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Tsukuyomi Komoe paced along the aisle with boxes of movies all around her, her eyes darting over each plastic case on the shelves. Each of them seemed to call out to her, the cases soon blending together as she passed them by quickly.

'Hmm…Maybe a romantic-comedy this week? …No, Yomikawa-sensei doesn't want that, not after last week. She mentioned she wanted an action movie, but I don't feel up for that this week.' Komoe thought to herself, her eyes roaming the shelves of DVDs once more, trying to find that one perfect movie for the night.

Every Saturday night Komoe, Yomikawa, Tessou, and sometimes Yoshikawa, would get together and watch a cheesy movie and make fun of it while drinking and just partying in general. Though lately, it seemed harder and harder to find a new movie. You'd think Academy City would have more cheesy stuff but apparently quality extended to movies as well. Komoes' eyes drifted once more over the shelves surrounding her in hopes of finding something, but happened to land on a simple black door labeled with an 'Adults only. Age 18+ only' sign. Komoe's fingers twitched slightly at the sight of the door.

'No…I mustn't…I'm a teacher. I have to up hold my image…' Komoe thought to herself, forcing herself to look away. She looked over the movie cases in front of her, hoping to distract herself. It wasn't long before Komoe found herself staring at the black door once more.

'May…maybe I'll just take a peek in there for a –minute- to get it out of my system' Komoe thought to herself, her willpower weakening as she stepped into the room, the door closing behind her with a solid 'click'.

Komoe eyed the selves, staring at each movie on display, each calling out to her for her to take one of them home with her. Komoe gulped trying to fight down a feeling she hadn't felt in a while as she eyed the various men and women on the covers.

Komoe knew that she should just go and uphold the image of being a good (pure) and kind teacher, but something stopped her. She knew the feeling that she had been battling for the last few moments, but couldn't bring herself to stop. It had been so long since the last time she had felt like this. It was need… it was desire.

'I…I'm a woman too-desu. I'm not –just- a teacher. I have urges as well.' Komoe told herself to reassure herself. 'It's just once in a while right? Nothing can go wrong… right?'

Komoe nodded to herself as she began to browse through the selection of adult films. Komoe shook her head as she passed plenty of choices. She wanted it to be perfect. Something she could both enjoy and laugh at. Komoe stopped when a DVD case caught her eye. It was a single case that sat alone among the shelves surrounding it. Komoe grabbed the case off the shelf and began to look it over.

The DVD case wasn't much to look at. It was a simple black case with the title of the movie in gold lettering to give a sharp contrast against the black background. Screenshots littered the cover depicting both a single man and woman in various positions. The back held the same as the front with screenshots plastering the back as well and there was a small description of the movie along with a few reviews of the movie. The reviews seemed to praise the movie as a pornographic masterpiece in the last 10 years, the best that Fuuyama had ever done.

"Fuuyama Ryuunosukes' newest film…'The Righteous Arm of the Devil.' Hmm…" Komoe hummed as she read the case both front and back before nodding to herself. "Let's try this one then." For a second, she stopped. Right arm? She shook her head and laughed silently to herself. Hah, Kamijou-chan and his right arm… there was just no way!

Nodding to herself in reassurance, Komoe left the back room and made her way to the front counter. Ignoring the incredulous stare of the store clerk, who wondered if this small person in front of him was really over eighteen, Komoe paid the rental fees (while flashing her ID, much to the clerks amazement) and left the store, the black case clutched close to her chest.

Making her way down the street, Komoe dug into her purse, making sure not to drop the DVD, and pulled out her cell phone. Opening it up, Komoe made use of her speed dial to call her friend Yomikawa. Komoe didn't have to wait long before her friend answered.

"Hello? Yomikawa speaking-jan." Yomikawa greeted over the phone, a cheerful tone in her voice.

"Ahh, Yomikawa-sensei, this is Komoe-sensei-desu." Komoe said as she looked around nervously, her grip on the bag against her chest never loosening once.

"Ah, Komoe-sensei, what's up-jan? Did you pick out a movie-jan?" Yomikawa asked an excited tone in her voice. It had been a while since they actually had a good laugh. The last one had been so lame that she had asked Accelerator to dispose of it.

"Yeah…Yeah I did-desu." Komoe replied, her voice going quiet in slight embarrassment.

"Well? What did you get-jan?"

"I-I'll tell you later." Komoe whispered trying not to be heard by the people around her as she walked home.

"Why can't you tell me now? Unless….you didn't-jan!" Yomikawa gasped teasingly (and in slight shock) that made Komoe blush over the phone. Komoe didn't have to be a psychic to know that Yomikawa was grinning like a maniac. "I thought you said you would never watch those types of movies-jan! Ahahaha!"

Komoe looked down quickly, her face both red and embarrassed. "I…I'm a woman too-desu!" Komoe yelled causing the people around her to stop and look at her in bewilderment, causing further embarrassment to Komoe.

Komoe turned back to her phone as the people around her went back to their routines, speaking in a hushed tone. "I'll show you when you and the others arrive later, ok?" Komoe whispered hurriedly as she sped up trying to get home as soon as possible.

