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Summary: The Autobots desperately need a vacation

"talk" =radio

::Talk:: = processor warnings, in single autobot's head, also a bonded couples' talk

::talk:: = inner comm link

"Talk"= normal

"talk" =thoughts

"talk" =lyrics

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Chapter Twenty

Scared to Death

xxx April 7th, 2012

Kate was released to the farm two days ago, on strict orders for easy going movement, gentle therapy under First Aid's supervision, and absolutely no contact with chemicals.

Yeah right.

The weekend was windy and chilled, and Optimus found Kate out along the long driveway, astride the farm's huge Belgian draft horse. Basically an equine semi truck.

Kate ignored the autobot, just continued to work the horse, putting the stallion through his paces smoothly. Optimus didn't need to get involved until the horse as back by the barn, Connor holding the reins as Kate made to dismount.

And her legs nearly gave out.

Optimus caught her in his servo, easing her to stand fully by a fence for support while Connor tended the horse.

"Katherine, I do not believe this is what the medic meant by "light activity"."

The girl snorted, "Light? This is light for me, heavy is going with David or Cheryl on a seventy hour week trucking across the US without a sleeper cab truck. Riding that stud is nothing."


Kate rolled her eyes, glancing up with narrowed eyes from the sun, "What about you? Thought this was your day to get off the farm and relax."

Optimus chuckled, shaking his head, "It is, yet before I could leave, you happened to pass me."

The human smiled, shrugging innocently.

Prime shook his head, chuckling, then a thought came to him. "Katherine? Were you not scared of being on that battle field? Yet rushed forcefully to attack the decepticons?"

Kate nodded tightly, "Honestly, I was scared to death, but all of us are you know? Leaders have to be scared, proves their right in the head, but they also have to be able to acknowledge that fear, ignore it for a moment, and get the job done. No matter the cost, I had to protect my friends, and that meant going into battle where I might die."

Optimus only sighed heavily, fully agreeing with her as he followed her gaze to where Annabell was playing with David's dog and the teen Prime had seen on Roller, the ATV was guarding them, chirping softly to Optimus before dutifully monitoring the young ones.

"Enough moping Prime!" Kate interrupted his thoughts, making Optimus turn to face her, "Let's go for a drive."

The autobot folded down into the peterbilt alt mode, engine revving as the driver's side door opened.

"Let's Roll."




They drove for hours, sometimes Kate was in control, her young but expert hands guiding the massive truck along back highways through gorgeous rural scenery. Spring was beautiful in the hills, fresh grass, young calves, miles of blue sky...

Calmed Optimus to know this was their home, but also made his spark ache at the loss of Cybertron.

Kate seemed to notice his quiet mood, her gentle conversation dying out as she took control again, guiding the truck along miles of endless road.

Sometimes you just needed someone to take you for a ride...

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