They knew that the main reason they were friends was the games- but they liked each other so the friendship continued.


Sometimes Zach wished they were in a cartoon; you could just blurt out whatever you wanted to and have a do-over if it went bad, like if he told Tyler he kinda-sorta liked him.


Hitting high-school it was all about the girls- the ladies, and well Tyler, he well wasn't into the ladies, but Zach, oh yeah he was into the ladies and Tyler was into him.


"Is there a career for pro-videogame tester, I mean seriously I am not interested in anything" Zach muttered, "how about video game designer", "shut up Tyler, just shut up".


Tyler kept growing his dirty-blond hair out, Zach buzz-cuts his every month: and yet anyone at Lancaster could tell you, they were the two most similar people.


Bethany: that word sent chills down Zach's spine, ever since she and Tyler had bonded over a hamster- a HAMSTER she had become his new best friend, leaving him alone.


"Come on babe, it'll be fine" "no Tyler I'm not going" "it's only for one night" "no" "actually it's only like three hours" "no way" "you know one night watching the stars, for a meteor shower is not going to kill you, pretty please" "maybe" "it won't kill you- I'll keep you safe" "yep, not going."


They weren't old enough for champagne but when they drink bubbly, bubbly soda pop they get the high, and get all giggly, and sometimes they ended up making out.


When their old enough to drive Tyler's parents buy him an old model Camaro and he and Zach cruised around town drinking extra-large slushies and listening to Bon Jovi.


Zach was a closet Miley Cyrus fan, his favourite song was 'See You Again' and once Tyler might've walked into him singing- into his hairbrush, and Tyler may've taken a video.