Yomikawa chuckled softly over the phone. "All right, all right, I'll see you later then-jan. I'll be bringing Yoshikawa as well-jan. It'd better be good! " Yomikawa crowed before hanging up, leaving Komoe to herself.

Komoe spent the rest of her trip in silence, her face still red from her outburst. Removing her shoes once home, Komoe set about cleaning her apartment up and setting out the drinks and snacks. All the while, the DVD sat on her small table like some foreboding omen.

Several hours later, a knock was heard at the front door.

"Yes, coming-desu!" Komoe yelled cheerfully as she undid the locks on her doors and opening it up slightly peeking out making sure it wasn't some newspaper salesman. Seeing it was both Yomikawa and Yoshikawa standing there, a bag of snacks in Yomikawas' hand, she opened up the door fully for the both of them.

"Hey Komoe, we brought some snacks-jan!" Yomikawa called out cheerfully as she walked in, kicking her shoes off with practiced ease, Yoshikawa quickly following in behind her roommate, giving Komoe a gentle smile.

"Hello Komoe-sensei, thanks for having us over." Yoshikawa greeted politely as she slipped her shoes off.

"It's not a problem-desu. It's nice having company over-desu." Komoe replied, returning the smile with one of her own.

Yoshikawa smiled softly once more as she walked into the room, the drinks and snacks on the table set up before hand. Yoshikawa noticed Yomikawa was looking around the room, searching for something, a grin on her face.

"Soooo…. Where did you put it, Komoe-jan?" Yomikawa questioned as she looked over the room, her eyes scanning the room impatiently with a big, wide grin on her face.

Yoshikawa raised an eyebrow in question as she looked over to Komoe, whose face had gone flush as she fidgeted in place.

"What's she talking about?" Yoshikawa asked her curiosity peeked.

"The Porno! Komoe rented a porno. Now where is it?" Yomikawa asked Komoe again with a waggle of her eyebrows, who turned even redder then before, her eyes darting off somewhere. Yomikawa followed Komoe's eyes and soon smirked when she saw the DVD hidden behind the snacks and drinks. Yomikawa chuckled to herself as she made her way over to the table and grabbed the case triumphantly

"'The Righteous Arm of the Devil'… Huh? Interesting title," Yomikawa said as she read the title of the movie aloud before turning to look at the other two women in the room with a cocky look. Giving the case a quick shake, she smirked. "Shall we watch it-jan?"

Yoshikawa shrugged as she made her way to the alcohol and poured herself a drink. "I don't see why not?" Yoshikawa offered before taking a drink.

Komoe looked around the room confused for a moment before noticing something, or someone, was missing.

"Where's Tessou-sensei? Doesn't she usually arrive with you?" Komoe asked curiously as she scanned the room once more, only stopping when Yomikawa shook her head.

"She said she had some work to finish and wouldn't be able to make it tonight." Yomikawa replied with a shrug before turning back to the TV and DVD player. "Now, let's get to that movie-jan. I still can't believe –you- rented a porno-jan, Komoe-sensei-chan!"

"Excuse me for a moment, but…" Yoshikawa spoke aloud as she raised free hand in question, directing all attention to her. "What's wrong with Komoe renting porn? It's normal for people to do this, so why are you teasing her this much?"

Yomikawa, in response, just gave Yoshikawa the biggest grin she could muster. "Well, Yoshikawa-chan, Komoe is usually the type of person to not give into her urges like some people-jan…" Yomikawa said in a sing-song voice as she turned her smirk to Yoshikawa, who just glared back at her. "She would admonish anyone who did any perverted behavior in front of her."

"Well she IS a teacher, so it shouldn't be that uncommon really." Yoshikawa shot back as she took another drink. Porn could be a form of art, on occasion and studies had even been carried out on the mechanics of Porn on the human mind. To Yoshikawa… there wasn't really anything shocking about it.

Yomikawa's smirk never faded against Yoshikawas' answer as she wagged her finger as if correcting someone.

"Ah ah ah… but she would do it even in her down time. If she saw ANY perverted behavior, she'd give that person or people a stern talking to. She did it so much; we assumed that she hated any and all hentai things." Yomikawa corrected with an all knowing smirk directed towards Komoe.

Yoshikawa just gave Komoe a questioning look raising an eyebrow before shrugging her shoulders nonchalantly. Maybe she had been stuck in her lab too long to understand. It wasn't like the Directors had asked her to research Porn and let the clones watch them. For a moment, her mind seized on the idea. What if she had let them watch Porn?

She wondered if the person that beat Accelerator would be able to run away from the horde of clones wanting to experiment with him. She shook her head. On second thought… no.

"Anyway, before we begin, I'm getting a refill. Do you guys want a drink?" Yoshikawa asked as she got up from her seat causing both Yomikawa and Komoe to grab the biggest glasses they could get.

