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Kamijou Touma was having the best week he's had in a long time. Index had been asking for only 3 helpings at breakfast & dinner, so that was a blessing to his wallet. The ATM hadn't eaten his card in over a week, which was a blessing to him because with his card still in hand, he had been able to buy his precious source of protein at every super sale at the market this past week. Right now, there was NOTHING that could upset Touma, but life would certainly try…

Touma sighed happily as he walked down the semi-crowded streets of Academy City, his hands in his pockets. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, Touma felt like it was his lucky day.

"Let's see…grocery shopping is done, Index is off with Hyouka, homework is done as well…what should I do now?" Touma asked himself pulling out his cell phone to check the time. "I guess I could go to the arcade…haven't been there in a while."

Nodding his head in agreement to himself, Touma turned at the next corner and began making his way to the closest arcade. Upon arrival, Touma noted that it was fairly buy that day, but after some quick maneuvering, he was able to get a machine. Popping a game token into the machine, he began playing the game, a fighting game. It wasn't long before the words 'A Challenger Appears' flashed on his screen.

Touma smirked at the challenge screen, quickly accepting the challenge. "Bring it on." Touma said determinedly. As Touma began to fight hi opponent, he quickly realized that his opponent was just as skilled as him, if not more. This caused Touma to grin, as he rapidly moved the joystick and pressing the buttons quickly.

"Take this! The Kamijou Special." Touma whispered, so he wouldn't be overheard, as his character began to use its' special move, but quick as a flash, his move was not only cancelled and his character sent flying back by his opponent, but blasted by the opponents special move as well knocking him out, ending the match in the opponents favor.

Sighing in frustration, Touma stood to greet his opponent.

"That was a great game; I'm impressed you were able to do that." Touma said as he waited for his opponent to greet him. Touma was surprised when his opponent stood to greet him, revealing herself to be a girl younger than him with long black hair, a flower hairclip in her hair, and blue eyes that seemed to radiate joy and happiness from the fact that she just won.

"That's, you were good too, but seriously though? 'The Kamijou Special'?" The girl said, her hand held up to her mouth trying to hold back giggles. "What do you think this is? A shounen manga?"

Touma chuckled sheepishly as he rubbed the back of his head, a blush forming on his cheeks, embarrassed that his "special move" was overheard.

"Yeah…I supposed that is kind of silly, but it's been a while since I've been here." Touma said as he struck out his hand to the younger girl. "Kamijou Touma, what's your name?"

The girl reached over, grasping his hand and giving it a good firm shake. "Saten Ruiko. Did you say Kamijou? Where have I heard that name?" Ruiko asked herself, cupping her chin in her hand looking at the floor, her mind trying to recall where she heard that name before eventually shrugging her shoulders and taking a seat once more at the console. "Oh well, it'll come to me eventually. Until then, care to play some more?"

"Sure, best out of 3? Loser buys lunch?" Touma asked. Seeing Ruiko nod her head, the two began their little competition, enjoying each other's company.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~A while later~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Saten Ruiko sighed happily as she took her seat at the local WcDonalds, a tray of food in front of her, her spoils of war. "Thanks again, Kamijou-san. I was getting pretty hungry."

"Yeah, it's no problem. I did say loser would have to pay for lunch." Touma said, a sense of satisfaction filling for buying lunch despite knowing that he lost. He tried pretty hard in that last game, but Ruiko just seemed to have plenty of tricks up her sleeves. "So what year are you in?"

"I'm a first year in middle school." Ruiko said chewing on a fry. "What about you?"

"I'm a second year high school student." Touma said as he took a sip of his drink, glad that he was getting to know a new friend. "Do you do anything special?"

Ruiko shook her head, her eyes looking a tad down cast thinking Touma had asked if she was an esper. Touma regretted his actions upon seeing that look in her eyes.

"Nope…I'm just a plain old level 0." Ruiko said, a sense of sadness flowing through her as she looked out the window to the people passing by.

