WARNING: Super lengthy chapter. I advise, if you don't have much time, to save the reading for when you do or read piece by piece. I myself took 2 months to write this, and I enjoyed every bit. I do not own pokemon, and all OCs belong to their owners.

Chapter 30 - Spacefront

Day 17, 1 AM

When it was finally time for Lucas to rest, he found he was unable to do anything but lie under the covers of the bed provided by the laboratory and shut his eyes. Perhaps music would've helped calm him. He had his 'Gear plugged in to charge and had his favorite electronica playlist on blast. It only kept him more awake and restless.

To think, only two days ago had things been normal. Two days ago all of his trip mates were in arms reach instead of astronomical units away. Two days ago he had free reign to do what he pleased on the internet, and he didn't have to worry about life as he knew it changing for the worst. With the Krude's out of the way, the Pups have taken over Oceania. In a history book it could be known as the event of the shortest alien invasion and raid.

The alien invasion was two days ago at exactly 5:21 pm. He remembered that he was with an unconscious Serena in the basement cells. He remembered that James was about to battle Brett for the title as Lilycove Champion. He remembered the last thing Lexi had said to him.

"I honestly really like the idea of you and Serena becoming a couple. She's really sweet and she deserves a man...But I guess she has to settle for you, huh?"

Lexi hadn't meant to sound so brutal when she said it. She was actually very playful and loved the idea of Lucas actually settling on a decent girl. But now that he's had time to think about it, it offends him that she thought of him as a boy, and not a man.

Would a boy follow the girl he adores to a hellhole in disguise? Would a boy work against his will on computer simulations he very little understood? No, because a boy would run. A boy would have messed things up. Lucas refused to be referred to as a boy. Perhaps, when he was flirting with Lexi, he did come off as a boy. That was only because he knew he had a very slim chance of ever ending up with her.

Serena was different. He and Serena were on the same level in various aspects, and for her, he chose not to run.

So why does it bother me so much now? Lucas thought as he lied on his side. The music on his 'Gear went to a soprano guitar solo that escalated his own thoughts. Because I'm running, Lucas thought, Serena is sleeping on the cold forest floor somewhere while I'm in a bed. I shouldn't be sleeping soundly in this shit.

He tossed the sheets aside and yanked his 'Gear from the charger. He spent precious seconds looping his belt through the loops and snugging it tight. He plucked off a pokéball and expanded it, but did not throw it. He kept it in his hand as he pulled his backpack over his shoulder and opened the door slightly. The hallway was empty. The security cameras shouldn't be working because the Krude's had already done damage on them. Lucas shut the door quietly and started running lightly.

He passed through the back hallways until he reached the motor vehicle garage. The area smelt old and stale and dusty and there were only a few normal-sized spacecrafts left, but they were all locked. He wasn't aiming for one of those. His footsteps pounded against the cement as he went for the bike rack on the far left wall. All the hoverbikes were there and accounted for.

But not for long. Using the handheld laptop he snuck from the control room, he unlocked the bike rack and extracted the first one in the row. It looked similar to a motorcycle, only there were no wheels and there was plenty of seat space and a box attached at the back to hold items. He activated the bike. Its small, front monitor between the handles lit to life and the bike lifted from the ground. Lucas pushed it outside, still holding the mini laptop and pokéball.

Once outside, he swung his leg over the seat and placed his backpack into the box. He secured the laptop onto the stand under the monitor between the handles and searched. He located Serena somewhere in the wilderness near the peninsula off of Fallarbor town. It would be a long ride from here, he could tell.

He set the hover bike on turbo and revved the engine. He blasted through the steamy weather and never looked back at the Mossdeep Research Facility and its sick, twisted leader—the father of his own leader, who he prayed would never end up as.

Day 16, 2:20-ish PM

Olivier considered himself a "man of the people"—a dictator who rubbed elbows with the commoners, kissed the babies, and funded schools to win over the general public. In doing so, he prided himself in knowing as little about Earth as possible. Earth was a vocabulary term permanently erased from the Webster's dictionary. The public was kept quiet about it so there would be no envy or hope of emigrating. Olivier kept it from himself so he wouldn't be urged to try to find his way back there.

Information on Earth was accessible to a very small group of officials in the entire country, and Olivier was inescapably one of them. In the first few years of office, he was educated on its world history. He had effectively evaded all but two hours of the class, where he learned of the cave men and infant civilizations. He had been a fool and was caught by the concept of early age humans. But that had been almost a decade ago, so it was hard to recall what exactly he learned.

But Irene, that wild, random teenager, had spurred memories from Earth. The fact that she had actually visited the planet when it was prohibited was an outrage. He should have arrested her for even stepping foot on sacred soil, but there was no specific outline in the Constitution about space travel out of Marrion...only because citizens who had access to the Constitution would understand the implications that there was life beyond Marrion.

After sending her off, he had secret service going back after her. Now she was being forced into his tennis court with two burly men and a stretching Dragonair behind her. The others playing in the room had to be ushered out and Olivier had to put down his racket. Irene had a disheveled expression, assuming that her ride back to the city had been anything but peaceful.

"What was your name again?" Olivier asked, coming forward. A person came from behind and placed a folding chair down so he could sit. Irene found it very hard to take him seriously in Bermuda shorts.

"My name is Irene Connor!" she huffed as she pulled her ID out of her pocket. She waved it in Olivier's face, and he took it to examine it. "I have special access to Earth knowledge! I also have serious reports that need your decisions to act upon!"

"You're only fifteen years old." Olivier said, sounding like a mixture of astonishment and admiration that had Irene smiling bashfully. "Special access like this isn't granted to a child."

"I'm not a child," She protested behind her teeth. "and I was born on Earth."

"Impossible. Blumans do not have access to Earth." Olivier said. "Any projects of those would be highly classified information that even I have not heard of."

Irene kept quiet. She heard from Kai that Olivier was simply a puppet of a dictator. The ones pulling the strings weren't even in existence to Olivier's radar because they lived underground and constructed wormhole-sustaining spacecrafts.

Olivier was quick to suspicion. "You know something that I don't." He stated.

"I was born on Earth." She repeated softly. "It was an underground project. Bluman children were implanted to human foster parents on Earth. The Bluman children would then report everything from their observations and share it with the underground project. Those people who filed the reports would duplicate the observations and sell the blueprints to the highest bidders." Her tale was only made more believable by her surprisingly steady tone and stone brown eyes. "That is why Krude has pokémon centers, washing machines, and many, many more..." She looked back up at Olivier. "The blueprints that the original Blumans had had been lost and outdated. Everything technological that runs in our country was stolen from Earth."

Olivier was silent and contemplating during the entire spiel. He found it unlikely that there were underground operations running without his knowledge. However, there were some things that the previous dictator had not fully explained before he retired...Olivier pulled out his cellphone and began dialing, but his finger froze over the display. What if this phone in his hand was a similar version to one on modern Earth?

"Dial me Colonel Birowitz," Olivier said, tossing his phone to the security man on the left. "I want to know what the hell—"

The whistle of a plane coming closer and closer, heart pulled backwards—


A powerful collision noise coming from the southern part of the building had the whole room jumping and shifting. The sound was followed by glass shattering and much less audible crashes, but nevertheless it shocked almost everyone in the room with a ghostly white, spooked expression.

"What was—" Olivier started,

Irene gasped and started running for the hallway. "A ship has crashed into the side of the building!"

"Ships can't fly!" Olivier yelled.

Irene called over her shoulder, "Spaceship!".

Day 17, 5AM

Sleeping under a canopy of trees was portrayed a lot more comfortably on the holovision. Serena found that sleeping on the cold, sharp, dirty forest floor was as comfortable as sleeping on a bed of rocks. It was hardy and itchy and she had nothing to sleep with. All she had was the clothes on her back and a big tree root jutting from the ground. She eventually remembered that she had a few pokéballs on her and used her Jigglypuff as a leathery pillow and her Natu as a night guard.

It wasn't the 'Center, but it was something. She missed sleeping in a tent with a sleeping bag. Sure, she had only done it once during the entire trip, but it was easier than sleeping on the ground where the bugs could crawl. And constantly in the night, she heard the chilling sounds of rustling bushes and animals breathing. There could be anything out here. There could be snakes or prowling wild cats and their sharp claws. Exhaustion was the only sleeping pill that could settle her.

In a few hours' time, Natu had called through the forest and recruited Swablus. A flock of seven was sleeping against Serena the rest of the night. Their cotton wings were warm and comforting and she almost forgot that she was on the floor on top of grass and recently squashed, ABC gum.

By five in the morning the birds had left and were softly chattering. Something was shaking her to rouse her awake.

"Stop it Natu...stop..." Serena muttered, squinting her eyes shut.

"Shh, shh." Said the voice. Her thoughts awoke at once. Her pokémon could not speak. She shot up, waking Jigglypuff, and smacking her forehead right into her awaker.


"CRAP! Yow, Serena!" She could tell immediately that it was Lucas's wail. Her eyes opened to a dim dawn morning where Lucas was holding his throbbing skull and carrying a backpack on his shoulder, a quarter zipped open at the top. Behind him, against a tree, was a hoverbike with a Pachirisu napping on the seat.

"What the hell are you doing here?" She asked, more surprised than angry. "How did you find me? How did you leave the lab? How did you—"

"If you expect me to answer those, at least eat something first." He said, pulling a silver-wrapped sealed package from his backpack. "I have a water bottle and an egg sandwich, but I didn't bring a microwave to heat it."

She smiled thankfully and took both items. "That's fine. I think I can..." she trailed off, leaning back to concentration. She gripped the icy sealed pack containing an egg sandwich and let out a long breath. The pack crumpled tightly around the sandwich, sucking out the air, and then finally, the cold. Serena dropped the package.

Lucas felt it. It was warm.

"You can do that?" He asked incredulously. He was amazed by the wide range of uses of Serena's powers.

She shrugged unsurely and ripped open the package, then took the circular sandwich and tore it in half to share with Lucas. They nibbled on their breakfast rather quietly and peacefully, only glancing up to look at the trees and forestry or the occasional Seedot that would pop from the tree branches to spy on them. Lucas swallowed the rest of his and sighed.

"Okay, so this is what happened." He said. Serena looked up from her sandwich and nodded for him to continue. "I got tired of being in that stupid laboratory. I'm tired of you being Mr. Bay's puppet, too. So I left and used a small laptop to track you."

"That's not enough." She whispered. "Mr. Bay has control of me. He has switches in me that I can't even dream to touch." She looked at her shoes forlornly. "Eventually he will kill me with the press of a button."

Lucas smiled and shook his head. "I found a way around that."

"Impossible." She deadpanned.

"I have a laptop that's connected to the supercomputer." He said, ignoring her comment. "I can uninstall the program controlling your nanobots. I can shut them off and delete all the files. I can completely remove the robotic restraints he has on you."

The plan sounded ridiculous and only a dream, but Serena was intrigued by the possibility of being physically free of Mr. Bay. "What if there are backup files?" She asked.

"Mr. Bay has shown me all of your nanobot files, including the backups." Lucas replied, getting up momentarily to retrieve the laptop sitting in his hoverbike. "It'll only take me a few minutes to sweep it all off the hard drive."

She remained skeptical. "What if...what if it hurts me?"

Lucas groaned. Must she bring up every side effect? "How about this—I shut them all off, then delete the programs. Then it's harmless and your body will get used to it. How about that?"

"What if I lose my powers?"

He grimaced. The look in her eyes was naïve and frightened. The sun was rising all the while, making the liquid glazing over her eyes glisten. Would she cry if she lost such a major part of her?

"It's the only way." He finally said.

She held the remains of her sandwich, staring at it contemplatively, then stuffed the rest into her mouth. She nodded, giving him the go. He quickly went to work. Serena lied back down on her Jigglypuff, feeling its short hair and the rise and fall of its stomach as it breathed.

"This might hurt." He whispered. She took the free hand of his that lay idle on the ground. He pressed the key. Serena immediately felt a pinch and she winced, her grip tightening on Lucas's hand. She could feel things flowing through her. More pinches, then a release of stress. Slowly, the pain faded, but there was a tickling sensation almost everywhere. She could hardly feel her hand holding Lucas's.

