Detention Papers

These are various detention papers that the Marauders and Snape have had to do over the years. Them that have read Letters Anonymous may recognize some of the poetry. This is in no particular order.

Why Slytherins are So Great By James Potter

Slytherins are great

Because they are fun to prank

Because they are fun to rank

Because they are fun to crank

Slytherins are great

Because they're competition

Because there's no repitition

Because they can't stand juxtaposition

Slytherins are great

Why Gryffindors are Great

By Severus Snape

They take care of their own

Stopping fights when they get out of hand

Or at least try to

While they have their own little band

Not all of them follow their ways

True to their own path a Gryffindor stays

They really are loyal and sometimes even brave

But if I had to live with them my life I would stave

To the Slytherins

A poem of how great you are by Sirius Black

O, great Slytherins,

O wonderful Slytherins

You really are great

You give us something to rise above

Something to berate

You help us with our spellwork

Make us get better faster in the hospital wing

Especially when you're next to us

And when the year is over

You race us to the Knight Bus

Why Slytherins are Great

Remus Lupin

Slytherins are great

Because they are so cunning

And are steadfast friends