Lucas and Jenna

Hey everyone this is my first story I'm submitting yay me hope you like it I got the characters from the book Brain Camp hope you love love love it! So here it is. Oh and i don't own the characters and Jenna lives in New York, New York and Lucas lives in Queens, New York.

Lucas is at home watching TV then his phone rings its Jenna his new girlfriend.

Lucas: Hey Jenna how's it going.

Jenna: Oh nothing I just I just wanted to see how you were doing. Soooo how are you doing.

Lucas: Fine I guess.

Jenna: I guess hey is anything wrong.

Lucas: Nah it's nothing.

Jenna: Come on Lucas you can tell me I'm you girlfriend we have tell each other stuff like this did you find another girl cause if you did.

Lucas: No it's nothing like that its well it's hard to explain.

Jenna: Come on you can you tell me.

Lucas: Ok well it started like this I was walking home from the store when I came in the house I heard my mom talking to someone.

Jenna: Well who was it.

Lucas: I don't know but I think it was someone she's selling the house to.

Jenna: What you mean you might be moving where?

Lucas: I don't know she didn't say but like I said I don't even know yet.

Jenna: Well if you do move promise will always stay together and in touch no matter what.

Lucas: I promise well I got to go my mom's calling me down stairs I call you later.

Jenna: Ok bye.

Lucas: Bye

So what do you think Lucas's mom has to talk to him about could he really be moving and if he is where find out next time oh please review! Byeeeeee.