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Got this idea after watching the new Transformers movie. 3: Dark of the Moon. I found it quite awesome, and it only increased my love for Optimus Prime and hate/love for Megatron. So what do I decide to do? ... Why, make a fanfiction of what I want to happen for the fourth movie! That's WHAT. ... Sorta, I guess.

So yeah, the beginning of this starts off just a little while after the third movie ends - maybe a few days, a week or so. Can't let Optimus go too long without an arm, can we? XD

Soooo... MAJOR movie spoilers for the third movie. So if you don't mind, please keep reading! If you do mind, you're welcome to click the "backspace page" button, I won't be offended.

Read on and I hope you enjoy my attempt at a plot!

"This is who we're trusting to repair the Autobots? Optimus Prime and Bee and all the others? Are you kidding me?"

"Sam, really, I'm sure she's experienced."

"Experienced? Carly, for God's sakes, look at her!"

I popped my gum, just staring with a bored look at the couple arguing in front of me. Scrawny dark-haired guy - I assumed this Sam person who had, to my understanding, saved the world several times - and the voluptuous blonde, his girlfriend, with the curves in all the right places - i.e., everywhere I'd never had them.

Mentally I had already bashed Sam's head in with my shiny new wrench, but I was making no move to physically carry it out. After all, if I did everything in real life that I did in my fantasies, I'd be way past fired by now. I'd be in a damn straitjacket in Smithfield Asylum, right next to Michael Myers. But wouldn't that be fun? Hell yeah.

... Although, in Sam's defense, I probably should not have been dressed in a pink shirt that said "I Heart Geeks" with a pair of glasses in the heart, a Star-Trek-inspired silver skirt, and with nothing on my feet. Also, it may have been wise to spit out my gum and take my iPod out of both ears before coming here.

"Look, 'Sammy'," I commented, folding my arms over my chest so that my wrench was in his view. "I don't mean to downplay everything you've done so far, but seriously, back the hell off for a sec. When it comes to mechanics, I know better. I know you want to see them fixed. I'll do it, but you have to let me. I'm not going to just leave them."

Sam all but glared at me for a minute, but then his look softened a little. He looked over to the blonde, Carly, as if he could talk to her without speaking, and then back at me. It didn't look like he quite trusted me, but he was going to interrogate me. "Do you promise? Huh? Can you promise me that all of them are going to work exactly the same as the day they got here?"

I shifted my weight. "Look, Sam. Did Captain Kirk continue his mission when Spock was suffering in pon farr?"

His mouth hung open a little. "You're a Trekkie?"

"Hell no!" came a shout from inside the room where the Autobots were. "What kind of a friend would let his best buddy die from that kinda intense emotion? That'd just be dick-ish!"

"Exactly, unknown disembodied voice," I agreed, putting my hand with the wrench on my hip. "No way, Jose. Kirk risked his job to go to Vulcan so that Spock could mate-but-not-anything-sexual with T'Pring on the sacred ground! So then, if I'm Kirk and all these Autobots are Spock, and I don't know who the hell T'Pring would be since she betrayed our poor Vulcan by-"

"I get it, I get it," Sam sighed, holding up a hand. "Alright, look... I don't exactly trust you yet. But, and this is a big but-"

I couldn't hold back a snicker, and Sam glared at me. I held up my hands in mock surrender. "Dude, you totally set me up for that!" I looked at Carly. "Did he not set me up for that?"

Carly smiled, but opted not to say anything, just shaking her head.

"Okay, so what's the 'but'?"

"But..." Sam shook his head as well. "I'll... let you work on the 'Bots, only 'cause everyone else seems to think you know what you're doing." He nodded, pointing at me. "But the gum - gotta go. Choking hazard, gets-caught-in-gears hazard-"

"Alright, I can take a hint." I raised my hand. "No more gum from now on, scout's honor. Now... which of the Autobots is damaged the worst?"

"Well, some are beyond repair..." Sam began.

I quirked an eyebrow. "Beyond repair? As in... totally dismantled with their pieces strewn across the globe? Come on, Sam, anything can be repaired."

"No, as... as in... dead," Carly clarified.