"Hey, there's nothing with being a level 0. I'm a level 0, so don't say there is nothing you can't do." Touma said as he stared at her, trying to cheer her up. "Look at Judgement, I bet there are plenty of level 0's in it."

At the mention of Judgement, Ruikos' head snapped up looking at Touma, shock in her eyes. "That's where I know you from! Shirai-san is always talking about you!" Ruiko said snapping her fingers in joy.

"Huh? Really?" Touma asked, wondering what the younger twin-tailed oujou-sama would say about him.

"She said something about a barbarian getting his dirty mitts on her 'Onee-sama'." Ruiko said as Toumas' head drooped down mumbling softly "Such Misfortune…" causing Ruiko to giggle softly at Toumas' reaction. "But I don't think you're a barbarian."

Touma chuckled pitifully as he kept his head down, a sense of gloom hanging over him. "Thanks, Saten-san. I guess it could be worse." Touma said as he lifted his head, the gloom disappearing quickly, to the sight of Ruiko offering him a comforting smile.

The two continued to talk for a while more, until the buzz of a phone went off. Both Touma and Ruiko quickly pulled out their phones checking to see who it was that called. Touma saw that it wasn't his phone that was buzzing, but Ruiko's. Ruiko quickly answered her phone.

"Hmm, Uiharu? What's up? …Eh? Seriously? I'll be there right away!" Ruiko said before hanging up her phone and putting it away. She began to quickly gather up her trash onto her tray before giving a look to Touma. "I'm really sorry, Kamijou-san, but I have to go. My friend needs me to help her with something."

Touma nodded his head in understanding, having had to rush off to help friends when they called him more then once. "No problem, Saten-san. I should probably get home as well. I hope to see you again."

After dumping her trash off into the garbage can, she gave Touma a wave goodbye before rushing off down the street to friends' place. Touma sighed softly as he began to walk down street at a much more casual pace, heading home himself. As Touma walked down the street, he stopped when he heard a shriek of fright. Looking to his right down an alleyway, he noticed a large man wrestling a blonde haired woman to the wall, his hands groping anywhere and everywhere they could get to. Without thinking twice, Touma rushed down the alleyway.

"Le-let me go! Please let me go." The woman begged her attacker. "Please don't-"

"Shut it woman. You're going to take it and like it. Or else." The man said as he held up his hand, a palm sized fireball appearing.

"NOOOOOO!" the woman screamed loudly, struggling valiantly against her attacker, trying to escape his tight grip.

"I said shut-"The man began, but never got to finish before a punch struck him in the jaw. Hard.

The attacker staggered back groaning in pain, his jaw throbbing. Turning to look at his attacker, he noticed Touma standing there, his right fist clenched tightly.

"Hey, the lady said no. No means no." Touma said as he stepped forward, ready to fight if it came down to it.

The attackers' eyes flashed at Touma before giving a smirk. "That's a pretty mean right hook you got kid, but you won't be able to stop me! I'm Hotei Genta, The Fire King!"

Genta held out his hand once more, another fireball appearing, only several times larger than the one that was used to threaten the woman. Throwing it at Touma, Genta just laughed as he watched Touma thrust his hand at the fireball as if trying to stop it in its tracks. The sounds of a mirror shattering filled the air as the fireball was quickly snuffed out of existence revealing Touma standing there completely unharmed.

"If you think that you're invincible just because of that, then I'll have to shatter that illusion of yours!" Touma said as he charged Genta once more.

Gentas' eyes flashed in hear as he tried to back up. "O-oi, what're you doin-" Genta began, but never got to finish as Toumas' fist smashed into his face, breaking his nose and sending the man to the ground unconscious, blood flowing from his nose.

Touma exhaled deeply, after making sure Genta was down for the count before turning to the blond woman. "Are you alri-"Touma said before a fist slammed into the top of his head.