Lucas tightened his hold on Serena's hand. She had gotten cold fast. Her face was paling, like her blood was draining. He tried bringing the water bottle to her lips, but she did not feel it or make a move to drink it. Her eyes stared up lifelessly.

"Serena," he whispered, squeezing her hand, "Serena, are you okay?"

She made irritated choking sounds. He used two hands to hold her own.

"Breathe Serena! Breathe!" He shouted now. Did she really rely on nanobots so much? Did she rely on them to utilize her everyday functions like breathing, or smelling and seeing and hearing? Her hand was losing muscle grip. He was losing her. "Serena!"


All at once, she gasped, her eyes blinked awake and as bright as ever, her arms and legs jolted as if shocked by God's touch, and her fingers constricted Lucas's palm. She sat up and put her hand to her chest, breathing deeply. Lucas paused everything. On his screens, he could not track Serena anymore. He couldn't monitor her levels. Her nanobots were completely off.

The first tear slid down her left eye, the one not facing Lucas. She wiped it and took another big breath of air.

"Are you alright?" He asked again, looking closer to her face. Color was returning.

"Everything shut down for a moment." She said softly, shutting her eyes. "My hearing was decreasing. The colors were greying and the sky became the sun. Everything was soft. I saw...I think I saw a shining cloud, and the outline of wings and giant hands coming closer. I think..." She opened her eyes again, and though she hated it, she was tearing up. "I think I just died...and came back to life."

"Don't start saying that crap." He muttered, forcing his eyes down to the keys of the laptop. "I don't want to think what would've happened if I lost you."

She laughed, only because it sounded like the dramatic dialogue of those sappy sitcoms Paru always watches. She turned to Lucas. "Delete all the files." She said hurriedly, motioning him with her hands. "It won't be long until Mr. Bay notices. He sleeps with a gun and a wireless mouse under his pillow."

Lucas chuckled and leaned back a little. "Honestly, I'm not that surprised."

Day 17, 6:20AM

The control room of the emergency ship was in full view of the main deck. Because it was a small ship, there were only two decks—the very small, compacted control room, and the lower deck that was as wide as the rest of the ship, right above the engine and fuel tanks. There were only two bathrooms, so the group that had climbed in with Megan, Darryl, and Ross had to share almost everything. Almost everyone was still asleep on pull out mats and blankets on the floor of the lower deck.

Ross's Joltik slept in the tangled strands of her long hair that was now un-bunned. While sleeping on her side, one of Ross's hands sat aimlessly on her stomach. She awoke slowly, stretching as she ascended. Joltik stuck inside her hair like a monkey swinging on vines. She pulled the blanket over her and walked up the steps of the open area to the open control room. Megan was resting with her head on her arms and Darryl continued to steer with slight bags under his eyes.

"What time is it?" Ross mumbled, claiming the swivel chair between Darryl and Megan. Darryl consulted the digital time piece at the bottom of the windshield.

"Six twenty." He said. Both their attentions turned to the styler in Megan's pockets that had begun beeping. This had woken her and she instinctively reached for it and flipped the screen open.

Megan's half-lidded eyes shot open in surprise. "No. Oh my God! Yes!"

"I am not sure whether to be relieved or concerned..." muttered Ross.

"Hehehe, I know right? Girl, talk!" Darryl said, although he was careful to use his library voice since it was very easy for his voice to bounce downstairs where the others were.

"Lucas—Lucas..." Megan forced herself awake, snapping her fingers in front of her, but it was difficult without a shot of espresso. "I caught his PokéGear! I picked up his signal! Stop this ship!"

"We can't stop at 400 miles an hour!" Darryl wailed, working on slowing down.

Megan gasped, standing. "We just passed him! Turn around!"

"Hold on!" Darryl pulled the break. Ross's chair scrambled into the dashboard and Megan lurched forward, right into Ross. Megan apologized and reoriented herself on her feet, though she stumbled. She went to the guardrail to check downstairs. Only a few people had felt it and had woken. She assured them that everything was fine. Darryl called her back and showed her a magnified look of the forest ground. She could see a pack of Zangoose the size of pins.

"Turn the ship around, we might spot him. He has blue hair! It's impossible to miss him." Megan said, looking between her styler and the map. Her eyes scoured it as the feed continued to roam the forest floor. It was going almost too fast for her to search. They were above the blinking dot of his 'Gear. "Stop!" She said.

The three stared at the map as it took up the entire screen of the windshield. The treetops were obscuring almost everything but the path.

"Is there a way we see past these trees?" Megan asked.

Darryl shrugged. "With an x-ray vision, sure. I doubt this ship has an x-ray setting though."

"Get in closer." Ross said. "Careful not to disturb the native pokémon."

"Getting closer won't solve anything..." Darryl muttered, typing in commands. Megan searched the dashboard for settings, but could not find one to change the display of the map grid. Ross stared inquisitively at the screen and turned her head to the side.

"Is the windshield touch screen?" Ross inquired.

"The question is what isn't." Darryl replied sarcastically. "You're getting your finger prints everywhere!" Impulsively he ran the his shirttail over the dashboard to clean it, but that clicked other windows which had popped up. Ross reached up to close them all. She touched the map and tapped the screen. It changed from satellite view to map view, to infrared view, to finally a satellite view of black and white and transparent trees.

"That's it!" Megan said, pushing back Ross's hand to prevent her from toddling with the settings again. Megan squinted at the map. She counted boundless amounts of pokémon that hid in bushes, trees, logs, caves, and in rivers. She saw three bodies, but only two were moving and they were distanced from the stationary one. Megan zoomed in on the two moving bodies and changed to satellite view.

It was Lucas and Serena.

"Abduct, abduct, abduct!" Megan shouted in Darryl's ear, pushing his shoulders so much that his top hat fell off. Ross giggled and span her chair.

Darryl chuckled. "You're starting to sound like the aliens that had abducted us."

Day 17, 6:23AM

A spaceship was looming overhead. The wind currents whipped wickedly, blowing back trees and wild Swablus and Lucas and Serena's hair. The two peered up at the ship, immediately recognizing it as a Krude ship due to its triangular design. The two scattered to the trees to get out of sight of the ship.

"Can they see us?" Lucas asked, eyes wide with fear. This was his first encounter with the aliens, since he had not been there during the invasion two days ago. He had been in the safety of the Mossdeep laboratory since then, and seeing a foreign spaceship only made him remember how real this was.

"We need to hide!" Serena whispered. "If we try to fly they'll only outrun us and abduct us!"

"You should destroy their ship!" Lucas said instead. "One less to deal with!"

"What if there are children in there?" She hissed back. "That ship is smaller than the others that I destroyed!"

The ship shot a searchlight that hit the tall grass and fled around like a flashlight. A Seedot jumped from the trees and chased it with curiosity. Lucas hastily held onto his hoverbike in case he needed to make a speedy retreat. Lucas pointed with his eyes at the big scary spaceship. Serena huffed and ran deeper into trees. Lucas tried to watch after her, but after a swerve through two trees she became a grey blur that launched into the sky.

"Pachirisu!" He whispered, returning to his hoverbike. The mouse blinked awake and sat up to attention. Its fluffy tail thumped in interest as its trainer pointed to the mini laptop in his hand and explained how he would be tracked by it. He turned around and threw it into the tree. With a sickening crack! the two halves broke apart. He ordered Pachirisu to use Hyper Fang on it to trash the remains.

Serena soared upwards to gain an aerial advantage on the ship. She knew she was visible now and revved the ice in her fingers. She was worried that the shutting of her nanobots would cause a disturbance in how she controlled her powers, but everything was fine. The only thing she found strange was that the ice was harder to keep together and even in the heat, she was really cold.

She never felt a shiver till it echoed up her spine.

She flew directly over the ship, unable to see the forest floor now, and spread her palms wide, a streak of icicles sloppily fell towards the roof, but merrily smashed upon the surface. Serena scowled and moved over to the windshield.

Why aren't they attacking?

And Ice Beam slipped out of her palm and she gasped, unable to stop it. She could see through the glass. It was Megan, who looked tired and weary and confused to why Serena would attack her. Serena tried forcing her hand away from the ship but her power had a mind of its own, and it pulled her around, glazing the ground, up tree barks, and into the stomach of the ship. The metal gave a waning cry.

"Lucas!" Serena cried. The Ice Beam stopped coming from her palms and she dove for the ground—she was stuck in midair. Lucas exposed himself into the tractor beam that had captured Serena, along with his Pachirisu and motorbike. A bright yellow light flashed in their vision.

They were in a familiar looking beam-tube. A heavy pattering came from the steps from behind. It was Megan, still in her familiar golden ranger garb, only now that seeing her for the first time in two days of hell gave her the appearance of an angel with ethereal wings. With arms wide open she squeezed them tightly.

"I'm sorry, so so sorry." She whispered. Lucas and Serena swapped slightly relieved looks. They didn't mind that she was squeezing them to her chest. Lucas certainly did not. Megan refused to let them go. "I've been through so much since the invasion, looking for you kids...Dammit, I wish I knew what today was..."

Refraining from chuckling, Lucas muttered, "I believe it's Wednesday.".

Day 16, 2:30-ish PM

The wreckage was surreal. The entire east wing collapsed from the weight of Irene's spaceship and had burst several pipes, leaking water and vapor. The spaceship proved durable as it had very little scratches from the impact when Daniel and James relinquished themselves on the catwalk, arms raised above their heads in surrender. Pita did this in a similar fashion behind them.

Irene spared them.

"I know them!" She said, halting the service guards with her outstretched arm. "Please don't arrest them!"

Olivier caught up with her. The first thing he noticed was the gigantic crumbling hole in the wall and the fallen columns, and the obvious reactions of the public from outside. When he saw Daniel and James and their imperfectly not-blue skin, his legs became paralyzed with stringent disbelief.

Irene had run up the catwalk and spread her arms out in a symbolic way to say she was protecting her friends. "Mr. Olivier, the time for action is now! You have to believe me on my Earth reports!"

Olivier was able to recover from mild shock with a sophisticated throat clearing. "Very well. I will hear what you have to say...after the wall is repaired. Someone get that spaceship out of here! Reassure the public that it was merrily an accident by student drivers!" As he spoke, he was climbing the catwalk, eyeing a jumpy James rather intimidatingly. James felt as if Olivier was directly speaking to him. "And put these...people under custody in my office. Someone has to pay for these damages."

James laughed behind his lips nervously. "I uh...missed the pole."

Daniel spoke for the first time, still behind Irene. "No, you landed it...Considering the capital was the pole."

Irene turned harshly to glare at them. "Will you two hush up! The dictator is right there!"

"...Oh." Daniel whistled innocently.

"Dictator? That's so cool!" James, ever the genius but rarely socially, disregarded Irene's physical block and wound around her to reach Olivier. He was as spunky as an obsessed fan. James waved to Olivier as a sign of hello. Olivier was frightened by the sudden friendliness of a person so...different.

"Don't come near me." Olivier stated as he began walking backwards down the catwalk.

James followed. "You're so cool! Leader of a country! The country that is invading my country! So cool!" He exclaimed. Every time he closed the gap to Olivier, Olivier would stumble back even faster. Olivier bumped right into his guards and James was still raised on the catwalk by two feet, still yacking incessantly about his adventures with the Blumans. "I like you Blumans! But, I don't like having the end of a gun pointed in my direction, and I don't like being governed by beings who like to arrive invasion style. Could you kindly remove yourself from Earth?"

James had managed to blab Irene's whole argument in one explosive speech that had Olivier cowering into the recently primped suits of the guards. Olivier understood every word. Everything about James screamed Earth, starting with that earthly smell of his.

"I understand...but I don't understand." Olivier said. "I don't have troops on Earth...I have no idea where that is either."

Daniel strode down the catwalk with a hopping Pita and irritated Irene walking from behind.

"Allow me to enlighten you." He said. The Blumans had given he and James room to stand on the floor. "There's a little creep named Kai who decided that he wanted to take back what he thinks is rightfully in the ownership of the Blumans. The thing is, sir, Blumans are merrily colored humans. That would mean you and I, we're no different. Earth belongs to no one." He smiled sincerely. "You don't need to invade Earth to return, sir. We welcome you with open arms."

Daniel demonstrated by opening his arms for a hug. James copied. Olivier stood there awkwardly, unsure if he should hug them.

