Hi everyone. Don't ask me where this story comes from. I started playing with the plot then my ghostwriter took over and look it was ten chapters long and in desperate need of some editing LOL. This story will update quickly maybe one chapter a day since I have to work on it. Some of the chapters are going to be longer than others only because I had to break it up in weird places just so the whole document wasn't in one chapter.

A few warnings before I get started. This story does not have my usual dark action in it. It's just a little fluffy romance with Seto in desperate need of help. I'm feeling lonely and look what I did LOL

Warnings for the whole story: Suicidal thoughts, violence, and yaoi (man on man action) If any of these bother you please don't read this story. Each one of them are laced somewhere in the story.

For all those who are ready to start this journey with me. Welcome and please follow me.


Chapter One

Seto sat in his office, glancing through the endless pile of papers he had to read through and approve. He scratched his tired eyes and threw his glasses down on top of the pile directly in front of him. It had been several days since he slept longer than a cat nap on the black couch in his office, nearly three months since he returned to his mansion. After the fight with Mokuba followed by him disappearing, Seto found himself spending even less time at home. His office was equipped with everything except a bed and a working kitchen, not that he need either. Standing up, he walked over to the large tinted windows that reached from the floor to the top of the ceiling. His bare feet felt wonderful against the soft off-white carpet that lined his office.

It was a hot summer day, not that Seto noticed being in air conditioning all day. It felt strange that he no long worried about anything other than running the company. He graduated from high school nearly ten years ago. He frowned and glanced back at his desk. Somewhere among his messy desk was an invitation to the ten year reunion. The school tried to keep the classmates in touch by offering a gathering ever five years. Seto was away on business the last time, and he refused to cancel his trip in order to join his classmates at the party. He stretched and run his fingers along his sore back. Even with the most comfortable expense chair, Seto still suffered from stiff backs from remaining in the same position for several long hours.

The sun was beginning to set. He walked over to the adjoined bathroom and splashed some water on his face. Most of his staff would be leaving. He was never apart of the race for the elevators at the end of the day. Being the CEO, his days never ended on a timely manor. Walking back to his desk, Seto reached into his drawer to order his dinner for the night. His usual nightly security would bring it up upon its arrival. He was always more at peace when the sun finally set. The janitors never bothered him except to clean his office and bathroom. His security never called him about trespassers, and no one was calling him about emergency meltdowns and endless questions about which direction they should go. He sat back and watched the sunset through the clouds and buildings. He always admired the beautiful view and found himself watching the sun hide itself from view ever night.

He paused at his show only once to let his security in with his dinner, Chinese. Picking through his food with his chopsticks, he found himself barely eating again that night. The uncomfortable feeling that something was amiss in his life and would burrow out of control plagued his thoughts. Pushing the food off to the side, he shifted through his papers until he found the invitation to the ten year reunion. He thought for a few minutes before putting the invitation down and moving towards the computer. Using the web address attached to the invitation, he placed his name down on the reservation. Usually he would never go to one of those gatherings, but his life felt empty, and he wondered if seeing some of his old classmates would distract him for at least one night of loneliness.

Sighing heavily, Seto shut down his computer and reorganized his desk. It was early in the evening, but he didn't have any desire to do anymore work. Glancing at his forgotten food, he threw it into the garbage. Curling up on the couch, he pulled the blanket out from underneath it and drifted off quickly to sleep. His dreams were filled with memories of being with Yugi and his party of friends. He wondered how they were all doing. Did they go to college or skip it? Seto shifted in his sleep as his once peaceful dream turned into a nightmare. He was running through endless dark streets from an unknown person or thing that he thought would kill him if he was caught. He ran into a dead-end and turned towards the dark shadow that blocked the light from the street.

He screamed and jerked awake, but oddly enough the sound of his voice was different. He tried to speak again, but a small yelp came from his lips. Afraid that he lost his voice during the night, Seto tired to pull himself into a sitting position, but his body barely moved to stand. Glancing down, he saw small furry brown legs. He tried to scream again, but now he knew the noise that came from his throat sounded more like a cat screeching. There was a knock at the door, before the night janitor came in. "I'm sorry to disturb you, Mr. Kaiba, but I thought..." the man trailed off. "I guess you went home tonight." Hiroki looked at the couch and stopped when he saw the small brown kitten. "How did you get in here? Mr. Kaiba doesn't like animals. Sorry, honey, but you have to go."

