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Chapter Ten

The next few weeks went by quickly. Seto returned to work and managed to complete all the work he had backed up in a matter of one week. He felt rejuvenated and for the first time in his life, he was antsy to go home. He had already moved most of his belongs into Jou's house that he had stored in his office, and his usual white sports car always sat in the driveway with Jou's black sedan. He never proposed moving back into the mansion even though Jou knew it would be coming soon. Jou found himself wandering around the house while he waited for Seto to return ever night. He thought of what it would mean to leave his first house. Was it moving their relationship to quickly to expect to move in with Seto? They had only been in a relationship for two months now. The first night that they confessed to each other they were going to make love. It was never good to move a relationship that quickly. Maybe Seto felt the same and that was why he hasn't offered to move them back into the mansion. He couldn't expect Seto to move in with him permanently. Seto would not be protected as well in Jou's house.

Jou smiled as the front door opened. Seto set his keys down on the table by the door and placed his briefcase as usual beside the table. He walked over to the blond and tilted his head up with his right hand and kissed him softly. "You got it off today," Jou whispered.

"Isn't that the green light," Seto whispered into Jou's ear. "They said I had to exercise it to get the strength back into the muscles." Jou's eyes fluttered shut as he leaned his head against the wall. Seto slid down and kissed his lovers neck.

"Oh no you don't," Jou pushed Seto away. "Food comes first. I swore I would put more meat on your bones. Now let's go eat. We can play all you want later. I'm off tomorrow." Seto smirked and followed Jou into the dinning room. The meal was ready, making Seto wonder how long Jou had been home. He glanced at the clock, noting that it was his usual time. "I got off early," Jou answered his unvoiced question.

Seto chuckled and sat down. "You can read my thoughts already."

"Just your facial expressions. You've never expressed your emotions around me until after you were changed into a kitten. They are easy to read."

"Now you see why I hide them."

Jou smiled and held up his glass of wine. "This is our two month anniversary. I wish I had romantic words to say to you, but that wouldn't be us, would it?"

Seto laughed. "Happy anniversary, love."

The two enjoyed their meal together and even cuddled on the couch, watching the evening news. It was a habit Seto fell into. He always wanted to make sure that nothing was happening that he should prepare his company for and to insure that no one knew about their relationship. Even though he was ready to proclaim it to the world, he wasn't sure how Jou would feel about that. Slow and steady was the best way he always heard. Jou shifted in his arms, kissing the arm he had secured around his chest. Jou slid into his lap and kissed Seto's neck. Seto moaned and placed both of his arms around Jou's waist to brace him. "I'm starting to think you like being in my lap."

Jou grinded their hips together. "We fit perfectly like this."

The blond continued kissing along Seto's shoulder. The CEO was slowly losing the battle. He pulled Jou into his arms and started walking them upstairs. Jou was shocked at how much strength Seto had for someone who just had his cast removed. He smiled; noticing that most of his weight was braced on Seto's left side. Jou wrapped his legs tighter around Seto's waist and lifted most of his weight off Seto's arms.

Seto gently eased Jou down on the bed. He stood up and removed his shirt before leaning down and sealing their lips together. Jou ran his fingers over Seto's now firm chest. Eating three square meals a day was doing wonders on Seto's body. He was beautiful two months ago, but now he looked gorgeous and glowed like the morning sun. Jou removed his own shirt, breaking their kiss for only a second.

Through their heated passion, they managed to remove all articles of clothes and now grinded against each other. Jou broke their kiss and gasped. "Please, Seto, no teasing. I want you more than I can express."

Seto smiled and licked around the shell of Jou's ear. Jou reached blindly through the nightstand's drawer for the bottle of lubricate he kept there. No one ever said that the two lovers didn't play while they waited for Seto's cast to come off. Seto intertwined their fingers around the bottle. He took it from Jou's hand and leaned up. He stared at Jou's body lying beneath him. The fast pace of his chest rising and falling. His member twitched with anticipation. His skin glistened with small beads of sweat. Jou was beyond beautiful.

Seto slid his hands along his lover's inner thighs, spreading them gently. He opened the floral scented oil that they both loved. It made them feel like they were in the middle of a meadow. Gliding the substance along his fingers, Seto stared up at Jou's honey eyes. The blond smiled at him and spread his legs further for his lover. They debated for hours and days even on who was going to take who on their first time. Jou never yield his position. He wanted Seto to take him first. Seto twirled his finger along Jou's entrance before easing the first one in. Jou moaned even through the strange sensation. No matter how many times they played like this, Jou could never get over the first initial finger going in. He knew eventually that everything will come naturally to them.

He hissed as the second finger was pushed in, scissoring him gently. Seto leaned down and kissed his lover. He knew that it was uncomfortable and painful at times, but he was going to ease it as best of his could. Once the third finger joined the other two, Jou couldn't help but close his eyes. Seto wrapped his fingers of his free hand around Jou's member, pumping it in time with his fingers. Jou gasped and arched his back off the bed. That's what they were missing the last time. He completely forgot about the pain and discomfort.

Seto pulled his fingers out and kissed Jou through his whines. Seto leaned up to reach for the box of condoms, but Jou stopped him. "Just use the lube. I want to feel you completely."

Seto sat back on his knees again and reached for the discarded bottle. "Are you sure?"

