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He stood, towering over me with his hand wrapped around a thin rod with a blue tip. The top glowed bright and for a second I thought it was a flashlight but it wasn't emitting enough light to be a flashlight and it was too thick to be a pen.

The sonic seemed to have an enormous effect on the Taken, similar to the effect of a heavy duty flashlight combined with a bullet from a shotgun. Wake was astounded by the small pocket sized device in The Doctor's hand. Whatever it was, it had just saved his life. He recognized the sound from the cabin and in the car when The Doctor was tinkering with his flashlight. It was like an amplifier of some sort. Wake spotted the second battery lying half buried in the dirt a few feet away. He reached over and snatched it up as he got to his feet. Inserting the batteries into his flashlight, he pointed it at the Taken and flicked the on switch. Now they were reeling backwards. The blue tip glowed bright as The Doctor pointed it at the retreating Taken, both cowering from the tiny bright light and the high pitched whirring. A few shots from Wake's hand gun and the Taken melted into the darkness, gone from existence.

He took a moment to catch his breath before asking, "What the hell is that?".

The Doctor looked down at the object in his hand and frowned before holding it up for Wake to see. "Oh, this? It's a sonic screwdriver. It's like a normal screwdriver, but it's not."

"What exactly does it do?"

"A lot of things. It opens doors, lets me scan extraterrestrial beings, etcetera etcetera. Only it doesn't work on wood. And before you ask, yes, I do realize we're in a forest." He gave Wake a cheeky grin before starting off once again as though nothing had happened. Wake ran a hand through his hair, the sweat matting it down to his skull. Jesus Christ. He glanced over his shoulder, a chill creeping up his spine, before jogging up to the Doctor.

He hadn't told the Doctor this, but when he went vehicle hunting earlier that day he had also went to check out the mine shaft. After a little encounter with Taken inside the mine, he had received a call from the kidnapper instructing him to meet him at Mirror Peak at midnight. It was implied that he was to come alone, but if they used the darkness to their advantage the Doctor could conceal himself and the kidnapper wouldn't be able to tell the difference. At least Wake hoped so. They started up a slope, Wake's blue eyes more alert than ever. They flickered back and forth from the path in front of him to his surroundings. The Doctor didn't seem to mind the darkness or the cold or the fact Taken could appear at any moment. In fact he had taken his first encounter with the Taken extremely well. No screaming, no running, no panicking. Maybe his stories about dealing with malicious aliens were true.

Wake slowed his pace as they approached a footbridge. It creaked upon his first step which worried him a bit. Nonetheless he continued on, beckoning The Doctor to come as well seeing as the skinny man wouldn't weigh them down too much. The bridge swayed ever so slightly as the walked, which didn't bother him as much as the trees that were exploding below. Wake flinched, but didn't slow down. Instead he moved faster. It didn't take long for them to reach the lookout. Both men stared over the edge, momentarily captivated by the beautiful landscape illuminated by the moonlight. The serenity was broken by the sound of shouting, the kidnappers voice. They exchanged puzzled looks before darting up the trail. Wake reached for his gun, the flashlight in one hand. The Doctor on the other hand had his sonic clutched tightly.

They were met by the kidnapper on his knees looking up at a woman in black, her face hidden by a veil. If either them acknowledged the two they didn't show it. The Doctor started towards them, but Wake held him back. Something was about to happen and it wasn't going to be good. The kidnappers pleas were drowned out as the woman in black summoned a dark whirlwind that picked up the kidnapper with ease and tossed him over the edge of the peak. Wake raised his arms in an attempt to shield himself from the wind and debris, but the wind was strong, strong enough to send the two men backing up to the railing. A sudden gust propelled him over the edge, but he reached out and grabbed onto the railing just in time. He clenched his teeth as he dangled there, his arm nearly being yanked out of it's socket. Then The Doctor appeared, leaning over the railing, his brown coat bellowing behind him in the wind. He had one hand similarly grasping onto the railing. The other was extended towards Wake.

"Take my hand!"

With the wind blowing hard enough to flip a truck, his body hanging over Cauldron Lake and one hand holding on for dear life, Wake wasn't in the best position to speak. But as Wake reached up to grasp the other man's hand, the part of the railing he was holding onto snapped off sending the author falling back into the deep, dark, abyss. As he fell he spotted something silver fall with him. Wake grabbed it in the air and quickly realized it was a key attached to a string. The Doctor was shouting something at him, something about the key but he couldn't hear him. He slipped it into his pocket for safe keeping before he felt the ice cold water swallow him whole. Wake closed his eyes as he felt himself sink deeper and deeper into Cauldron Lake.

His eyes snapped open, his two hearts beating faster than normal. The Doctor squinted against the sunlight shining directly in his eyes and let out a soft groan and raised his arms to stretch. He rolled his shoulders and flung his long legs over the side of the bed, slipping his feet into the fuzzy, blue slippers on the ground. Rubbing the back of his neck, The Doctor shuffled over to an armchair and reached out for the customary patient bathrobe, paused, then grabbed his trench coat instead. Donning the beige coat, he stepped out of his room and into the hallway of the Cauldron Lake Lodge.

It had been almost four days since the incident at Mirror Peak. Right after he watched Alan sink into Cauldron Lake, The Doctor made a decision. Instead of diving after Alan, he chose to hightail out of there. A quick scan with his sonic told him that there was something about the water that wasn't normal. He had a good feeling that if he dove into it, he wouldn't survive. Alan on the other hand would. They, whoever they were, wanted Alan alive. He on the other hand was just any other civilian caught in the middle of it all, at least that's what they would think. So he took off, running as fast as he could into the forest and back to civilization. The Taken seemed to ignore him for the most part, which was good because The Doctor was pre-occupied tinkering with his sonic. His plan was to track the modified TARDIS key to track Alan's whereabouts. It took the rest of the night, but after a bit of messing around he managed to pick up a signal coming from what he believed to be the Cauldron Lake Lodge.

Which was why he proceeded to admit himself into the Lodge by stating that he was a deranged musician that had too many issues to count. To prove it, he claimed he sang folk songs from a planet called Gallifrey. He even performed a few of them on the spot with spoons. That and his natural eccentricity did the trick. He spent every spare minute searching for the missing author, but every time he was interrupted by one of the orderlies.

"Where are you, Alan?" he muttered under his breath as he was dragged back to his room by two of the walking refrigerators.