Uzumaki and just overpower even the simplest of techniques.

With a deep sigh Madara turned from the mirror and left the room, It was good no one had noticed the changes to his body but they would soon, especially if he regained his Kekkei Genkai's. He would need to come up with some sort of story to cover it. While he could use a Genjutsu or two he was sure the head master would see through it, the man was very perceptive and if he could see through invisibility cloaks and glamors he may be able to see through Genjutsu.

Entering the room he noted that Hermione had left and Ron was in bed. He could sense the anger rolling off the teen but couldn't be bothered to care. His body was still so weak and it was late at night so he wanted nothing more than to sleep. He would his rest to completely refill his chakra stores and tomorrow was going to be a long day.

Slipping into his bed after clearing it of the boys junk Madara closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep.