Moon Eye

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A/N: Glad most of you liked chapter one. I've gotten some reviews asking questions about the Possession and Harry's appearance so I just want to take the time to answer those questions.

-The first point about the possession is the way Madara does it. When Voldemort possesses someone he attacks their mind and magic, due to that Harry is able to fight him off with his willpower and ''love magic''. Madara on the other hand attacks their soul directly and so far I haven't seen Harry defend his soul without a fluke accident (I.E the 2x Avada Kedavras).

The next point is that Lily's protection doesn't seem to protect his soul in cannon. This is proven by the fact a piece of Voldemorts soul was able to live inside of him for over 17 years, as such I decided not to have it affect Madara in that way but it might protect Harry in a different way (hint, hint)

- As for Harry/Madara's appearance, he's not really changing into an Uchiha. At the very most he'll look more aristocratic, have darker hair and eyes, and maybe grow a little bit taller but that's it. He won't suddenly become an Asian or something like that, it'll be minor changes that only really perceptive people will notice.

Chapter 2: Hospital

Note: Due to Madara being weakened from the body change I will post his current stats at the start of each chapter. The stats will be on a scale of one to 10 with 1 being weak and 10 being his original level. Should he go over his original level I will add a little + at the end of each 10.

P.S: I also want to add something about the Sharingan. In my story all Jutsu and spells recorded by the Sharingan are stored inside the eyes, as such unless Madara recovers his original eyes he wont know any of his original jutsu. Even if he got Uchiha blood and unlocked a Sharingan, he'll only know what he copies from that point on.

Chakra Capacity: 10+ (Due to gaining Harry's 'magic' Madara now has far more chakra than he began with.)

Chakra Control: 2 (A new body with underdeveloped chakra pathways and a large increase of chakra has shot his control straight to hell.)

Taijutsu and Physique: 3 (Mentally he knows the forms for the Uchiha style since he would have learned it before gaining his eyes or w.e. Physically his new body has none of the muscle memory of his old one and it is also under-trained and under-nourished, making him weak in Taijutsu.)

Ninjutsu: 4 (He would know the jutsu he learned and mastered, but my guess is that a majority of his repertoire was copied with his eyes and even if he knows the hand signs he wouldn't really know how to make the chakra flow correctly without his eyes.)

Genjutsu and Mind arts: 4 (Mostly all Uchiha use their eyes for their Genjutsu so I'm guessing Madara only knows a limited number of basic Genjutsu. Most Shinobi tend to have a form of mental defense/mind-scape but a skilled Legilimens could probably break through.)

Seals and Runes: 6 (I haven't seen Madara doing anything other than basic seals so he would be average in it. Harry had absolutely no knowledge in runes.)

Light Magic and Healing: 3 (His magical knowledge would be what Harry picked up from years 1-3 and as we all know, that wasn't much considering his kill move is Expelliarmus in books 4 and 7. As for Healing, Madara probably wasn't too concerned with it and what he would know was probably copied except for basic first aid.)

Dark Magic: 1 (Harry tends to stay away from that stuff.)

It was dark, so very dark. Something was covering his eyes.

It's quiet, there's nothing to hear.

What happened?

Why was he here?

Where was he?

Memories, concentrate. What could he remember?

He remembered blood, so much blood.

He remembered eyes, such strange looking eyes.

A man? A creature? It's mouth opened.

Something came out, silvery and transparent.

Ghost? Spirit? Soul? Specter?

He had screamed, he seemed to be doing that a lot these days.

A cold voice, hissing like a snake.

A fat man, trembling and whimpering.

A snake, large and black.


He would scream. Then he would wake.

No! No, he was getting distracted, back to the memories.

The thing, it came at him; into him.

The world went black.

Then he was here, where was here?

Was he dead?

Oh! he could see!

White and bright, hospital?

He could hear now!

Uncle Vernon?

He tried to speak, no words came out.

He tried to move, his body moved a different way.

What was going on?

Something was controlling him!

Mister Weasley!

He would know, he would see!

The Burrow? Mister Weasley had been fooled.

His friends! Would they notice, would they say something?

No..they had been fooled as well.

He was getting into bed now..No! his body was getting into bed now.

He couldn't control it, he could do nothing but watch and listen.

The eyes closed, he fell asleep.

It was dark.

It was quiet.

He was trapped here.

He wanted to be free!


Madara woke gasping for breath as his mind tumbled in disarray.

What the fuck!

What the hell was that? Some kind of dream? Memories? No, he had just watched the day from a separate perspective. Something inside of him was aware and that could only mean one person. Potter was awake and aware! That shouldn't be possible. He had helped create this jutsu, he knew what it could do. There was no reason why the boy should be awake, seeing through his eyes, listening through his ears.

Wait...hadn't this happened to Sasuke when he absorbed Orochimaru? Did this mean Potter could still recover the body? Did this mean Potter could suppress him?

Shit. This was a problem.

No! No, this was NOT a problem. Potter was not Orochimaru, he didn't have that kind of knowledge and power. There was no way he could win this.

Who cares if the little shit could see? Who cares if he could hear? He had seen things from the boys perspective, he knew the boy was trapped. He couldn't move, he couldn't talk...he couldn't interfere. Potter was stuck inside his soul, only able to glimpse what he(Madara) was doing. No this was definitely not a problem.

Besides he wasn't just Uchiha Madara, he was also Tobi and the one thing Tobi liked was an audience, Potter would be that audience; always watching and listening but unable to act. Yes, it was most definitely not a problem...right?

His thoughts settled and his mind arranged, Uchiha Madara closed his eyes and returned to sleep, a dark smirk on his face.

Tomorrow was going to be a good day.

"Oi! You lot better get up soon, we have a long day ahead." Molly Weasleys shrill voice resounded around the house waking all occupants from their sleep.

Madara's eyes snapped open but he remained perfectly still. What the hell was going on? Where was he? What happened? He was in a bed? How did he get here? Movement to the side drew his attention, under the sheets his hand searched for his hidden Kunai. It was gone! So he was captured then, who had him? What Nation managed to capture him and why was he still alive?

"Oi Harry, you wanna use the loo first mate?"

Ron's tired voice brought him crashing back to earth and memories of the last two days flitted across his mind. Madara sighed in relief as he remembered what had happened.

"Naw mate, you go ahead." He replied in a tired tone.

This body was unused to waking up quickly, how pathetic. The boy was too used to trudging about half asleep in the morning, something that would get him killed back in the elemental nations. Madara sat up as Ron left the room and stretched, his mind may have been fully awake and ready but his body was still tired; lazy, he would need to fix that.

Looking out a nearby window he swallowed a grimace, the sun was already up in the sky.

'About 9 am? How disgustingly lazy could these people be?' he thought sneering.

He had always been used to waking up before the sun rose, no matter how many hours of sleep he got he always woke up early. Now though he was trapped in a lazy body with a different internal clock, he would need to spend some time training his body to wake up early. Luckily there were alarm clocks and most likely spells for that, thank Kami for that. Those would help him reset the body's internal clock quickly, the faster that was done the safer he would feel.

After he finished limbering up his body, amid a few grimaces at the lack of flexibility, Madara ran through a few exercises 'Tired after 20 push ups? How dreadful' while waiting for Ron to finish in the washroom. For today he would take it easy since he had a lot of shopping to do but starting tomorrow he would need to draw up a sort of fitness plan and schedule for the summer. The sooner he was trained the safer he would feel.

Even in this day and age with the people being as weak as they were he was still in great danger. Considering the first three years of the boys school life he was a huge magnet for danger. With another three years until he could switch hosts Madara would have to do his best to keep this body alive. If Potter died within the next three years he would most likely follow him into the afterlife, their souls were so tied together for now that there would be no escape for him.

The sound of a door opening announced that Ron was finished in the washroom. Pushing some chakra through his body, 'Fuck, even his pathways are underdeveloped.' Madara rushed out of the room, past a tired and slow Ginny and into the washroom. His memories had alerted him to the long waits at the Weasley home, especially for one of the girls, so he would need to go first unless he'd be standing in a long line all day.

He sneered as he took in the modest washroom he was now inside. He wasn't one for materialistic possession but could these people do no better? Considering the things 'he' had seen them do with magic, one would think it would be childs play to simply transfigure a more pleasing tub or sink.