After everybody had gotten their drinks and situated themselves comfortably, Komoe popped the DVD into the player and pressed play. Komoe kept telling herself that it was a simple adult film and that nothing was going to go wrong. She truly wanted to believe that nothing could go wrong and that she would have a fun night…

…How wrong she was…

The movie began normal enough (for a porno that is) with the main actress surrounded by a gang of men, with lust in their eyes. The main actress, having identified herself as Angel, screamed in fear and help as the 3 men surrounding her rushed in with their hands extended, ready to molest her. Before even one hand could touch her, the closest one suddenly fell like a sack of potatoes. A new man had appeared to rescue her and while the camera didn't really focus on the face all that much… but when it did, two features stuck out. They were the man's dark spiky black hair and his piercing blue eyes. The second man tried to threaten the new guy, but he was quickly taken out by the new guy's fierce right hook.

The last man growled as he took a step back from both Angel and the new man before giving a sharp whistle. Three more guys answering the call appeared crawling out from behind various items in the alleyway. The four men charged in quickly trying to rush him with their superior numbers, but what happened next could only be described as a curb stomp battle for the new man, though the thugs did get in a few good shots.

Yomikawa sighed loudly as she pressed the pause button for the movie, no long able to take anymore.

"Geeze…I swear they're running out of ideas or something-jan." Yomikawa grumbled as she got up to refill her drink, having finished it quickly during the movie.

"Why do you say that, Yomikawa-sensei?" Komoe asked as she sipped her sake, an alcoholic blush across her cheeks.

"Well, I guess it's like any other source of entertainment. You can only do so many ideas before you start repeating them again and again." Yoshikawa answered as she looked to Yomikawa who nodded her head in agreement.

"Yeah, I can probably count at least seven other movies where this type of thing has happened before…though I'll give the director credit for making this better than most-jan." Yomikawa shrugged as she came back taking her seat, "The action better be good. Man, when was the last time I went out to have some fun?

Starting the movie once more, they watched as the man approached Angel making sure was all right before passing out. The scene cut away to when the man awoke with a start, his blue eyes looking around the room before stopping on Angel, next to his bedside.

The two began to talk, the man identifying himself as Kamiko Touka, much to the embarrassment of the group watching the film, though the name rang in Komoe's head over and over for some reason she couldn't quite grasp at the moment. Angel offered to patch him up, and after a little resistance from Touka, he allowed her to do as she pleased.

That's when the action the group had been waiting for began. The group took in every feature Touka had to offer and Yomikawa wolf-whistled when she saw what Touka had been packing away. Yoshikawa just smirked as she stared at the screen intently. Komoe just stared at the screen, her eyes drawn elsewhere. While the others were distracted by Touka, she was actually looking at a pair of scars that ran across his chest. Those scars where familiar but she couldn't quite place where she had seen them before.

Suddenly, when the name Kamiko Touka ran through her head again, that's when it became clear why those scars were familiar to her.

"Kamijou-chan!" Komoe screamed, her face losing any sense of color going pale white, causing both Yomikawa and Yoshikawa to jump in shock.

"Hold on…What do you mean Kamijou-chan? You mean that student of yours that that you're especially fond of?" Yomikawa sputtered as she paused the movie on a shot of Touka's chest.

"Yes! I know those scars anywhere-desu!" Komoe wailed as she got up from her seat, rushing over to the TV and pointed to a pair of jagged scar lines across his chest. "Kamijou-chan got those from when he was younger and I patched him up-desu!"

Yomikawa chuckled to herself as she pressed play once more. "You'll have to forgive me if I don't believe you. You have been drinking quite a bit… Besides… anyone can get scars on their chest." Yomikawa handwaved turning her attention back to the movie again while still laughing to herself, her laughter slowly growing louder the more alcohol she drank.

Komoe rushed around the room looking for her cell phone before finding it in her purse. Opening it up, she slowly began to punch in Touma's number, her hands and fingers trembling the entire time.

"Y-y-you can't be doing this Kamijou-cha-"Komoe began shakily, still convinced that it was Touma and her face flushed red with embarrassment but was interrupted as a second voice rang out loudly.

"Oh yes! More! Give me more of that big-"Angel screamed in pleasure, sweat pouring down her face before giving out a loud, ragged moan that rang throughout the room as the camera shifted downwards.

"Ka-Ka-Kamijou-chan…" Komoe whimpered quietly, her phone slipping from her hands and falling to the floor with a clatter. Her eyes wide with shock as she stared at the screen, her face brighter than before. In fascination or shock, Yomikawa couldn't tell or take it any longer and began to laugh. Hard.

"AHAHAHAHA! Komoe's favorite –hahaha-student in a-HAHAHA-a porno-jan." Yomikawa burst out laughing uncontrollably, as she clutched her stomach. "Well… ahaha! At least you know he's good with the ladies-jan! HAHAHA! That'd explain why so many girls want him, right?"

Yoshikawa, who stayed quiet the entire time, just smirked to herself.

"Well…she is right…he IS a big boy for his age. I wouldn't mind giving him a private physical myself." Yoshikawa said teasingly as she sipped her drink calmly causing Yomikawa to laugh harder and Komoe to stiffen up slightly, but didn't look away from the screen even once.