"...O—okay." Olivier said, and came closer with open arms. The three shared a group hug that was so awkward that Irene's bottled cough only made it even more laughable.

"Actually Mr. Daniel...Kai is dead." Irene said. Her face showed no grief to it, but she had always been a master of controlling her facial emotions around others. Or perhaps his untimely death had caused her to be this grave.

"Then who is commanding what is left of Krude on Earth?" Olivier asked, pulling away.

"So you do believe that Kai took an army to Earth without your permission?"

Olivier nodded. "Yeah...I just got a text from Colonel Birowitz." He shrugged. "We've got a bone to pick with the Putuptupians now. I never thought that I'd have to deal with them...but...they're threatening to smash long-standing ideals on other planets. I won't stand for it."

"Thank you!" Daniel said, relieved that someone blue was finally on his and Earth's side.

Olivier turned to Daniel. "And you and your horde of humans will help me."

Earth's only adult representative to the Krude Bluman race, Daniel, could only respond with a jaw drop and, "What!".

Day 16, 2:30-ish PM/Day 17, 6:30-ish AM, around same time that Serena and Lucas reunite with Megan

It was at that next moment that all the wide arced glass-less windows decided to shoot of a blue light. The lights came from the headlights of a spaceship.

"Told you!" Ashka said, smirking.

But it didn't matter, because the abduction beam zapped through the windows and sucked every bit of life out of the room, leaving only a spinning plate as a reminder that they were having brunch, not a debate.

Everyone's particles reassessed a moment later on the wide spread of a tractor pad. Ashka, Gerard, Lexi, and Paru settled to this familiar orientation quickly and were fast to turn their heads to a dazed Princess Janova and her mother. The queen however wasn't dazed at all and had quickly grown accustomed to where they were.

"Queen Everie, what shall we do with them?" An attendant in a neutral cross between Krude and Putuptupian style came forward with a heavy tube-like pistol in hand.

"Where—" Lexi started,

"Freeze them!" Everie shouted, and jumped off the tractor pad. The attendant whipped the tube-object at them, looping a shimmering light in a corral-like manner around them. Lexi smacked right into the forcefield, causing it to ripple with a wowm in the spot she hit. Ashka stepped forward and tried pushing at it, but it was as futile as pushing through a glass box. Janova had it worse. With all this unfamiliar technology around her, she had fainted. No one really cared, though, and let her lie on the ground.

"What the hell!" Ashka shouted.

"How did I know she would say that..." Paru said contemplatively.

"Is Queen Everie from Krude?" Gerard wondered aloud.

"I knew there was a villain in all of this!" Lexi shouted triumphantly. In a fleeting moment she realized that there would be no winner here, causing her triumphant grin to wane.

"Villain?" Everie said with a dramatic smirk, placing her hand on her chest as if asking, who, me?. "Oh silly, adolescent earth child, the only villain here is you."

Ashka and Lexi both glowered. Paru and Gerard were more confused to what she meant.

"Villains lie and cheat to get to the top!" Lexi shouted. "You lied like hell about this ship! I bet you have more! I bet you have an army!"

"I bet you're no different than Krude." Ashka said stiffly.

The comment cracked Everie's shield, but she maintained composure with a quick glance to her Bluman attendants. "No, friends...Humans who hog the Earth are the enemy. We Putuptupians dream of returning to Earth to share the knowledge we have acquired from years apart. Yet, when our ancestors visited your planet by a mere 200 years ago, you shooed us away."

"Where have I heard this before?" Paru muttered. "Mr. Daniel was muttering..." but before he could finish, Everie continued her monologue.

"Our probe ship returned from Earth with two wounded Putuptupians. Henceforth, a program was created to implant baby Blumans into human families so we can innovate their secrets and sell it to those pompous Krudes across the lake..."

Something clicked in Gerard's head. His thoughts went directly to Irene.

"You know what? I don't really give a damn." Ashka said as she pulled a pokéball from her pocket. Everie glared. "If you don't get me out of here, I'll bust out!"

"Yeah!" Lexi said, pulling a pokéball from her own belt.

Everie scoffed. "I'd like to see you tear through a brick with your finger."

The girls took the challenge and opened the pokéballs, as there was no throwing distance—the pokéballs didn't open. Lexi whined and continued pressing the center button to no avail. Ashka tried different pokéballs but they were stuck.

"This lasso must be blocking the transmitters." Gerard muttered, tapping the force field encasing them again.

"Pokéballs don't have transmitters!" Ashka said hysterically.

"I'm getting bored. I'll just sit with ye royal three arms..." Paru muttered, taking a seat on the floor next to Janova's feet.

Lexi sent him a look of distress. "Don't just sit there! We need to free ourselves from this ship!"

"I'm just thinking realistically!" He retorted. "We're stuck in a spaceship at the mercy of a God forsaken alien queen! Even if we did get out, we'd fall thousands of feet into the ground! Splattered on a dirt path somewhere!"

"Listen to your boyfriend." Queen Everie said with a smirk as she turned around to the windshield. "You could learn a thing or two from him."

"He's not my boyfriend." Lexi grumbled.

"Yeah, she has two other guys in the running for that title." Ashka muttered aside to Gerard.

"Hey!" shrieked a flustered Lexi.

"Oh, BOO-HOO, I'm Lexi! I'm torn between three cute boys and I can't decide! The world apocalypse can wait until I figure out my crushhhh!" Ashka garbled, tossing her arms around mockingly.

"Ashka..." Gerard queued her to calm down with an elbow nudge, seeing as Lexi was turning an embarrassing shade of red with her lips suckered into an angry pout.

"Wait, who are the other two guys?" Paru wondered.

Ashka rolled her eyes. "Lucas and James, duhh. She's torn between a couch potato, a debauchee Facebook-addict, and a bizarre nerd with a head shaped like a T-Rex."

"My life is not a soap opera!" Lexi shot back.

"Thanks for taking the topic off 'we're stuck in a bubble!', guys." Gerard muttered.

Day 17, 7:30 AM

"Ms. Megan..." a frightened, small voice starts from the bottom of the staircase. "What's going to happen to us?"

Megan looked down the steps to Lucas who looked genuinely confused and out of it. She had told him and Serena to take a rest as they navigated the seas but Lucas hadn't even shut his eyes before he had these tantalizing thoughts. He couldn't bare think of how the Pups were treating his family or how the TV shows were still running or what could possibly happen to the internet if the pups were to disable it. And also, was it possible?

She grinded her teeth together as she thought of an answer. She truly didn't know herself. "I wish I knew, Lucas." She said. He began climbing the steps to get closer, just for protection. She said, "In the situation we're in right now, dropping you off back home would be the worst idea. I know you want to see if your family has made it in all of this, but it's impossible to call anyone with the Pups so close to the communication lines. When we get to the Americas we'll be safe...I hope."

"How do you know?" Lucas shot back when he reached the top stair. "What are those damn Americans going to do, huh? The Oceania president is gone and the army is unheard of! All the other damn countries like Germany and Russia are just sitting back while we crumble to their fingers! You know what the Americans are? Selfish bastards!" He shouted. "They only step in when they are threatened! What a bunch of cheap-ass HEROES!"

"Lucas, calm down." Megan said flatly. "I know you're angry, but every country has its reasons. You should be happy that they're welcoming to refugees of this confusing alien matter."

"This is crap!" Lucas groaned, and walked across her to the staircase going down. Megan shook her head. She couldn't keep Lucas at ease when all these terrible political issues had been coming up in a matter of hours. In the lab he was secluded, and seeing Serena's state only brought him back to the uncushy reality that in the real world, it was every man for himself.

Megan wheeled her chair back to Darryl who had taken to snoozing while at the dashboard. She tapped him awake. "How much longer until we start seeing land?" She asked.

He blinked groggily and fingered the dashboard. Instead of bringing up the map, he brought up the internet. The page opened to the Yahoo! browser and all the news stories that were usually piled onto the right sidebar were plain of anything timely of the Bluman events. The Pups had already disfigured the one thing Lucas had always loved—the internet.

Darryl closed the browser and opened the map. "Eh...8 hours, more or less."

"Seriously? I thought we were going 400 miles an hour!"

"We're in Oceania. What do you expect? We haven't even reached Hawaii yet!"

"Can we? The ash storms are wonderful." Said Ross from the right section of the dashboard.

Ignoring her, Megan said, "I'm surprised we haven't ran into anything in the hour we've been flying. Are we even out of Hoenn yet?"

Darryl groaned. "Jinx!"

"What are you..."

Darryl brought up the radar and gestured to the army of dots coming from the bottom of the screen. They were gaining speed and catching up. The emergency ship was not as powerful as the bigger spaceships that were coming after them, and in almost three minutes, Darryl caught sight of the first missile in the rearview mirror.

"Everyone hold on!" He shouted, taking reign to the steering rod.

Around the same time Serena was climbing the left staircase saying, "Ms. Megan?—"

The ship made a steep incline upwards, knocking everyone backwards. Serena fell down the staircase, lucky to not hit her head on every step down. Those in sleeping bags on the floor were shifted towards the back. Megan was slipping and had to hang by a bar in the ceiling. Lucas wailed that his fingers were slipping.

"I'll try to lose them!" Darryl said.

"No loop-D-loops!" Megan shouted, sounding like she had to barf.

"You can't be picky!" He replied in a sing-song voice. PEW! PEW! Laser orbs sparked past the ship, barely grazing the triangular wings. Darryl had them nosing downwards, rolling everyone in the opposite direction as before. In the dashboard they saw about ten big ships and three smaller ships on their rear, all triangular but definitely the color of Pup ships.

"Hit them back! You gotta hit them back!" Lucas said.

"Our ship does not contain weapons." Ross said flatly. "However, we can use Serena to—"

"No!" Megan interrupted. "We are not sacrificing Serena to those blasted ships!"

"But Ms. Megan, I can do it!" Serena protested as she tried to climb up the staircase again. The ship jerked to the left, smacking Serena to the other side of the stair. "...I can shoot them Ms. Megan, just put me on the sky deck!"

"We're not risking anything!" Megan said. They could tell it was her final decision and did not argue on it anymore—the ship rocked violently like an earthquake had struck it, and everyone shot her a look, but she merrily glared back at them and shook her head again.

"We're hit!" Darryl said, referring to the last shake. "They got our right side!"

BOOM! Heat was guzzling from the floor.

"They blew up a gas tank!" He cried.

"Who puts a gas tank on the outside of a ship?" wondered Ross.

"We're going to run out of fuel!" Darryl said, looking back to Megan who seemed to have strategy down pack.

"Keep driving! I'll send my Flygon!" Megan said, and passed Serena to get to the second flight of stairs.

"Your Flygon might not survive the air pressure!" Ross called after her.

"No other choice!" Megan replied. Serena and Lucas followed her to the bottom deck where the glass observatory deck was. Luckily for them it was at the bottom at the very front of the ship facing backwards so none of the lasers had broken any of the windows yet, but it was very clear now to see the flames and smoke of the gas tank that had exploded on the left side. The bigger ships were miles behind sending faster fighter pilots, but now they were seeing smaller, animal-like shapes wearing pressure masks and jet packs coming for them.

"You're going to send a pokémon out there?" Lucas said, staying close to the door to the hallway whereas the other two stepped to the middle of the empty room. "What the fudge are those things! They look like rocks with dresses!"

The pokémon going after them were a cross between a Gothitelle and Pineco. It was the general height and shape of a fully evolved Gothitelle, except its black dress and headdress was made of the chunky, scaly blue material found on Pinecos. The pokémon used Psychic to propel themselves faster, soaring like bullets towards them—Megan and Serena took cover in the back closet—the Gotheco's scattered, two going left, two going right, two going up, and one continuing forward towards the observatory. Lucas shrieked and forced himself to the hallway and shut the door—

BA-OOM! Glass shattered and tinkled on the other side of the door, followed by six other bombing sounds of the Gotheco's using Explosion on different parts of the ship. Lucas tried opening the door but vacuum pressure kept it from opening more than a crack.

Serena and Megan were trying in vain to keep the closet doors shut. Pressure endlessly tried to pry the doors open to suck the two out the observatory. They had seen through the crack in the door that there was a jagged, gaping hole in the observatory looking glass and the pokémon that had exploded had not left any remains. If it had, it had already been sucked out of the hole.