He shook his head in annoyance and sighed.

'I bet things are far better at the Malfoy house.' he thought with a snarl.

Ah yes, Malfoy. That was a boy he needed to have a sit down with, the boy was so arrogant, so boastful, so Uchiha. Malfoy knew he was better than others and he showed it, not always in a proper manner, but the boy knew his place. He would make a good ally if he could somehow bury the hatchet between them, of course the boy would have to know his proper place beneath him. He was an Uchiha, none were his betters and Malfoy would have to know it but first he would have to do something about all that pure-blood prejudice, none in the 'proper' circles would respect him unless he could prove his place amongst them.

He would need to look into the history of the Uchiha as well as his mother's family tree before he did anything. Perhaps find someway to pass as a pure-blood, not like the fools had any way too check..did they? Something else he would need to look into. Making friends with Malfoy would benefit him greatly and it would also serve to drive a wedge between him and the Weasleys; a great bonus since these people would most likely oppose him.

Madara hummed as he turned off the tap and exited the shower. He had so many plans to make and so much to research, once the trip was finished today he would need to to make some type of list. Two months until school started, not a lot of time for what he needed but he would make do.

"Now Harry dear don't forget to speak clearly," Molly said fussing over him "Merlin knows we don't want a repeat of last time."

Madara nodded and replied in a small voice "Yes ma'am"

Inside he was snarling in annoyance at the woman, she had been fussing over him all morning and sending him worried looks when she thought he wasn't watching. The real Harry may have found it heart warming, but he just found it annoying. It had taken most of his willpower not to kill the woman then and there and even then he had only stopped because he wasn't strong enough yet to deal with the repercussions.

Stepping away from the redheaded woman he quickly threw a pinch of floo powder into the fireplace, stepped in and in a clear tone called out-

"St. Mungos"

Keeping his arms tucked to his side Madara kept is eyes forward as he raced past hundreds of fireplaces, up ahead he could see his destination approaching and feel himself slowing. Knowing Harry's problems with magical transportation Madara had spent all morning regulating as much of his chakra as he could to fix the boys balance, by having different amounts of chakra in different parts of his body he was able to make the boy more graceful; not by much but enough to matter. The practice also served to exercise his under developed pathways, the boys pathways were so small that if he used too much chakra he would burn himself out.

As he reached the exit for St. Mungos Madara concentrated on simply stepping forward once the spinning stopped, he was rewarded for his efforts when he easily and gracefully strode out of the fireplace instead of being thrown out like Potter usually was. He sent a smug smirk to the few members of the Weasley family that had proceeded him here but his smirk dropped when he saw the strange look on Hermiones face.

'I forgot how perceptive the girl can be, she's one to look out for.' He thought with a frown.

As Molly exited behind him Arthur led the small group towards a check in counter. Currently only Molly, Arthur, Ron and Hermione had come along for the check up. Since the school lists had yet to come out only Arthur would be escorting him to Diagon Alley since no one else had shopping to do and Molly had chores for the other children around the house.

"Harry, how did you exit so easily?" Hermione whispered coming up next to him. She stood on his right while Ron came up on his left leaning in to hear the conversation.

"Uh..its not that hard Hermione," he replied trying to sound confused "You just have to concentrate when you're exiting."

The girl gave him a strange look but seemed to accept his explanation, giving her a small smile to distract her thoughts Madara moved away towards Arthur as they reached the counter.

"How can I help you today?" the lady behind the counter asked not looking up from her desk.

Arthur coughed softly and leaned in to speak.

"I've brought in Mister Potter for a check up," he said in a soft tone so no one else could hear.

The woman's head snapped up and her eyes widened as she spotted Harry standing next to Arthur. She gaped for a few seconds in shock and slight awe before she seemed to remember her duties. Grabbing a scrap of parchment she hastily scrawled a small note and folded the parchment, as soon as she let go it transformed into a paper bird and flew off down the hallway.

"I-its an honor to meet you Mister Potter," The woman gushed softly "If you'll wait just a moment someone will be down to see you."

Madara simply gave her a small smile and nodded but the woman continued to stare at him and kept asking if he needed anything else. Behind him he could hear Molly sniff disdainfully at the woman's behavior and he could feel the jealousy rolling off Ron at the attention he was receiving.