The rest of the night passed in enjoyment, laughter and in tons of drinks. Komoes' awkward silence disappearing before too long, as Yomikawa continued to have Komoe drink more and more. Soon she too joined in the fun of watching porn together. At the end of the night, Komoe helped her two guests get home by calling them a taxi.

Accelerator growled angrily when the drunken stumbling of both Yomikawa and Yoshikawa woke him up. His hand twitched just inches away from his choker knowing that his power would only grant him peace for so long. He sighed as he let his hand drop back down, deciding to go chew out the two drunks for waking him up…and threatening to wake up Last Order.

He eyes drifted over to the sleeping loli who was curled up around the pillow she held tightly. She looked so peaceful. Accelerator threw the blanket off of him, making sure it stayed on Last Order, and crawled out of bed. He made sure to close the door quietly as he left the room making his way to the drunken women.

"Oi! Shut up you drunken idiots. You're going to wake up the whole fuckin' neighborhood." Accelerator growled with a scowl glaring at them as if willing them to obey him mentally. Yomikawa turned towards him and began to giggle.

"You-hehe-you wouldn't star in a porno would you-jan?" Yomikawa asked, the reek of alcohol on her breath, with more giggles escaping.

"What the hell? Are you fuckin' retarded or something? Like hell, I'd star in one of those shitty ass fuck films." Accelerator answered with a look of disgust crossing his face at the thought of being in those types of movies and the stench of Yomikawas' breath. Yomikawa giggled even more now.

Yoshikawa, who hadn't had as much as her two friends but still quite a bit, just smirked. "The reason is because our friend, Komoe-sensei, said that one of her students, Kamijou Touma or something, starred in a porno." Yoshikawa informed as she stumbled onto a chair.

Accelerator raised an eyebrow at that tidbit of info and his jaw threatened to fall. "That fuckin' hero was in some shitty ass movie? What was it called? Wait. He. Stared. In a what!" Accelerator looked stunned. Yomikawa giggled drunkenly again.

"Awww…poor wittle Accel-chan wants to see an adult film~." Yomikawa slurred as she fell onto her couch face-up. "Too bad~, you're too young to see it."

Accelerator growled at both Yomikawa stopping him and making fun of him. He knew it would be so easy to flick his collar on and use force to get what he wanted, but knew that it wouldn't be good to do so and wake-up Last Order. He decided to try a different approach by trying Yoshikawa, hoping that he would have better luck. Luck wasn't on his side as he turned to Yoshikawa, but she shook her head shooting him down before he even had the chance to ask.

"Sorry kid, but I'm not about to tell you either." Yoshikawa mumbled as she lay back in the chair, her head drooping behind the back of the chair.

Accelerator gritted his teeth, trying his best to not wake Last Order and from screaming out at both the two women before him for keeping this info from him. There was just no fucking way! The sound of a door opening caught his attention as did Last Order who stepped out of the room rubbing sleep from her eyes.

"What's going on? Why is everyone being loud? Misaka asks as Misaka rubs the sleep out of her eyes."

"Nothing, Last Order, go back to bed." Accelerator replied calmly as possible. The sight of Last Order calmed him down, but did nothing in sobering up Yomikawa in the least.

"We're discussing the fact that Kamijou Touma may or may not have been in a – " was all Yomikawa got out before Yoshikawa, having the good sense to stop her friend, slapped a hand over her mouth.

"Hmm? The savior was in something? What is it? Misaka questions as Misaka wonders what it could be?" her inquisitive stare was now directed at Accelerator.

"It's nothing. Go back to bed, brat." Accelerator said quickly as he tried to push her back into the bedroom, but Last Order wouldn't have any of that as she stood her ground firmly.

"No! Not until you tell me! Misaka yells angrily as he Misaka threatens to throw a tantrum."

Accelerator glowered angrily as he reached over and grabbed Last Order around her waist and carried her back into the bedroom before tossing her onto the bed.

"Now listen here you shitty brat. I told you it's nothing and that's all it is. Now get to bed." Accelerator ground out as he threw the blankets over her. Last Order just gave him a hurt look, her bottom lip quivering.

"Please tell Misaka. Misaka asks as Misaka gives her best puppy dog to Accelerator…" Last Order stared at Accelerator with that look.

Accelerator just glared back, her look getting to him more than he was showing. He clenched his fist tightly trying to steady himself against her barrage of cute looks. He… was… not… affected… by –

"Please…Misaka asks as Misaka takes Accelerators hand."

That one little act finally broke the damn he was trying so hard to hold back.

"Gragh! Fine, he was in a fuckin' movie. Now get to bed, you shitty brat!" Accelerator yelled quietly as he hobbled out of the room trying to save face. Accelerator stopped shortly before the door to the living room, hearing both Yomikawa and Yoshikawa talking to each other in a hushed voice.

"Oi, Yomikawa." Yoshikawa asked trying to get Yomikawa's attention.

"Wha?" Yomikawa mumbled tiredly, her face buried in the pillow on the couch.

"What's the name of that movie again?" Yoshikawa asked again as she relaxed in the chair comfortably.