"What the hell did you do that for, idiot?" The woman screamed at him. "You were supposed to take the hit!"

Before Touma could answer, a loud buzzing sound filled the alleyway before doors appeared on the walls to the left and right of him. The first door to his right opened up revealing a somewhat balding man wearing a white jacket and pants, a half buttoned black silk shirt, a pair of sunglasses resting on his forehead, and various pieces of jewelry on his body.

"Cut, cut, cut!" The man said as he held up a rolled up booklet, pointing it at Genta. "Someone get him a doctor and NOT one from trailer 3."

From the other doors, groups of people rushed out, some making their way around the alleyway revealing various cameras and lights that Touma never realized were there. Others made their way to the buxom blond giving her water, fixing her hair and make-up, and others just talking to her. The last group of people Touma noticed, which included 2 doctors and 3 nurses, made their way to the still unconscious and bleeding Genta giving him a check-up. The man in white sighed deeply as he turned to Touma, pointing the booklet at him.

"You, what's your name?" the man asked, a dark look on his face that quickly frightened Touma.

"Ka-Ka-Kamijou Touma, sir." Touma said quickly straightening up, his arms at his side before swallowing loudly trying to hide his fear.

"Follow me to my trailer, Kamijou. Oi! Send Angel to my trailer when she's ready!" the maid said as he turned and began walking to one of the few unopened doors. Opening it up, he motioned for Touma to step in through the doorway. "Come on kid, I don't have all day."

Touma nodded his head, dumbfounded at the situation he was in, afraid of incurring the wrath of the man that was there, and worried about the doors that appeared out of nowhere. Touma sighed deeply trying to get over the fear running through him before stepping through the doorway and into an expensive looking room. The door closed behind him before the man pushed past Touma and made his way over to the mini-fridge, pulling out a green bottle. Popping the lid off the bottle, the man took a large drink as he took a seat on the expensive looking couch looking at Touma.

"Ok, kid. Now tell me…WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT!" The man roared, slamming the bottle down onto the expensive coffee table in front of him causing Touma to flinch. Anger flowed through the man at all the crap that had happened not even 5 minutes ago. "You run onto my set and cause all sorts of trouble, PLUS you knock out my lead actor!"

Touma quickly dropped to his knees, his forehead pressing against the floor. "I'm sorry! I swear I didn't know! I heard her screaming for help and I ran to it. I just wanted to help her. If I had known what it really was, I wouldn't have rushed in like that."

The man just stared at Touma in shock, a million questions running through his head.

'How could he have heard her? I was using sound blocking espers…there should've been NO way for him to have heard her. For that how did he block Gentas' fireball? Geeze…this kid causes more questions than answers.' The man thought before the buzz of his phone pulled him out of his thoughts. Pulling his phone out and checking the message that was left on it, he sighed deeply as he rubbed the bridge of his nose.

"Well, congrats kid…You knocked out my lead actor AND broke his nose. How are you going to fix this?"

The news caused Touma to flinch before trying to press his forehead deeper into the floor. "I'm sorry! I'll do anything to repay you!"

The man sighed softly as he watched Touma, on his hands and knees, kneeling to him as far he could go. There was something about Touma that reminded the man of himself from ages ago.

"Pull your head up kid. Look, take this, it's my card." The man said as he pulled a card out of his jacket and handing it to Touma. "Give me your number, so when I figure out something, I'll call you okay?"

"Y-yes! Thank you…" Touma said as he glanced at the card, reading the name, Fuuyama Ryuunosuke, on it quickly, not bothering to read the entire card before putting it away in his pocket. "Fuuyama-san!"

Touma quickly wrote down his address and cell phone number down on a random scrap sheet of paper given to him by Ryuunosuke before bowing to him in gratitude and rushing out of the trailer as quickly as his feed could carry him, fear gripping his stomach for what may come his way.

Ryuunosuke sighed deeply as he lit a cigarette. The door opened once more, this time, the buxom blond from before entered. Taking a look around the room, the blonde woman took a seat across from Ryuunosuke, catching his attention.

