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Destiny's Bind: A spell that activates one of the darker aspects of prophecy. The people you use must share a destiny in one way or another. It—

Morgana sighed impatiently.

"Yes, I know all that! Where's the spell—Oh, there! Liga eain vita. Et patietur alter alterius vulnera. Recedita semitis eorum adducam dolore. Hoc Arthur et Merlin vinculum quod infrangibile."

Sadly for the men she mentioned, they were about to get a demonstration of just how binding the spell could be.

Arthur and Lancelot were 'training', and it looked a lot more like trying to kill one another. Sometimes Gwen wondered just how much Arthur knew. And Arthur got hit. Not badly for him, but badly for the other person who got hit.


Gwaine was convinced that a pheasant came down and attacked Merlin, but nobody believed him because it's Gwaine.

Eventually they decided on a nasty hummingbird. Because they didn't want to believe that someone had hit him.

But of course, nothing had hit him. You catch my drift? It was like voodoo.

Morgana was very amused. And she also had an idea for new torment. Evil hummingbirds and pheasants! Just brilliant. Of course, that's in addition to the 'sissster'ing technique from Morgause.

Now, Merlin, being the smartish boy he is, was wondering why it had happened. Because it obviously wasn't a mad hummingbird. Or a pheasant. He had noticed the voodoo thing and wondered why it happened.

Now he was smartish, but not fully smart, so he didn't know the spell. All he knew was that he'd better protect Arthur extra-hard, cause this time? It's personal.

Okay, that was clichéd. Sorry.

He had better protect Arthur extra-hard, cause he didn't want to die.

And that's not cool enough!


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