I apologize for the double posting. Due to some confusion I wanted to clarify some things. (If you don't need clarification turn back now!)

One of the best things about this fandom is the readers desire to know where you are, what you have done and if there is more out there. One of the hardest things about this fandom is that it can be difficult to share this information. Posting A/N pages like this can be tricky. It makes some people mad. It makes others happy. In my experience the happy outweighs the annoyed.

As most of you know, I have a original fiction pen name, Angel Lawson. I have 7 books under that pen name that are available on amazon, B&N and other book outlets. I also have my book, FanGirl, on wattpad for free.

I'm often asked if I would consider adding more to the story of The Merman. Well, the truth is that I have added to this story and written a second novella, because I, too, loved these characters and the idea and I wasn't ready to let it go. So I didn't let it go. I added an additional 15k words to the first part of the story and then another 20k words in a second part.

These books are under the pen name Roxy Queen

The books are called:

Taboo (Carter Book 1)

Holiday Hijinks (Carter Book 2)

They are sold individually or in a bundle together (Taboo Bundle 1 & 2) on amazon/B&N etc...

If you are interested in reading more about why I chose to publish The Merman/Taboo I've blogged about the on my Roxy Queen page on GoodReads.

If you would like to find out more about my other books, those can be found under Angel Lawson or at my website

Thank you for continued support over the years, I can not tell you how much I appreciate it.