I felt a pang go through my left side. "Oh... God. That really sucks." I took a breath and bowed my head, my Catholic heritage prompting me to say a quick prayer. "God be kind to them. Peace is yours in heaven." I looked up, pulling a scrunchie out of my pocket and tying up my black hair. "Alright. Besides our poor casualties, who took the most damage?"

"Optimus Prime." Sam waved me over as he and Carly led me through the doors to the place where the Autobots lived. "Got his arm blown clean off."

"Manage to save it for me?" I asked, following them and pulling my iPod totally out of my ears. "It's a lot easier to reattach an arm... when you actually have an arm."

"What, you couldn't build one?"

"I could, but the longer you take to attach the arm, the worse the injury is bound to get."

Sam paused and gave me a confused look. "I thought you were a mechanic, not a doctor."

I shrugged. "I'm a little of both. Majored in mechanics, minored in pre-med. Turned out it's pretty handy, huh?"

"Alright, well..." Sam shook his head. "Optimus is right through here, he's the biggest one, mainly red and blue, some silver. He's also the greatest leader I've ever met, so you treat him with any disrespect and I'll personally-"

"Hey, kid, I give credit where it's due. I'm assuming he's the one who helped you save this whole damn planet three times, so I'm not gonna be giving him anything but respect."

"And don't call me 'kid', I'm not a kid."

"Oh, okay... kid." I grinned and walked through the door, not quite sure what to expect.

I stood in awe of all the machines in the room. The first one I could see was the biggest - blue, red, silver. Missing an arm. With my jaw hanging wide open, I took a few steps forward, then broke out into a run towards it - him. When I got about ten feet in front of him, I just stopped and stared up at him. "Oh my pancake-flipping God!" I shouted, and it definitely echoed around in the huge room. "I've never seen technology this advanced! Paprika on a pickle, this is amazing!"

"Will you show respect?" Sam called as he and Carly caught up with me.

"Yeah yeah, I'm showing respect for this..." I shook my head as I looked the Autobot up and down multiple times, searching for the perfect word to describe this magnificent creature I'd just laid eyes on. "Wow! Hey Sammy, where's a ladder? I gotta get up there and look at all this!"

"Ladder's right there," Sam answered sorely, gesturing to the side of the mech.

I shoved my iPod and wrench at him, racing over to the ladder. I wheeled it over to the robot and climbed up, examining the frayed circuits and faulty wiring where obviously something had sliced his arm off. It wasn't even a clean cut, just like something had blindly hacked away at it a couple times. "Good God." I whistled, looking up into his bright blue optical sensors. "You really got beat-up, didn't you?"

He blinked several times, but it wasn't a confused kind of blink - like most people do when they meet me. It was... a bit sad, a bit happy. It didn't clue me in that he was confused - no, it made me confused. Guess it must be an Autobot thing. "I did what I had to do to save your world. If I was wounded in my duty protecting Earth and its people, so be it."

"Still!" I leaned over to further look at them, and shook my head. "It would not be a good idea to touch these wires without gloves, and anything you don't wanna touch without gloves, really shouldn't be still attached to you." I rolled my eyes, blowing out a breath. "I'm gonna have to replace all this, call my electrician brother..." I shot a smile at him. "And I don't like him, so let that tell you how far I'm willing to go for ya, big guy."

"Show respect!" Sam shouted from below.

"Shut your trap!" I retorted, momentarily tearing my eyes away from my precious robot. I looked back and grinned. "Well, don't think I introduced myself. Aspen Singletary, mechanic and... well, not really a doctor, but I do have medical knowledge." I looked down to Sam again. "Hey Sammy, where's the arm?"

"Somewhere else!"

I groaned. "Thank you, Sam the Science Guy!" I turned back to the mech and bowed my head. "And you...?"

"Optimus Prime, leader of the Autobots. It is a great pleasure to meet you, Miss Aspen."

I looked up with a grin on my face and a flush on my cheeks. "Well, that's nice to hear for once! So, I'm going to patch you up, but I'll have to do it tomorrow, most of the tools I need are at my house and I hafta call my brother. So why don't you acquaint me with the rest of your 'Bot brigade?"