"Ahh, Ange-chan. Welcome, welcome." Ryuunosuke said as he offered her his drink, which she politely refused before lighting up one of her own cigarettes.

"Don't call me that. You know it's Hayashi Aoi right now." Aoi said as she took a long drag of her cigarette, releasing the puff of smoke soon after. Silence dominated the two before Aoi dived right into the topic that was at the top of their list. "What're you gonna do about the kid?"

"I don't know, but one thing is for sure. There is something strange with this kid. I mean he came out of nowhere and beats down Genta with one punch thinking he was a real attacker. There should've been no way to for him to have even noticed you two in that alleyway to begin with. Which reminds me…How do you think he stopped Gentas' fireball like that?" Ryuunosuke asked as he flicked his cigarette's ashes from the tip.

"Hell if I know. All I saw was him putting his hand out in front of him and it just vanished." Aoi said as she gave Ryuunosuke a curious look.

"This kid'll be interesting anyway…I think I'll hire Yamamoto again." Ryuunosuke said as he placed his chin in his palm looking at the ceiling in thought.

"That pervy detective? Well you're not getting anything from me to help with his payment." Aoi said as she exhaled a puff of smoke before snuffing out her cigarette and getting up from her seat. Call me when you find out anything and/or come to a decision about that kid."

Ryuunosuke nodded his head as Aoi left the room before pulling out his phone and hitting the speed dial button. He didn't have to wait long before his call was answered.

"Yamamoto private eye investigation, how can I help you?" a voice, identifying itself as Yamamoto, asked.

"Ah, Yamamoto, this is Fuuyama. I was wondering if you'd be willing to take on a little job for me?" Ryuunosuke said with a grin.

"Sure, sure, what do you need me to do?" Yamamoto asked eagerly

"I need all the find you can get you can get on a kid I found."

"A kid? A little young this time isn't it?"

"He's about 17-18 years old."

"'He'? What he'd this time to catch your attention?"

"Well, not only did he knock out my lead actor with a single punch, but he also broke Gentas' nose too."

"He broke Gentas' nose? That sucks, but he must be interesting if you didn't make him pay for it right away."

"Yeah, I know, but my guts telling to bet on this kid, and how often has my gut been wrong so far?"

"True…usually your guts right on the money about these types of things."

"So…you think you can do it?"

"Just tell me his name and address and I'll get you everything that I can. Now about my payment…" Yamamoto said trailing off towards the end, a perverted giggle escaping.

I know that normally you'd be fine with Ange-chan's panties, but she won't go for it. So how about I give you 90,000 and the first copy of my new film?" Ryuunosuke asked hoping that Yamamoto would go for it.

Yamamoto sighed softly over the phone, sounding disappointed about not getting Aoi's panties. "Fine, just tell me who and where." Yamamoto said a serious tone in his voice, a complete reversal from just moments earlier.

"Right, the kids name is Kamijou Touma and he lives in Academy City." Ryuunosuke said as he read off the sheet he had in front of him.

"Oh…Academy City, huh? That's gonna be a tough one, so an even 100,000 and I'll do it. How soon do you want the info?" Yamamoto asked over the phone.

Ryuunosuke sighed deeply as he rubbed his forehead in frustration. "That's fine. I'd like to have it in at least a week if you can. I'll see you in a week or so."

Yamamoto sighed as he heard the click as the other line went dead.

"Not even a friendly goodbye? Well anyway, let's get down to business then…Kamijou Touma, huh? Let's see what you have to offer.

With that said, Yamamoto began his search with the internet. It would be a long week for Yamamoto as he used up just about every lead he had just to find info on Touma. Even within Academy City's walls, info was hard to get. The info he did obtain was either fake, already known, or it cost him good money…sometimes even a combination of all 3.

