Hey guys! Here's a little taste of my new story! So, in case this doesn't make it clear, Sam is not related to Dean. Obviously, this story is AU. I hope you all like it! :)

Even at 16 years old, Dean Winchester was one of the best in hunters in the business. His instincts were as accurate as his aim and, despite his insistence otherwise, he was very intelligent and did his job well. Everyone who knew him knew that the day would soon come when he would easily achieve the title of best, even above his father and the well-known Bobby Singer.

However, what very few people knew, was that the hunter was missing something. Something was leaving a gaping hole in his soul, that couldn't be filled no matter what he and his father tried. A deep loneliness seemed to settle in every fiber of his being and it couldn't be satiated. Not with woman, not with his beloved car, not with hunting, not even with his father.


John Winchester was a good father, despite his difficulty in communicating with his boy. He tried for years to help fill the hole in his son, but nothing seemed to work and he didn't know what else to do.

He missed his Mary more than anything, because he had no doubt that she would have known what to do for him.

But she had been taken, ripped away from her husband and son with a speed and cruelty that neither of them could ever forget or forgive.

The demon who was responsible for it was dead, but the two Winchesters had had no idea what to do with themselves afterwards. Neither felt they could settle down. Something pulled at them, urged them to keep going. A drive to hunt that pushed them from state to state, from one side of the country to the other, searching ever searching for what, they didn't know.

But the Winchesters were nothing if not determined.

They wouldn't give up.

And someday maybe they would feel complete.