I was drawn to the river bank by something I couldn't explain. I had only been walking along, on my way back home from the library. I still had to get a real job (because according to my parents, "online automotive technology consultant" wasn't a real job, and that they'd put me through college for nothing) and I had been at the library hoping that my friend Sheila would have heard about anything. She was a librarian so she heard everything. But no luck.

What I found at the bank was not what I expected. I had of course experienced the recent war between the two alien groups - Autobots and Decepticons. It was shaking, horrible... especially for me, I thought I would die. I didn't even know who I was rooting for... I just wanted it to be over. Whoever got it over with quickest was the one I silently cheered for, I suppose. Though I'd never thought about what might come after that.

It turned out I didn't have to think. After the mini war, life quietly returned to normal - as though nothing had happened. My parents didn't even mention it, denying that it ever took place. I'd rather believe it didn't happen either, but does it really deserve to be denied? It was terrifying.

But beneath the bridge I found several mechanical parts... including what looked like a pair of bright red optic sensors... like a robot's eyes. I immediately fell to my knees to examine them. I knew it probably wasn't a good idea, but my curiosity as a mechanic overpowered my feelings of unrest.

I picked up one of the parts, which looked somewhat like a hand with severed circuits attached. It wasn't a nice, sharp slice either - it was like someone had taken a pair of preschool safety scissors to it. "Oh God..."

"Hey. Girl! I didn't call you over here for no reason."

The optics had lit up, and a voice had come from that direction which startled me. I fell backwards, landing awkwardly on my side, a grass stain on my cheek now. I pushed myself up and stared at the upper part of what looked to be a face, my blue eyes wide as I met the red ones. "Wh... What..."

"Are you just going to sit there, or are you going to fix me like a good little femme?"

I tried to right myself, but I just ended up crawling toward those hypnotic crimson eyes, set in a slightly rusted silver frame. "Who... Who are you?"

"I am Megatron, leader of the Decepticons. I trust you will put me together? You seem like the type to help those in need. And who is more in need than me now?"

"W-Well, I certainly..." I tried to stammer out.

"But mark this - if the word 'pity' passes your tongue, femme, I will not hesitate to rip you apart once you have put me back together."

I swallowed. "M-My name is Stacie Woods, M-Megatron, sir. You... don't have to call me 'femme'."

"I will do as I wish. Reconstruct me! Several of my parts can be found in this river, though many may have floated away. No matter, you'll just have to build some replacements."

I took several breaths as I inched toward the damaged metal face. This was Megatron? I was still in awe of that fact. If this was - and what was in the river - was all that was left of him, how was I supposed to patch him together? Like Humpty Dumpty? I wasn't that good. "B-But how am I supposed to make pieces? I don't have a shop, I wouldn't know where to look..."

"This is precisely what they have scrapyards for, my dear. You're a smart girl... you'll figure it out." The red eyes flashed dangerously. That told me I better figure it out... or else. "Now... retrieve the parts from the river, then fetch the necessary tools to repair me."

I gulped and bent over the water, searching for dismantled robot parts. I felt my chest heave with my accelerated breathing, and I kept looking back at Megatron's eyes.

What had I gotten myself into just now?

Well... I hope I didn't confuse you with the change in characters, with both of them being first person POV.

Oh yeah... and I'm sorry if Megatron seems a bit OOC, but considering this was the third time he was supposedly killed... he's probably been taken down a few pegs by now. *turns to her Autobots vs. Decepticons chart* He's lost HOW many times now? He's still demanding and all... he'll get better, back to his old, yelly, destructive self. Eventually. You know, once he goes through the HUMILIATION of having a "mortal femme" put him back together from tiny little pieces.

... Sounds fun, no? XD

So! Who do y'all like more so far? Aspen or Stacie? Autobots or Decepticons? I don't even know whose side I'm on, really. I love the Autobots because they're fighting to PROTECT the planet not DESTROY it. But hey, like that random guy from the third movie said, "the Decepticons get all the good shit!" Well, what he really said was "Why do the Decepticons get all the good shit?" but I paraphrased! :D

Well... reviews are welcomed and appreciated AND loved. Suggest what you'd like to see more of, what parts you liked... I'll take all into consideration. I don't exactly know what direction this is going to take... I have a FEW parts planned but not everything... so if you'd like to help, by all means feel free! :)

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