After about a week, Yamamoto sighed deeply as he took a seat on one of the comfy chairs in Ryuunosukes' room.

"Here, I have to admit that this info was harder to track down than usual." Yamamoto said as he set a thick manila envelope down on the coffee table in front of him. "General knowledge was easy to get, but anything else like what type of person he is, any special achievements he done, his class, his grades, and all the like was gone…erased even."

Ryuunosuke nodded his head as he took the envelope and began to read its' content.

"Hmmm…right. Ok, that's good…wait…WHAT! Level 0? How is this kid a level 0? There is no way he's a 0." Ryuunosuke said as he threw the papers down to look at the private eye, who just sat there smoking his cigarette calmly.

"I know what you mean. The whole time I followed him, he seemed like any other level 0. He was plain and he never used any special powers. The only odd thing was that he got into quite a bit of trouble." Yamamoto said as he exhaled a puff of smoke.

"What do you mean by 'a bit of trouble'?" Ryuunosuke asked leaning forward, his hands reaching down to grab the envelope once more.

"Well...he got into one fight the entire time I followed him. They were led by an ice based esper, but the kid seemed to just brush that espers ability aside easily and win that fight. The odd thing was that for a while afterwards… bad luck seemed to follow him."

That bit of info caused Ryuunosuke to pick up the papers and start reading them once more.

"From what you're saying…he DOES seem to have bad luck in spades, but the reports telling me that he's gotten quite the batch of admirers after him as well." Ryuunosuke said as he peered over the papers at Yamamoto.

"Yeah, but according to him, he doesn't believe, or acknowledge, that he has even a single one." Yamamoto said as he started on a new cigarette.

"…Could he REALLY be that dense?" Ryuunosuke asked himself as he rubbed the bridge of his nose.

"I don't know Fuuyama, but everything I could get in a week is there. Now about my payment…" Yamamoto said trailing off, a grin growing on his face.

"Yeah, yeah…keep your pants on." Ryuunosuke said as he reached into his jacket pulling out and throwing a wad of yen at Yamamoto. "There, I'll get you that copy of the movie when it's done, ok?"

Yamamoto nodded his head, pocketing the money while getting up from his seat. "Right, well then…I'll be off. See ya later Fuuyama." Yamamoto said, leaving with a wave, leaving Ryuunosuke alone with his thoughts.

'Geeze…this kid is one unlucky son of a bitch…but I'm almost jealous of how many girls like…him…THAT'S IT! I know how to use this kid and his life is the perfect set-up. Now to get to writing, but first…' Ryuunosuke thought before pulling out his phone and hit one of his speed dial buttons quickly.

"Aoi, its Ryuunosuke. Come to my room now."

"Eh, why? I'm in the middle of my bath right now." Aoi's voice said over the phone.

"Because a new idea hit me involving that kid from last week." Ryuunosuke said a grin on his face.

"Oh really? Well, I'll be there in a bit then." Aoi said excitement in her voice before she hung up her phone. A few minutes later, Aoi walked in, a smile on her face. "So what do you got, oh great director?"

"Oh, you and your flattery. Anyway, take a look at this first." Ryuunosuke said as he handed her the envelope with the info on Touma. "Some of the things in there are odd, but there are also amusing things."

As Aoi sat there going over the collected info, the smile on her face soon grew to become a full blown smirk.

"My, my…seems like Kamijou-san is quite the stud, but what does this have to do with the movie?" Aoi asked as she looked at Ryuunosuke curiously.

"As crazy as this sounds, I'm going to write an entirely new script and this kid is the basis for it." Ryuunosuke said as Aoi gave him an incredulous look.

"Rewrite? Are you crazy? That'll take weeks!" Aoi said as she leaned forward, her eyes wide open in shock.

Ryuunosuke smirked as he leaned forward. "Who the hell do you think you're talking to? I've already got the plot written in my head, now to work on the dialogue." Ryuunosuke said as he leaned back on the couch he sat on.