The ship began to splutter from the damages it took from the explosions, and Megan could feel her stomach dropping as the ship descended. She could see another set of Gotheco's spewing from the enemy ships. Six more explosions could sink them the rest of the way down.

"M-Ms. Megan, w—w—we need—" Serena couldn't get a sentence out. She squeezed her eyes shut and her teeth were chattering together. It wasn't the atmosphere wasn't cold due to the heat from the explosions but Megan could feel Serena radiating cold like an opened fridge. Serena became so weak that she couldn't hold the door together anymore, and Megan had to take over the abandoned side. Without their combined strengths, vacuum pressure was winning.

"Serena, what's wrong?" Megan shouted over the whistle of air. She thought it was just their luck that Serena was faltering in a situation like this.

"I—I— can't...It's so cold...!" Serena gasped, hugging herself with her arms as she hit the ground loudly to sit. Was it something to do with the nanobots?, she wondered. She had started feeling a little chilly ever since she had tried to attack Megan's ship with an Ice Beam.

"I can't bring you upstairs with the glass open like that," Megan said, "You'd get sucked out!"

"I can shoot them!" Serena said, and just then six more explosions thundered at the top of the ship. The sound of metal rang and vibrated until finally they saw chunks start flying backwards. Megan looked helplessly at their situation and knew that they were soon going to be in the hands of the Pups. If only she could communicate with Darryl from here...

"Go, just go." Megan said, ready to release the door. "Hurry, fight! Be careful! If something happens to us, take care of yourself!"

Serena nodded, although she doubted she would be able to escape this dogfight with the expansive Pacific Ocean still under them. Megan took hold of a bar nearby and the door handle and released the other. The door slammed open, and with a sharp snap! it was pulled off its hinges and sucked out the wall. She took this moment when Serena was holding to the bar and prepping herself to remember that Lucas could've gotten sucked out the wall earlier. She hadn't heard him scream, so she prayed he was still alive and on the ship.

Megan blinked as the next second Serena's rocky wings erupted through the back of her shirt where slits had already been made from a previous time, denting the wall behind, and then Serena leapt forward at the mercy of the vacuum. She had avoided the jagged glass and was outside but still tumbling, unable to control the force of gravity. An ice beam zapped from both of her hands, shooting endlessly and sharply in random directions. She managed to zap a few fighter planes but it did nothing to their engines and she kept on tumbling backwards, right into the mouth of the larger support ships.

Meanwhile, Lucas had taken a detour to the bathroom amid all the explosions. Minutes later he fought his way back up the staircase to the dashboards. All the alarms were going off, signaling that they were in critical mode and most of the exterior metal was waning away. If one more explosion detonated on the rooftop, they would have a new sun roof sucking everyone towards the ceiling. Darryl had given up on steering and was trying to recover the holes in the metal while Ross had taken to reassuring the other passengers that everything would be fine.

"We need an R2-D2!" Lucas said once he got to the top of the staircase.

"Emergency ships weren't meant to be repaired," Darryl said. "We aren't equipped with robots."

"They're going to annihilate us!—" Lucas started—

A high-pitched waning sound blared over all the voices and noises of the ship, sounding like a rusty metal can being peeled back layer by layer while alarming thuds smacked into the thinning exterior. Then finally, almost unrealistically, all the sounds ceased. The only thing that could be heard now were the alarms and frantic whispers.

"...Did they give up?" Lucas asked.

Darryl shook his head and removed his hat. "I'm afraid it's the other way around." He looked up, breaking the tense moment with a crooked grin and the return of his squeaky tone. "They've got us in a tractor beam and they're sucking us in!"

Day 17, 7:45AM

The damaged ship had been locked to one of the bigger support ships and a squad of both droid and Bluman worked together to take hostage of all the humans on board the ship. All pokéballs were sealed shut so Megan, Darryl, and Ross could not leap to a rescue, even though at this height in point it was impossible for them to save themselves.

They surrendered.

The three and Lucas were separated from the others and were taken to a different deck upon the ship. They were taken to a mess hall and seated with Serena, who was constantly guarded with two men on both her sides. They were all aware of what she could do and she proved to not have given up without a fight, as her previous sentinels had been frozen solid with their noses smashed in. She didn't share that gruesome fact, however.

After the five were suspiciously fed and watched over by the guards, they were taken to another room. This one looked like a bedroom, only larger and with a second story above that was hallowed out in the middle of the floor so they were able to be watched from all upper angles. They were told to wait there.

"Don't you think this is a little weird?" Lucas asked.

Megan had become crabby during all this unexpected hospitality. She had expected all of them to have been jettisoned by now. "Shush. We're at their mercy now, and I'd like to stay alive as long as possible."

"I'm just saying, they separated us and fed us and now...they're giving us a place to stay..."

"We're marked as dangerous." Serena said. She knew she was labeled as the most dangerous of all. "They want to keep an eye on us, then do as they will."

"We are also marked as precious." Ross said, her hand absently touching her stomach. Megan scanned her and grimaced. Something was wrong here. Ross had supposedly been impregnated in less than 48 hours and she already had a slight baby bump. What the hell was going on here?

The doors behind them parted automatically. A man came through with a burly entourage behind him. When the five turned to see who it was, Megan and Serena had scoffed, Ross had shrugged, Darryl had picked his nose, and Lucas gasped in surprise. Lucas's gasp upturned to a smile.

"Brett! Oh my God, you're alright! What're you—" Megan stopped his babble by barring her arm in front of him before he could scramble forward to hug Brett. Lucas looked between the two groups confusedly. Brett was surrounded by guards to be hauled into this room, correct? Why was Megan looking so angry and defensive?

"What a surprise, your highness." Megan sneered. Lucas looked between them again and was sent with another wave of 'what the hell?'. He didn't understand why Megan was so angry and sarcastic or why Brett was just smirking...

"I thought she was taken care of." Brett muttered to his associates as he pointed to Serena. Serena backed up in case they would jump her. He was informed that Serena was a different person, but that posed no threat to his expressions. Lucas stepped forward and looked back and forth at the tension.

"Can someone please tell me what the hell is going on here?" He asked, and began stepping towards Brett. "What did they do to you, dude? What happened to your pokémon? Are you okay? Are you.." He stopped. It took a second of no recognition in Brett's eyes to realize this immediately. Lucas stepped backwards. "You aren't my cousin."

Brett's smirk withered to a smile. "Are you sure?"

Lucas shrugged. His theory had doubtful holes.

Brett's form was quick to morph into a tall, sleazy version of Kai. "How about now?" said the person as Kai. Lucas's eyes widened as did the others. The metamorphosis was fast and fluid and creepy as hell. The skin curled and flapped around bones that stretched and hairs changed color through shrink and growth. Kai transformed again, shrinking to the form of red eyed Sarah. Lucas took another shaky step backwards. Serena was confused. The person looked just like her.

"Where's the real Brett!" Lucas shouted, now back at the side of Megan.

Sarah morphed back to Brett. Brett put his hands behind his back. "The real Brett has been disposed of."

"..." Lucas thoughts were cut short.

"Lucas..." Serena called his name worriedly. He shook his head and reached to hold something, but his hand dropped.

"What do you want with us?" Megan said, cutting straight to the point. "We're just people! We can't do anything here!"

Brett's eyes flash. "Oh, how you lie. You stole ships, damaged our own, and someone smashed all of our supply hauls together. Like a domino." He stole a glance at Serena, who backed up another step. "You have a value on your head now...but aren't you missing someone?" He transformed into Daniel. The image was accurate, from the odd curve of his nose to the folds in his shorts. "Like me?" said the Daniel. Megan bit her tongue. Daniel then changed into Lexi, then Gerard, then Ashka and James and Jun and the rest of the other campers that had been scattered in the whole debacle.

"What are you trying to say?" Megan shot back. The image of Daniel had punched her in the chest. She missed his goofy nose so much right now.

"Rest, friends. The battle and bloodshed is yet to come." Brett said, and began leaving the room. No one trusted the evil look in his eyes. "When you all unite, you'll finally die. I'll make sure of it."

"As if." Serena scoffed under her breath.

Brett turned sharply at her voice, and Serena paused, hoping she hadn't been heard.

He turned and shook his head. "Cockroaches are easier to kill."

Day 17, 12:35PM

There was paranormal activity crossing the sensor near their hiding gates. Amber ordered Imogen to do thorough checks of the cabins for headcount again and Sherry to go speak with the astroforce deputies to assure that they were still off the radar of the Putuptupians. Amber took her lightsaber from her belt and began tiptoeing to the edge of the cave, where water dripped from a previous freak rainstorm last night.

Pacing around outside was a Lucario, one that now had stunted metal disks where spikes use to be. It paced dangerously, as its intentions were unclear. Amber was fine with having Lucario for lunch, but something in the back of her head wondered if she had met this Lucario before.

She confronted it with a wild swing of her lightsaber. Lights collided. Lucario's auric bone was as strong as her solar powered weapon. She took another swing at its side but it intercepted. She turned her 'saber off and gave it another analysis. The Lucario did not continue attacking and dropped the bone, which disappeared in thin air.

"Do I know you?" She asked.

The pokémon closed its eyes. The extra ears that hung from the back of its head began to rise. It put a paw forward at Amber, and she was forced to shut her eyes.

She saw Ashka asleep in a spaceship. The vision zoomed out to show where the ship was located, and then further out until it seemed like the viewer was in space staring down at a planet. The view turned to the east, and though it was a slow movement, Amber saw that there were spaceships heading towards Marrion. The fact that they were going slow must've meant that they were going incredibly fast, only, they were so far away that every inch it seemed took a minute to accomplish.

Lucario put down its paws and its ears dropped. It looked to Amber with a question in its eyes. It had been hurt by ill-natured release but still had a fixation to the trainer that had stayed by its side as an egg. It had went away to make itself stronger and returned as a Lucario, only it had been angry that Ashka did not care about the release anymore and had attacked. Lucario wished to repent, to return to the good graces of its ex-trainer. Could Amber help it?

"Come with me." She said, taking its paw. "When your trainer returns, I'll make sure you'll have a home. She's an idiot if she doesn't take you back a second time."

Day 17, 6:30-ish AM on Marrion/Day 17, 10:30-ish PM on Earth

It was chilly when Paru woke on the floor of Queen Everie's battalion ship. Events of most of yesterday had dragged in his memory as a dull blur. They had been stuck in the bubble for the entire afternoon through night, doing nothing but laying there and staring at the ceiling. Princess Janova had been dropped off late into the night and locked in a tower under strict supervision so she wouldn't leak what she had seen. Queen Everie had not returned since Janova's locking and the teens were left under the supervision of a maintenance guy. He at least had had pity on them, and entertained them with video feeds he pulled onto the main screen.

Lexi was stirring awake on the far side of the bubble where her mat was lain. Maintenance guy had the decency of giving them something comfortable to sleep on. She sat up and reached inside her busheled hair to hold her neck as she swung the cricks out of it. "Good morning..." She muttered to Paru, who was just lying on his back with his arms under his head.

"'Sup." He said. His blue knit cap lied on top of his chest.

"Do you think we'll ever get out of this bubble?" She asked, dragging her mat closer to sit next to him.

He shrugged. All he could see of her now was her waterfall of curly hair. "I dunno. You could, if you asked to go to the bathroom."

"I was dreaming of that." She replied, laughing lightly. "I dreamed that I could walk out of the bubble. I went to the bathroom and let out my Serperior, and she had squeezed through the vents and destroyed the ship from the inside. Heh, but that's ridiculous, because she would've been detected the second the vent was open." Her eyes dimmed slightly from the thought of being defeated in an instant of revelation.

He nodded absently, even though her comment had been made seconds before and his response wasn't necessary anymore. He turned slightly to get a look at Ashka's hoodie that she was still wearing. But no matter what she tried to hide, he could see color. His entire lower half was blue, but he was successful in keeping it a secret since he wore long pants.

"Your hand is blue." He stated.

She scrambled to pull both her hands into the hoodie. She burned scarlet, the damage already done. "I—I don't know what happened, maybe it's the pollen, maybe I'm half alien, maybe—"

He paused her by pulling up the leg of his pants.