The large hands wrapped around Seto who tried to scrum his way out of them. He scratched and hissed, but nothing he did would loosen the man's grip. Hiroki walked down the flight of stairs until he reached the bottom floor. Opening the service door, he threw the kitten outside into the dark night. Seto tried to talk, but small meows were the only thing that passed his lips. He lifted himself up on wobbly feet, watching the door shut before him. He bowed his head and moved out of the way and lied along the side of the building.

He was confused on how he suddenly became a kitten. He didn't eat anything that was out of the ordinary. He was sure his security would have noticed someone breaking in. He also didn't know any chemical or spell for that matter that would change him into something different. He put his head down on his paws and stared at the strange world. Everything was dull with the lack of color and confused his mind more with numerous people and cars moving about in the main street in front of him. A small whine came out of him as if he was crying, but he didn't feel any tears only the pain in his heart. The loneliness must have gotten to him.

He closed his eyes a few seconds before he heard furious barking and growling. He jerked up unable to make out a person's voice over the loud barking. His fur stood on ends, and his back arched naturally. The barking quiet and turned into a low growl. Seto stared at the huge brown dog. He backed further until he stumbled over a box. He jumped from something touching him and barely scurried away from the box that threatened to fall over him. He ran into a leg and was picked up by large, warm hands. Attempting to scratch and squirm his way out of the hands, the man pulled his shivering body close to him. "Easy," a familiar voice whispered. "Roy and I won't hurt you." The one hand gently ran his fingers through Seto's fur, causing his tense form to relax almost instantly.

The dog growled, causing Seto to bury himself into the warm jacket. "Quiet, Roy. You're scaring him." Jou moved the kitten into his giant coat pocket and walked over to the dog he tied to the drainpipe. Seto struggle in the pocket, but Jou held most of the pocket closed with one hand and walked Roy back to his work.

He walked through the door and one of the nurses walked up to him. "How was he?"

"He's fine. Let the owner know that he just needs more exercise. In the meantime, I found a kitten by Kaiba Corp. I'm going to check him over and then go home for the night. Roy scared the poor thing."

Jou walked through the noise veterinarian hospital, ignoring the various animal sounds and walked into the small room, shutting the door behind him. He pulled the kitten out of his pocket. Seto instantly shook his body and had strange urges to lick his fur clean. Jou walked away from him, giving Seto his first view of him. He meowed softly, trying to get Jou's attention.

"It's okay, little guy. Nothing is going to hurt you here." Jou walked back over and scratched behind Seto's ear. Seto instantly purred feeling the odd vibration from somewhere in his body. He reached into the basket of supplies and brought over with him and took the thermometer out. Jou gently stuck it up his rectum. Seto instantly squirmed, meowing his protests. Jou gently slid his hand down Seto's back, trying desperately to calm to scared animal.

He pulled the thermometer out and pulled the kitten into his arms. He felt oddly guilty as if he was torturing a small child. Once the trembles in the small kitten calmed, he placed the little guy back down on the table. He coaxed Seto into standing while he checked his heart and lungs. "Well, little guy, you seem healthy. A little too thin, but that's to be expected. Let's get you over to the kennel so someone could adopt you."

Jou picked Seto up and pulled him back into his warmth. Seto loved being that close to Jou's warm body. It left him feeling less cold and lonely. Jou placed him into one of the smaller cages. Seto turned around and instantly meowed at the blond, trying to get him not to leave him alone in the cage with no place safe to go. Jou stuck his finger into the cage and gently pet Seto's cheek. "It's okay. Someone will come and adopt you soon. Then you'll be happy."

Jou turned and left, ignoring the barking and meows from the other animals. He shut the lights off, leaving Seto in his cage. Seto lied down and placed his head on his paws. He whimpered and meowed; trying to call out to the one person he thought he was lucky to have met. He didn't like being in the small cage. Unable to sleep, he moved over to the back corner and curled up. The night dragged on with only the dogs waking when someone would come into the room. Every time, Seto lifted his head and looked for Jou, but the blond hadn't come back.


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