' Ronald's the jealous type? That should help to break the friendship up.' he thought with a smirk 'Hermione on the other hand may be trouble.'

"Just take your shirt off Mister Potter and I'll be right with you." the healer stated with his back to him.

Madara hesitated for a moment considering the fact that the others were also in the room but he simply shrugged and slipped his shirt off. The second he had put his shirt down and turned around he found himself standing at the end of a wand. He followed the wand up and locked gazes with a strange looking Arthur Weasley.

"Arthur! What are you doing?" Molly shouted seeing her husband pointing his wand at their 'adopted' son.

"Yeah dad, this isn't funny." Ron added looking from his father to his best friend. Hermione on the other hand had stood up with Mister Weasley and now had her wand pointed at Harry as well.

"Mister Weasley, Miss Granger what do you think you are doing?" The Healer asked in a low tone having assessed the situation "Answer quickly before I am forced to call the aurors."

Madara simply stood there feeling a mix of confusion and amusement. Had they figured him out? What gave him away?

Arthur's gaze flickered over to the Healer before turning back to Harry but it was Hermione who spoke.

"Whats that on your arm Harry?" she asked looking at his left arm. Everyone else turned their gaze to Harry's arm where part of his seal could be seen.

Madara with a look of confusion on his face held up his arm and allowed them to see the seal. Was there something off about it? How did they even know what it was? He was further confused when everyone else released a sigh of relief and the wands in his face were put away.

"Sorry about that Harry, I caught a glimpse of your tattoo and thought it was the Dark Mark." Arthur explained.

"The what?" Madara asked confused.

"The dark mark Harry, its what you-know-who used to mark his followers." Hermione explained before her eyes narrowed "Why and how did you even get a tattoo?" she asked suspiciously.

"Yeah! And why didn't you tell us about it?" Ron added examining the large blackish red seal burned onto his arm.

Molly on the other hand had gone from berating her husband for threatening Harry to glaring at his tattooed arm.

"Harry dear that was very irresponsible of you." she commented "Tattoos are for hooligans."

Madara gave her a small smile and pasted an innocent look on his face "I'm sorry ma'am, I just saw it in the store and felt like getting it."

She gave him a disapproving frown but remained silent. Hermione kept shooting him curious glances while Ron just looked annoyed at the situation.

"Well now that that's settled," The healer cut in "May I begin the examination?"

Arthur and Hermione had the decency to blush in embarrassment as they took their seats. Madara chuckled and stood still as the healer began casting spells on him. He could feel the foreign chakra invading his body and his own chakra responding to it, it was a strange feeling but he had been on the receiving end of many Medical Ninjutsu so he was used to it.

The healer continued to cast various spells on him for ten minutes while making notes on a sheet of parchment every few minutes. After another five minutes he put his wand away and turned to the Weasley's and Hermione.

"He's fine but there are a few things I would like to speak to Mister Potter about, privately." he replied.

Seeing that Molly was about to argue Madara decided to cut in "It's okay Mrs. Weasley, I'll talk with him."

She turned and stared at him for a few seconds before nodding "Alright Harry dear, we'll be right outside." She replied exiting the room, a few seconds later the others followed after he nodded to them.

The healer grabbed the parchment he had been writing on and flicked his wand at the door. Madara tensed as he felt a wave of chakra sweep over the room but nothing else happened. The healer must have noticed him tensing because he turned to him and spoke.

"Just some simple privacy wards Mister Potter, we have much to talk about today." He stated examining the parchment in his hands. "Please sit down."

Madara nodded and took one of the empty seats in the room while the Healer took another.

"First up Mister Potter, I see here that you have recently recieved both magical and muggle healing in the last few weeks." he stated with a raised brow.

Madara nodded as the memory came to him. "Yes sir, just last week. Madame Pomfrey, the Hogwarts medi-witch, treated some injuries I recieved."

The healer nodded and made a small note on his page.

"And the muggle medication I detected?"

"Ah, I had a run in with a wild dog near my home. I wasn't too injured but I think they gave me some medication while I was out." he replied.

The healer nodded again and made another note.

