What happened after the accident. And what lead to Grayson's amnesia. Well not all is as it seems. Grayson did relieve who Jane was when he was hit by the car. And for a little while all he wanted was to wake up and profess his love to her. But over the few days he was in a coma he learned a lot about himself. And his opinions change.

Day One

"Is he going to survive?" he heard a voice he recognized asked. He opened his eyes to see Fred. He sat up and looked at his surroundings.

"I am alive see."

Fred glanced at him. "Grayson do you remember anything?"

"Yah, I think I do. I was hit by a car after I proposed to…. Jane is Deb."

"Yah. Does that make any since?"

"No not really. How can it be?"

"Grayson, I am an angel."

"What?" "Look around you."

Grayson looked at his surroundings. "Am I DEAD?"

"No you are not. Just in a coma. But there is a lot we need to talk about. You do realize when you wake up everything will be different."

"But I can be with Deb?"

"Grayson she is not only Deb now. She also has some of Jane. She is not the Deb you remember."

He thought back over the past few months. The little things Jane had done to act like Deb. But then the things that would have never done. Even if they were little. Like giving up her job for what she thought was right. But this new Deb was better then the one had gotten to know.


"Yah you may love Deb. But the person you need to fall in love with is Deb. You have to learn to accept her."

"I know who she is though."

"We can take that away. It is up to you. Jane/ Deb loves you but you two need to figure a lot out. I have been buy her side through this whole thing. I cant watch it all end like this."

"Was Jane there to tell me the truth?"

Grayson watched as Fred flinched. Something about his demeanor changed once he had asked it. " the truth?"

"No I want you to lie to me.."

"It was fates way to keep her from telling her."