Chapter Seven: Goodnight My Someone

Okay – I know I said chapter six was the end, but I was playing this song on the piano today and singing along to it, and this idea just flashed into my head. I had a little chat with slushy plot bunny and he insisted I wrote it down and shared it with you all. So here is a little "added extra"…

By the time they had walked slowly across the sand and then navigated up the dunes, Deeks was definitely beginning to regret his impetuous decision to leave the hospital. His legs were trembling so much that he was seriously wondering if he could manage the dozen or so steps remaining, when a shout made him lift his head wearily.

"You look like shit," Sam said jovially. "We really need to talk to Hetty about getting a real man on the team, Callen, not some pretty boy who can't shoot straight." He took Deeks' free arm and gently slung it around his shoulder, being careful not to pull on his damaged chest muscles.

Callen eased Kensi aside and followed suit with Deeks' other arm. "She said he was the best they had to offer. Or was that "all they had to offer"? Not that it matters, because I guess we're stuck with him."

"I guess. Free offer or not, he did take a bullet for the team. So we're definitely stuck with him." They walked at a snail's pace towards the Jeep, seeing how much effort each step cost him, even when they were taking as much strain as his injured body could cope with.

"Two bullets." Deeks heaved a sigh of relief as they eased him into the passenger seat and then held up two fingers for emphasis. "I counted. One. Two." I thought there was going to be a third and that would be the shot that killed me. I still wake up in the middle of the night, waiting for that third shot.

"We'll work on getting you counting all the way up to ten when you're back on duty. And, next time you want to go paddling, don't play hookey from hospital, okay?" Sam leant in close. "We'll score you a day pass from the nice doctors and maybe even buy you an ice cream before we return you. But right now, you've got to get your butt back there, because you look like you've just crawled out of your grave."

"Hot and cold running nurses. Bedbaths. Prescription meds. Morphine. What more could a man want?" Callen tried to make light of the matter.

"I'm not going back there. I'm going home," Deeks said stubbornly.

"Don't pout, Marty. Your friends are talking sense. You really should be back in the hospital." Caroline placed her hand on his knee. "I'm worried about you."

"We all are." Kensi smiled at him. "But I think he needs to go home more than he needs to go to the hospital."

Deeks blinked a couple of times and looked into her eyes for the merest second, wondering how she could read his mind. "That's right."

"I bet you live on the tenth floor and the elevator's out of commission," Sam bitched. "Well, you can do the fireman's lift, Callen because my back's started to play up."

It didn't come to that, thankfully, because the elevator was working and the apartment was only on the fourth floor anyway.

"Nice place." Callen wasn't big on home décor, but this was kind of tasteful and not what he'd expected. For some reason, he'd always thought Deeks would hang out in a superannuated version of a frat house. He clocked the expensive Italian coffee machine on the countertop and allowed himself a smile.

"It's alright. Close to the beach, you know?" Deeks nodded to a door at the end of the hall. "Bedroom's in there."

"You sure that bed's big enough?" They lowered him carefully down and then Sam knelt on the floor, untied his shoe laces and pulled them off. "At least there isn't a mirror above it, I suppose."

"It's getting delivered next week." He lay back on the pillows with relief, and realised how much this had taken out of him and shut his eyes with relief, secure in the knowledge that he was finally back home and didn't have to move for the next few hours. "Thanks, guys."

"Any time. But we're not taking your pants off, so don't even bother asking."

"No – we'll leave that little treat for Kensi." There was no reaction, because Deeks had fallen asleep. Callen pulled a quilt over him and then shut the door quietly behind him.

"You'll make someone a wonderful wife one day."

"Are you proposing? Why Sam, I never knew you felt that way about me." Callen saw the strange looks Kensi and Caroline were giving him and schooled his face into submission. "He's out for the count. You want me to stay over? It's no problem."

"I was planning on staying. I've brought an overnight bag with me. Unless…?" Caroline looked at Kensi.

"That sounds like a good idea. I've got an early start in the morning anyway." Kensi regretted the words the instant they left her mouth, but what other option did she have, what with Sam and Callen standing there, both looking as if butter wouldn't melt in their mouths and fooling nobody. "I'll try and come over though."

Caroline brushed her lips across the younger woman's cheek. "You do that," she whispered. "I think Marty will want to see you."

Amazingly enough, she wasn't ribbed unmercifully on the way back down to the street. Neither Callen or Sam made a single comment, other than to tell her to drive carefully, and remind Kensi that it was her turn to buy the pastries in the morning. The streets were almost empty as she drove home, singing along at the top of her voice to the radio. She had no idea where this was going to lead and she wasn't even sure exactly what had happened, but it didn't seem to matter, because her heart was bouncing with joy and she was living in the moment. Sometimes, that was the best thing to do. Deeks was still here, he was still her partner, it was just that now he was something else, and she couldn't quite work out what that was. He wasn't her boyfriend and he certainly wasn't her lover – not yet, at any rate. So what was he then? Her someone? She had just lain her head on the pillows where her cell rang and a familiar name flashed up on the screen.

"Hey, Kensi. It's me."

"Hey you. Shouldn't you be in bed?"

"I am in bed."

"So I am." She snuggled under the covers and cradled the phone against her ear.

"You wearing anything?"

Kensi smiled in the darkness and curled up like a cat. "I'm wearing enough. You should be asleep."

"I will be soon. They gave me these amazing pills that pretty much knock me out. But I just wanted to say goodnight."

There was something about the fact they were both lying in bed, talking to each other, even if they were in separate beds and miles apart, that seemed, well special. It was the next best thing to being curled up beside him. "Goodnight, Marty. Sleep well. I'll see you tomorrow."

"Promise?" There was an uncertain note in his voice that was uncharacteristic. But maybe he was just exhausted?

"I promise. Goodnight."


The call ended and Kensi lay looking at the screen for a long time. A tune she could first remember her mother singing way back in her childhood started running around in her head and she was singing again, singing very softly indeed, almost underneath her breath.

"Goodnight, my someone, good night, my love."

That was it: that was who he was – Deeks was her someone. It all finally made sense. Kensi was still smiling when she fell asleep.

The End

Really the end this time - I promise!