Kidogo Shujaa

Kano and several other Black Dragon members stood waiting as their customers, members of a particularly violent faction called 'Shujaa', approached in technicals* and motorcycles. The arms dealer glanced at the items the Shujaa had requested and assumed a casual stance, making the knives on his boots very visible. Around him, other Black Dragon members brandished assault rifles and SMGs.

As the Kijujan militants shuffled out of their vehicles, Kano got his first good look at the group. They were armed with mostly Eastern Block weapons and dressed in a combination of military and civilian clothing, with traditional necklaces and arm bands mixed in as well. A thin but imposing militant strode up to Kano, a tattooed cutthroat looking fighter at his side.

"I see you have what we asked for," the leader said, pulling a bag filled with diamonds from his coat pocket, "We've got the amount you needed."

Kano, however raised his hand to stopped the Shujaa leader, "Actually, we're gonna need a bit more, mate."

"You damn poomui*." The cutthroat growled, but was silenced by the leader.

"We agreed to this price, this is what we will pay."

"You neglected to tell me this stuff would be so well guarded," Kano stated, "I lost two men gettin' it. For that, I charge extra."

"We didn't think we had to tell you that Umbrella merchandise would be guarded." The leader stated calmly.

"We'll that's you hard luck, idnit?" Kano said, his aggravation growing, "You pay the added costs or I take this elsewhere, savvy?"

Just then, the door to one of the trucks opened and a woman stepped out. She appeared to be in her late forties, with long dreadlocks and a scar over her sightless left eye, the right was brown. The woman wore a slightly too large camouflage jacket and a white tank top under it and a loose ankle length skirt with traditional African designs. She also wore a beaded necklace, two rings on her right hand, a wedding band on her left and satchel bag on her belt.

Kano noticed the woman's confide, authoritative walk as well as the respectful, and fearful, way the Shujaa regarded her, despite her small frame. Clearly this was the real boss, come to lay down the law. Well, Kano would have none of it.

The leader and his cohort stepped aside and the woman addressed Kano simply. "We had a deal; we'll give you what was agreed and not a penny more."

"Listen lady, like I told yer man there, if you want Umbrella's old chemistry set pay up or piss off."

The woman sighed in exasperation, "And there's no way I can change your mind?"


The woman casually reached into her satchel. Instantly, the Black Dragon guards trained their weapons on her, casing the Shujaa fighters to raise their own arms. Kano's guards lowered their weapons in confusion, however, when she pulled a syringe from it. She rolled up her left sleeve, revealing track marks, and lightly tapped the vein.

"Odd time to mix business and pleasure, aye baby?" Kano asked. Ignoring him, the woman injected herself with the syringe. Beside her, the commander and his man took half a step back. The woman tossed the shot away and looked back at Kano. Both her eyes were red now. "What the hell?"

In an eye blink, the woman was face to face with Kano and had punched him in the chest, breaking two of his ribs. The arms dealer drew one of his knives, but she grabbed his wrist, twisting his arm around and snapping it with her knee.

Meanwhile, the other Black Dragon members had instinctively drawn their weapons on the woman but didn't fire from fear of killing their boss. The Shujaa on the other hand turned their weapons on the Black Dragon. As the brief fire fight went on around her, the woman drove her sandaled foot into Kano's stomach casing him to cough up blood, and pulled a berretta from inside the arm's dealer's vest. Aiming and firing faster than a person should be able; the woman dispatched several Black Dragon guards.

In a few moments the altercation was over. As her commander approached, the woman fired the last few rounds into the flesh part of Kano's face. "Bit harsh, don't you think, Witch Doctor?" the commander asked casually, accepting the offered berretta.

"You cannot let anyone cross you and get away with it, Induna." The Witch Doctor stated flatly, "Besides, this way we get the samples and files for free, and a few new weapons and vehicles to boot." She picked up Kano's knives and grinned, "I like these."


