The Big Surprise Part 2

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Jenna was at home reading when her cell phone rang it was Lucas.

Jenna: Hey Lucas.

Lucas: Hey. (Sounding sad)

Jenna: Is something wrong you sound sad.

Lucas: Nah it's nothing.

Jenna: Okay you said that the last time like I told you can tell me anything so I'll ask you again is something wrong.

Lucas: Nothings wrong why do you always think something's wrong!

Jenna: Hey you don't have to yell you called me.

Lucas: Cause i wanted to talk!

Jenna: Stop hiding your feelings something is wrong just tell me!

Lucas: Fine you want to know you really want to know!

Jenna: Yes!

Lucas: Fine well here it is I'm moving!

Jenna: What…where?

Lucas: I don't know yet.

Jenna: Well why are you moving?

Lucas: Well you know when I came to visit with me and my mom.

Jenna: Yeah.

Lucas: You remember 2 days before we left she said she meet someone.

Jenna: Yeah

Lucas: Well unlike all her other relationships she managed to keep this guy and today he…he…he

Jenna: What he what!

Lucas: Man I just can't say it.

Jenna: Come on just tell me what he did.

Lucas: He proposed!

Jenna: What he proposed omg I can't believe this.

Lucas: I know it's horrible.

Jenna: Horrible it's great.

Lucas: I'm sorry what

Jenna: I said it's great (yelling)

Lucas: I heard you the first time why did you scream!

Jenna: Because you act like you didn't hear me.

Lucas: So now you're on my mom's side.

Jenna: I'm not on anyone's side.

Lucas: You sure about that because it sounds like your siding with my mom.

Jenna: I'm not you should be happy.

Lucas: Why!

Jenna: Because your mother hasn't been with any one for a long time you should happy.

Lucas: Well I'm not!

Jenna: Why are you getting so angry all of a sudden?

Lucas: Why are you asking me so many question all of sudden!

Jenna: Listen if you're gonna yell at me like that then maybe we shouldn't be talking.

Lucas: Fine I knew I shouldn't of called you.

Jenna: What's that supposed to mean?

Lucas: You know why.

And with that Lucas hung up leaving Jenna in a confused daze.

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