A/N: This was originally posted on livejournal as a comment-fic/prompt fill for this prompt: comment-fic. livejournal. com/259913. html?thread=51084105#t51084105 (no spaces after periods). It is meant to be a short drabble/oneshot, and I probably won't be continuing it. It doesn't take place at any specific time during cannon, so there aren't any spoilers.

Do You Find Me Attractive?

Derek ground his teeth together and tuned out Stiles' rambling. As if it wasn't bad enough he was being forced to stake-out the school with Scott's infuriating human best friend, the kid wouldn't shut up. He could practically feel his brain turning to goo from having to listen to this kid babble.

"—so then I just flat out asked him, but he never gave me an answer and I—"

"Is there a point to this story?" Derek managed to spit between his teeth, clenching his fingernails into his palms. The dull pain of the pressure kept him from doing something stupid, like ripping the kid's throat out; he wasn't some born-again teen wolf who couldn't control his anger.

Stiles' jaw clicked shut as he was cut off. He actually had the gall to look offended.

"Yes," he said pouting in a way that was almost laughable it was so ridiculous.

Derek sighed and leaned back in the passenger seat of Stiles' jeep. "Then could you, I don't know, get to it before we fossilise?"

"Okay. So, like I said, Danny didn't give me an answer and Scott didn't give me an answer, so I have to ask— do you find me attractive?" He stared at Derek, somehow managing to look earnest and serious at the same time.

Derek paused, too stunned by the question to do more than gape at the awkward teen. "Are you trying to come onto me?"

Stiles shook his head. "No. If I was going to come onto you, I wouldn't need to flirt. I would just seduce you with my awkwardness," he replied without even a hint of sarcasm, which was kind of flabbergasting.

"Seriously?" Derek managed to squawk, because— seriously? Who said stuff like that?

"You didn't answer my question," Stiles said, pouting once more.

"No, I don't find you—" Stiles' wounded puppy-dog eyes made Derek pause. He sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose. "Okay, fine. You know what? From an objective standpoint, you are a fairly good-looking kid. Happy?"

Stiles' face lit up with a huge smile. "Thanks, Derek."

"Now shut up before I mess up that pretty face of yours."

Stiles nodded and fiddled with the binoculars on his lap, but his grin didn't diminish in the slightest. It may have been the lighting, but Derek thought he saw the kid's cheeks colour at little at the 'pretty' comment, and— Goddamnit, he'd better not have just given the kid a reason to crush on him.