Uninvited Guests

Author's Note-Just like to thank everyone that favorited and commented, inspiring me to dust off my stories and start writing again. Hopefully, I can get back into the swing of it.

Chris sat on the floor propped up against a wall, having given up on trying to get the door open. The burly agent had been put into some kind of pen or holding cell. What Umbrella had kept in there, he didn't know, nor was he eager find out.

Chris let out an exasperated sigh. He didn't know where the militants had taken Sheva, and after the way many of them had looked at her, just the thought of what they might be doing to her made his fists tighten in helpless rage.

Chris had volunteered to stay on with the West Africa Branch after the semi-disastrous mission against Wesker, with Sheva as his partner. Between subsequent missions, the two had gotten to know each other and grown closer. Chris still wondered if it had been wise to introduce Sheva to Claire when Terrasave came to provide humanitarian aid to the area. His partner and sister had become friends almost immediately, which in turn brought Chris much grief.

The turning point from friendship to romance had been the "Moscow Incident". The BSAA had reports of a Plagas outbreak in Russia and as the most experienced agents with the BOWs reported to be in the area, Chris and Sheva had been flown out to deal with the situation.

Only to find the Russian Army had already massacred the infected and Umbrella members alike.

With the mission scraped, Chris and Sheva had been left stranded in Moscow for just over a week until BSAA could arrange transport for them. The Muscovites were reasonably friendly toward Chris, and after he punched a man's teeth out for making a 'monkey joke' toward Sheva as well.

For her part, Sheva often found herself literally clinging to Chris. Having spent most of her life in Western Africa, she did not take to the cold well. Sure, she'd spent a few years in the UK, but winter in London wasn't as bad as Moscow in February*. Chris was more than happy to share his body heat, and found he rather liked the feel of her body pressed up against his.

After a few days, the agents had decided to sample the Moscow nightlife. They returned to their hotel slightly tipsier then they'd intended, and tightly braced together against the cold. With the help of Liquid Courage, Chris was a bit bolder then he'd normally have been, one thing lead to another-


Chris was suddenly pulled out of his reverie when the old bolt on the door loudly unlocked and the door swung leisurely open. Induna casually strolled in, flanked by scowling Kalashnikov wielding militants. The commander smiled down at Chris and said, "Enjoying your stay, master? We like to make our guests comfortable."

"Where the hell is Sheva?" Chris barked, raising to his feet, "I swear if you-"

"Relax, master," Induna said, raising a soothing hand, "Nobody'd dare touch the Witch Doctor's little girl. On that note, you should probably worry about yourself."

"What are you talking about?"

"A few years back, some agent type like you came sniffing around after us; the Witch Doctor did things that took two days to kill the bastard." One of the commander's guards chuckled at the memory, "And you come in here with her little girl on a leash…heheh, you are one brave white man."

"Her little girl? What are you talking about?" Chris asked, "What the hell is going on?!"

"That girl, Sheva, she's the Witch Doctor's Daughter," Induna explained, enjoying Chris's confused look, "I swear, she look just like her mama."

Chris was still having trouble wrapping his head around the situation. "This doesn't make any sense, Sheva said her parents were killed, nearly everyone in the building died when this place went up."

"She's a tough lady," Induna agreed with a shrug, "Pretty soon, her new world will be in the making."

At that comment, Chris turned to the commander. Induna wasn't like any bio-terrorist Chris had ever encountered. He carried himself with calm dignity, he commanded genuine respect from his men, and he didn't have a trace of the greed and self-importance Wesker and his cadre had always oozing form every pore. In sort, he seemed like just the kind of person Chris would expect to fight against terrorists.

"Why are you doing this?" Chris asked earning a questioning look from Induna, "You were a soldier, can't you see you're just making things worse?* We're trying to help you!"

"Help?" Induna scoffed, his mocking tone gone, "Your kind of help would take ten years to do anything! I know, when I joined the army everywhere I looked it was same as it is now; starving babies with flies in their eyes, little girls being raped and hacked apart, and twelve year olds with Kalashnikovs. And at the rate the Buzzsaw and those that came before were going, it'd be twenty years before things got any better. Then the Witch Doctor came. She has a vision for Africa, and she gets things done. That's why I left the army and joined her, that's why I'm here."

Before Chris could respond, a young Shujaa appeared in the doorway. "Excuse me sir, but Tsotsi's back, he says he needs to talk to you."

"Tell him I'll be right there," Induna said without looking away from Chris, "We'll talk more later, master." With that, he turned and left with his guards.


"Say hello to my little friend!" Carlos shouted as he fired a round from his new grenade launcher at a cluster of Majini, blasting them apart.

Leon rolled his eyes as he reloaded his newly acquired Uzi. Beside him, Jill took careful aim at, and shot, an army sniper with her Dragunov. "Can't believe that man just gave us this stuff." She said, "Did he really think he'd see us again, with all that's happening?"

"Oh, we'll see him again," Leon said, pulling a bag of local currency from a fallen Majini, "We'll go into a cave, or a fortress, or something and there he'll be with a whole shop all set up, and a couple of blue fire torches. Just wait."

The three agents scanned the area to find an eerie calm had fallen over the area. Taking advantage of the lull in the fighting, they began quickly making their way to their original target. As they did, Leon connected with Hunnigan. "Ingrid, has there been any word from Chris and Sheva?"

"BSAA says they're target turned out to be a bust," Hunnigan reported, "They followed a trail left by the Shujaa and near anyone can tell, they're near the city."

"Think we should see if they're okay?" Carlos asked.

"If we can find that hideout, we can probably get an idea where they trailed the Shujaa too." Jill suggested.

Leon considered Jill's suggestion, and finally shrugged. "Screw it, let's do. We'll find the safe house and see where to go from there."


Bedford lay at the top of a hill, Kahega at his side, watching the entrance to Umbrella's old facility through the scope of his rifle. Down below, several technicals loaded with Shujaa arrived, some with captured soldiers in tow. The Shujaa had several sentries around the old factory, and Bedford's fellow mercenaries were spread out ready to spring their assault as soon as he fired his first shot.

Luis and Jones were the closest to the guards, having already slight a few throats to make the going easier for their less stealthy comrades. The rest had set themselves up to catch as many militants in overlapping crossfire as possible. Even so, Bedford could tell it would be a hard fight. Maybe a few of the yanks will get fragged and my share will get bigger, the sniper thought.

Setting back into his training, Bedford waited several minutes after the technicals had disappeared into the facility, waiting for the guards to settle back into their routine. Finally picking his target, a spotter in the tallest tower, Bedford exhaled slowly and gently squeezed the trigger.


February-It's the coldest month in Moscow, temperatures often drop to minus 10-15 degrees Celsius.

Just making it worse-Early in development of RE5, Sheva was a member of the local militia who'd been hired to act as Chris's guide. Also, the two didn't like each other at first, with Chris thinking the militia was just making things worse and Sheva thinking the BSAA wasn't doing anything at all. While I adore the version of Sheva we got, I still think it would have been interesting to see some of that debate, and so transferred the dynamic to Chris and Induna.