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Chapter 1: Prologue

The sun shone brilliantly through the clear blue sky, illuminating the covered walkway next to the street. A row of white marble pillars held up the grey stone ceiling while the sunlight scintillated off the pyrite and other colorful stones embedded in the granite sidewalk. Anti-gravity cars and other vehicles purred softly by with a 'whoosh' over the white stone street as a variety of citizens, some human and some not, walked about in various colored outfits and styles from business suits to suits of armor.

One middle-aged man in particular walked steadily down the well-lit pathway clad in the gray robes of the Scriptors. Multiple bands of golden stitch work on the edges of his sleeves, hem, and collar denoted his high rank as the head of the Scriptorium. His hawk-like sharp face was framed by a full head of long white hair kept immaculately neat and combed back in a ponytail. As he walked, his clear blue eyes gazed towards the sky, noting the steady stream of anti-gravity vehicles as they flowed in precise lines about the city's skies. Lowering his gaze slightly, he took in the glittering marble and stone spires of the various governmental buildings, his eyes drawn almost instinctively to the massive cupola of glass and crystal banded by panes of enchanted gold and platinum. Surrounding the cupola, and indeed the entire structure, were faintly mirage-like waves of electrical blue energy that signified the powerful magical wards in place around it. In addition to all manner of magical and divine protections surrounding the building, a powerful force field protected it from physical attack, outlining the miles-wide structure in a faint white glow. Beneath the myriad protections was the Imperial Palace, the heart of the Imperium of Light where its immortal ruler, the Great Father, governed the many planets and realms in various realities under His control.

It was not always so large. The Head Scriptor mused idly to himself. In centuries past, it was much smaller and part of a mere city alone in the wilds, loosely connected to the various cities on the continent. Of course, back then, we were not even a united world and the Great Father had only just begun His great work. Now that city has grown so large, the entire planet is one great metropolis and the Imperial Palace is a city in itself!

Lowering his gaze even further, he looked across the road to the various statues, bushes, and areas of cut green grass that were laid out in a small park. Smiling softly at the beauty around him, the man continued on to his destination. Nearby, one could see a silver and mithril armored figure of the Imperial Guard while psychic Imperial Inquisitors robed in white with red markings moved among the populace gracefully. Occasionally, if one knew how to look, they would touch an arm in a subtle gesture to ask the person if their assistance was needed, drawn as they were to the person's psychic turmoil.

Focusing his thoughts in other directions, the man continued on to his destination. Though many in the government considered the hawk-faced man little more than a glorified librarian or civil servant, he took his duties to his office seriously and piously.

The Great Father would expect no less from any of his servants. He consoled himself. After all, how would our great Imperium function if not for the careful record-keeping we employ? Knowledge is power and we are the repository of all knowledge. Any law or regulation, any book written, any document created in this world or any other under our care is kept here.

It was, he admitted privately, a bit of hubris on his part. After all, even with their technological advances and powerful archival systems, such a glut of information could not possibly be contained on a single planet. Even the famous Library planet in another fairly well known universe could not contain every document ever created. Still, he was proud of his work, however menial everyone else considered it. After a few more minutes of walking he came to a large building of steel and stone, the large wooden doors embossed with a large version of the Seal of Imperial Records. Opening the doors, he stepped inside, shutting the doors behind him. Walking across the faux marble floor through the small reception area, he nodded to the receptionist behind her circular desk and walked through a smaller door at the rear of the room. Stepping up to a bank of elevators on one side of the hallway, he entered one and the doors closed. Taking a special key from a pocket in his robes, he inserted it into the keyhole beneath the rows of floor buttons. Once the key was turned, the elevator chimed and quickly zoomed upward to the very top of the structure where his private office was located. Shortly, the elevator chimed and the doors opened, allowing him to step out into the waiting area before him. His shoes sank into the rich forest green carpet as he quickly passed by the dark wood paneling and lavish furniture. He walked by his own receptionist, querying her with a look but a minute shake of her head indicated nothing important had passed her desk. Walking around it, he opened the large wooden doors behind her. Shutting them quietly, he strode to his desk, paying the numerous bookshelves covered with rare volumes from different worlds and data slates no mind. He paused for a moment, looking out the large glass windows behind his desk which offered him a pleasant view of the massive city and its skyline. Turning back to his desk, he sank into the soft chair, pressing a button on a small console next to his hand. A square of soft blue light appeared in front of him and he manipulated the energy field with his finger, bringing up any messages that may have come in during his absence. One of them, surprisingly, was from the office of the Imperial Steward himself, the head of the personal servants assigned to the Great Father. Opening it with a tap of his finger, he began reading. As he read, a smile lit up his face.

To: The Master of the Scriptorium and the Lord of the Hall of Records Lee Morgenstrom

From: The High Steward of the Great Father, Michael Landrum

Brother Morgenstrom:

May the blessings of the Great Father and the Gods of Light be upon you this day. It is my pleasure to inform you that the Great Father has been made aware of your request for a full and complete compendium of our illustrious Empire's history and He has seen fit to grant your request. To that end, the Great Father has graciously agreed to impart His own personal knowledge regarding our earliest history and His own glorious achievements even before our great Empire was founded. These words have been carefully transcribed by myself and checked by the Great Father Himself to ensure the completeness and quality of His words. For this reason, the text you receive shall be considered Sacrosanct, free from error and perfect in its completeness up to the present time. While the Great Father authorizes you to add new material into this history to reflect current and future events, the history presented to you here and now shall not be altered or edited in any way. Also understand that this history is not considered Secret in nature and thus shall be allowed to any who wish to view it, in concurrence with the Right to Freedom of Knowledge decree laid down by Him. As always, should you have questions I am always at your disposal.

Your Brother in the Light

Michael Landrum [Seal of the Office of the Imperial Steward]

Rubbing his hands in delight, the man opened the massive document attached to the letter and began to read a history which had never been fully compiled: the earliest chronicles of the Imperium of Light and the apotheosis of he who would come to be called the Great Father.

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