This was written to cheer up my friend. Really short, but really cute. Kurt and Blaine still aren't mine.


"Blaine Anderson!" Kurt yipped. They were sitting in a 24 hour diner and they were the only ones there, apart from the cook and lone waitress. It was one of those old fashioned types, the ones that looked like they were a trailer and had a door in the center instead of the front. They felt oddly exposed, not being able to see out the windows very well but knowing that anyone looking in their direction would be able to see them bright as day.

"Kurt Hummel," Blaine growled. It was nearly 4 in the morning and the shorter boy was getting a bit more crazy as the hours went by. It was the summer and the boys had no school to worry about and their time was their to do with as they want.

They were playing footsie under the table, and because of Blaine's shorter legs, he had a certain unfair advantage. And, having acted and performed at theme parks, he was able to keep his face schooled in a calm manner. Kurt wasn't as lucky. The tips of his ears were definitely red, he could feel the heat, and he was sure he was starting to blush.

"You are evil. Stop this right now!" Kurt hissed, trying not to draw the attention of the waitress. She'd given them a funny look when they first came in, but had been civil enough to them. He didn't want that to change.

"I have no idea what you're talking about..." he was drinking his coffee, being ever so careful not to spill it, and ran his foot up Kurt's leg one last time before bringing his legs underneath himself and sitting crossed legged.

Kurt was visibly relieved, but also a bit sad. He enjoyed any and all contact he has with Blaine and was always sad to see it stop. Suddenly, the brunette had an amazing idea. He tried to keep the smile from his face and hoped it worked. Taking his own coffee in hand, he stirred in some sugar and laid the spoon precariously close to the edge of the table. "Accidentally" bumping the table slightly, the spoon fell.

To keep the act up, he looked despairingly at the floor before hopping off his bench to grab for the spoon. /Time for payback/ he thought. He walked his fingers up Blaine's inner thigh before lightly palming his boyfriend for a second. Kurt could hear Blaine's hands hit the table and a strangled noise. Completely satisfied, he returned to his side of the both and continued to drink his coffee as if nothing had happened.

"Kurt," this time it was a growl that escaped from Blaine's mouth, and Kurt noticed the hazel eyes were definitely darker than they had been before. "Don't start that if you can't finish."

Kurt just looked at his boyfriend, a smirk pulling at his lips. He bowed his head to look at the dark haired boy through his lashes.

"And who says I can't finish it?"

"Are you ready to order?" The voice was loud and really close. The waitress must have at least noticed some of what happened, and while the boys jumped slightly at the interruption, they managed to hold in their giggles until he had gone into the kitchen.

"That was...close." Blaine murmured.

Oh boys, what will you do next? Maybe you shouldn't stay out so late huh?

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