Aoi chuckled softly as she leaned back once more, her eyes roaming over the info once more, her eyes stopping and staring at Toumas' photo.

"He is quite cute…and if this info is right, a virgin." Aoi said reading it from the report as she licked her lips at that bit of info.

"A virgin? At his age and with that many girls after him? You gotta be shitten' me." Ryuunosuke said as he tried to look at the info again.

"Nope, but this'll be fun. I haven't got to pop a cherry in a while." Aoi said a playful smirk on her face.

"You're into younger men?" Ryuunosuke asked, a chuckle escaping him. "Think of the headlines now…'Adult Film Star exposed as shotacon.'"

Aoi just glared at Ryuunosuke, a scowl on her lips, and a glare in her eyes. Ryuunosuke chuckled softly as he waved his hand, playing off her anger.

"Oh shut up, besides he's too old to be a shota anyway. Virgins are where the real fun is." Aoi said with a smile on her face. Ryuunosuke noted that she didn't deny it.

"…Right. Ok Aoi, you can go. I'll give you the new script in a week then." Ryuunosuke said, waving his hand at the door. "I gotta call our, heh, star to let him know."

Aoi held a hand to her mouth trying to hold back her laughter. "Do you think he knows what he'll be getting into?" Aoi asked the thought of the naïve Touma finding out the truth of what Ryuunosuke really does causing her to giggle.

Ryuunosuke smirked mischievously as he punched in Toumas' number. "I hope not. I'd love to see his expression when does find out. Shh…it's ringing." Ryuunosuke said as he held a finger to his lips to keep her quiet while he waited for Touma to answer. It didn't take long.

"Hello?" The voice on the other line, Touma, asked a tone of uncertainty present.

"Kamijou-san, it's Fuuyama Ryuunosuke. The film director from last week, remember?"

"Ahh, yes, Wha-what can I do for you, Fuuyama-san?" Touma asked sounding flustered.

"Well, I just wanted you to know that I've come to a decision…actually I have 2 choices and I'd figured I'd be a nice guy and let you choose which one you want to do." Ryuunosuke said a grin slowly creeping up on his lips.

"Rea-really?" Touma said the nervousness clear in his voice. "Wha-what are they?"

"Well you can pay off all the damages you've caused as well as pay for Hotei-sans' hospital bill." Ryuunosuke said a full blown grin now on his face, a feeling of excitement running through at the thought of manipulating the boy. "That'll run you about….1.7 million yen."

"EHHH! 1-1-1-1-1.7 MILLION YEN! I don't have that kind of money!" Touma said, his voice straining to keep strong over the phone.

"I kind of figured that, so the 2nd option would be for you to star in my next film."

"Really? You'd let me off the hook that easily?"

"Yep, that'd be all that you'd have to do. So…what do you say?" Ryuunosuke asked, knowing that the deal was all but sealed at this point.

"All…all right, I'll do it. I'll star in your movie." Touma said with all the conviction he could muster up at this point. Ryuunosuke felt like cheering out loudly at this point, but he knew that he would have to wait just a little while longer…or at least until he got off the phone.

"Good. Why don't you stop by my room need week and pick up the script ok? I'm at the Golden World Hotel, room 841."

"Right, I understand. I'll be there. Good bye then."

"See you next week, Kamijou-san." Ryuunosuke said before hanging up his phone. No sooner than he did, Aoi burst out laughing, her chest jiggling in time with her laughter.

"Oh god! HAHAHAHA! He-he doesn't even realize it. Doesn't-hahaha-your business card say that-HAHAHAHA-you're a porn director?" Aoi asked in between laughter and giggles as she held her stomach, a sense of joy and elation at the situation. "Oh god, my stomach!"

Ryuunosuke chuckled, feeling pride at getting Touma to agree to star in the film. "It says 'Adult Film Connoisseur', but yeah…it's funny as hell. Now I need to get to work. Come back in a week, Ange-chan." Ryuunosuke said before just barely dodging a thick book was thrown at him.