"Mmmh?" Yomikawa questioned, not even bothering to open an eyelid. "Why do you ask-jan?"

"I was thinking of watching the movie again."

"Right…what about Accel-chan?"

"He'll be busy with Last Order for a bit, so he won't hear…"

"…Right. It's 'Righteous Arm of the Devil'. Now's what's the real reason?"

"…I wanna see how big that was again…"

"You're such a perv ~ Yoshikawa." Yomikawa giggled, her voice muffled from the couch pillow in her face.

"Says the perv with the 15 IBRC cert-"

Accelerator tuned out the rest of the conversation, wondering why he listened as long as he did. Now that he had gotten his answer, he wasn't sure if it was worth it anymore if those two were THAT into it.

As he hobbled off back to bed, he wondered if that grinning blonde bastard had any answers on this matter. He'd have to check into it…whenever he felt like it, though.

Last Order tossed and turned in her bed trying to process the fact that the savior, the one who protected the sisters with his entire being, had starred in a movie, but she didn't know which.

'Hmm…maybe the network can help.' Misaka thought to herself as she began to access the network.

'Accessing Network' 'Please insert username and password' Username: ***** Password: ***********

'Accepted' 'Logging onto Network'

'Admin enters #MisakaNetwork'

10781: -That's how the polar bear ended up in the fridge. Misaka says finishing her story and noting the entrance of the Administrator.

15386: Hello Administrator. Shouldn't you be asleep? It's far past your bedtime. Misaka chides in feeling the administrator is up too late.

Admin: I have some news involving the savior. Misaka says proudly as Misaka crosses her arms over her chest.

14786: What is it? What about the savior? Is he all right? Misaka asks worriedly.

Admin: The savior is fine. Apparently, the savior has starred in a movie recently. Misaka Misaka reports eagerly.

10032: What movie? Misaka asks curiously, sitting up in exictment.

Admin: I don't know. Misaka could not get anymore more information. Misaka reports as Misaka deflates in sadness at not getting more information.

19150: We must find out more information. Misaka demands.

17549: Isn't this a wild goose chase though? Misaka questions unsure of how to find out more.

10032: Let's start with all the latest movies released in Japan in the last month.' Misaka says logically.

16999: What do we do about the adult films? Misaka asks wondering whether or not to add them or not.

15377: That must be it. Why else would they have restricted information to the administrator? Misaka says struck by a sudden spark of intuition and putting forth her conclusion.

12821: Speaking of the administrator…I believe she has fallen asleep. Misaka says noting how quiet the administrator has become.

10032: Someone boot the administrator please. Misaka requests patiently.

[Admin was booted by 14382 ("Boot to the head." Misaka says copying the internet joke.)]

10032: Thank you. Now has anybody found anything yet? Misaka questions hoping someone has.

17842: It seems that there have been about 20 movies in the last month alone with 6 of them being adult film. Misaka says reading the information she found.

12821 What if he is using a different name? It would be harder to locate him then. Misaka says throwing out a new idea.

15377: That could be true, so it is going to be more difficult now. Misaka says in a defeated tone at that idea.

17842: I have found a name that jumps out at Misaka. Misaka says feeling somewhat uncomfortable with the name.

10781: What is the name? Misaka asks intrigued at the name now.

17842: It is Kamiko Touka in the movie 'Righteous Arm of the Devil'. Misaka says fighting the urge to facepalm.

The network went silent as many Misaka clones facepalmed.


10032: A-Anyway, we should try to get the movie as soon as possible to verify it is the savior in the movie. Misaka says as she begins to scroll through the internet.

15377: What do we do if it IS the savior in the movie? Misaka asks quietly.

10032: Report it to the network and we'll decide afterwards. Misaka says off-handedly still looking through the internet.

12821: Good luck to all Misakas. Misaka says as she begins her own search as well.

With that said, the Misaka clones began their search and seizure procedures. This event soon sparked a wildfire of sales of "The Righteous Arm of the Devil" pushing it into the #2 spot on the top ten adult films of the last decade, but it was when sales surged once more when a rumor of an Academy City student had starred in it that pushed it to the #1 spot. ("Now…You didn't hear this from me, but…a student from Academy City starred in it-nya." said a blonde-man, a pair of sunglasses adorning his face and an ever persistent grin on his face.)

Now most people that had watched the movie either never met Touma or if they did, they would've denied it believing Touma to have too much pride to star in one…save for one class.

Class 2-A of 'A Certain High School' had known of Touma's so called "misfortune" and while some felt sorry for him, others envied him. So when all the guys and a few girls had gotten their hands on Fuuyama's newest movie and watched it, there was no doubt in their minds that it was Touma. Normally, they'd want to yell at him for being the lucky bastard he was for the role he had, but when he stepped into the classroom on Monday morning, nobody said anything.

Nobody was sure WHY they didn't say anything. Maybe it was pride, maybe it was their nerves. In the end, they acted like normal, denying him any involvement.

Fukiyose glowered in anger as a couple of guys talked behind her in hushed tones interrupting her study time. Normally she'd have ignored them, but there was some perverted talk going on. She couldn't prove it but it was her woman's intuition told it was that.