"—And you're undergoing change too. Oh, good." She gave a sigh of relief.

"What were you afraid of?" He asked, suspicion hidden in his voice. "We all know who you are. The color of your skin doesn't matter, blue or not."

"Funny," she scoffed bitterly, "You sure as hell didn't treat Jun that way."

He offered a rebuttal that was quickly defeated by a more conceited thought of his. The only reason he treated Jun that way was because he didn't particularly like Jun in the way he liked Lexi. Besides, Jun had been revealed an alien way before they had reached the planet, so it was a slightly different case because Lexi wasn't an original alien. Also, no one really liked Jun. Paru just flowed with the judgments of others. Now he understood how cruel it was to alienate Jun just because he was different when, throughout the majority of the trip, he was as bit of a human as Lexi.

She gave him a look. Was silence going to be his only response?

"That's because I like you more. I refuse to think you're evil." He finally answered. She turned her head away only so she could hide the shy smile and stifle the giggles that were inappropriate in their situation.

Suddenly the long monitor on the wall began beeping and maintenance guy, who had been asleep at the dashboard with a bucket and mop behind him, began flailing and staring at the screen and screaming, "Oh GOD it's yelling at me, what do I do what do I do!"

Ashka, whose mat had been angled away from Gerard as she slept, pulled her head up and shouted, "SHUT UP!...Answer the damn video call already!"

The screen clicked over to video chat. In the video box was a room with several people and droids still walking around off and on screen, and some seemed familiar but the maintenance guy had said, "PLEASE HOLD!" and pressed 'hold' before the teens could identify those on the screen.

"I think I saw someone with the same head shape as James." Ashka muttered, shifting her hair off her neck.

"That makes you sure it's him?" Gerard said, pulling himself off the mat. Lexi scooted her mat in between the two and Paru so that she could talk between both of them.

"QUEEN EVERIEEEEE!" Shouted the maintenance guy.

"She's not going to hear you from here." Paru pointed out.

"Go find her!" Ashka snapped. The maintenance guy nodded frantically and scrambled out of the room through the left archway and down the decks to find her. Queen Everie had returned with guards on both sides of her. She only gave a glance to the teens, making them feel that she only saw them as flies on her golden windshield. Everie lightly tapped the screen, bringing the video chat back up.

A man with secret service agents on both sides appeared on the screen. Behind them droids continued to roll across the floor, weapons at the ready. James, Daniel, and Irene were standing in the background.

"It's James! Mr. Daniel! Oh, and Irene!" Lexi whispered, grinning brightly in relief. Paru took note that she had been the most excited at seeing James alive and well. Although this was certainly not the time and place, what did she see in Jamesthat he didn't have?

"Hey it's—" The onscreen Daniel was cut off by a man stepping in the way of the webcam.

"Queen Everie." The man nodded, almost half bowing.

"Olivier." Everie acknowledge, barely letting his name drip from her mouth. "I believe this will be the last time we meet on the battlefield due to our ideals."

"Earth is a vital culture that we Krudes wish to preserve. I will not have you ruining it with your Putuptupian traditions!" He barked back. He then took another look at the surrounding area, and noticed Ashka, Gerard, Lexi, and Paru in the bubble. "Oh—Earth children! You have some as well? You're a hypocrite to your people!"

"All I've done is protected them from rotten influences." Everie replied dryly. Ashka wanted to knock the undeserved crown from her head for calling them rotten.

"You've also deprived your people from progression! So how is it that you've contained the Earth children in an electrical sphere instead of metal cagings?"

"You talk too much." Everie shrugged. "This Earth matter shall be decided."

"Right after I personally extinguish every Pup from Oceania, it will!" shouted Daniel, who had pushed his way onto the screen. Olivier and his men backed up to give him and James and Irene room.

"Who are you? Get off the screen imbecile."

"Don't call our scout leader an imbecile!" Paru called from behind.

"He's not our scout leader, he's our tour leader!" Lexi clarified.

"You have my kids! I'm taking them back, get it Eevee!" Daniel said, getting his nose up in it.

"Queen Everie. Call me by my correct title, sir." Everie replied. "Were you the village idiot back home?"

Daniel resisted baring his clenched teeth and backed up some to let James get a turn. James proceeded in getting too close to the camera that his forehead took up the entire screen.

"Guys? Hey guys? Lexi! Gerard! Are you guys okay?" He asked. Irene pulled him back to a normal distance.

"We're fine." Ashka said, a little bothered that he hadn't called her name.

"Don't shoot the ship while we're still in it!" Lexi said helplessly.

"I'll save you, Ashka, Lexi, Gerard, Paru...Gosh, I'm so glad you guys are in one piece." Daniel said. "As for the others...I..."

The video box rippled. Another party requested permission to join the chat. Both Everie and Olivier's people had come closer to the screen to solve the issue, but the controls had frozen and the chat became a three-way. A second box opened to the face of Brett, the one who had lead the Putuptupian invasion on Oceania and booted out the Krudes. What's more, Megan, Lucas, Serena, Ross, and Darryl were sitting on cots in the background.

A sharp second passed where Daniel and Megan's eyes met, where the physical dimensions of a webcam and screen did not impede the emotional connection the two shared just by staring at each other. With bare movements and head nods, they silently said, "I'm glad you're alright" and "I miss you".

"Hey, we're all together on three separate ships!" Lucas said idiotically from the background. "Hi Irene! Hi Lexi! Wow! Wait—where's Jun?" He was shushed by Brett.

"General! What are you doing?" Everie hissed at Brett, implying grave consequences for interrupting a serious conversation between she and her contender.

"Good morning Queen Everie. I come with an army." Said Brett, smirking ominously.

"Turn back around. You're needed on the other planet." She snapped. Ashka realized immediately that it was Queen Everie behind the Pup invasion. Could it be possible that she was Kai's superior as well? She had said that there were Blumans on Earth that were implanted from the Putuptupians—but then, why would Brett try and take over Kai's operations? Why did Kai claim to be from Krude? Why—

"Actually, I'm needed on my home planet." Brett said. "To claim it as my own as it should be."

"You're talking nonsense!" Everie shouted. Meanwhile, Olivier's box had been completely ignored. "If you don't turn around I'll..."

"You'll what?" Brett taunted. "All you'll do is lose everything to me. I declare war on the Kingdom of Putuptup and the nation of Krude! The world will not be righted until we are a civilization of old tradition and new technology!" His box closed. Everie immediately went into shouts of commands to track Brett's ship and shut everything down. Olivier stood awkwardly there.

"This may be a 3-way battle, but the Krudes will still stand victor." Olivier said. Everie told him to shut up and was about to press the end call button when James shouted,

"Wait!...Hey Lexi, Paru, do you guys have cell bars over there?"

Day 17, 7:44 AM on Marrion

The plateaus and mountains between the east border of Krude and the west border of Putuptup served as informal battle grounds. The mountains peaked tall and into clouds, proving to be difficult for larger ships to maneuver around. From the west the bird pokémon were scattering and the land animals were running for cover as a robotic army marched in sync, guided by a tanker ship hanging in the sky above the trees, supplied with more droids in case the first few rows were obliterated.

From the east side, Queen Everie's battalion was miles away and hiding so that it could view the battle with ease without being part of the crossfire. Her army consisted of living pokémon, almost all of them winged and feisty for a fight. The first move was waiting to be made.

Olivier had ordered James and Daniel to be put on a compacted fighter plane. It was only big enough for one seat, only the seat was back-to-back so both were able to sit. They were put inside and strapped down, but neither could use the controls on the dashboard. With the cockpit glass already closed over them, the only thing they could do was wait in the hanger of the spaceship and watch everyone else speed off.

Irene was spared. Or rather, a fighter pilot had dropped her off far from where the blood and metal shed would take place. She was on a low rise prairie and could barely see the tiny ships zipping through the air. She tried using her 'Gear to contact Jun. Somewhere she knew that he was free, running somewhere with a blue rash because he didn't have any concealer on him. He wasn't on the video screen on the Everie's ship, and he wasn't with Olivier, so he must be somewhere!

Where's MY ship? She wondered.

Queen Everie's army of pokémon were the first to attack. They came in squads of fives and tens, flying in diamond shapes and V shapes. Unsuspecting planes were shot of the sky, barreling straight into the plateaus. The sharp sound of crashes pierced Irene's naïve ears as she was on the border of the action. More planes shot from the larger support ships hanging far back, but it was hard for them to navigate faster than a nimble pokémon. Soon though, one ship had impaled a pokémon with the sharp tip of its nose, causing the first animalistic cry. Robotic feet began their way through the empty grounds, simultaneously walking a shooting upwards. Pokémon dropped from the sky like rain. Yet more appeared, seeming as if Queen Everie had an endless amount of disposable pokémon.

Irene threw a pokéball, releasing her Murkrow, and yelled above the gunshots and murderous cries for it to fly above her and lead her to safety far from the explosions. Objects from above began to shadow her, and she made a mistake by looking up. She saw the familiar Pup ships and knew they were from Brett's forces. Brett could be in any of the ships, hiding her friends. They had arrived just on time for the action, and Irene wanted nothing to do with it. She spotted nowhere to hide either.

She ran into trees for cover.

Day 17, 7:50 AM on Marrion

They were forced to watch the battle from the dashboard. Queen Everie was in a separate, smaller ship relaying commands to the pokémon soldiers who were forced to fight the mechanics of Krude's fighter planes and robots and Brett's mini-ships. It tortured Ashka to see missiles gut through pokémon and it pained Lexi to watch the helpless die. Gerard had turned away and Paru watched in interest. The fight was not going well on Everie's side, but it was rumored that she had a secret weapon. Ashka flipped the guards off and demanded that they be liberated.

Everyone except Paru had taken to wielding two pokéballs like dangerous weapons. Paru had already excepted their fate in the bubble, while the others were intent on escaping. Ashka had a hunch that with this battle occupying the guards, sooner or later someone will slip up and there will be a split second when the bubble frays. When that moment comes, she wants to be ready. Lexi and Gerard were quick to follow her example, and wielded the pokéballs of their strongest.

The guards were obnoxiously watching the show. Whether it had been a ship or a plane or even their own pokémon blowing up into pieces, they had uncorked the fizzy drinks and took shots for every blast. Maintenance man was not allowed to partake and instead, had taken in watching the bubble since everyone else was slacking.

Lexi shuddered as a pokémon that was close to the eye of the ship had been blown up right in front of her. Smoke had obscured most of excitement, but there was a split second where she saw two arms get ripped from its body, and it made her absolutely sick.

Gerard took to noticing how much she wanted to barf and came closer. "You alright?" He asked.

She wanted to be polite, but what she was watching and how the "men" were playing shots was just too much to tolerate. She shook her head and said, "I'm feeling lightheaded. I may need a sink."

Ashka turned her head to see Gerard holding Lexi's elbow, as if structuring that would help her stay standing. That shot jealousy into her, someone else getting closer to Gerard, her best friend...No, she forced those thoughts out of her head. It wasn't the time and place for this.

Then she remembered. They have to lower the bubble to let someone out, and these Neanderthals downing a mix of champagne-Grand Marnier wouldn't be able to stop them. Hell, why didn't she think of this earlier? They aren't as sober now, maybe that's why she was chock full of confidence.

"Lexi," she whispered, "If you have to go to the bathroom, ask." She said, and her eyes pointed down to the pokéballs in her hands. She momentarily shrunk them to the size of rubber bouncy balls so she could conceal them in her fists, easily accessible for a finger to press the center button and bloat them.

Lexi caught on and shrunk her own pokéballs. Gerard did the same and backed up for space. They had positioned themselves so that they were at four corners of the bubble. The guards watching them took no notice to significant change and continued guffawing at the crash of two Krude planes into a mountainside.

"Excuse me, sirs," Lexi chirped loudly, hoping to be heard above their laughing, "I need to go to the bathroom!"

Apparently they put so much trust in her, one of them had stuck his thumb on the release button without remembering to escort. Ashka, Gerard, and Lexi had immediately jumped into action and out of the range of the bubble, expanding pokéballs in their hands. Paru blinked and wondered why they had stepped out.