"Damn it Fuuyama! It's been 5 years! It's 'Aoi' when we're not working! God, why can't you listen?" Aoi yelled, her anger finally getting to her. She had told him over and over, but he never seemed to listen. "Fuck this; I'll be back in a week!"

Aoi growled angrily as she left the room, slamming the door behind her. Ryuunosuke sighed softly as he got up from his seat and made his way over to his computer, taking a seat in front of it.

"It's BECAUSE it's been 5 years Aoi…I know you better as Angel…whatever. She'll be fine by next week." Ryuunosuke said to himself, a little bit of guilt eat at him for causing Aoi to upset with him, but he knew he needed to focus on the current task at hand. "Let's see…what to use?"

Ryuunosuke began to type away at his computer, hundreds of different ideas running through his head. Some bad, some good, others used, others discarded. It didn't matter to Ryuunosuke as long as he could finish his script by next week.

A week later, Ryuunosuke sat in front his two stars, Aoi and Touma. "Ok you two, here are your scripts. Take a look over them and tell me what you think." Ryuunosuke said as he handed the two their scripts, hoping that they'll like it, but most that Touma hadn't figured out the truth just yet. He knew that face was going to be priceless.

Touma and Aoi began to read their scripts, their eyes darting back and forth over the pages, taking in every word, every sentence, and every line. The room remained silent, save for the sounds of pages being flipped. Minutes later, Aoi smirked, a feeling of satisfaction flowing through her at the script, closing her script before turning to Touma and giving him a gentle smile. Turning to Ryuunosuke, it become a full on smirk.

"I like it. This one seems a cut above the rest." Aoi said, a feeling of excitement and thrill now running through her body at the thought of staring in the film with Touma. Turning towards Touma once more, Aoi was elated to see Toumas' face a dark shade of red, his script shaking so much in hands that it slipped from his grip, his eyes directed at Fuuyama in wide shock and surprise.

Aoi giggled at Toumas' reaction thinking about how cute he looked. That giggle seemed to bring Touma back, who quickly rose to his feet, his hand first pointing towards Ryuunosuke quickly pointed to Aoi.

"Wha-Wha-what's this? Why am I having sex with her? I thought you said you were a movie director?" Touma said shock running through his system at the revelation, his face still red as before.

"Oh, but I am. A PORN movie director, and what's wrong with Ange-cha-"Ryuunosuke began, but quickly changed when he saw Aoi hold a rather thick book. "I mean Aoi-san?"

"Yeah, what's wrong with me Kamijou-san?" Aoi asked as she used her arms to push her rather large breasts together and up while giving a rather pouty hurt look. "Am I ugly?"

"NO! Absolutely not! You're very beautiful!" Touma said quickly as he sat up straight looking at Aoi enjoying the cute smile she gave him in return for his comment.

"Then what's wrong? Afraid you won't be up to snuff? Don't worry; onee-chan will take care of you." Aoi said as her hand landed on Toumas' thigh and begin to gently stroke him causing him to shiver in excitement.

"Plus, Kamijou-san, if you don't take the part, I WILL have you pay all that we were charged…" Ryuunosuke said, the thrill of manipulation Touma running through him, urging him onwards. "All 1.7 million of it."

Toumas' head drooped down in defeat, knowing that he couldn't pay all that. "Such Misfortune…" Touma whispered as he nodded his head in agreement. All right, I'll play the part.

Ryuunosuke grinned in success. "Good, filming starts next week. I'll see you then."

Aoi squealed in joy as she threw her arms around Touma hugging him happily, excited at the thought of Touma with her in the film.

"Don't worry Kamijou-san…I'll make sure you have the time of your life." Aoi said playfully as she licked her lips in joy.

Touma sighed in defeat once more knowing that his fate was now sealed. "Such Misfortune…" Touma mumbled softly, worried for the days to come.