"So…do you have Fuuyamas' newest film then?" one guy asked in a hushed tone, trying to keep quiet. Fukiyose perked up slightly, her ears twitching ever so vigilantly.

"Yeah, I got it." A second boy said just as quietly.

"Dude, let me borrow it." The first boy said quietly. Fukiyose adjusted herself to make sure she could stop them if need be.

"Fine, but you better return it in the same condition," Whispered the second boy as he pulled out the DVD from his bag.

Fukiyose was waiting for this moment. She got up quickly and made her way to the group of guys. The third guy sitting there noticed her and acted quickly.

"Shit! Hide it! Fukiyose's coming! She's gonna take-"The third body hissed quickly, but it was too late for them as Fukiyose reached over and yanked the DVD away from the second boy.

"CONFISCATED!" Fukiyose yelled startling the other students who looked over at them.

"It away…" the third boy finished with a sigh. "Come on Fukiyose. Give it back, it's not hurting anyone."

"No, it's against the school's rules to bring pornographic material to school." Fukiyose said as she put the DVD in her bag. "I'll be giving the item to Komoe-sensei after school. NO ARGUMENTS!" a hand smashed the table in half and the males fell silent lest the next one find them in the groin.

Fukiyose took her seat, a look of disgust at the thought of the movie on her mind. The day went by normally, though something was odd about Komoe. She hardly called on or looked at Touma. When she did, she would turn scarlet and stammer. Most of the class could only guess why Komoe was acting like that… it was likely that she too had seen the movie. So when the day ended, Komoe bolted from the room, pushing past the other students in an attempt to put as much distance between herself and Kamijou Touma.

Of course, Touma was puzzled as to why everyone was acting so strangely nowadays.

Suffice to say, Fukiyose was well on her way home when she remembered that she hadn't give the DVD to Komoe when school had ended.

'It wasn't my fault though. Sensei was being weird all day.' Fukiyose told herself.

So when Fukiyose got home, she didn't even give the movie a second thought. It wasn't until later, after dinner and homework was done, when she was packing her bag for school the next day did the movie catch her eye again.

'What's so special about these kinds of movies anyway?' Fukiyose asked herself as she pulled the case out of her bag. Giving it a glance over didn't give Fukiyose anything on why it was so special to the others. 'This thing is so stupid.'

Fukiyose moved to throw it away, but something held her back. It was as if something was compelling her to not throw it away, but to sit down and watch it. Fukiyose sighed softly as she looked at it. The more she looked at it, the more her curiosity rose. It wasn't long before she broke down…

'I can't believe I'm saying this, but…let's see what is so special about this movie.' Fukiyose thought as she got up locking her door and closing her blinds just in case.

Popping the DVD into her player, she took her seat at her table. It started out normal enough (for porn, that is), but when the male hero appeared, her eyes were instantly drawn to him. She didn't know why she was so captivated by him, but she couldn't look away, especially when he began to have his way with the female lead. At first, it looked like she was in control, but the roles were soon switched as the spiky black haired man soon took control.

It looked so savage to Fukiyose, but that didn't stop her body from giving off a warm feeling between her legs. Fukiyose panted softly as she tried to brush it off, but it soon became too much and Fukiyose gave into them, letting her hormones run wild and control her actions as she laid down watching the movie.

Fukiyose lay in her bed, having moved there soon after giving into her urges, panting softly, her clothes messed up, her face red with both embarrassment and pleasure. The movie was paused on a shot of Touka's body, dripping with sweat, a look of pleasure on his face. That single shot of Touka had sent her a faint sense of Déjà vu but she couldn't place where.

'Could it be? ….No…it couldn't be him. He may be a pervert at times, but even he has too much pride to stoop THIS low…' Fukiyose thought before her hormones took control once more. 'Oh Touka…you mad man…take me and make me yours!'

For now… she'd just indulge in the fantasy.

Somewhere across town, Kamijou Touma sneezed loudly as he prepared dinner for Index and himself.

"Are you okay, Touma? You're not catching a cold are you?" Index said as she looked up from the TV.

"I don't know. I guess I should be more careful." Touma yawned as he stirred the food in the pan before him.

Fukiyose got up from her bed and made her way back to the table pulling out her laptop from under her bed. Powering it up and getting onto the net, she began to browse the net for anything on the movie. Noting one forum for having various scenes ripped from the movie up for download, she made a mental note to return there later, Fukiyose began to read various discussions about the movie across the net.

Somewhere across the city, Saten Ruiko was visiting the same site Fukiyose had noted only moments before.

Taking note to avoid the links were clearly labeled 'NSFW', she clicked and download the files labeled 'Fight Scene' and 'Final Kiss'. Chatter behind her reminded her that her friends were still here, having come over at Ruiko's invitation. With a grin, Ruiko got up from her seat, her laptop in hand.

"Hey guys, you know that odd rumor of a student being in an adult film?" Ruiko asked as she took her seat at the table placing the laptop in front of her.

