Summary: Some roads are best left untraveled. This should have been one of them. AU/Pic-prompt drabble for the LovelyDeadThings community.

A/N: Saw this pic prompt yesterday and an idea immediately popped to mind. I like the way it turned out so much, figured I'd post it. Be sure to check out the picture prompt first (just delete the spaces), or else this one might not make much sense.

Thanks to Viola Cornuta and Nitareality for the ultra-quick beta and pre-read.

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The Road

I cradled her gently, reverently while she lay as if in repose in the middle of the deserted, dirt road, where anyone could happen upon us. It was a clandestine encounter, one that wasn't supposed to happen. One that shouldn'thave happened. But she was so beautiful, and I could not resist.

I hadn't even tried.

Sweeping in silently behind her, I'd grabbed her by the waist with one hand, while muffling her startled scream with the other. After I'd turned her slowly to face me, the terrified expression on her face had smoothed into one of pleasure at seeing me here. Like this. In private. No interruptions.

She'd been watching me for the past few weeks, just as I'd been watching her. But I'd never come this close; it was too perilous. She hadn't understood, still didn't understand, as evidenced by the excitement that had pervaded her entire being at this, our first actual encounter. It had been evident in her lustful gaze, as well as in her suddenly-rapid breathing and wildly fluttering heart.

I'd groaned.

Hot color had exploded on her cheeks as she stared into my eyes and mistakenly interpreted the desperate sound that had escaped my throat without my permission. Her lips had parted in anticipation.


She'd spoken my name softly, her lips trembling slightly against my fingers, her sweet, intoxicating breath pushing through them like an evil mist on a nefarious wind. Lust had raged through my entire body as that humid bouquet had crashed upon the shores of my face, much like a tidal wave, wending its way into my nostrils, into my head, into my soul.

"I'm sorry, Bella," I'd whispered softly, as I lowered my face to hers and brushed her lips with my own.

"Sorry?" she'd moaned in question as my lips traveled southward, learning the smooth and silken contours of her neck and throat. "Why are you sorry? I've wanted this for a long time. Haven't you?"

Yes, I had.

Instead of speaking, my lips and teeth had closed on the tender flesh of her neck.

Her eager moans had changed to a startled gasp. Her arms had surrounded my neck, clutching desperately, almost as if she'd been holding me to her, offering herself as sustenance for my own damned soul. I had greedily taken all that she'd offered as we fell to the ground.

Now, she was laying listlessly this hidden trail of dust and sand, looking just like a lover satiated by lust and love. But that would never be. I'd made sure of that. I looked down to where her hair had pooled around her shoulders in the dirt, much like the now-drying blood that had pooled at the base of her throat. I lifted one of the silken strands and took a deep breath. Her scent was already diminished, already fading. It was no longer the same. It would never be the same. Cursing, I drew away.

Never again would I see the flash of her warm, chocolate eyes when we by chance happened upon one another. Never again would I smell the sweet scent of her hair, or her breath, or her blood. I'd taken too much.

I'd taken it all.

Whirling away from the absolute destruction I'd wrought, I ran down the road and never looked back.