Prolouge - Deep inside the Mossfield Research Facility

Deep in the labs of the Mossfield Research Facility, two scientists stood behind a wide plexiglass window and observed the creature beyond it, still traipsing about in the recording-studio sized cell.

"Hey, hey. What's that thing doing?" The younger inexperienced scientist asked, his baggy jeans sagging below the tips of his lab coat.

The older scientist with the graying hair made a glaring face in the reflection of the window. He didn't take his eyes away from the creature. "Don't call her a thing. She's a living creature."

"Sure, a living freak creature." The younger scientist shrugged. "I still don't see why we're keeping her here when we have all the data collected anyway."

The older scientist sighed and turned away from the creature just as the younger scientist leaned on a panel beside the door to the cell. "You'll never underst—NO!"

The cell door suddenly shimmered away, and the creature inside the cell took notice. Before either of the men could blink, the girl had disappeared with a silent gust of wind being the only signal that she had just past. A red light flooded in from the ceiling followed by an annoyingly loud alarm, and as the younger scientist fiddled with the cell's panel buttons in a lame attempt to get the creature back, the older scientist took a dash after the creature.

But as he passed, he soon had to slow down at the stairwell as his age was catching up to him and he knew he'd never match her speed. The walls around him were sooty and black in contrast to its old cream color from the sheer power that the creature had emitted while escaping. He took the radio from his belt and pressed the intercom button. In an exasperated voice he said,

"All hands stop what you're doing! SHE has escaped! I repeat, SHE has escaped! Lock all the doors and secure all windows! Catch her at all costs! I want her alive people, we NEED her for research! She can't be leaked to the public!"

But it was too late. Popping out of a hidden hole that led to the tunnel to the underground research lab, the creature that had escaped merrily smirked and disappeared into the crispy night.

Daniel's foot tapped impatiently as he stared at the clock hanging above the receptionist's desk. It read a few minutes to midnight. His shift was over hours ago, but he couldn't leave yet because one particular mother had decided to leave her kid with him. The kid in question was asleep on a couch in the lounge near the front doors.

He checked the clock one more time.

This was ridiculous! He hated being the last one in the building. Forget the janitors and cleaning staff—they had left almost an hour ago and gave him the keys to lock the front doors for when the kid's mom finally arrives. Some daycare gig, he was moaning to himself in his head.

Headlights shone past the glass, hitting the wall behind the receptionist desk. Daniel let out a sigh, believing the hover car to be the tardy mother's. When a Flygon landed on the sidewalk instead, he gave a loud groan. That, and the lights were flashing right in his eyes—he couldn't even wonder how a pokémon has headlights when he was so blind. Somehow the kid on the couch was still sleeping soundly.

He couldn't believe it as he clambered to the safety of the dark spot behind the potted plant—the headlights were moving! He was clearly foggy on the visitor now. The doors slid open and a woman stepped in, wearing powerful flashlights on her shoulders.

"Cut that off!" He yelled, shooing her away with his hand. He didn't even care that some random person had broke into an unlocked daycare at 12 in the morning.

"Daniel?" The person turned towards him, blinding him again with the flashlights. His safe spot was suddenly the worst place to be found in, because the fallen soil under him looked like he did number two in his pants.

Daniel recognized the voice and stood up while shielding his eyes with his forearm. "Megan? For God's sake, turn that stupid light off! I'm stumbling into everything here!"

Megan said 'Oh' and flicked off her flashlights with a click from her jacket's zipper. While making his way closer to her, Daniel dropped several vases and pricey diamond display. The kid on the couch was still asleep.

"Aren't you going to clean that up?" Megan asked as he finally found her and placed his hands on her shoulders.

"I'll leaving it for the cleaning guys." Daniel shrugged, eyes still closed because of the spots in his eyes. He shook her shoulders as he said, "Are. You. TRYING TO KILL ME?"

"It was an accident." She pouted. He was unaffected since she used this tactic multiple times before. They had graduated pokémon ranger school together; surely he was immune to any of her tricks.

"Whatever. So what are you here for? You're going to get me in trouble if people know you're here." He said, finally opening his eyes and releasing her shoulders. Megan's black eyes sparked in the darkness.

"I've got news. Good news." She said tauntingly. "And, well, bad news."

"Eew. Give me the bad news first."

"Your father couldn't get a hold of you and asked me to tell you that his precious specimen escaped from his lab." She recited the first one slowly, trying to remember all the details.

Daniel just stared. "Yeah...anything else?" His concern with his father's work showed.

Megan brightened up again and she clapped her hands. "Ah! Yes. Remember that thing we signed up for a few months ago when we said we wanted to work together this summer?"

"Yeah, I remember." He nodded although she probably only saw his head go down. "I wanted the job for the extra money." To buy you an engagement ring, he wanted to add. But he was too chicken to say it.

"I recieved a hologram-message on my phone a few hours ago. They said yes!" Her eyes were wide with excitement.

"Oh." He frowned a bit, but his happiness for her outweighed his disappointment for not getting the job as well.