"Yeah, but we can't watch it, Saten-san. It's for adults only!" Uiharu stated with a furious blush.

"Be that as it may, why ANY student would participate in a film like that is beyond me." Kuroko remarked imperiously as she crossed her arms with an 'Hmph'.

"Maybe that person got into some trouble and had to repay them back this way?" Uiharu suggested as she placed a finger against her cheek in a thinking position.

Misaka chuckled, unconvinced at that train of thought, waving her hand at Uiharu.

"Come on Uiharu-san. There is no one THAT unlucky." Misaka said with a small chuckle, though at the back of her mind, a small voice told her that there was ONE person. She ignored that voice for her sanity. Like he would have the guts to, anyway. He was… err… wait, no. Wrong line of thinking~

"Well anyway, there is a second rumor going around that if someone can find out the real name of the male actor, they'll be paid like a million yen." Ruiko informed them with a glint in her eyes at the mention of money.

"His real name?" Misaka wondered aloud, raising an eyebrow in question.

"Yeah, apparently he went under a fake name to hide his real identity." Ruiko said as she peered at the screen once more before giving a weak forced chuckle. "A…a Kamiko Touka."

The room fell silent as the girls let the name sink in but it was Kuroko who burst into laughter instead of sighing like the others. Misaka Mikoto blinked. The way that name sounded… her heart beat just a little faster.

N-no way! It was just a coincidence!

"HAHAHA! That's such a stupid name! Who in the world would use such a stupid and obvious name like that?" Kuroko roared out in laughter before her laughter took over, her laughter echoing in the room, tears appearing in the corner of the room. "And it sounds like a girls name!"

Across town, Touma sneezed once more as he crossed the bathroom causing him to slip on the bar of soap he dropped and fell onto his back with a loud crash.

"Touma! Are you o…k…?" Index asked as she barreled into the bathroom upon hearing the loud crash, but upon entering the bathroom, she got an eyeful of a naked Touma. Her face went bright red as she stared at something that a nun really shouldn't be looking at.

"Oi Index! What's wrong?" Touma asked as he stood up, forgetting his own state of undress. Index quickly snapped back to her senses upon hearing Touma's worry for her, her face still red and fully embarrassed. Index did the only thing she could think of in that instance: She chomped. On his head, of course. The one atop his shoulders.


Kuroko had finally calmed own enough to talk, but still giggled every so often.

"So how-hehehe-how are we supposed to figure out who this Kamiko Touka is?" Kuroko sputtered before dissolving into another giggle fit.

"Well…well I downloaded a few scenes from the movie we-"Ruiko began hesitantly

"But that movie is for adults only, Saten-san!" Uiharu cried out interrupting Ruiko.

"I know. That's why I only downloaded the safe scenes." Ruiko defended herself quickly trying to avoid any weird accusations as she brought up the two freshly downloaded files, but not opening either of them up.

"What do you mean by "safe scenes", Saten-san?" Misaka asked arching an eyebrow inquisitively. Did these kinds of movies have 'safe scenes'?

"Well they're labeled 'Fight Scene' and 'Final Kiss', so I figured they'd be safe to watch." Ruiko answered with a furious blush. "So…what do you say? Up to see if we can figure this out?"

Kuroko, who was still giggling wildly, Misaka, who had a skeptical yet intrigued look on her face, and Uiharu, whose face was red with embarrassment, looked at each other for a moment before nodding. Seeing their agreement, Ruiko smiled happily.

"Great! Let's start then. We'll start with the fight scene." Ruiko said as she opened the file.

As the scene opened up, the girls watched intently as Touka dodged, weaved, and fought back with only his bare fists. There was something about the way Touka fought that reminded Misaka about someone or something, but it was the way he dodged and weaved that gave Misaka the vaguest sense of Déjà vu, but she couldn't place where.

Oh. Things were getting just a little weirder. Misaka shook her head again. It couldn't be…

The scene soon came to an.

"So…did anybody get anything?" Ruiko asked hopefully. That was hope was quickly shattered when her friends shook their heads. "Oh…maybe we'll have better luck in the next video."

Misaka didn't want to say that she got a sense of déjà vu with just that. The possibility of it being HIM was… just… impossible! Not even he could be THAT unlucky!

Ruiko quickly double clicked the last video file labeled 'Final Kiss' hoping that any of them would be able to figure out who this guy was. She didn't know why people wanted to know who he was, but if it involved a lot of money just for figuring out who he is, Ruiko was all for it.

A woman's loud moan filled the room as the screen was filled with a blonde woman's face, a look of ecstasy spread across her face as sweat poured down it.

"Saten-san! I thought you said you got safe scenes!" Uiharu squeaked out in embarrassment as she looked away from the screen hurriedly

"I thought I did! They must've mislabeled it or something!" Ruiko cried out in embarrassment, her eyes glued to the scene on her laptop and her hands frozen on the mouse.

The scene in question showed Touka taking the blonde woman from behind. The woman let out a loud moan of delight as she turned herself around to look at Touka. Touka stared back at her, his piercing blue eyes filling the screen.