In several flashes, a Charizard, Dragonite, Umbreon, Froslass, Serperior, and Scrafty had appeared in various parts of the room. The men were still laughing at the screen and hadn't noticed. They were so disoriented that the sight of pokémon in the same room at them had just had them mumbling like zombies. Maintenance man fled from the room, and the three trainers had let him. The bubble zapped alive, trapping Paru who hadn't bothered to move.

Ashka found his laziness irritating this situation. She couldn't just leave him, so now she had to get to the dashboard. Commands were given from Gerard and Lexi, and the guards, who were too intoxicated to take their swords to fight back, took a Blizzard and Leafstorm. The guards were scattered and the pokémon occupied them. Charizard knocked around three heads of tall men, while Umbreon bit the pants leg of another and Scrafty head-butted the owner of the leg. Now with a clear path, Ashka went for the dashboard and pressed the release button.

"Paru, get off your fat, lazy ass dammit!" Ashka screamed in the hype. Paru scrambled up, flinching from the sudden sound of her voice, and Lexi pulled him out the rest of the way. Another man went for Ashka with a dagger unsheathing from his utility belt, but Dragonite went to aid its trainer and smacked the dagger out of the man's hand. Dragonite sent one thick arm into the man's face, and he fell to the floor with a twisted nose. Ashka smiled thankfully at her pokémon.

"How do we get out of here?" Lexi asked, rushing to the dashboard as the pokémon dealt with the Blumans. Both girls ducked as Serperior flicked a man across the room with its tail.

"We need to crash the ship." Ashka said, trying to figure out the endless buttons on the dashboard. It was similar to many of the things she had ridden, like the hovercraft driven by James or the submarine led by Mr. Valacio.

Lexi turned to her with a bewildered look. "Are you crazy! Let's do something normal and look for the escape hatch! We have flying pokémon to help us out!"

"You don't get it," Ashka insisted with a huff. "We're in a battle, Lexi, and we're in one of the main ships of Queen Everie's fleet. If we can trash this supply ship, then she'd be out of ammo soon. The less pokémon that die from this stupid thing the better, right?"

Lexi nodded in agreement. The battle from the window wasn't looking anymore pretty. The Krude's were beginning to break out the mini-ships similar to Brett's, and now it was laser fire and strategic flight that got them through.

"Hurry and crash it then! They might send more men!" She said, looking wearily to the arches in case there was a wave of reinforcements.

"I—don't—UGH! I suck at this technology stuff!" Ashka shouted, banging her fists on the dashboard.

"Allow me, ladies..." Paru slid himself into a chair and took the reins. Ashka rolled her eyes and knew he would be wasting their time while Lexi was hopeful. Gerard and Ashka's Charizard were stashing the rest of the men into the bubble. Paru brought up the controls, something Ashka wouldn't have been able to do even with a control manual, and took the steering lever—he jammed it forward with the steering tilted down—

"Wait, we're at the nose of the ship—" Lexi started,

"Brace for impact!" Ashka shouted, holding onto a nearby column as everything reeled forward,

"We're at the back of the nose!" Paru corrected, "We should hit the ground in—"

With a jerking lurch everyone slammed forward, Paru's gut into the side of the dashboard, Lexi into the screen above it, and Ashka into the column she was holding. There was an ear jarring CRASH! and everything began to overheat, the dashboard display was cracked and black, and everything was leaning to the forward in the position of how they crashed. The electricity immediately went out, the bubble disappeared, and the bodies inside started sliding down to where Ashka, Lexi, and Paru were.

Grossed out, Ashka shouted, "Dragonite, use Dragon Rush on the wall!"

Dragonite rushed upwards towards the ceiling—it slightly dented, and Dragonite took another swing at it and broke through. What had been the wall on the right was now the ceiling with a skylight. The sound of explosions and pokémon cries were more realistic now than at the mercy of the speakers. After returning all the pokémon that couldn't fly, Charizard and Dragonite flew the trainers out from the ship and to the safety of the nearby forest and its abundance of trees to hide in.

Lexi took a refreshing breath as they began navigating through the brushes. "Feels good to be out here again, instead of cramped in that darn bubble."

"I miss sitting." Paru grumbled.

Behind them, the large ship that had held them captive was nose-deep into the ground, its front half smoking and smoldering. Pokémon were escaping from the back, as were a few emergency ships. As far as anyone else on the ship knew, the four had escaped undetected.

Lucas Taylor So...does this Facebook thing work on Marrion? I don't know. I just wanted to say, I'm tired. This SMS might never go through, but I have confessions. I'm sick and tired of all this fantasy, and I want to go home. I want to go home and hug my mom...I want to see Castelia towers causing uneven tan lines on my face. I confess, I called myself a ladies man. I interacted with hot girls on the streets every day, but who could blame me? They classified bikini's as a suitable top to wear with jeans. When I started this journey, I gravitated towards Lexi Redstone, who was simply a princess in disguise. She saw me as a kid, yet I pursued. Then I realized there was this amazing, cool, and totally beast woman standing under my nose this whole time. Serena Valliya, I'm sorry for all this confusion between us. You were the girl I should've went for in the beginning. But it's hard now, because I've slipped too far into the friend zone and you have your own..."issues"...that I can set aside because you're beautiful, throughout. Lexi was right when she said that the outside wasn't everything. Now I fear that since we're in this battle, I'll never get a chance with you. Ever. But I want to because I might...really, really like you. God, I sound so stupid. I'm sorry.

Post could not send through. Check internet connection.

Day 17, 7:51 AM on Marrion, seconds before the crashing of Queen Everie's Battalion

A duplicate of Irene's terraformer ray was saddled at the belt of one of the guards of Brett's ship. Ross eyed the device with curiosity, wondering what it could do. She was the only one who was sitting in the containment room, caressing her growing stomach. Megan was pacing in front of her. Ross's stomach was huge for having impregnated hours ago. It looked like she was six months along and that was dangerous and absurd at the same time. Brett was at the level above watching the battle of exploding metal and sipping a sustenance pack. Serena, Lucas, and Darryl watched the display while standing.

"Shit! Look at Queen Everie's battalion! It's going down!" Brett shouted, pointing at the screen. Far off into the forests a big triangular support ship was declining speedily towards the ground. The nose crashed into the trees, unable to be seen, but the pop of the explosion was audible from here and momentarily stopped all fighting. It resumed.

"The kids were in that ship." Megan breathed. She held her hands together before she fisted them.

"They might be okay." Ross said. Megan turned to her, and her eyes softened.

"Ross, it looks like you have a growth! Please...we need to get that checked out."

"But it is mine." She protested softly. "My own alien..."

Megan had already concluded that Ross was insane. "At least do something to get us out of here." Megan whispered. "I need to find the kids in that forest before they get hurt!"

Ross only needed a second to think about it and smirked. "Do you have your Flygon?"

"I have him, I just can't get the damn thing open."

"We won't need it." Ross said, and stood. The guards glanced at her. Megan went to Lucas and Serena and touched their shoulders, being sure that they were in arms reach. Ross made a few faces, and held her stomach. "Ohh...I feel sick..." She said loudly, groaning. She sounded convincing, but Brett was too focused on a new wave of fighter planes heading for a second of mini-ships. He was giving off commands.

"Someone handle the pregnant chick!" He shouted between commands.

A few guards came toward Ross, who handled her enormous stomach with weak arms. She gargled as her back was gently pushed to the doors. She silently turned her head to look at Megan, and communication was made. Ross looked down to the utility belt of the guard on her left.

In a swift moment she elbowed both guards in the gut, took the terraformer ray, and blasted both, then the rest of the guards before anyone had blinked. The setting was on sonic waves, which had knocked out both men instantly. Bright blue orbs shot with a POW!, smacking each and every Bluman who was reaching for their hilt to attack back. Megan and the others took cover behind the cots. Ross was on her own, belly and all, whipping back and forth and ducking to shoot. Brett had escaped towards the left of the upper level, shouting demands for back up as he went for the escape hatch.

"For Oceania!" shouted Ross. She twitched the nozzle, the rods gleamed from yellow to red, and she pressed the trigger, aimed at the dashboard. She released the trigger, firing a flurry of tiny red bullets. It instantly ate through the metal, putting holes in the dashboard. She then span around and fired at the next wave of guards, who had congested at the automatic doors and tried shooting from there. She hadn't been hit and she was still dodging, and Megan was in awe at how she was able to do all that while carrying precious cargo.

She's Rank S for a reason, thought Megan.

"Hit the dashboard! Hurry!" Darryl said.

Ross turned again, held the trigger, allowing a huge red orb to gather at the end of the nozzle. She released it. It smashed into the dashboard, flinging a beautiful spray of golden and red sparks, until an ear-splitting explosion decimated the entire wall that held the dashboard. The lights above them flickered.

"Come on!" Megan said, herding Serena and Lucas up the staircase. Darryl followed, having nothing to fight back. Ross began to walk backwards up the stairs as well, still firing with a POW! POW! at the resurgence of guns and men. She leapt down a step as another orb was shot at her. She hurried up the steps, barely getting a blue orb-bullet in the foot.

Serena's wings popped from her back. She could see the battlefield clearly, the swarm of ships in the distance that looked like flies, and she could see the ground coming closer as the ship descended. She was at the edge of the uneven hole, she could feel the heat from the explosion.

She took Lucas's hand and jumped.

"Can you hold two—AHHHHH!" Lucas screamed, but Serena had arced them, landing safely on the ground—behind them merrily meters away a ship came slamming into the ground, pushing them forward.

Megan, now at the edge, released Flygon. She hopped on, as did Darryl, and she waited for Ross. "Come on Ross!" She shouted. Ross was being held up by more men firing at her. They were coming nonstop and up the stairs now. Ross scrambled onto the Flygon—a yellow orb-bullet hit Flygon's tail! Flygon yipped in pain and fell over the edge—

They were closing to the ground—

"Flygon wake up!" Megan pleaded—

Flygon's wings stood straight, then expanded, lifting them back into the heat and metal shredded air. Megan silently thanked her pokémon and told it to follow Serena, who had darted into the trees. Serena could not hold up she and Lucas anymore and collapsed onto the ground five feet in the air, tumbling. Lucas kept on rolling until he was stopped by a tree, while Serena had knocked into a thorny bush. Both released a breath of relief.

"In all that, I think the screen of my PokéGear cracked." Muttered Lucas.

Day 17, 7:52 AM on Marrion, a minute after the crashing of Queen Everie's Battalion and Brett's main spaceship

"James, what can you do with the controls? Get us out of this blasted hangar!"

"I can't! All the controls are frozen!" James wailed, continually pressing the glass interface. He faced the opening of the hangar, so he was the one who could see the falling of pokémon, ships, and planes. The battle was quick to start declining. Queen Everie's pokémon forces seem to diminish after the incapacitating of her main ship, and Brett's forces were going willy nilly now, no longer in strategic formations or positions. Blasts and shrapnel flew from the northeast in the sky and on the ground, with the robotic brigade being swept and sliced by the remainder of Brett's mini-ships. Now only one main formation held, and Olivier, at the back door to the hangar, was certain that Brett in the center.

"Daniel, James, your time to enter the battle has come near." Olivier said.

"What? Now?" Daniel cried out. "Our plane is stuck!"

"That is only because you will not be flying it. You will be exploding...with it."

"Por que!" shouted James, now wrestling with his seatbelt. Daniel tried pounding the glass of the roof, but he couldn't get out as well. On both sides of the dashboard Daniel and James could see a countdown of thirty seconds, and with a rushing push, their plane was out of the hangar, into the light, and surging straight for Brett's final formation.

"James, please do something!" Daniel shouted, unbuckling his seatbelt.

