AN: This story begins right after R.A. Salvatore's The Legacy. Also, while it is a divergence story, it will have many similarities to and events from Salvatore's Starless Night.




Part One: Lolth Interferes

When Wulfgar died saving me from the Yochlol, I thought I would never be able to recover. Wulfgar was the man that I was about to marry. There is something that pains me almost as much as his death, however. That is the fact that, while I can fault him for his overprotectiveness and treating me like he owned me, I cannot truly fault him for his jealousy. If he were jealous of anyone else, it would have been ridiculous. However, he was jealous of Drizzt.

Drizzt Do'Urden. I have known him since I was a child. I grew up with him as one of my teachers. He was like an uncle to me back then. As I grew up, though, he became less of an uncle and more of a friend. What I am hesitant to admit, even to myself, is that in the recent years, even after getting engaged to Wulfgar, Drizzt has become more than just a friend to me. I cannot help but ask myself: had I never met Wulfgar, would It perhaps have been Drizzt I was going to marry? With Wulfgar's recent death, and the maelstrom of emotions in my heart, I do not know how much credence to give such thoughts.

But, try as I might, I cannot completely ignore them, either.


Chapter 1: Catti-brie Dies

She was dying. Though he would never claim as such, he knew he was one of the greatest swordsmen in all of Faerun, yet there was nothing he could do to save her. After watching her grow up, after all the adventures they had shared, all the near-death experiances, all the mighty foes they had faced side-by-side, and it was a stray goblin arrow that would take her life. Drizzt Do'Urden wept.

Catti-brie looked up at Drizzt. She knew she was dying, the arrow had pierced her heart, but she was not sad. She had always known that she would die before him. To spend her last moments in his arms, the arms of her dearest friend, she could ask for nothing more. "Don't ye cry for me, Drizzt," She said with a soft smile. Slowly, she brought a hand up to wipe his tears. "We always knew I would go before ye."

Drizzt reached up to grasp her hand. "But it is too soon. I just lost Wulfgar. I can't lose you, too. We're not to far from Mithril Hall, if I can get a healer th-"

"Nae, 'tis too late." Catti-brie coughed, a bit of blood sliding down the side of her mouth. "Goodbye, Drizzt... Do'Urden..." Her head fell to the side and her arm went limp.

"Catti-brie? Catti-brie! No!" Drizzt grasped her hand tightly. He started to pray. "Please, Mielikki, I will do anything, even take her place, just please, PLEASE, save Catti-brie, I can't lose her, as well!"

The voice that answered, however, was most certainly NOT that of his goddess. For one thing, Mielikki would not have answered in the Drow language.

*Do you really wish to have the girl back that badly, my wayward child?* said a soft, seductive voice. A swirl of shadow appeared before him. it swiftly dispersed to reveal the single most beautiful drow female he had ever seen.

He jumped to his feet and snapped out his scimitars, Twinkle glowing a bright blue. *Who are you and what have you come for?* He said harshly. Though she appeared unarmed, he knew that it was folly of the greatest caliber to underestimate a Drow.

*Come now Drizzt, neither you nor your father may have truly worshipped me, but surely you have not forgotten me?* She said with a coy smile.

Drizzt's violet eyes widened as he gasped, *Lolth!* He let his blades fall to his sides. As good a swordsman as he was, not even he could fight one of the Greater Gods, even if this was almost certainly just an avatar. Drizzt did not think anything could surprise him more than having the Spider Queen herself appear in front of him.

He was wrong. Lolth smiled and said, *I heard your plea and decided to grant your request.*

Drizzt was speechless. Lolth, the Spider Queen, Goddess of the Drow, evil goddess of chaos, was going to help him? He could only think of on thing to say. *Why?*

*Why not? It is unbecoming of a goddess to not reward her followers from time to time.*

*I have never followed you!* Drizzt snapped with a scowl.

*Not consciously perhaps, but you cannot deny that chaos and death seem to follow you wherever you go, surface or Underdark.*

Drizzt's shoulder's slumped. She was right. Give or take a few years here or there, it seemed like he was always either in a war or on some adventure surrounded by death and destruction.

Lolth continued, *She has died, so she cannot be healed, but I can bring her back. However...*

Drzzt felt a cold feeling of dread settle in the pit of his stomach. *However?*

Lolth chuckled *Her body will not be the same. I am a goddess of chaos. She will not be Resurrected, she will be Reincarnated.*

Drizzt froze. Reincarnation, being brought back to life, but in a new body. It was impossible for him to know what form she would take, but judging by the look on Lolth's face, she already knew.

*I know you are not going to tell me what she will come back as, but can you at least tell me if she will still be humanoid?*

There was an odd glint in her eye as she said, *Oh, she'll be humanoid alright, but with more deacades of life than any human would ever get.*

While he was happy to hear this, he was still suspicious. *Even when you grant favors to your high preistesses, you still demand that they do something for you. So, what is it that you want from me?*

Lolth grew serious, *Menzoberrenzan has grown far to stable for my liking in the last decade. House Baenre's power has proven to be to much of a stabalizing force. I want you to wipe out every member of the Baenre family.*

A light went on in Drizzt's mind. He was starting to understand. *And you want me to do it because no one house is strong enough to defeat them, and if an outsider kills them it will create a greater power vacuum leading to more chaos.*

*Exactly,* Lolth said with a smirk, *and in exchange I will bring the girl back to life. Also, to aid you, I shall restore your Levitation ability.*

Drizzt was happy to regain his power of Levitation, but it paled when compared to getting back Catti-brie. She may no longer be human, but she would be alive. Also, though he would never admit it, Lolth's words about Catti-brie's new form had made him curious. He squared his shoulders, drew a deep breath, and said, *Very well, I agree to your terms, Lolth.*

*Then let it be done!* With a dramatic flourish of Lolth's hand a cloud of darkness surrounded Catti-brie's body.

When it cleared, Drizzt could only gasp in shock.

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