Kuroko, who had enough sensibilities to pause the movie, looked at Misaka. Misaka, whose face was red as Uiharu's, sat there frozen stiff as she stared at the screen.

"Onee-sama?" Kuroko asked placing a hand on Misaka's shoulder. "Are you all right, Onee-sama?"

Misaka jumped at the sudden touch before turning to look at Kuroko.

"Huh?" Misaka squeaked out in embarrassment as she looked around in confusion.

"I asked if you were okay, Onee-sama." Kuroko repeated, worried for Misaka's sake.

"Y-yeah, I'm fine Kuroko. Thanks." Misaka said softly, calming down enough to give her a small before turning to her own thoughts.

'There's no way it could be him…it CAN'T be him…I refuse to believe that he stared in this movie…but why did that scene make me think of him? Why did those eyes just give me shivers and remind me of Touma…?' Misaka continued to think to herself, shaking her head trying to clear her thoughts. She absolutely refused to believe that Touma would've starred in a porno like this.

But her instincts were telling her otherwise.

Ruiko noting the confused and worried look on Misaka's face, wondered if Misaka had figured out something?

"Umm…Misaka-san, did you figure out something? Did that…scene…remind you of someone?" Ruiko asked urgently pulling Misaka out of her thoughts, hoping that Misaka did figure out something.

"Eh? Wh-wh-what?" Misaka asked as her face reddened once more, steam pouring out of her ears as she remembered her train of thought once more.

Images of Touma in the nude in various positions with her quickly flashed through her mind. Why was this happening to her? Was it because of this movie? Sure she's had these types of dreams before, but they hardly ever got to the good part before she woke up.

Misaka's imagination quickly began to work in overdrive

"Ahh...Mikoto...I'm so glad that you and I could spend this time together like this..." Touma said as he stared down at her, his chest dripping with sweat, his blue eyes focused on her alone.

Misaka moaned as she reached up wrapping her arms around Touma's neck holding him close to him, her face flushed red with embarrassment, a smile gracing her face.

"Ahh...Touma...I..I love you!" Misaka moaned out happily as she squeezed and held him tightly in her arms.

'No! I refuse to believe this! It can't be him! Nonononononono! NO!' Misaka's mind continued to be plagued with more and more images of Touma in the nude, her face slowly becoming hotter and hotter with embarrassment.

It quickly became too much for poor Misaka as she passed out from embarrassment.

"Onee-sama!" Kuroko cried out as she, more or less, pounced on her helpless vic - Onee-sama, torn between cursing this movie for hurting her Onee-sama or thanking it for the chance she was given.

-England, Necessarius-

Orsola Aquinas hummed a simple tune as she happily collected the mail that had arrived for the day. Collecting the mail was always fun for her; it always seemed to calm her down and allowed her time to have some private thoughts to herself. Though…something was off today…but she couldn't quite place her finger on it.

"Hmm? A package for Kanzaki-san?" Orsola said noting the sealed manila envelope on the bottom of the pile. She took a quick peek at the return address before giving a gentle nod. "Ahh, it's from Tsuchimikado-san. I bet it's that movie involving Touma-san; I should get this to Kanzaki-san quickly."

Orsola made her way up the stairs humming her simple tune all way. Stopping in front Kanzaki's room, she gave a gentle knock.

"Kanzaki-san, I got a letter for you." Orsola said in a happy tone. Orsola could hear the rustle of sheets and the sound of a book being closed let Orsola know that Kanzaki was listening to her. "It's from Tsuchimikado-san."

The sounds of a couple of locks being undone where heard before the door opened a bit and Kanzaki stuck her head out to look at Orsola.


Orsola nodded her head as she held up the envelope for Kanzaki to see. "I believe it's the DVD he said he would send." Orsola informed her while smiling softly. "Shall I get the others?"

"Yes, thank you." Kanzaki nodded as she took the envelope and closing the door giving a brief smile to Orsola in thanks.

Orsola nodded her head as she left to deliver the rest of the mail and inform the girls that they'll be watching a movie in Kanzaki's room.

Twenty minutes later, Kanzaki, Orsola, Agnese, Lucia, Angelene, and Sherry were all gathered in Kaori's room as Kaori placed the DVD into the player.

"So what's this movie called again?" Sherry asked as she relaxed against Kanzaki's bed.

"It's called "The Righteous Arm of the Devil"." Orsola said aloud as she read off the case. "Right arm? Why does that sound ominous?" Of course, she didn't bother to turn the case over… otherwise, she would have found out that she'd have to do a confession soon.

And so would all the other women in the room.

"Should we really be watching a movie with Devil in the title?" Angelene added quietly.

"It'll be fine. It's just a movie, Sister Maria." Agnese shrugged, trying to calm her friend.

"Well, shall we start then?" Kanzaki asked as she pressed play on the DVD player.

Somewhere in Academy City, Touma shivered as he felt a chill run down his spine. It felt like someone had been dancing on his grave with a hammer. He knew nothing would come out of this if he wasn't careful.

"Such misfortune…" Touma mumbled as he felt another, more powerful, shiver run down his spine.


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