"We're stuck! I can't—I—" James eyed the seconds ticking by, and when they were at zero, it would be over. No! I will not have thirty seconds of life left! He unbuckled his seatbelt and went under the dashboard, immediately ripping all wires. It did nothing, but he knew nothing else to do. Daniel did as well, but the seconds were ticking to 15—


"I found the explosives sequence!" James shouted, "I just need the code! I—"

"DO SOMETHING, DAMMIT JAMES!" Daniel shouted, pushing at the glass roof of the cockpit—



James inputted numbers, but it kept on refusing—



He tried, "1234", nothing—

9—they were seconds away from the formation, which began shooting, but Olivier was maneuvering them from the hangar—


James punched in "0000—", nothing! 7—

The floor was heating up—

"Forget the sequence, get ready to jump!" Daniel shouted, and released the glass roof—both were instantly sucked out, fresh air—into the clouds—Daniel's body was shocked from the air pressure, and had went unconscious—James reached for Skarmory's pokémon as they free fell, and dropped it—


4—Skarmory leapt out of its pokéball, saddling its trainer on its back, and dove for Daniel—


Both were now on the bird—


"Skarmory, down! Hurry!" James screamed. Skarmory nodded, diving downwards as fast as it could, closing its wings to its side, hurrying for the ground, dodging incoming planes and spacecrafts—


BOOSH! The explosion had knocked every sound from their ears, heat pushing them down even faster, the sound of metal bursting and snapping, and its ring of protection along with it—hot metal pieces started raining down, James felt it brush his cheek—Skarmory quickly arced them before they collided with the ground, rushing them into the cool trees.

As the sound of gunfire and explosions continued, James rubbed his cheek. It stung, as a tiny, hot metal piece had pierced him, and it was quickly bleeding. Forgetting about the pokéball that had dropped during the free-fall, he shook Daniel awake and held his cheek, trying to rub the profuse amount of sticky blood.

"Tropp!" A loud pokémon voice came from above. Almost like an angel, Jun aboard his Tropius lowered from the skies, carrying, luckily, a first aid kit. Jun hopped from his pokémon and leapt to aid the two.

"My God! What did I miss?" Jun wondered.

"Give me the Neosporin! I gotta boo-boo!" James whined, scrambling to open the kit.

Day 17, 7:53 AM on Marrion, seconds after the explosion of Brett's Formation

The amount of ships on the battle front were beginning to diminish. Queen Everie's pokémon were nowhere to be seen unless you counted the dead bodies and separated limbs in the now black grass, if there was any grass left from the craters and explosions. The ship that Brett had fled in had burst from explosives, as well as his supporting ships, so now any of his remaining had no one to command them and they scattered restless. All that was left were the Krude who were tired, running out of fuel, and smoking with lost wings or over exhaustion.

Just when the battle was about to be declared of a winner, Queen Everie had sent one last creature to defend her home. It was a 17-foot, white dragon with wide wings that also had thumbs the size of houses at the ends. The Lugia was accented in red with a tail of steel, the embodiment of a Steelix. It went by the name of Lugix (lou-jicks), but the only sound coming from its skyscraper-swallowing maw was a screech of,


Lugix flew heavily in the sky, sweeping its tail effortlessly over slow ships that were destroyed instantly like crackers, too fast for flames to envelop. Destruction even heavier, Krudes were almost effortless to stop it. It's Aeroblast was like a ferociously contained tornado, ripping trees from their roots and slamming it veraciously into anything in the area, so far that it even collided with a Krude supply ship that held Olivier. The ship was torn to bits before it could even register it.

Megan, Darryl, Lucas, and Ross were running, Serena was flying, far from the massacre behind them. They knew they had to get distance if they wanted to be safe from the demon that Everie had released. If that was her secret weapon, she should have used it first. Ross was clambering behind, further than Darryl, as it was hard for her to run with her stomach bobbing. Megan made her ride on Flygon, but Serena was quick to yell,

"Mr. Daniel!"

Megan's heart fluttered, she brought up her styler, and indeed, Daniel's styler picked up on the radar. She kicked even faster, weaving through the trees, she could see bodies now, Serena overhead.

"Daniel!" Megan shouted. She could feel his name echoing through her cavernous throat, racking through her teeth, but she could not hear his reply, not when there was a beast almost a half mile away swinging its tail like a piñata bat.


She closed her eyes, allowing his voice to soothe the rage levels caged inside of her—she—tripped.

Chin first into the ground, scraping it on sharp twigs and rocks. She groaned and pulled herself up, turning around—Daniel's warm brown eyes stared back apologetically at the legs carelessly splayed in front of him.

But what he saw, he saw her black hair bewildered, no longer in its ponytail and now in frizz around her, her black eyes wild and electric, her chin scratched and dirty and bleeding. And as quick as the alert wild eye look appeared, in eased into one of hurt, miss, and relief. They sat there, she on her knees, him leaning back, but he crawled over to her and embraced her, tightly.

She returned the hug, burrowing her head in his shoulder, wiping blood on his white ranger vest, which had miraculously stayed white through this entire thing. She felt so much relief she felt like she would explode like those fighter planes. James, Jun, Serena, Lucas, Darryl, and Ross had stepped back, only a tree away and quietly discussing.

Finally Daniel eased on the hug. "Let's go back to Earth. Please." He whispered.

"A vacation. On an island." She agreed, whispering even quieter. They broke apart. Daniel held her chin lightly, brushing the cut. She winced slightly. "The last time we saw each other in person, I was being pulled by a spaceship's tractor beam."

He agreed with his eyes. "I'm so glad you didn't..." He stopped. He didn't want to mention any death, and she knew exactly what he meant.

"Me too." She said. Her eyes locked with the ground. "I know this isn't the ideal situation for you to see me..in..."

"You're still the same woman I fell in love with." He said, holding her left arm. She looked back into his eyes, sure that he meant every word that he said. She didn't understand how he could still love her, seeing her so ripped apart, every emotion visible on her sleeve. But she was the same, and she loved every part of him, even the nose.

Lucas rolled his eyes. "Will they kiss already?" Serena shoved his shoulder playfully.

And they did. Quick, sweet, breathless. Both got up, the spectators unsatisfied, but there was a Lugia-thing in the background causing hell for all near and they still needed to find the others. Jun rushed to give Megan the first aid kit and Ross checked her styler to see if she could tap into the PokéGears of the others.

"We need a ship to get out of here." Daniel said. "Jun, where's the ship?"

Jun, holding a cotton pad, looked up in thought and said, "...Err, the same place we left it?"

"Dude! You had the keys!" Lucas cried out. Jun and he managed to laugh though, but Lucas found it more funny that his best friend was blue and finally in front of them after this mess, but he wasn't in the least bit surprised. Jun had always acted weird, and now he had trumpet ears to go with it.

Another explosion sounded, but it wasn't from Lugix—cries and whoops of joy rang through the forest, and they immediately knew it was Lexi. Ross cried in surprise, saying she picked up their 'Gears. Serena flew into the air—

"It's Serena!" shouted Lexi,

"Where are the others?" Ashka had followed with, sounding a few trees away. Serena flipped, returning to the area where the others were. Ashka, Gerard, and Lexi emerged from trees, running in excitement to hug those they had missed. Paru emerged walking calmly with earbuds in. Lexi jumped for Lucas and Serena, squeezing them in her arms, then came for James and held him tightly, which completely surprised him. Paru shook his head bitterly and politely broke them up as Lexi was laughing. Gerard and Ashka came to Daniel and thanked God that they found him.

In all the chatter they had forgotten the battle still going on and Lugix's scream shattered every ear drum.

"Group hug anyone?" Jun offered.

"Maybe later. We need to get out of here." Daniel said. He looked to everyone's face—to Megan, Ross, Darryl, James, Lucas, Serena, Jun, Gerard, Ashka, Lexi, Paru—everyone was here, everyone except...

A cyan beam shuddered from the clouds, nailing Lugix right in the arm, freezing it. From the clouds a winged figure appeared, looking very much like Serena. Serena stepped forward, squinting, unbelieving.

"It's Sarah!" Lucas said, amazed that she was able to fly all the way to Marrion alone—or had she hitched a ride?

"Sarah?" Serena repeated incredulously.

"She's your twin!" Lucas said. Everyone looked at him as if he was crazy, but everyone must've gone bonkers now. "Mr. Bay made a duplicate of you, Serena! He gave you white Kyurem! Sarah got the other!"

"That does sound like something my dad would do." Daniel muttered.

"I'll take care of her." Serena muttered, crouching to launch—

"No!" Megan cried.

"Leave her alone Serena! We're not letting anyone else get hurt!" Daniel said, momentarily looking at Megan.

Lucas held her arm just in case. It was a soft, mind-boggling touch. "She's practically a robot. Let Lugix take care of her."

"No," Serena shook her head. "This is my fight. Mr. Bay is always saying that I need to prove how strong I am! If Sarah is my twin, then I should have chance to beat her!"

"Serena, you don't have to prove anything!" Lexi said. "We love you for who you are!"

Serena thought faintly, It's not enough.

Lugix had taken out all things flying, all things moving, and now it was the final battle against Sarah. It was endless, as Sarah could maneuver out of all attacks yet all of her own attacks did nothing to faze the beast. Serena jetted from the ground into the sky, even when everyone yelled for her to come back. She flew into the fight, immediately detected by Sarah and Lugix. Sarah switched directives and tackled Serena in the air, bringing both downwards. Lugix went after both with an Aeroblast—

"Daniel, we need to stop her!" Megan said.

"No, I'll go." Daniel said, "You get everyone to a safe place!"

"I'm not leaving you to fight this alone!" She said indignantly, holding up her styler.

"Allow me to help." Ross said, holding up her own styler.

"You're pregnant!" Daniel protested helplessly.

"It might be a bubble of air!" Ross shot back. "You will need my help! 3 is better than one!"

Daniel groaned. "Fine!" He turned to Ashka. "Ashka, get everyone to safety! Go!"

"Let us help!" Ashka said.

"No more! I can't let any of you get hurt!" Daniel said. "You're my responsibility! I won't lose anyone else anymore, okay?"

Ashka sighed. He was right. "Yes sir, Mr. Daniel." She said, and turned to the others. "Everyone follow me!" She ran in the opposite direction of the fight. The others followed wordlessly. The rangers swapped looks, nodded, and ran to apprehend Lugix.

Day 17, 7:56 AM on Marrion

Serena couldn't believe it—Sarah was a perfect reflection, only with darker hair and orange eyes. But there was something about her, something inhumane—she had no feelings, she went for all the cheap shots, trying really hard to badly hurt her—even kill her she realized—and when she finally went for an Ice Beam, Serena twisted out of the way and shot her own, rocketing Sarah into the skin of Lugix.

Lugix gave another brain melting screech, shooting an Aeroblast in the range of both girls, hurtling them to the ground. Sarah was faster to get up, while Serena was still trying to get some air. Sarah loomed over Serena, eyes bitter, laughing at her.

"How are you my competition," Sarah whispered, her voice much like the ice she possessed, "When you are no match for me?"

"We'll see about that..." Serena coughed, wrenching herself from the crater she made. She blew a weak Icy Wind that merrily felt like air conditioning to Sarah. Sarah slammed down her arm, forcing a much stronger Icy Wind that actually froze Serena's wings. Serena moved and flapped her wings, cracking the ice, and shot another Ice Beam that tossed Sarah up again.

Megan now came from the air on her Flygon, circling the giant Lugix. Flygon ducked as Lugix blasted another Aeroblast. Megan shot her styler—she lassoed the baton, but the rings of light took too long to circle around a wide stature like Lugix, and broke the second it had stretched. Daniel, from the trees, tried having Pita use Scald on its foot, but that did nothing. Ross was positioned at a tree top, but even she couldn't wrangle a light around it.

Sarah, annoyed that Serena was still flying, brought her fingers up—dirt from below had tightened into rocks, and she flung them at Serena—Serena's wings got caught, and she came down in a heap.

"Serena, can you hear me? This is Lucas!" Came a voice from Serena's ear.

"How is this Bluetooth STILL in my ear!" shouted Serena, pulling herself from the ground. She jumped, but her wings could not lift her. Fear washed over her and she began shooting Ice Beams to save herself, but Sarah jumped out of the way. Lugix's hand came from behind and slammed into Sarah, bring her to the ground like a fly with a fly swatter.

"Sarah has a self-destruct button!" He said.

"She does? Where?" Serena pressed, running backwards to get distance from Lugix. The rangers were once again trying for rings, but it had broken through every attempt.

"I have the code in my PokéGear!" Lucas said, "But we can take down the beast at the same time! Just tell me when she's close enough!"

