A/N Just something random that popped into my head while I was (oddly enough) falling asleep.

He ran. Hard and fast. He had to. His legs burned with exertion his lungs begged for air but he kept pushing himself to go farther and faster because if he didn't he would lose and this time the stakes were too high.

The cold rain pelted him in the face making it almost impossible to see but still he did not slow down. Slowing down would mean being too late and that wasn't an option.

He launched himself off the pier and dove into the icy water. He swam for all he was worth chasing after the still and sinking form of his partner. He grabbed a hand full off jacket and swam upward dragging his partner with him. He broke the surface and gasped for breath but his partner remained lifeless. On the verge of panic he quickly dragged his partner out of the water and laid him on the dock.

"Come on, come on," he urged as he began CPR. Nothing happened.

"Breathe Neal, breathe!" Peter shouted but there was still no sign of life.

"Please," he plead.

He let out a sigh of relief as he heard a loud gasp and his partner began coughing up water.

The young man continued to cough up water and when he was done he lay there exhausted and shaking.

"That's it just breathe," Peter said as he held the trembling con man against his chest.

"Just keep breathing," he murmured as they huddled in the rain waiting for help to arrive.

"Peter," Neal croaked out and lifted a hand to weakly grip Peter's arm as he rested his head against the older man's chest.

"I got you buddy. Just breathe," Peter said.

Sitting there in the rain Peter realized just how close he had come to being too late and the thought made him shiver harder than any rain ever could.