Chris and Sheva walked up the steps to a simple house in London. Strange as it seemed to the Raccoon City survivor, Chris was nervous. Sensing his apprehension, Sheva laid a comforting hand on his arm. "Don't worry, Chris, the Vandys will love you."

Sheva knocked when the agents got to the door, and moments later a large but kind looking African man answered. Seeing Sheva, the man beamed and pulled her into a welcoming hug. Finally, Sheva pulled herself free and turned to her partner turned lover. "Chris, this is Solomon Vandy," Sheva introduced, then with a mischievous smirk added, "The camera man."

Solomon rolled his eyes and held his hand out to Chris. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Redfield, Sheva has told me a lot about you."

"The pleasure's mine, sir." Chris said, shaking Solomon's hand, "I saw you speak in Kimberley."

Solomon waved his hand dismissively and beckoned them inside. As Chris followed them in, he noticed several pictures mounted on the wall; a kind looking African man with his arm in a sling, a smiling American woman between a pair of scowling heavily armed militants, a troubled looking young man, and a family portrait of Sheva and the Vandies.

"That's Benjamin Kapanay," Solomon explained, referring to the man with the sling, "He helped bring Sheva and my son, Dia, 'back to life' as he liked to put it."

"He has a mission for rehabilitating child soldiers," Sheva explained, "It's were I met Dia."

Solomon pointed to the woman with the militants, "That's Ms. Bowen, a friend of the family." Lastly, Solomon pointed to the man, "And that's Mr. Archer."

"He tried to use Solomon to make money off a pretty pink diamond he'd found." Sheva said.

"Sheva," Solomon lightly scolded, "Archer did some bad things, but he wasn't a bad man." Sheva seemed to think on it for a moment, then shrugged her agreement. Solomon turned back to Chris "Now then, I'll introduce you to the rest of the family."

Chris followed Solomon and Sheva into the living room, where a woman with braided hair and a young girl were waiting. "Chris, this is my wife, Jassie, and my daughter, N'Yanda."

Jassie greeted Chris warmly, while N'Yanda asked Sheva something in Swahili. The older girl blushed and lightly smacked her adoptive sister's arm in response. Once she'd regained her composure, Sheva turned to Solomon, "Where's Dia?"

"He wanted to come, but he has an important project at Medical School." Jassie explained. Dia Vandy had committed himself to becoming a doctor after the Vandies had moved to England, after everything Solomon had gone through for him, the young man felt he owed it to his father.

The evening passed pleasantly as everyone talked, joked, and eventually sat down for dinner. Afterward, N'Yanda excused herself to meet with her friends, and Jassie and Sheva strolled onto the back porch, chatting in Swahili, leaving Chris and Solomon alone.

"Sheva seems quite taken with you, Chris." Solomon said casually, offering the younger man a Corona. Oh, boy, Chris thought as he accepted the drink. "There was a man back in Sierra Leone, called himself General Poison," the fisherman said conversationally, "he hurt Dia and threatened Jassie and N'Yanda. I smashed his skull with a shovel." Chris felt a chill run down his spin as Solomon held out his bottle, showing he got the message by clicking it with his own and they both drank.

Shortly afterward, Sheva and Jassie returned. "It's getting late, we really should get going." Sheva said before hugging Solomon again, "It was great to see you."

"Oh, Sheva, before you go," Jassie called as she quickly made her way into her and Solomon's room. She returned moments later with an intricate, beaded necklace. "We found this the other day, we thought you should take it."

Sheva somberly accepted the necklace, turning to her adoptive parents, "I thought I'd lost this, thank you."

Later, at their shared hotel room, Chris emerged from the shower to find Sheva looking intently at the necklace. "You mind telling me about it?" he asked.

"It…it belonged to my mother." Sheva explained, a tear threatening to fall. "She used to call me 'Kidogo Shujaa', her little warrior." Chris sat down next to Sheva and wrapped his arm around her as she cried.


Technical-A civilian vehicle converted for military use, such as adding armor or mounting weapons.

Poomui-African slur for white people.