"Don't 'oh' me! They said yes to both of us!" She exclaimed, giving him a friendly shove in the shoulder. He jumped up in glee, which would've made him extremely red in embarrassment if anyone else besides Megan had see him do that. He grabbed her into a tight hug to rejoice, but she didn't seem to want to return the hug. "Cool it Daniel, not in front of the kid."

"But he's asleep." Daniel protested, never wanting to let go of her. She wiggled an arm from under his grasp and softly turned his head to the couches. The kid was up and staring at them with creepy lingering eyes. "I swear that kid is going to be a pervert when he grows up." Daniel whispered.

Megan pushed away from his hug and skipped over to the empty seat beside the kid. Daniel reluctantly followed and took the seat across from them.

"So tell me about the job." Daniel prodded, aware that it was still dark and it was just the three of them there. He thought they might as well kill time by talking. "The director didn't exactly give me any details about what I'd be doing."

"You mean you don't even know what you signed up for?" Megan gave him a strange look as she had an arm around the younger kid to keep him company. The kid seemed to be teasing Daniel with his smile, as if saying I got the girl and you didn't, na-na-nee-boo-boo!

"Well...They said they needed a pokémon ranger..." Daniel trailed off, sheepishly scratching his jean's fabric.

"And you needed experience with kids." She added with a nod.

"I know; that's why the daycare was one of my references." He said, his eyes scouring the lobby as if to say, I'm working here, so the proof is in the pudding. "They wanted someone who was familiar with Hoenn too. I've been sentry for the water routes all the time!"

"I know." Her scoff was mixed in with a laugh too. She was there on his first day when he had fallen into a river that yanked him into a boulder which turned out to be an over-friendly Golem. Good times.

"You don't know what the job is either, then." He said, measuring her facial expressions.

"I've got the gist of it." She shrugged, currently playing with the hair of the kid who had fallen asleep again. She began in a quieter voice, "We'll be guiding a group of teens around Hoenn, like a journey or something. Experience for after they graduate, so they know what it's like to go on a real journey. Poor kids only know things like pokémon mechanics and how to repair a broken PokéGear. They'll never survive the real world."

"Now I remember...A summer-long journey with a bunch of city brats from Unova. I can't believe you forced me into this." Despite his harsh tone, he was smiling. Daniel and Megan turned outside, where real hover car headlights reflected off the door. The car landed beside Flygon, stirring the bushes and trees around it.

Daniel let out a mighty cry and pulled out the keys to the building. "FINALLY! I can go home!"

Megan let out a cough.

He turned back sheepishly. "Oh, right. I can go home after you drop me off."

Hiya! So out of nowhere I had this random idea: FIELD TRIP AROUND HOENN. YES. OHMYGOSH. It had to be done.

So here we go, I NEED OCs. I need characters that will make up the groups of both Daniel and Megan, and maybe some other rival groups. It's a race, AND WE MUST WIN! But speaking plot-wise, we have little chance.

Here's the setting to get yourself familiar::

Eastward takes place in 3011. The teens come from flourishing cities in Unova. Skyscrapers dissapear into the heavens, robots are as common sights on the streets as tourists, and the pokemon coincide peacefully in the wild. There are some pokemon that are dangerous, but they're always taken care of by the Unovan police. Sometimes. In this time period, everything runs on solar power. There are hover crafts, holograms, pokemon-translators, and FaceBook on your wrist watch! Wow!

OC Form:



Age: (Must be either 16-17 (Junior) or 17-18 (senior))

Hair: (Color, Style)

Eyes: (Color)

Clothing Style: (leave blank if you don't really care)

Type of Trainer: (Trainer, Coordinator, Breeder, Pokéathlete, Ranger, ect./ put student if your character hasn't decided yet)

Personality: (AT LEAST 3 good traits, 3 bad traits, goods CANNOT exceed bad traits (that leaves for mary-sues))

Most Stand-Out trait: (he/she usually acts...)

First Impression: (When we meet them, they're most likely like...)

Pokémon: (5 for Juniors, 6 for Seniors (include future pokémon that could be caught). Please make it a variety and realistic; no super powerful evolved ones unless they're the first pokémon, and let them come from different regions. The schools in Nimbasa allow pokémon to be sent from any region in the mail via Egg. Please list them from when they were first caught/hatched to last.) Also include Personality, Background [optional], Moves [4 ONLY. No more than 4.]

Hometown: (All people will come from Nimbasa City or closer cities; so either Nimbasa, Castelia, White Forest, Black City, or Driftveil)

Battle Cry: [optional] (Like Ash's "–pokémon- I choose you!")

Battle Strategy:

Pairing? (Yes/ No)

Background/ History: (What was your character doing before this? Who are their siblings? Parents? Friends?)

Financial Status: (For the character, not you in particular, because money is important and says a lot about a character (ex. Lower class is more appreciative, tolerant, and upper class has higher expectations most of the time))

Level of Tolerance and Pet Peeve: (Tolerates a lot or whines a lot, what bugs them the most)

Relationship with the pokémon: (Tight-knit/close/or something else)

Response to the unexpected: (Calm or Crazy or different)


I'll need about 5 (only one OC per person) Any others will go to rival teams :3 Thanks for reading! See ya later!