As I looked out into the stormy ocean, I noticed that I hadn't heard Edward's voice in a long time. In that second, I decided that I needed another adrenaline rush. I had to do something totally crazy and irresponsible. I started to head towards the cliff when I heard his voice.

"Bella! What are you doing? Don't!" I stopped dead in my tracks. It sounded so close, so real. It made the hole in my chest ache as bad as it did at the very beginning.

"You won't stay with me if I don't," I answered, near tears. "You always wanted me to be human. So just watch me."

"Please, Bella! Don't do this! Please, for me!"

It was just so tempting to give in, to say: Okay, whatever you want. But instead, I just kept on heading towards cliff and made my way up to the lowest ledge. It just wasn't good enough for me so I kept on climbing so I would get to the top.

"Bella! Listen to me!" he roared. "Stop this instant! Think of Charlie! Of me!"

"Oh like you care what happens to me," I spoke just as sternly as he did. "Charlie is a big boy. He can take care of himself." I reached the top ledge now and my toes were hanging off the end of it.

"Bella, please don't jump!" he sounded near tears. "Remember, you promised that you wouldn't do anything reckless and stupid. Well, this is both!"

"And you promised that you would never leave me, and look how that ended," I hissed back at his voice that I swore was right behind me.

I looked down after that and saw the waves crashing against the cliff. Did I really want to dive in that? I had to admit that I was scared out of my mind. Just suck it up, Bella! Suck it up! I kept chanting to myself. Then I jumped.

I never thought it would feel this great to just be falling in the air. I was so excited that I screamed. I swore that I heard his voice swear. I was so high with excitement that I wanted to sing, and that isn't pretty. I was thinking of how much fun it would be to jump over and over again. Then I hit the water.

It was like slamming into concrete from the top of a skyscraper. It left me breathless. The water was so cold that it felt like needles against my skin. I struggled to get to the surface and I succeed. I was gasping for air. I turned around and saw a wave the size of Jacob in wolf form coming at me. It smacked me in the face and sent me under again. This time I couldn't get back to the surface. The current wouldn't let me go. I just struggled and struggled but it wouldn't ease up. Something even colder than the water had me by the waist and was pulling on me. It took the last of my breath away. My last thought was, Goodbye Edward. I love you.

The cold thing was beating hard against my chest again and again. I was on land again and the thing was pushing the water from my chest. It felt like a hand, and yet it didn't. I was so cold, but I didn't even care. I couldn't even move. Was this death? I thought Heaven was supposed to be a happy, peaceful place! Maybe this wasn't Heaven. Maybe this was Hell. It wouldn't surprise me if it was. I committed suicide for all that was holy! What was to be expected.

"Bella, please! Bella don't do this to me! Breath! Open your eyes! Do something!" That voice was all to familiar. I felt something hard and cold against my lips. It was forcing air into me. I coughed back.

"Bella!" His voice sounded again.

Please let this just be a dream. Please let this just be a dream. I begged over and over as I opened my eyes. There I saw those perfect black eyes and pale face. His usual bronze hair was almost black due to the rain. His brow was crinkled in a worried/frightened way.

"Edward," I squeaked. And I saw the relief on his face before I went under again.