Serena kept running—

Lugix swung its tail, smacking Ross out of the tree, swatting Flygon and Megan out of the sky—now it was just Daniel, who didn't know what to do anymore—

Sarah flew up to Lugix's face to send an Ice Beam down its throat—Lugix's opened its mouth for Aeroblast—with one last shot, Serena shot an Ice Beam at Sarah—

Sarah was pushed into the mouth of the beast—

"NOW LUCAS!" Serena screeched, throwing herself down a hill—

Something was clicked. Sarah froze, then started jolting and convulsing. She started lighting up like a firework.

And then from inside, she burst apart, limb from limb, exploding right in Lugix's mouth, who had teetered and tottered from the sudden invasion in its mouth.

Serena hyperventilated as she reached the end of the hill she had rolled, unbelieving that her supposed twin had just exploded in the mouth of Lugia-Steelix hybrid.

"Capture, on!" Daniel shot the rings once more while Lugix was still dazed, tightening the loops around it, constricting it, pleading with it to stop—the styler beeped in success, Daniel slashed down, and released his finger from the styler. The rings of light absorbed into Lugix, and it's eyelids fell. It murmured quietly.

Serena looked to the beginning of the forest where she heard Lucas's footsteps. He ran to her and helped her up. She was scratched, frosty in places, and her wings were paralyzed. They hung limply like fake props easily bought at costume stores. She didn't dare meet his eyes, she felt too many things at once to wonder how she would react at seeing his face anymore.

"That was...fun." She finally said, making a laugh out of it.

"Serena," Lucas called. She looked up in wonder—His lips met her unsuspecting ones, and for a second, she had been surprised and about to ice him—but the she was okay with it and kissed him back.

"Aww..." cooed Lexi, who was watching with Jun, Ashka, Gerard, Paru, and James.

"Wasn't he into you?" Gerard asked.

"He was always better with Serena." Lexi said, sounding like she was totally okay with everything that had happened. All the while, her arm was looped protectively with James.

From above, another space ship came—everyone immediately went into protective mode, Serena and Lucas broke apart—Irene waved from the windshield, and that had everyone smiling and waving as she lowered to the ground.

Then Serena slapped Lucas's shoulder.

"Ow! What was that for!" He whined, turning his eyes back to her.

"For being random!" She said, and giggled, closing her arms around him to hug him even tighter.

Irene lowered the catwalk and ran down to meet everyone—she came for Jun first, leaping at him for a hug. He had half a mind to swing her around because he was joyous to see that she was alright and hadn't end up like Kai—but he didn't, because the others were staring.

Daniel was laughing and coming down the hill with Ross and Megan in tow. "Everyone ready to go home?"

"I'm driving! Hehehehe!" Darryl said.

"Wait, guys look." Paru pointed to the sky. A whole 'nother fleet was coming from the sky—different this time. They swapped looks. Was the battle not over yet?

"Wait...that's Oceania's space brigade." Megan said, and squinted. "And...I think that's Amber at the helm!"

Irene huffed. "About time they got here!"

"...And Oceania's military operations captured Queen Everie of the Putuptupian Kingdom on Marrion, forcing her to sign a treaty to never invade Earth again. On question of the other side of this miraculous planet, Oceanic forces have decided to let the U.N. take control of Krude, as their dictatorship has ended with the loss of their dictator, Olivier. His cabinet, however, agrees on letting the U.N. take control due to their economic turmoil from the brief battle of Krude, Putuptup, and a random division of the Putuptupians."

The journey had ended. Everyone was sent home to their families in one piece, everything was cleaned up. A scar was left from what the Krudes and Pups did on Earth turf, but they were soon to recover. Oceania was also under U.N. control since their President was nowhere to be found. The internet was rebooted, and Lucas couldn't have been more ecstatic.

Paru kept flipping through channels, but everything was directed to the attack that happened last week. Things hadn't settled one bit. Now that there was colonization on a second planet, a lot of people wanted to visit there and study the exotic hybrid pokémon. Archeologists were looking for the lost S.S. Noah Ark II.

"...This tale of sci-fi proportions begins in Lilycove Ruins, where the Lilycove tournament was taking place. In the final round, it was 18-year-old James Lopreo against 23-year-old Brett Kuso. The final match never happened, as the invasion had startled them before it could begin."

James was being interviewed. "He took out a few of my friends in previous matches...God that guy was strong. He didn't need to command anything for his pokémon to attack." He looked at the camera mischievously, as if he knew something that everyone else didn't. "It would've been one heck of a battle if I could've gone against him."

"Several teens and adults had made it into space, and held down the fort while Earth's space forces were trying to get to Marrion...here I have Daniel and Megan, two rangers from the Hoenn division."

"Hey, I know them." Paru said to his TV. His Pichu rolled its eyes.

Daniel and Megan were now in their regular Hoenn uniforms, instead of the tattered white and gold of the Summer Trek. It was weird to seem them dressed in anything else.

"No comment." Megan had said, and smiled.

"I almost got blown up." Daniel shrugged. The reporter looked at him strangely.

Paru changed the channel.

"...Is it true? Are there really aliens out there? No friends, they are human. They may be blue, they may have different ears, and they may be able to burn things when they're mad, but they are still like you and me." Paru rubbed his neck, where the blue had faded. "Now that the Blumans in both Krude and Putuptup know that we exist, they wish to visit us...they wish to integrate with us. Soon we will be seeing Blumans on the street, in our schools, in our parks, in our pokémon leagues. Friends, we must accept them."

Ashka Storme is now in a relationship with Gerard Eckhart.
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Lucas Taylor About damn time! :D

Lexi Redstone Hurray! I knew it! :3 Aliens bring everyone together!

Amber Hendrix Who asked who out?

Lucas Taylor Probably Ashka. She has the pants in the relationship XD
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Lexi Redstone checked in with foursquare at Castelia's Cone Corp. with James Lopreo

Jun Kirman Guys, I'm gonna miss our journey together. We should hang out again sometime! :D
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Irene Connor Eh, maybe later. Let things settle down...Every time we come together something HAPPENS.

Lucas Taylor lol

James Lopreo I got accepted into Harvard League College!
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Ashka Storme me too!

Nicolas Wolfe bojargajar.

Lucas Taylor The journey was fun, guys. We blew up volcanoes...had a run in with aliens...blew up a hot cold chick...lol, next summer can't compare. But seriously, I'm going by myself next time. And with Serena Valliya.
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Jun Kirman I can't come?

Lucas Taylor Third wheel much?...Unless you bring Irene along.

Jun Kirman What difference does that make?
Irene Connor virtually "slaps" Jun Kirman.

Daniel led Megan through Route 116. At one time, they had ridden down here in circular rafts with a whale tugging them along. A terraformer ray had been found, and friendships were soon to be born. It brought back memories. Now with summer over, the two had less work than usual. Not many naïve teens to help through the wild pokémon, not many interruptions. The river today was nice and calm. They sat with their ankles wading through.

"Hectic summer." He said.

"Helltic summer." She corrected, turning to him with adoring eyes.

He fiddled with his hand in his pocket. It all came down to this moment, and his stomach pained in nervousness. "Do you remember..." He started, looking down at the river, "When you were about to get abducted?"

"I don't want to think about it.." She muttered, lightly kicking his foot with her own.

He smiled. "I had said...something about that alter. And you being the only one there with me." He turned to see her expression.

And she was puzzled, but realization came and her smile and blush were packaged together. "I...Daniel..." He produced a small, white box from his pocket and opened it with both hands. Her heart had stopped and she stared at him, not the ring inside. But both were beautiful. "I—I can't..."

He wouldn't take no for an answer. "Megan, there's no one else I love but you. No one else." He pulled his wet feet from the river and knelt in the proposing position he had seen in old movies. "Please Megan Valacio, marry me."

She laughed. She felt so old being proposed to this way. She wanted to close the box, but she also didn't— "Daniel...I...I'm sorry. I don't deserve you."

His face fell. "What do you mean?"

She looked back to the water. "You're so nice...so understanding, so supportive...God, you're always there for me. You deserve someone better than me Daniel," She turned back to him, "Someone who doesn't ignore your calls or leave you when she feels like things are going too fast...someone like Ross." She muttered.

He was already slipping the ring on her finger. Perfect, as he saw fit.

"Ross is Ross, Megan." Daniel said. "What do I have to do to get you to realize that you're the only one I want to see when I wake up in the morning? You're the only one I...God, I suck at mushy speeches...I..."

The hand with the ring closed over his. "I'm stupid." She giggled quietly. "I keep thinking you'll run off for someone else when you get the chance...Thing is, you've had the chance all along." He looked at her questioningly. She said, "And yet, here you are."

"...So will you marry me?" Again, he was hopeful.

She smiled and looped her arms around him—and pulled them both into the water. Both came back up, and she kissed him on the cheek.

"Yes, I'll marry you!" She laughed.

He stuck his tongue out. "Warn a guy! I almost swallowed a Barboach!" But no matter what happened the rest of the day, or even the week, or the next few months, he would still be smiling. Because finally, after all this time, no matter where she goes, he knows she will always, always come back.

Daniel Bay is engaged to Megan Valacio
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Lexi Redstone Congrats!

Jun Kirman YAY! Love!

James Lopreo Lucky :)

Lucas Taylor 'bout time...

Ashka Storme What does the ring look like?

Gerard Eckhart Are we invited to the wedding?

Irene Connor I want to crash it!

Serena Valliya Not with your spaceship I hope...

Paru Hai.

Megan Valacio You're all invited :).

Lucas Taylor OMG...she uses FaceBook.
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My God. You know how accomplished I feel right now? So much.

I want to thank all of the readers who have been following throughout, and all the gracious authors who had submitted their characters. Each and every one was fun to work with, and they really felt like real people to me. I know everyone by heart, and I no longer needed to look at a second document like before! I feel sad and relieved that it is the end. I had fun, and I hope you did as well.

Thanks so much to the readers, reviewers, alerters. I was honestly very inspired by the Starwars book on the battle scenes, and Zokolov who has an amazing writing style! Also thank you to KingOfStories101 who was always there for me with those extensive reviews. I needed that critism. I realize how much my writing has developed since the Prologue, and I'm thankful for all feedback.

The wonderful OCs belong to::

Ashka Storme - WolfehUmbreonWarrior

James Lopreo - Yamashishi

Gerard Eckhart - Mihile's Reflection Deneb

Lucas Taylor - AshKetchumDarkSide

Lexi Redstone - ColaVixen Inc

Irene Connor - 2lazy2makeaname

Jun Kirman/Kaisei Arcan/Zane/Part of Nicolas - KingOfStories01

Serena Valliya - BlueRoseOfSerenity2

Paru - BNVShark

Also, Theodore (one of the first shown gym leaders) was an OC, but I can't find the review of the author. Kudos to his character!

And now, some plot confessions.

-The terraformer ray gun, I honestly forgot about until today.

-Ross was supposed to have a bigger role...but in the end, had a minor roll. I wanted her to be the rock that wedged Daniel and Megan apart, but she ended up just "being" there.

-Kay was me.

-Elliot was not a real person, just in case you were worried about that.

-I thought Amber was a bit too wild and powerful to be real. The lightsaber thing was weird for even me.

-I was always stuck on Nicolas's character. I think you guys give me too much credit on making him round-out. He's just...random.

-The time-travel plot was totally random and came out of nowhere. I honestly wouldn't have had it if Zane hadn't been submitted by KingOfStories101, but I wanted everyone to have an equal chance at being a character. I think it worked out well, even for the crappy ending.

-I don't think I made Rodolfo rivally-enough. He was just annoying, any sometimes hard to write.

-Sohjay is a random region I came up with on the spot because I was pressed for ideas.

-Paru to me came off as another one of the random characters. I apologize to BNVShark for giving me a character I couldn't give a big enough role.

-The whole "twin of Serena" also came at last minute.

-I based Darryl off of one of my real friends, but he's not flamboyant. He's actually really cool with politics.

-I kept making Jun the fall guy because he had the most similar John-doe type personality to me...I had to branch it out a little.

-I had no idea who I wanted Lucas to be with at the end. He had a thing for Lexi, and that whole crying thing in Darryl's labyrinth was unneeded. That was a mess.

-The end of the story with the whole invasion thing was a scrambled mess for me. I kept confusing myself on whose side Irene was on, and what the heck was happening to Kai and Brett. And what ever happened to Kari? I'll never know.

It was fun to write guys, and I thank you for reading ^_^ Any other questions I will truthfully answer! Thank you!