"Now then, the next issue is your scar." he stated drawing a sharp glance from Madara "It seems that the lingering dark magic that is usually found on curse scars is dissipating. By this time next week it will all be gone and your scar will most likely heal and disappear." the man stated watching him carefully.

Madara kept his face blank and nodded.

"Would you know why this happened Mister Potter?" he asked "And please do remember that I am oath bound to keep anything you say secret unless it is a danger to the public." he added seeing distrust flash across the teens face.

Madara remained silent for a few minutes thinking. There was no way he was telling this man anything near the truth, oath or not, but he needed some information from the man and it would help if he showed some sort of trust. Hmm...a good lie was in order.

Placing a nervous and scared look on his face he replied in a small voice.

"Er..yes sir," the healer leaned in to hear him "When I was..uh...unconscious in the muggle hospital I had some sort of...dream. I cant remember much but there was a man laughing and a flash of green light, after that I woke up and my scar was hurting." he finished looking down.

The healer made a non committal sound and wrote something down on his parchment.

"Thank you for telling me Mister Potter," he stated in a softer tone "I'll look into it and let you know what I find."

Madara smirked inwardly but kept his outward appearance looking innocent and nervous.

"The next issue Mister Potter," the healer continued "has to do with your magic."

Madara's head snapped up, a terrified and worried look on his face.

"I-is something w-wrong sir?" he asked frightfully.

"Not at all Mister Potter, in fact your magic is stronger than it should be." the healer said quickly "I would even say you have more magic than most fully trained adults, you'll be quite powerful when you reach your maturation." he stated.

Madara scoffed inwardly, that was quite an understatement if he ever heard one. He had seen 'most' adult wizards on his trip through the hospital, none of them were even above med-chunin level. By the time his body reached its 'maturation' he would have more chakra than even Kisame and the fish-man was said to have as much chakra as a weaker Biju.

"There is a small issue though Mister Potter." the healer added drawing him from his thoughts "While you have a lot of Magic, your body isn't quite able to handle it all. I would suggest you either have some blocks placed on you or you take up some sort of physical activity to train your body. The stronger your body is the more Magic you can use and the more powerful your spells will be."

'Tell me something I don't know.' Madara thought inwardly rolling his eyes. On the outside he added a small amount of determination to his nervous persona.

"I'll start doing some exercises sir." he replied "Thank you for telling me."

The man smiled down at him and made another note on his parchment.

"The last issue Mister Potter, is your tattoo," here a small smirk appeared on the mans face "Or should I say your seal?"

Madara's eyes widened in shock before they narrowed slightly.

"H-how did you know sir?" he asked looking nervous and sheepish.

The healer gave him another smirk and chuckled a little.

"I had an O in Ancient Runes Mister Potter, we briefly covered Japanese seals for out NEWTs." he replied "At first I thought it may have been a tattoo like you said but I could sense the Magic imbued in it during my scan."

Madara rose a single brow, seals were still in use? Excellent, he only had an expert knowledge in sealing unlike the seal masters like Jiraiya and the Yondaime. If he could find more information on sealing it may just help with his little problem, he would need to look into it at the bookstore today.

"So, tell me Mister Potter where did you come across a seal like that? If I'm not mistaken that's the mark for holding, sealing or storage there isn't it? I cant make out the rest but if I had to guess then that seal is used for sealing or storing something." he stated examining the large seal on Madara's arm once more.

Madara's eyes flickered in annoyance and he pulled his arm back. The man knew far too much already but at least he hadn't activated the seal with his poking and prodding earlier, it would have been impossible to explain away a corpse.

"Er..yes sir, like I said I read about the seal in a book I found...I wanted to use it to store important thing you see." he explained keeping his head down and his eyes to the ground.

"Important things?" the man prodded.

"Just some pictures sir, I have so few of my...mum and dad and I didn't want anything to happen to them." he replied hurriedly, he added a choked sob for effect and smirked when he felt a comforting hand on his shoulder. These people were just so easy to manipulate, he might actually get bored with no Shinobi around.

"That's quite alright Mister Potter, may I ask where you found such a book?" the healer asked in a soft tone "A complex seal like this must have been really hard."

Madara sniffed and nodded once "I found the book in the Hogwarts library sir, I didn't really understand it but I just had to copy it down from the page and I got someone else to draw it."

