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The next weeks were a blur of doctors, Edward, hospital visits, and more Edward. We hadn't gotten all of the logistics of our relationships figured out, but he made a point to officially ask me to be his girlfriend. Yea, a little old school I know but I would rather him ask than me just assume. You know what they say about people that assume.

Mya had finally come home from the hospital and honestly she was still in pretty bad shape. I had taken it upon myself to go on caring for Tony and the twins as I had been before I was fired, without pay of course. When I couldn't be there Edward's parents were around to take are of them. Mya still had some pretty bad injuries. Not all of her broken bones had healed, and her arm was still in a cast but she was making progress little by little. She was clumsy at times because of the brain damage, and had trouble holding silverware and such. Edward was taking her to the best physical therapist he could find but of course Mya was frustrated. She was also seeing a therapist to talk about what had happened and how she was coping with it all. I don't think she was too fond of the therapist but she still went, so I think it did help her in some ways.

Edward was still somewhat of a wreck. He was much getting better at communicating which was a plus. Instead of running out in anger he would sit down and try to talk to me. It was definitely a step in the right direction. One night he finally told me what had happened to cause the accident.

"Mya had run out again, and was stranded somewhere Seattle, where exactly I don't remember now. I got a call from her and went and picked her up; we were screaming at each other the entire was home. We were on I-90 when I looked in my rearview mirror and saw headlights. Then a car hit us. I think it threw us into the median but I can't be sure. I might have blacked out for parts of it. I remember looking over at the passenger side and seeing Mya's face covered in blood and her arm sticking out in an awkward way. She wasn't conscious as far as I could tell. That's all I really remember until the ambulance showed up. They took her out first and then I think another ambulance went and looked at the driver of the other car. All I could remember thinking was that I had fucked up. I had fucked up as a father and at that moment there was nothing more than I wanted than to take everything back. I should let her go to Julliard. I should have let her be her own person. I should have done a lot of things. Hindsight is 20/20."

I had spoken to Mya a couple of times about the accident and she didn't really have much to say. She didn't really remember what happened and the doctors explained that her brain most likely blocked it out to protect itself. It wasn't vital that she remember the logistics of the accident so they didn't push her to talk about the specifics. She was more withdrawn then she was before the accident, which is to be expected. She still talked to her siblings quite frequently, and I often found them all together asleep in one of their rooms. I didn't expect her to come running into my arms any time soon and confess her darkest secrets so I respected her distance. Mya was never rude, not intentionally anyway. She was still a teenager after all. Her and Edward seemed to get along a lot better and as the weeks progressed and she became more and more active, the two of them took to taking walks together in the woods behind the house. It was a nice change of scenery.

I guess you could say that the accident was a blessing in some odd way. It brought Edward and I together, and it brought Edward and his children closer together. Him and Mya were almost inseparable, and Tony and the twins were always hanging out with him and Mya. Mya and her siblings were inseparable as well. The four of them never left the house unless they were all together.

However the accident did take away Mya's ability to play the piano. She informed Julliard and they were as understanding as they could be. I knew that it tore her up inside. Occasionally I would see her longingly glance at the piano and I knew she was aching to play.

"Edward, ummm what do you think about re-teaching Mya how to play the piano?" He looked at me like I had gone crazy, and a flash of anger crossed his face before he answered.

"Bella I'm not sure that would do much good. She already misses it enough and I don't want to hurt her even more by exacerbating the fact that she lost all of her talent"

"Right. And I understand that but maybe it could be a healing tool for both of you. It was something that you both loved and connected over. It would be hard both physically and emotionally for her but I think it might benefit her in the end. She may not ever play like she did before but if she could just sit down and play a simple song I know she would be happier with herself. I think the lack of expression is hurting her" Edward looked at me for a moment, and then nodded his head. I wasn't really sure what that meant but at that point it was late and we both fell asleep.

The next day when I was bringing the kids home from school, we walked in the door and saw Mya and Edward sitting at the piano bench. Gretchen and Jaden both had the biggest grins on their faces, and Tony looked amazed. I didn't realize I was crying until I felt a tear roll down my cheek. It was one of the most beautiful images I had ever seen.