Team 7: A Retelling
By: Tellemicus Sundance
#15: Kakashi's Discovery


As head of the clan, Yoen Shishimaru was a powerful and quite respected individual as both a ninja and a politician. Middle age clearly agreed with him since he was in better shape than many other men his age would've been, physically, politically, and financially. With only a ghosting of grey starting to peek through his short, dark hair, cunning vibrant green eyes, and a strong jawline to compliment his overwhelmingly powerful physique, it was little wonder to Kakashi just why he had been nominated as clan head after the previous had been killed in the last Ninja War.

Presently, Kakashi stood out in the center of the scarred and pockmarked battlefield that laid between the Suna-Konoha task force and the Yoen clan. With him was the Yondaime Kazekage and Yoen Shishimaru. Officially, the two sides had finally accepted the olive branch and were willing to discuss settlement terms between their differences. Kakashi's role was to be the neutral moderator of the discussion, due to him being a largely unaffiliated party in their dispute despite him helping the previous three fights that'd occurred. As it was, things weren't going too well.

Shishimaru's demands were bordering on the edge of ridiculous. Increased political power in the village, higher payments for participating in missions for the village, greater shares of profit in the various items of trade that they helped produce for the village, and preferences to choose the most desirable missions for himself and his kinfolk. The Kazekage was doing a rather admirable job of restraining his obvious (to Kakashi) temper and trying to negotiate a more compromising agreement, but it was quite clear that the talks were going to end rather soon and very poorly.

However, as Shishimaru continued his demands and even adding in some slight propaganda to enhance his stance, Kakashi began to grow suspicious. Even if the Yoen clan were somewhat small, they had a very respectable heritage of being powerful and extremely deadly fighters. All Shakuton users were proud of this heritage and had been quite content to keep with their traditions that had produced such a potent reputation. For them to quite suddenly rise up and stage a revolt against their village, with little to no warning…it was very suspicious.

As these thoughts danced within his mind, an idea began to form in Kakashi. It was possible…probable, actually. Unlikely and quite difficult to pull off, but if the person responsible was skilled enough…

Clearing his throat loudly, Kakashi idly raised one of his hands up to his face to scratch at a nonexistent itch there. Seeing that he'd suitably interrupting the bickering leaders and gained their attentions, Kakashi let loose a light smile, "Sorry to interrupt, gentlemen, but there's something I'd like to check. If I'm wrong, no harm done and you can return to your lively discussions."

"Is there a problem, Hatake-san?" the Kazekage asked, visibly taking some deep breaths to calm himself as he glanced at the slightly taller ninja.

"Possibly," Kakashi said, suddenly raising his hitai-ate and focusing his Sharingan upon Shishimaru intently. Seeing the wavering patterns of chakra that the man was emitting in waves, Kakashi focused upon the batch that was centered around the man's head. Looking intently, he found a very, very slight distortion. The closest comparison would be that of a pebble kicking up ripples in a pond or lake, but far more faint and much easier to overlook. Genjutsu! Bringing his hands up, he grunted out forcefully, "Kai!"

Shishimaru blinked, his vision fogging for a moment before quickly clearing. And when it did, a sudden awareness washed over him and he quickly looked around himself in confusion and slight concern. "Wh-What's going on? K-Kazekage-sama?!"

The Kazekage stared at Shishimaru with a slight look of gaped mouth disbelief. Quickly regaining his self-control, he turned to face Kakashi with a focused gaze. "Genjutsu? But how? Shishimaru-san is much to skilled to be controlled like that."

Kakashi only nodded in agreement. "Whoever did it must've been extremely talented. If not for the Sharingan, I would've missed it entirely myself… Which means someone orchestrated this revolt, using the Yoen clan as pawns." At this statement, Shishimaru visibly flinched in confusion before he realized the obvious and a righteous fire of rage ignited his eyes.

The Kazekage nodded in agreement. "But the questions now are who and why."

For that, Kakashi had no answer.

(Author's Note) This is not my best 'chapter'. In fact, I wouldn't even call this disgrace a chapter! It's way too short! Still, I've felt this overwhelming need to post something on this story, to let you all know that I haven't abandoned it. It's just that my attention has been split between working two jobs now, dealing with a drunk roommate and his buddies, paying bills, and having a rather potent interest in my Star Wars E1 story right now.

So, sorry about the shortness of this 'chapter'. Hopefully, the next one will be of a proper length (8,000 words or more) and much more exciting and amusing.

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