He heard the man make a little note on his parchment and smirked at his convincing act.

"Very well Mister Potter, I'll ask that you don't do anything else with seals until you have the appropriate knowledge. They can be very dangerous for the inexperienced, not many people can understand the intricacies involved in sealing. Even rune masters avoid the art, far too many have died from incorrect seals."

Madara gave a small nod. So, seals were still as hard to understand as he remembered. That was good since it meant not many would recognize and seals he employed. Although he would have to look into these 'runes' they sounded like a worthwhile venture if they were anything like seals.

"I'll also advise that you no longer make trips into the restricted section," the man smirked when Madaras head snapped up in confusion "Yes Mister Potter, I know that's where you got the book. I told you seals are a dangerous subject, such a book could only be found in the restricted section."

'Oh? Well this sounds interesting, I'll definitely need to make a trip into the restricted section sometime this year.' Madara grinned.

His face still schooled in a nervous mask he simply nodded to the healer who gave him another soft smile.

"Now then why don't you join your friends, I'm sure they are worried about you." the healer said in a kind tone but rose a brow when Madara remained sitting with a nervous look on his face "Is there something else I can help you with Mister Potter?" he asked after a moment.

" sir," Madara said softly. He would need to be careful with his words "I was wondering something a few things actually.."

"Go ahead Mister Potter, I'll answer any questions that I can." the man said encouragingly.

Madara nodded as he formed his next sentence.

"I was wondering about blood sir," he murmured getting a raised brow from the man "You see, I uh..I was wondering if there were any spells that could be done with blood sir.."

The mans eyes widened in shock and Madara ducked his head again.

"Why would you want to know such a thing?" he asked in a stern tone.

Madara kept his head head down as he replied.

"It's just cause my mum was a muggleborn..sir..some of the kids at school use that to pick on me." he said softly "I was just wondering if there was a spell to test that sort of thing sir."

"Ah, I see." The mans tone was still stern but it had soften slightly "I wasn't aware blood purity mattered to you Mister Potter."

Madara's head shot up with wide eyes.

"Its not sir, I was just wondering...I also wanted to check if I had other relatives out there and checking the blood made sense." he replied forcefully. The healers face soften and he gave him a little smile.

"Very well Mister Potter." he said shifting around in his seat "While some spells do deal with blood they are only authorized to be used by licensed healers."

"Oh." Madara said dropping his face down. Inside he was ecstatic, if there were spells dealing with blood then one may just do what he needed.

"However," the man continued "What you are asking has more to do with Blood Magic and that's illegal."

Madara grinned inwardly at this.

"Blood Magic sir?" he asked.

"Yes Mister Potter, there is a form of magic dealing solely with blood but it was deemed dark arts and outlawed by the Ministry." the man said fixing him with a stern look "Currently there are only two Blood Magics allowed and those are only to be used by the goblins."

The Goblins? Why would those foul creatures need to use Blood Magic? From what he could remember from the boys limited visits to their bank the creatures only dealt with banking and their little wars.

"The goblins sir?" he asked in a confused tone.

The healer nodded "Yes, the Goblins have other duties that don't solely deal with banking, in this case that would be inheritance."

That piques his interest. inheritance and Blood Magic sounded like what he was looking for.

"There are two Blood Magics the Goblins use, the first is the Blood Adoption ritual." the man explained "The ritual when used, allows one person to donate their blood to another making them a member of their family."

Madara's grin widened even more, this was exactly what he needed! If he got the goblins to do this ritual he could adopt himself as his son and he would once more be an Uchiha. It was perfect.

Oblivious to the young boys mood the healer continued speaking.

"The second would be the Blood Tracing ritual, this would be the one you were interested in." he stated "The blood tracing would allow you to trace your heritage back a few generations, should you request it you would be able to trace your mothers heritage." he finished with a small smile.

Madara put a hopeful and grateful expression on his face and smiled back. It wasn't too hard since he was in such a good mood from what he had just learned. He hopped out of the seat and gave the man a slight grin.

"Thank you sir."

"You're quite welcome Mister Potter" the man replied smiling "Take care of yourself."

Madara turned to the door and allowed his smile to turn into the Uchiha smirk.

'Oh, I plan to.'


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