"Very," Jou groaned. "Hurry."

Seto didn't object and made sure his member was slick enough before leaning up to Jou again. He reached for Jou's hand and intertwined their fingers again. He knew that if Jou was in pain then he would either squeeze his hand or show it through his face. He guided himself into Jou, gently pushing himself in. Jou squeezed his hand slightly. He felt the pain, but he knew that it would get better.

Once Seto was fully seated, he stayed there for a few seconds, waiting for Jou to adjust to him. He kissed him gently until he felt Jou's hips meeting his. Seto broke the kiss and eased out until the head was just inside. He pushed back in unleashing a moan from his lover. Their pace was slow and loving, allowing them to kiss and touch ever part of their lover's skin.

The pace became too slow for Jou, and he met Seto's thrusts. "Oh gods, Seto, please. Faster." Jou moaned loudly when Seto quicken his pace and hit his prostate dead on.

Seto pulled Jou into his lap and used his arms and hips to thrust into his lover. Jou met every thrust with his own. The pleasure was building, and he felt like he could explode at any moment. Seto reached between them and pumped Jou with their thrusts. He knew he wasn't going to last much longer. Jou cried out, coating both of their chests and stomachs with his release. Seto groaned as the walls around his member tighten. It only took a few more thrusts before Seto finished inside of Jou.

The two panted for a few moments in that same position before lying down on the bed. "Seto, I love you."

Seto kissed Jou. "I love you too."

"That was beyond belief."

"Thank you."

Jou smacked him in the arm and chuckled. The two shared a deep kiss before deciding that they both needed a shower. They held each other in the shower, washing and caressing their bodies. Once they were cleaned and the sheets changed, the two lied in the afterglow, neither speaking for the longest time.

Just before Seto was about the dose off, Jou leaned close to him. "Why haven't you asked me to move to the mansion with you yet?" The question burned in Jou's mind, and he couldn't keep it contained anymore.

"I know how hard you worked to get this house. I didn't want to upset you by just asking you right away. Then I began to wonder why it would have to be my house that we lived in."

"It's safer for you."

"I'm not worried about that. I could get security in this place just as easily."

"What if I would tell you that I wouldn't mind moving into your mansion?"

"Why would you give up this house?"

"It has a lot of happy memories in it, and I've only lived here for a short amount of time. You've lived in that mansion for most of your life and never had good memories in it, have you?" Seto stared at Jou not sure where he was going with it. "It has everything set up that you would need to run your life on top of the fact that it could keep you safe. Safer than having security in this place. Seto, this is just a house, there are many of them out there, but there is only one of you. This place may be a landmark for me, but there are more coming later on in life. Lets go back to your mansion and dispel all the horrible memories you have and replace it with good ones. I want you to be comfortable and safe."

"Why would you do that for me? I could easily make this place just as protected as my mansion."

"I don't want you to pay for two places."

"It won't be a problem."

"Seto, listen to me!" Jou was slowly getting frustrated. It seemed like Seto didn't want to ever return to that mansion, but he knew that Seto had it all set up to support his lifestyle. "I don't know how much longer I could protect you here. Even with your security, I'm sure that someone would find a way to get to you."

"That could happen in the mansion too."

"But it's less likely, isn't it? You have that wall all around it, and the house is about a half a mile or more away from the stone perimeter. Ever inch of it probably has security cameras on top of the fact that you could probably run your company from that house incase you can't get outside. Seto, your safety is worth giving up this house."

"We don't have to give it up. We can still keep this house and come here on vacations or something."

Jou chuckled. "I never thought of that. Protecting you was all I could think about, and I knew I couldn't do it living here."

Seto leaned in and kissed him. "Thank you, Katsuya, for always being considerate, but I want you to be sure that you want to move in with me. I don't want to push you into a decision."

"I'll go anywhere with you as long as you remain safe."

Seto leaned in and whispered in Jou's ear, "Remember that I'll protect you just as much as you protect me. We might have some difficult times ahead with the press and my company, but I will never stop loving you no matter what anyone says."

Jou smiled and kissed him. "Love you, always and forever."

Seto leaned over and glanced at the clock. A sudden thought came to his mind and he chuckled. "Do you know what we missed?"

Jou stared at like he was crazy. "No, what?"

"The reunion was tonight."

Jou laughed. "I think this is the better reunion."

"I agree."

As the two shared their passionate kiss before going to sleep, Atemu stood by the window of his bedroom. Yugi slept peacefully behind him. The two returned early from the reunion after noticing that Jou and Seto weren't coming. Yugi was exhausted and chose to go right to sleep, but the former pharaoh was restless. Atemu gazed at the moonlight as a figure appeared beside him. "My pharaoh," the figure whispered and bowed. "How could I ever thank you enough."

Atemu turned to him. "I owed you, cousin. I couldn't protect your lover back then, but I swore to reunite you once the two of you were reborn together. It took a lot of persuasion, but I managed it. Have a happy life, Seth, and protect him. I don't know if I'd be able to do this again."

"Do not worry, my pharaoh. This time I will protect him with everything I have. This Seto Kaiba has a lot of means at his disposal."

Atemu chuckled. "That he does." Seth faded into the night to return his reincarnated soul. Atemu slid back under the covers and pulled his lover into his chest. Now everything felt at peace.


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